Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package


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hi Tango,

Can you let me know the contacts of the photographer who did your photoshoot? Did you do both indoor and outdoor as well?

Thank you.


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hi Tango Bride
I posted in another thread for your advice in DIY packages. Would appreciate if you can share your contacts with me as I am low in my budget and dont need the many items in the BS package plus ALL the un-necessary hassles and headaches that comes with the BS packages. Pls email me [email protected] Thanks a lot!


I'm still considering whether to take it. Can gals out there give me feedback? Thanks.

Recommended by my colleague who took the pre-wedding package from em. They're satisfied wif their service. Not sure if the price hv gone up. Cos this price was quoted sometimes ago in Jul 07.

Hv to travel to their bridal shop in JB. U can request em to come over to S'pore to take the shot. Additional cost will be charged.

They only provide Actual Day service in S'pore located @ 747,north bridge road,#02-01.

For more details, pls contact Kelvin Eng's hp no. 96905420.

I Do Wedding-Package:

Wedding Gown—1pc
Evening Gown --- 1pc
Gents Coat ---1pc
Bridal Bouquet ---1
Car Decoration
Free Bridal Make Up & Hairdo For Photography
All Accessories For Photography and Wedding Day
5 Suits For Photography( Wedding Gown-2pcs, Evening Gown-2pcs,costume-1pc)
Indoor & Outdoor shooting

Photo ----
15 R album,15 R photo –24pcs + 1pc (cover size),( digital design-30 pose)
8 R album,5R photo –21pcs
4R photo---60 pcs
24 x 30 photo with frame ---1pc
Free : 10 R Table Top –1pc

Promotion Price : RM 3288.00


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Hi all

For those on tight budget, I would recommend to look for Dreamz Wedding (they cater for all, including photography and make up). you can call 96901107 , look for Claire. She is very friendly .
The rental gown for outdoor shoot is only $80-$100 bucks. And the actual day one is only about $350-$500.
Dreamz wedding has gowns of all sizes and designs.
I rented my 2 brothers suit from them at $50 each. very worth it.
(Please call Claire for her full package pricing)

For A La Carte:
If you are the bride who would like a special gown, the only gown, the most beautiful gown for your special day, do make to measure.
I will recommend Ted Collection, they design beautiful gowns and their service is excellent. Nothing to worry and so far they lived to their expectations. See their review at Ted Collection.

Make up artist, you can look for Jesslyn Ng 9846 3311. She is very experienced MUA, also charge very reasonably.

Photographer, you can contact Portrait Gallery, 6235 7757 (Matthew was my photographer).

For actual day orchestration of the event, we as the bride and groom have to do a very concise planning for our helpers.
Remember to appoint very capable people around you to be in charge of coordination, preferably those very calm and got some experience in organising weddings for their friends.

Do a meeting with them about 3 weeks before actual day for briefing. Ideally, 2 weeks before wedding, everything is settled.


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I went to Dreamz Wedding the other day. Not a good experience. I called and a lady pick up, cant rem her name. I told her that I will be coming dw to see the gowns after 7. She ask me to call her when I almost reach. Then when I reach there (Bugis), I called her to tell her that I am reaching there in 5 mins. She then tell me that she have already leave the shop and she thou I am not coming cos I didnt call her to cfm that I am coming dw. Then I told her, that u ask me to call u when I almost reaching. She got dumbfolded. Then ask her how. She insisted to tell me she leave the shop. She didnt even try to give me alterative to come dw again or try to "keep" me as a customer. It like she is nt even keen to have me as a customer. So I tell her "nvm then" abd hang up. On the phone she cant be bother what make me feel that I will go back again to see the gowns. And it oni like 6+pm and she close the shop and left for the day. Was just wondering, am I the oni customer who visit her during that time? Doesnt she have other customers visiting her during that day (Fri) around 6+pm? Maybe she finds her gown too cheap to rent out... sure gt ppl come and see, without me she wont lose out ba... but sad lor...


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Dear Cherryapple

I am sorry to hear that you got bad experience.

The best time to visit her is around 2pm.

She is a mom to a toddler so she only works in the afternoon.

And for bridal industry, sometimes the appointment made by bride to be is not realized.

I believe that's why Claire left first.

Do remember that you are not paying $1000 plus to rent a gown from bridal shops (Her gowns are at most worn only 3 times), so almost all are new. Bridal shops growns are tried by hundreds of people already, you can see that the gowns on display, some of the beadings are falling off.

The good thing about going to a small scale shop is the gowns are not worn by many people before.

Give her a chance and see what is a suitable timimg for both of you.


