6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?


the showroom dun have..

well you can say that its an old model cos its still using the micro holes drum and not the latest... honeycomb drum..

but its specs is still on par with the new ones.

and if you want to take a look at the model i think at best denki have... i know imm has.. not too sure taka still have or not..

the w562 was brought in for distribution not by miele but by exclusivce distributors.

If we actually look carefully into the Miele machine.... they ae really lacking in functions(or perhaps replace with other functions in name).

I would think that Synthetic for 1 is rather important. Secondly, hand wash or the blanket/duvet functions are also important as well.

Drum big/small results in better washing quality but we have to take into consideration the ratings.

If we look closely, the ratings are a mile apart. Take for example a 30 degrees wash or 40 degrees wash.... the diff is really great.

Certain facts are hidden from us(consumers), this is one problem which i think the agents be it miele,electrolux,bosch or brandt are very very smart. They would only show their best ratings to us and hide away with the poor ones.

I think, that is in my personal opinion this is why i would never pay for a Miele machine as their specs or function doesnt really match our usual washing style in asia. But of course, their built in parts are definitely a cut above the rest.


hi twt well.. we are sharing yeah...

well synthetics is featured under the minimum iron or the delicates features. and both have different washing rhythms and cycles to cater to the various types of synthetic..

for blanket and duvet.. for one thing .. miele does not recommend washing it at home and ideally its to be washed by the laundromat.. and actually so do other manufacturer.. but delicates would suffice..

as for handwashing.. it would be under the woollen feature or even silks.

just to clarify.. the ratings are miles apart.. you are referring to miele vs say brandt or something?

or between the 30 degrees wash and 40 degrees wash.

as for certain facts.. in fact i must say that .. to be fair.. for consumer trade.. the consumptions data for EU standard is full load cotton at 60 degrees for the basis of comparison and this does not take into account the rating of the machine. just purely full load.. at 60 degrees normal cotton setting..

So its a bit more uniform in terms of comparing between 2-3 washers.

but you can see the other ratings... for miele upon request or in the manual its clearly stated. i know for sure that other brands.. apparently are not very clear or wont tell..

like say for the w562. if you count by rating yes.. its one of the poor ones.. but as i said before i am comparing it on the basis of not rating of the machine given by the respective companies.. but more of the actualy volume of washing its carrying out to be fair instead of rating

say for example..
machine A has volume han dling of say 57 litres of clothes. and they take a test at 60 degrees.. and say for example consumption is say 59 litres of water at 1.36kwh? but rating of this machine is say 8kg

and you compare machine B has a volume handling of 55 litres of clothes and they take a test at 60 and consumption stands at 49 litres and 1.02kwh but rated 6kg

initial look seems that machine A is very good rating 8kg and using only 59 litres. so per kg its consuming at 7.375 litres per KG of clothes.. and electricity also..

as compared to machine B rating 6kg and using 49litre so using 8.1 litres of water per KG.

so my basis of comparision i would think that if they are handling about the same amount of clothes (because of the fact the drum size will determine the actual amount of clothes that goes into the machine and hence how much load the machine is actualyl handling ) so i am not judging it based on rating but based on actual amount of clothes they are handling..

so let see i recalculate based on actualy amount of clothes its handling.

Machine a -- volumetric 57 litres of clothes.. using 59 litres. of water.. hence per volumetric litre of vlothes.. its using 1.03 litres of water per 1litres of voloumetric load.

Machine B - volumetric 55 litres of clothes .. using 49 litres of water.. hence per volumetric litre of cloths.. its using actually 0.8 litres of water.. per litre of volumetric load of clothes.

see what i mean...

now it seems that machine B has tipped the scale as to being even more efficient than machine A.

i am not denying the intepretation is not something that one would really look at. but logically.. it should be compared as ceteris paribus where all factors are exact the same.. including the actual load. and not just based on rating.

say for the w562.. at 40 degrees ( this is the typical temperature most of us wash) it will be consuming 0.65kwh..

i would say the lifestyle is a bit different..

cheers... no hard feelings yeah.. just letting people see how i derive such values yeah.
no problem.....

Its just that the W562 really comes short in term of washing programs and efficiency(in my personal opinion).

I would put it as if the capacity allows the W562 to be the same as the machines deriving at 8kg, then why Miele only place the capacity at 6kg?? Just to play safe or for best reasons known to only themselves. We have to take into consideration that if you compare it to our overseas counterparts, they do have the luxury of enjoying the bigger loads made by Miele.

Obviously, it is not meant for a bigger load. By deriving at your point, i would term it as dangerously overloading based on drum sizes.(you know lah, we like to stuff all our clothes in until there is no 'breathing space"

To place it on equal emphasis, most machines nowadays comes with Easy ironing features or handwash or even the delicate/silks/duvet functions/. But i just happen to spot that some of these are the features missing in the W562.Like what you have mention the diff rhythms during washing will actually cause clothes to detoriate in terms of washing performance...

