6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?

HN warranty and Best warranty is different.

HN covers you reair cost which they subsequently deduct after repair.

Lets say first repair $400/- means total cost of purchase minus off $400/- and that is your remaining value. So if you are unfortunate and your machine gives you problem then u will be in for trouble. The 1 to 1 exchnge program is always applicable for the 1st year but againit is very subjective.

Best gives you unlimited repair trade off but is must be below the cost of purchase. If its above purchase then they will give you vouchers to buy a new machine. That is what the catch is all about.


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hey all,
just to check if best denki sales person can give further discount on top of their instore sale?
Brandt 1018A selling $1299. HN selling same but salesperson willing to throw in free 5yrs warranty.
Anyone knows any good lobang on where is the cheapest? (Nd places that incl the 5yrs warranty so think hdb heartland shops are out)?
Hope u can reply asap really need to buy liao....thanks!!
If HN gives u $1299/- and give u 5 yrs warranty free, then its not a bad deal.

I doubt anyone can give u better offer with extended warranty free. Perhaps you want to check with other HN stores.

Best Denki will only at most match the $1299/- with 5 yrs extended warranty free at most. But again, you have to visist the correct store and meet the correct person in order to clinch this trade off.

Gd luck


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Hey all,

Heard of Mayer? Selling ariston/ indesit/ KitchenAid appliances? I think they having their annual warehouse sale this weekend. I thought of popping by their office to see what's in store.


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I'm trying to decide on a WM to buy for my new house.

Looking at these models currently :-

Electrolux EW-1084
LG WD-14361TD

Appreciate if anyone could provide any advises



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hi i am looking at buying a front load washing machine. can anyone recommend me a good brand? it's my first time buying one.


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Hi Violet... This two model different wise is EWF-1084 7kg, 1000RPM, using belt to support the drum, Made in Thailand. WD-14361D 8kg 1400RPM, using Direct Drive motor,Made In Korea. If u considering the sound when doing washing, i think both of them is arnd the same, unless u overload the washer then u'll hear noise. But for me i'll purchase EWF-1084 coz the drum using belt. If the belt breaks it's cheaper to replaced. As WD-14361D if the Direct Drive Motor spoilt then BYE BYE to u loh. Juz my two cents..

EWF 1084
7kg 1000 rpm
Made in Thailand
59 litres of water

8kg 1400rpm
Made in Korea
69 litres

The Korean machine is using the DIRECT DRIVE System which is definitely the lowest in terms of noise level.

As for Thailand made washer,noise level will definitely be at its peak...(50 - 70 as compared to direct drive 30-50). However, bearing in mind that Electrolux has been a maker of machine as compared to the recently launch LG makes, this is a rater tricky choice.

Direct Drive machine by LG gives a 10 yr warranty based on the motor. I have in the past tried calling LG and on two separate occasions, they gave me dfferent answers. One was telling me that it was based on only 1 repair whilst the other told me it was based on a full 10 yrs.....

I would put the KOREA machine at a slight advantage in this instance.

Gd luck in your choice


well it depends really on what you are looking for.

For some it would

Washing cycles (e.g. cotton, synthetic and other specialty wash cycles such as silk, stretch, pillows, etc.)
Spin speed the higher the better. And variable vs fixed spin speed
Temperature control
Auto sensing load for water and agitation control
LCD display? count down timer or other information and feature such as delay timer
Water consumption
Electricity consumption
Washing time
No of rinses
customisation of programme

Others would include like
door hinge? double hinge?
Door catch? metal plastic
the tub is it made of stainless steel or polysyntax tub. (tub is the one that hold the water not the drum itself)
then look at quality of the material used for the body is it normal coating versus vitreous enamel coating.
you can also compare the support, etc.
reliability of motor.
and also where is it made it also have difference in level of workmanship. put china vs germany. its like worlds apart.

there are many others. depends on what is it that you are looking for?

Absolute control of customising programme?
Value for money with most no of programme?
Reliability and Durability?

oh yeah before i forget this is just comparisons for continental style washing machiens yeah


haha twt...

no lah.. where got...

but there are more important details too.. aethetics... ergonomics... testing... etc etc etc... many others..

same as with other appliances like hob hood oven.. etc.. many a times they just rely on words of salesperson and seriously do these salesperson even use it to even make a statement like.. yeah this is good cos of this and this and this.. but sometimes when you use it .. actually its a different expetrience simply because.. they have not used it seriously before.. just what they think it is.. aiyoh.

poor thing right..

one of the most horribly depicted stories arises from the air conditioning.. i tell you sometimes when i hear the salesperson talk i feel like going there and like ask them... are you sure? have you calculated properly!!!! or even look at the specifications properly.! wah liew.

anyway still got a ot to learn from each other yeah twt!


i would say that the quality for brandt and ariston both are fair. but im more inclined with brandt over ariston.

arison range somehow not that fantastic.

Go to Marina Square(AT THE CENTRAL ATRIUM) today if you are intersted in Brandt products.

They are having their HOME and DECOR fair today (4/10/08). Live demostrations on their cooking appliances will be done today as well.

aS FOR hn.... THEY are doing their own EXPO show but it does not include any BRANDT products.


