Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package


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I've already forward to everyone who need it.


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Hi Lyn,
My basic package was around 3k. BZ was having promotional rate when i signed, think it was slightly cheaper. u can check their website to check their current rates. we bargained for some stuff to add onto the package. if you're interested in signing with BZ, maybe mention that jasmine recommended you one, and grace may give you a discount! ^_^

let me know if you have other questions!


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Hi to all Brides to be

I had my wedding on 18 Jan 2009, and Precious moments did an excellent service as a wedding package provider. Their gowns were outstanding winning many compliments for the day. Thanks to Jenny & Joey for being so friendly always.

Also Emily was my MUA that day, I just told her what I want for my hairdo (without any pic) and she managed to design something which I love it for my morning.

Pls visit to view the pics. (I havent finished uploading, pls be patient).

For my night hairdo, she make me look like a princess, I really love both the looks. These hairstyles wasnt repeated from the studio too.

If you have any enquires, just email me at [email protected] or simply leave comments on my post.

^_^ enjoy ur moments

All the best to all of u. Just to share.


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hi btbs, I just had my ROM on 16 jan 2009 n services provided by my BS (Julia Wedding News) is great .. My PS will be in June and AD in Jan 2010 ... For those who are on a lookout for princessy and detailed gowns n most imptly regards service as an impt factor as well as interested to do PS overseas, do email me at [email protected] n I'll be glad to share my package with you ... Just for info, Taiwan's Wang Ren Fu (member of 5566) also took their bridal package with Julia Wedding News and their photos are wonderful...


I also have a bridal checklist to share. email me for it ...


Dear all,

Just to add on to what lousy services Julias Wedding Has.

I n my HB was at vivo walking, so Wong ren Fu's wedding pic attracted me to sit down and ask about thier pacakge.
Upon hearing their package, I think it very little compare to the rest of the bridal shop which has offer. And the lady who serve me has such a bad attitude. I was telling her I would like to have an MV and its lik animated w/ the photos we have taken using flash to present. ---- got this idea from Bridal Concept. In the end she mistook it as Montage, so i has to tell her patiently that its different from Montage and we know how to do montage ourselves as I m IT student so no issues on that. What i want is an animated video with showcasing of our photographs which we shoot.

Then in the end she say so you are IT student, hmm since that's the case the photo we don't need to help you edit le lo, you can edit yourselves. I m super furious, but was too attracted by Wong Ren Fu's pic so i decide to negotiate with them, to my surprise, the first day who sign up can get 8 items free and the ppl who sign up last day only gets two. Which I think was quite unfair as we just only came by the last day.

Lastly asking her for more stuff to throw in she din even think n rejected us. When we finally cannot tolerate her, wanted to stand up n walk off she insist that we negotiate with her on what we want.

Come on who would want to negotiate with a Coordinator who keeps on saying no without thinking and trying. Moreover, only the Wong Ren Fu's photo looks nice the others is only soso.So all in all i would not recommend anyone to sign up with them. as being havent sign up they have shown such lousy attitude, cant imagine if we have sign up?

We are gonna face them for almost one yr.

Anyway we are shortlisting MyDreamWedding & Bridal Concept which I think in term of services is very much more better than Julias, and they are not pushy.

So for people considering of Julias, please think thrice if not surely will regret.


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hi Tian Ai, I supposed service is rather subjective as you would also be able to read bad reviews of My Dream Wedding n Bridal Concept in the forum.

I guess all BS have their plus n minus points at times hence it's more of luck bah ...

So far my experience with Julia Wedding News has been fantastic and my co-ordinator has yet to say an immediate No to me before ..

Of cos I'm also aware of one of the co-ord who also gets complained. so i guess the problem lies with the co-ord and not the bridal studio.

Therefore, those who do want to consider Julia Wedding News, I will strongly recommend my co-ordinator, Jess .. email me at [email protected] and I'll share my package details anytime ..

Lastly to Tianai, I hope you managed to find ur ideal BS soon ..


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Hi badday
Looking for me?
Mi quite bz, but still manage to find time to log in the forum

My package was from The Aisle Bridal Boutique.
I had emailed you the package for your reference.