I am just trying to drive this point clear... $1788/- is definitely overprice. As for the EU ratings, i believed that both of us knew for a fact that comparisons are always made using the specimen 60 degrees wash using 5kg of cotton clothing...

What i meant was if we look closely at the instruction menu of certain brands specification and in this instance Miele 562 or even W1740( the MAC 38 pair retailing at $3888/-), i would still feel that it is overprice as the specs does not come at a clear cut energy and washing efficiency comparing to the top 3 front loading brand in our local market.

Erm... Ridz... W562 using 0.65kwh washing with 6kg loads is really on the high side... Bosch machines at 7kg and 8kg are using almost similar specs and for Brandt's machine even lower.

I think with this episode of pointing out the electricity and water specs out, our dearest reader here would definitely benefit alot



THat is something that i did thought that was puzzling...

because even if you look at LG or samsung.. their drum size are much smaller and yet rating is very big in terms of capacity..

anyway yeah this is so called an ageing model hence lacking in features.

typically a lot of people seriously do voerload their machines causing it to die faster than ever wahah.. this i confirm agree.. cos the way i see some of my friend load their machines.. even i get stress for the machine.

for the 1740.. depends on how you look at it of course... compare to other brands its yeah over priced.. but if you compare within miele products.. its super good price.

BUt then again its hard to gauge like mercedez car and camry. both are really good but some features lacking here and there in merc but commanding a high price.. thats why its premium pricing wahah..

anyway this is very subjective.. and i respect your opinion.. i really do..

so far i havent seen any other bigger capacity by miele in other countries. US market seems to have around 6. and uk also have 6... for deutschland also 6kg... hmmm

but one thing for sure is that they never bring in their topload.. i wish they did..



if they bring in their topload then it will be good...

for me i want topload.. so thomson is the best topload now...


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I thought top load is the kind that throw everything into the tub and swirl... those are not very gd in terms of water n energy consumption. or u mean the same drum but placed in another direction squeezed into very small machine surface area?


there are 2 type of top load machines.

ONe is the normal japanese kind.

and there is another where the drum turns the same as the front loading machine.. but just that the door open from the top.

THe miele im referring to is the continental top load machine


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oh those kind. my mum has one.. whirlpool and is very very very NOISY.. almost thought the machine is going to break into pieces.


Thomson topload is also continental top load machine.

i want continental top load machine.. so far only Thomson available and it is the best...

there are several brands have continental top load machine, like Thomson (Brandt Premium brand), Brandt, Bosch which is OEM Brandt, Whirlpool, Electrolux recently come out 2 new model.

I am considering the following washer. Can anyone advices please?

1. Bosch WAE20260SG
2. Bosch 24460AU
3. Electrolux ewf1090

I am looking for a good washer with quick wash, water and electricity saving.



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hi ppl,

I bought a Electrolux EWF1495 front load washing machine in October 2008. Cost: S$1662.

Just this week, it broke down. Arranged for an appointment and the service personnel come.

From the way he works, seriously dunno whether he knows his trade or not. He progressively changed all the parts, one by one. Change one and then test. Cannot, proceed to another one and test again.

I can see that he is trying out "mix-and-match" of the cables and wires he pulled out after putting in the new components. After all that, it still does not work.

Finally, he said it is due to the motor card, which he does not have on hand. So the repair cannot be done by today and I have to be stuck with my dirty laundry over the CNY period.

He also commented that since the outlet hose was cut and shortened, the warranty may not cover.

What does motor card spoiled and outlet hose cut and shortened have in connection??? Beats me.

This is the most expensive washer I bought over the years. From a $399 to a $899 to this $1662.

He also said that we shall use "Low sub" detergent. From the user guide, concentrated can still be used if we are not using the pre-wash mode. So wht's the problem?

Morale of the story - high end washer may not be good.

And I seriously won't recommended Electrolux to anyone. First time purchase of this well-known brand and the highest range of their products = worst ever experience.


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It depends on hw u use the machine 2.If Im not wrong,u must use low suds detergent for all front load washers,regardless of brands or the machine will spoil.


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Hi loveestory, u can go best denki,till tomorrow there is a $100 offset for washers.The electrolux now got offer there,i think is around $1500sgd. But i rather u purchase the miele w562,its more value for the price u paying,at least u b assured for the next 20yrs.
Hello erica.. miele is over the budget for me.. so i have selected the 3 models as per my previous post.. any advices or comments please?

icer had a bad experience with electrolux... so it might eliminate one of them out of my list :p

Out of your 3 choices(if you intend to eliminate EWF 1090 electrolux), the WAE 20260 bosch machine looks to be a better buy.