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My hubby thinks its too ex to spend so much on WM..
He want to buy LG Fuzzy Logic 9kg at only $409..

Is it good???

I want brandt or thomson also no use..


both are equally important.

not so good washer will result in poor wash or still dirty.. poor dryer will result in bad drying results and especially clothes will spoil easily.

anywway which model dryer is it thatyou bought?>


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Hi all,
we are pondering about new WM, and cannot decide on top-load or front-loader.

We are 100% convinced that front loader saves water, and gentler on washing...
But, electricity usuage part is a little confusing.

If we do not use hot water for washing, will there be still savings on electricity?

The general usuage on electricity for a WM is low.

Maximum for a front loader will be 2.2kwh or 2200w. For cold washer, you can go as low as 50w or 0.05kwh or generally it is 0.3kwh or 300w.

Dont worry about 0.05kwh or 2.2kwh( compared to 90 degrees ). It really does not cost you much diff.

You will definitely save more if you use cold wash


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Thanks for the quick reply, twt.

So, if I look at energy-savings for a cold wash, there isn't much difference between front or top loader right?

At the same time, I am keen on front-loaders due to the water efficiency, good-cleaning ability, and gentler on clothes. But due to budget constriant, and practical + environmental concerns, I have the few queries.

1) All front loader will use less or equal amout of electricity compared to top-loaders, even with cold wash?

2) All front loader will use less water compared to top-loader?

3) Will a front-loader between $600~$900 fetch me something good? Any recommendation? Saw some LG brand, and seems gd... ...

Thanks again.
Y Jx,


2)Water is a minimum half savings when you use front loader

3)$600-$900 is ok. I would suggest a Euopen brand instead of Korean. When i mention European, it would be brands like Electrolux, bosch or brandt


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European brands always better than Korean brands?
Thought LG & Samsung also quite reputable...

Any recommendations on specific models?



hi yix,

you can check out this thread


Quote from Sandra Chan (qooomooo) :

I have a E676 which I bought for my tenant, without knowing that he already shifted in his own washing machine :-(

Never used b4, except for a test run by the installer. Bought for $699 at Courts Tampines, and willing to let go at $500.

Interested parties, can email me at [email protected].

Pls quote "Enquiries of Brandt E676A" as ur subject title, so that your mail will escape my spam filter... thanks


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I'm oso looking at buying a front load washing machine. Can save water = $$$.
Thinking of buying LG-WD10481TP. The specs not bad. Ga*nC*ty is selling at $700+++ but I managed to find same model selling at $590 from neighbourhood shop. This show how much diff these big shops are earning from US... hehehe


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Hi, i will need some help from some of the experts here.. Getting a washing machine for the first time. Here are my requirements.

(1) Cater for 2 working adults, and maybe 2 children in future.
(2) May need to wash full height curtains but not comforter.
(3) All working clothes are currently hand-washed so will need hand-washing function in washing machine that works well.
(4) Will wash clothes maybe twice a week.
(5) Looking for 6kg to 7kg front-load washer.
(6) Budget less than $1k.
(7) Will get a separate dryer unit later.

After looking through the related threads, I know Miele is good but really have no budget for it. Other than that, seemed like Electrolux, Bosch and Brandt are most recommended. Which ones below are better or more suited for my needs? Or maybe there are other better brands or models?? Really appreciate any kind of help from you guys.. Thanks!!~

Brandt WFH 08771A, WFH 10771, WFH1277
Bosch WAE 18060
Electrolux EWF 984, EWF 1084


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hi Yan Mei

after doing extensive research for the best washing machines on the market, below is what i have found out (others may have different opinions or disagree- this is only a suggestion).

For front load washing machines, European brands are the experts.

1. Miele - a low end model (W 562 Prestige Plus)retails @ Best Denki Taka for $1788 (showroom cheapest starts at $3k+ but that is for a different technology-Honeycomb drum)
2. Siemens (not available in SIN)
3. AEG* (not available in SIN)
4. Bosch - reliable
5. LG - quiet, direct drive (no belt=1 less part to breakdown) great comments about the steam washer cum dryer which needs little ironing but as this is a new model, reliability remains to be proven
6. ISE (not available in SIN)
7. Electrolux*
8. Tricity Benedix* (not available in SIN)
9. Zanussi* (no longer available in SIN)- reliable and value for $, have had wonderful experiences with these washers, owned 2 machines that both lasted at least 15 years each

*AEG, Electrolux, Tricity Benedix & Zanussi are under the same parent company, Electrolux which are all quite reliable - if you want a budget washer that is reliable this would be it.

As lots of the good washers are not available is SIN, there would be 3 choices 1-Miele, 2-Bosch, 3-Electrolux (budget but relaiable), 34-LG (if you want a quiet machine-but these are not cheap)

From what I heard some of the Brandt's are not very reliable.

Initially Miele's pricing scared me off from getting it, however after close analysis on the quality of the wash, parts and reliability I decided on getting it as it will be cheaper in the long run.