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please any one here to share w me wat freebies you could have negoiatied w the JB BS and if possible, the package that includes Bridal Make up on actual day please!! :p


please email

[email protected]


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Hi Cherryapple,

Sorry to hear your bad experience. However I do agreed with tango bride, I am a bride myself from Dreamz wedding and I really enjoy myself in the bridal shop, claire let me try on the gowns with patience and explain all different design to me, of cos I did not sign up on the spot,best of all she still encourage me to look around with other bridal shops which usually bridal shop tends to rush couples in signing up their package before we can step out of the shop. Claire is quite a nice and patience lady, best of all what she provide suit my budget and even lower and I get more than what other bridal shop give, do try to find out for yourself, she actually very nice person.


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Hi gals..

Just to share on my bridal package can use it as a reference when searching for your bridal!

4 tips on how to select your bridal boutique:

Hope you find them useful!


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Hi All, I just signed up with YC yesterday. My ROM is a few months away and would like to check which makeup artist and photographer is good


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Most imptly, those who have done a MTM gown, are you allowed to wear outdoor for PS..even for PS, hw many gowns are u allowed to wear etc.. and hw many hairstyle looks u can have outdoor.
Do a research on the same BS that u r interested in, which are the locations they have brought them it always the same locations? same poses? same outdoor gown worn? If so, seriously reconsider..u dont want to end up as the 8th bride having the same pictures,but just different face and gown..
And for dry cleaning services, hw much do they charge.You need to ask this cos if you want to bring your gown out for reshoot or if you are nt allowed to bring ur mtm gown outside,but want to, this will be additional charges.


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Due to unforseen circumstances, we've to let go our bridal package @ S. Broadway.
Willing to let go @ $2888/-.

Opendate package $2988, Deposit $1800

Package Includes:
1 MTM Bridal gown
1 MTM Evening gown
2 Gent's Coat (One white shirt & a pair of custom made trousers)
1 Bridal bouquet (Able to select)
1 Car decoration (Able to select)
1 Bridal Car (Inclusive of driver)
Unlimited Trials of Bridal make-up, @ studio, day & night
Fresh flowers for indoor studio photo-taking
Head flowers
Necklaces & earrings

6 Outfits with 6 diff hair-dos for photo-taking
1 Bride maid's gown
2 Best man's jacket
1 Tea-dress or KUA

* Should you not require the car, able to deduct $200 off the package or exchangeable for photos

30 Pcs 12 x 15" photos + CD + Designing of photos
1 Pc 12 x 10" table-top photo
1 Pc 20 x 24" portrait OR 3 in 1 with frame
36 Pcs 4R Photos for relatives (6x6 poses)
1 Pc Guest Book
30 Pcs 8R album with duplicate photos
20 Pcs 3s mini album

* Able to split photo shoot into 2 days (Indoor & Outdoor photo shoot w/o extra charges)

If interested, Pls call me @ 92770534


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Hi, anyone knows if it's a lot cheaper to have digital album (already touched up just like a designed album but in softcopy; not those shots without touched up) in a cd/dvd without a physical tabletop album?

Any recommendation for photographers who provided such service?

Or dun haf such service de?


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Hi Weiwei

All bridal shops have rent out gown without the photography packages. My friend got a nice WG from Graceful Image n the prc is reasonable.

Hope that helps.


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I used the package from The Aisle Bridal Boutique. Can say I am very happy with their services.
Strongly recommend The Aisle to everyone.
The lady boss is very nice and flexible. And the gowns are very princessy and trendy.
They do rent the gowns too.
Those who are interested, can PM me. I can share the package with you.


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Hi, I am new here. My FH and I are looking for great bridal Packages around town and JB. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot.


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Hi ednjoey
I can't PM you.
Can give me your email address?
So that I can email mine , for your reference.


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Hi Jiahui,

can u email me the package as well? Heard alot of good stuff about the Aisle. My WTB n me are just starting to search around. My email is [email protected]. Thanks a million.


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hi, i m looking ard 4 a bridal shop for my wedding nx yr. i dun hv a ideal of wat r the thing do i need to rush. today i just wen for a bridal fair at suntec but they are trying to rush us for to sign while we still wan to look ard 4 better package.


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For those who is getting married....please read this...from personal really BAD experience on this bridal shop which is no longer operating due to too many complaints and bad records - Mr & Miss Wedding Club (also known as M&M) locating at 99, Tanjong Pagar Road.

BUT please take note that although the company is no longer operating, but the present shop sitting in this location - 99, Tanjong Pagar still owns by the same owner.

Their services really SUCKS and they will always give you empty promises and in the end, I have to end up handing the case to CASE and even to Small Claims Tribunals. As s result, I still could not get back my refund. So just to warn those getting married, please avoid getting the bridal package from this shop.


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i am wondering if i should go ala carte or get a package...
i only need pre-wedding photoshoot
anyone knows how much it costs to rent the dress for photo shoot???