However, bear in mind that for the price range which you are gonna pay for a THAI made machine, i would suggest that you stick to a THAI made ELECTROLUX machine. If you were to compare quality for quality, i would rather you take a machine made by electrolux.

Perhaps, you might want to buy a Brandt WFK 1018 in this instance. I would think that this would be a great buy comparing if you compare the features between the 3 brands.

Of course, when you make your decision, do ask the sales person for more info(like water and energy efficiency)so that you can reassure yourself that you had made a right decision.

If you require further help, you might want to pose further questions for us to assist you in whatever ways we can.

Gd luck

Sad to hear that your machine broke down. In this case, i think the replacement of the so call MOTORCARD will have to be repaired by taking your machine back to their service center.

Most of the agents here provide a 1 yr full warranty on the machines BUT BUT BUT i also dont quite understand the outlet hose issue. Perhaps you might want to bring this issue up to the MANAGEMENT OF ELECTROLUX to request for an answer on this.
Hello twt, thanks for your prompt reply! why is brandt a good buy compared to bosch and electrolux? what is the technology they use? where is it made from?

i have not use a front loader washer before, thus I hope that my first buy will be a good experience! Pls kindly advice
Hello, I have checked out brandt and there are only 2 models with 8kg for front load washer: WFK1018 and WFK1248. Has anyone purchased any of them before? Any feedback? Anyone used brandt nefore? How is the wash quality?

There is a self adjusting water level feature for Brandt, does bosch and electrolux has the same too?

Brandt is made in spain, seems like a good deal...


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Hello everyone. I'm having a dilemma choosing a front-load washing machine.

7-8kg washing machines that I've shortlisted
1. Electrolux EWF984/1084
2. Electrolux EWF8576
3. Brandt WFK1018 (8kg)

I've removed the Bosch WAE12060 from the list, after comparing the build quality of the electrolux washing machines to that of the Bosch model.

Factors to consider
1. Build quality/reliability
2. Water/energy efficiency
3. Price
4. Features

Would like to know more about Brandt washing machines too. The WFK1018 costs about $100-$150 more than the 7kg Electrolux ones above, so I'm considering paying a little more for an extra kg.

Features-wise, I'm not too particular. Quick wash function would be good, but not necessary. Anyone can comment on the reliability of the Electrolux models compared to Brandt models and after-sales customer service?



I perfer Brandt and Thomson as it has OptiA45 which so call allow full load to wash in 45mins which i am using now every time.

i using Thomson Topload which is Brandt premium brand.

Thomson and Brandt Topload are made in france.

Brandt fronload machines(WFK1018 AND WFK1248) are produced in Spain....

WFK1248 have LCD which i think is good to have, so u can see remaining time wash.
Hello Steven&Huijuan

Does Brandt has a feature to adjust the water level? I do not wash a full load of clothes sometimes so it is a waste of water. It will be a good option to have for front load washer...
Dear all,

From what i had gathered, Brandt's OptiA45 mins is actually a Half load function... I think the term has been change to a term called USUAL LOAD... WHICH IS IN MY PRESENT OPINION KNOW AS HALF LOAD if wwe are comparing machines in the past.

If we follow strictly to the operation/instruction menu produced by our 3 top brands in our local market namely Electrolux,Bosch or Brandt,we would notice that only Brandt's WFK1018,WFK 1248 and Bosch WAS 32791 gives u a self adjustment for water level.

In my personal opinion,i always rely on the operating manual as whenever we visit dfferent places to shop, we would be given a different opinion of washers in Singapore.
Dear all,

From what i had gathered, Brandt's OptiA45 mins is actually a Half load function... I think the term has been change to a term called USUAL LOAD... WHICH IS IN MY PRESENT OPINION KNOW AS HALF LOAD if wwe are comparing machines in the past.

If we follow strictly to the operation/instruction menu produced by our 3 top brands in our local market namely Electrolux,Bosch or Brandt,we would notice that only Brandt's WFK1018,WFK 1248 and Bosch WAS 32791 gives u a self adjustment for water level.

In my personal opinion,i always rely on the operating manual as whenever we visit dfferent places to shop, we would be given a different opinion of washers in Singapore.


For my thomson topload washer, it is self adjust wash level.

when u purchase brandt or thomson washer... it will include free demo on how to use.

the brandt person told me OptiA45 can use full load...

OptiA45, Cotton, Santa can use full load

Deticate, Wool only half load


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Harvey norman is selling the Electrolux EWF888 at $999, saw it in today's newspapers.

mm how effective is the silver ion technology? thinking whether to get this model or the newer ones (EWF8576) or maybe the EWF 984/1084.
Hello, i did not see the self water adjustment for bosch 32791 from their website? I am also looking at bosch 24441 (made in germany) as it is the same price as brandt 1248 (made in turkey..not spain!)
Thats what the shop owner told me that the model of brandt is from turkey.. which I am surprised too.