Miele's washers are
- built to last a minimum of 20 years
- the outer drums are made of stainless steel (not plastic which tends to break after frequent use)
- easy servicing (from engineers point of view)and guarnteed part availbility even if a model has been discontinued for 20years
- enamel front (means no scratches & yellowing) unlike paint coated fronts
- solid metal (not plastic) opening catch that is solid cast (no joints = less breakage)
- weight of washer = 95kg compared to conventional 50kg which goes to show the kind of quality parts they put in their machines
- PC update function - if there are new washer functions developed in the future your machine will be upgraded free
- look at the internal drum - the holes of the Miele are so small & finely made that it would be difficult to snag your clothing
- a 6kg Miele drum is bigger than other brands 6kg drums (however note that the biggest Miele drums are mostly 6kg except for a top end model that is 6.5kg)
- there are so many other benefits it would be impossible to describe them all but you can refer to the following website that gives very detailed reviews




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Elaine >> Thanks for the long and extensive reply.. I know Miele is good (i've read all the washer threads in this forum and other reno websites) but FH refuse to pay >$1k for a washing machine, and he cannot be convinced otherwise. Will consider getting Electrolux, Bosch or Brandt. Also heard reviews about Bosch not being reliable, so now i am super confused..


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Elaine, Miele promo honeycomb drum washer 7 dryer set is coming soon. maybe this week, next or next or next next...heard is good price.

yanmei, bring ur Fh down to Best denki at taka and talk to the miele salesman, he may be convinced by him. my Fh also intially said i siao, after talking to miele salesman he is convinced.


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Steven&Huijuan >> Thanks for the comments about Thomson but i am only looking at front load washer..

Rumi >> Hahaha i can try to bring him down to Taka but it is practically impossible to convince FH. So i guess you bought the Miele eventually??


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seriously it depends on ur budget & also ur priorities. Maybe ur FH just think that a washer is just a washer, as long as throw into the tub and whirl around can liao. spoil then buy another one. never mind abt the quality of the wash.

is like some pple must buy a toyota or bmw or some just think a car is just to transport pt A to B so a QQ or picanto will do.

not bought yet. waiting for the promo set coming these few weeks or so.


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Ya.. it really depend on individual and budget. To me, a washer is really juz a washer. I can't bear to spend more then 1K for it. So long my clothes go in n come out in a piece can le.

I will rather spend more on my matteress. hehehe


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nowadays its hard to tell if the washer is reliable, the proven reliable ones were mostly made in Europe but now production has moved to mostly Thailand. So the same model is now made elsewhere. But these 3 brands should be ok for budget:


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Hahaha no lah.. i understood from reading ridz twspecialist thread.. also listen to salesman and do online research.maybe i just dun mind spending the $ to make my chores simpler. hope can iron less... and no need to send for laudromat for expensive clothes or having to handwash which defeats purpose of wm anyway.

btw, my sis's electrolux washer and dryer spoilt just before yr 5.. luckily they bought extended 5 yrs warranty, coz the drum is spoiled and replacing the drum is not worth it.. must well get another electrolux again if they dun mind the brand.
to all....

This thread is very informative. In europe, the washerhelp.com is indeed a place to read and 'visit' before heading down to a store or ordering online.

However, in our local aspect , it all boils down to technical issues like what our forumers have mentioned in your thread.

I have to agree that the Miele w562 washer is a good buy but the recommended to last 20 yrs is really a bit off thread...

I also tend to agree that certain points mention by the engineers in question is a fact but we have to consider carefully as well that certain points are truly misinterpreted.

TO sum it up, i will not agree that the W562 is a worthy buy considering the price and the features

Erm.... i know that certain readers here wouldnt enjoy this piece of comment or migt be wondering what is actually wrong with the washer but the features of this machine really leaves alot to be question, especially to me.

I would rather purchase a EWF 1495(ELECTROLUX), WAS 32791(BOSCH) or WFK1248A( BRANDT)

I hope i would not be bombarded....

The washers which you are looking at are almost obselete. I think you have to do some sopping once again.

Brandt WFH 08771A, WFH 10771, WFH1277( ALL obselete )
Bosch WAE 18060 (OBSELETE)
Electrolux EWF 984, EWF 1084(SOON TO BE OBSELETE)


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Rumi >> Thanks!!~ Precisely my FH thinks a washer is just a washer.. What Miele promotion are you waiting for??

Twt >> Thank you!!~ I really didn't know they are going to be phased out since some models are still available on their respective websites.. So are you recommending Electrolux EWF 1495, Bosch WAS 32791 or Brandt WFK 1248A?? How do you compare between the 3 different units? In your opinion, which is actually better? I will look at them in detail tonight when i am back from work..


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Twt >> Oh just realised that all the washers that you have quoted are 8kg ones. I will just need a 6kg or 7kg washer. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!!~


Brandt WFH 08771A, WFH 10771, WFH1277 might still able to get in GAB

these are 7kg model

8kg model drum are abit slight.

personally speaking i like the 8kg but my SY so small and i want more space for hanging clothes so i get the Thomson Topload 5.5kg

my hanging rod for one wash just nice... full liao...