Anyway, i saw that electrolux has got a new model with 6 levels of timing. The one (ewf 14991) made in italy is very expensive, but there is a similiar one EWF 1073 made in thailand... looks not bad, anyone has any feedback please?


if u go to those BEST D or HM, they dont know want.

go to GAB... they will know the product better.

Brandt 7kg is indeed from Turkey

if there is a 7kg or 8kg Thomson topload, i sure will get... as for now.. i still happy with my Thomson topload 5.5kg

i still dont like to bend down....
i also do not like to bend down.. i am using a toshiba 5kg topload now. i am actually happy with it except that the wash quality is not as good as clothes get twisted and difficult to iron which is why i am spending time to source for a new front load washer.

the electrolux ewf 1073 is only out in sg for 2 months only.. it looks good to me even thou made in thailand. any feedback about the wash quality for electrolux please?
those look a bit small and the open/close latch seems to cut the hand easily...moroever if u have big comforter then difficult to squeeze it in! :p anyway thanks for the recommendation


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I know that this forum prefers the few brands like Electrolux, Brandt, Bosch, Thomson & not to mention Miele. I'm sure every brand has its advantage or they wouldn't be around for so long.

My personal experience is Turbo washer/dryer. My previous Turbo washer/dryer served me well for about 8 years. I just changed to a new Turbo washer/dryer (8 kg) last May/June. Still going strong :) It's made in Italy and has features like delay timer, woolmark, auto adjust water level etc... If you are looking for only washer (not the 2-in-1), they have also an 8kg washing machine, which is A+ energy rating. I contemplated between the washer & the washer/dryer because the washer/dryer got no hand-wash but the washer has. Anyway, am used to 2-in-1, so decided to get the 2-in-1.



you might want to check out F&P.

it is say to be the best topload asian washer.

not sure how is F&P topload is it good or not... it is also not cheap....


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Hello ridz and twt,

What do you guys think of the LG F1409TDS?

My current washer is a very old samsung topload. It's still in working condition, but somehow I feel that the clothes turn out duller and the whites look grey after washing!

I'm trying to keep to my hubby's budget of around $1k.. hehehee.. =P Can you suggest something for my budget?

Many thanks!! =)


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I couldn't find any discussion on 2-in-1 washer dryer machines, that's why I'm posting.
I only need to tumble dry once a month at most, so I thought a washer dryer would be better.

Models I'm considering:


Does anyone know which machine is better in terms of reliability, energy efficiency, etc? Or does anyone have suggestions of other brands I should consider?

Many thanks in advance!!


Well for washer dryer. I personally would not advocate to buy it.

I would still think that 2 seperate specialised machines like washer only and dryer only will do a much much better job than a washer dryer doing the job of washing or drying.

Maybe if you want to you might want to invest on a good washer and a dryer with a smaller budget like fisher and paykel.

The price tag i must say would be a little more if not identical.


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hi, say if u merely have the dryer function as a standby, used only in 'emergencies'. wil that still result in a higher rate of breakdown, since majority of the time u use the washing function only?

i had the LG direct drive machine in my previous home. for the few mths i was using, had tot it worked well...

had to find new front loader for my new place. saw ariston aqualtis, any feedback? otherwise any reasonable priced machines can u recom which has time delay, etc?


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Hi all
Not sure if this thread is already closed, just trying to ask for some advice here.
I'm trying to get a new washing machine for my mum. She's got kneecap problem, so a topload machine would be best. However, having experimented with Jap topload and my own frontload models. i'm totally bought over to get continental washers, so considering a topload continental, that is sufficient to wash for a 3 person household. Budget around $1k and preferably lower than that as far as possible. Quite out of touch with the washer market at the moment, and hope to get one before GSS over in the event of any good bargains. Any advice is very much appreciated, thanks!! =D


if its just a 3 person household i reckon a 5.5kg would be just alright.

You can look for brandt Topload or thomson.

Thomson is more pricey. If you want slightly better specs, go for brandt, more specs packed for the same price as thomson. But thomson will give you more features.

Basic washing then just go for brandt, you can get higher spin speed.



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Thanks so much Ridz! I posted a similar question in the other thread, "which washing machine is better", so can ignore it.

Thanks so much again!!


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Hi there, does anyone have any gd brand for washer+dryer to recommend? Had wanted to get seperates but our new place kitchen is sooo small.


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I've been using my TURBO washer + dryer TWD6812 for more than a year. So far so good, still very quiet and *touchwood*, no problem so far. My previous TURBO washer + dryer served me well for about 8 years.