6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?


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Haiz... Never buy Techno front load washing machine. repaired twice in three yrs (repair cost can buy me a new top load)and now spoilt again. So expensive and yet lousy.


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Hi. I am keen on Electrolux 6.5kg but was told by the sales person that it is too small to wash queen size bedsheets?! Is it true?

We don't have kids so its basically not too much load for the two of us.


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Hi. Due to space constraint, we are thinking of getting a washer+dryer 2-in-1. Is it advisable? Or should we get separate machines for their individual functions?



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Hi ridz, would you mind giving your opinion on Panasonic front load washers?
I am particularly looking at NA-14VA1 7kg washer which is currently on promotion. Good points about this I feel are energy and water efficiency, high spin speed of 1400 rpm and 3 yrs warranty and lastly the price. It will cost around $700 ($900 - $200 NTUC vochurs).

I was tempted to get Bosch WAE24360SG but put off by the long wash cycle of almost 3 hrs which i think can't be adjusted unlike Electrolux.

Appreicate yours and any other members' comments.


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Very tempted to get Bosch cus my home uses that but budget allows korean brands only. Am told 8KG safer for queen sized comforter.


What's ur budget? And also do take note if u r going for korean front loads, their size is smaller than a comparable rated european front load.

E.g. 8kg korean size is equivalent to 6.5 or 7kg or european brands. So it might be worth 7kg european washer in that aspect.

Just that u have a lower spec machine but better quality for european brands.


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How about Bosch washer 7kg WAE18161sg $999 @ Courts and Bosch dryer 6kg WTA74100za @ courts $699 or Electrolux dryer 5kg DE45f56ew1 @ courts @ $399? any comments or suggestions



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N how long does this washing machine last which I think if it last less than 3 year than 5 year extended warranty will be useful else I get from neighbourhood stall


What is your needs. Like spin speed? Wash options? Extended warranty? And how far can you stretch your budget?

If you were to ask me. Try to go harvey norman and ask them to quote you electrolux washer front load 7kg with 1000rpm try to squeeze for $799 ewf10741 - this is the promo price. Non promo price would be about 900 or so. If you are not particular with extended warranty then you might also consider outside e.g. Parisilk to quote you either the ewf10741 or 10751 price shld be around there 799 or so

As for whether it required extended warranty or not. I leave it to you and usage and a bit of luck.


Diff between 10741 and 10751 is the 741 is harvey norman exclusive model with count down display but 10751 does not have display but with more wash customisation option. Built quality same only fascia control slight difference. Capacity and spin speed. Same.

I pick these models cos of spin speed and value for money. If go for bosch. Spin speed will be lower but the drum will be full drum I.e. Lesser wash feature but slightly better build. Trade off here and there.

Typically if its a well behaved machine and gentle caring owner these front loads can generally last between 7 to a decade. But given electronics tantrums. Its hard to tell. As for standard warranty they giving 2 years now. So consider okay


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Hi all, I would advise anyone who is keen on Miele washer/dryer, and can wait a couple of months, to purchase them at Tangs during their member/citibank 12% Rebate Day.

The rebate is in $hundreds, enough to redeem for perhaps a Miele vacumn cleaner or any other stuff you fancy!

I learnt this lesson recently through the hard way, having paid for a washer and dryer set at $4388 just 5 days before Tangs Rebate Day. The sales consultant (at a big electrical retailer) whom I bought from said that Miele's price was controlled so i foolishly reckoned I couldn't get a better deal somewhere else...

My current EF washer which cost not more than $600 has been in use for 6.5 years with no significant problem. So I lost 6 years even before I start using Miele...

After I emailed Miele about my unpleasant experience, I received a call from the Head of Sales the next day. At some point, I could sense the guy was getting impatient talking to an "unreasonable auntie". He promised to call me by today to follow up but i have not heard from anyone.

Paid a premium price but can I trust Miele's customer service??!


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Electronics are cheaper in many HDB neighborhood electronics store than Tangs and your usual mega mall brands like best Denki, Courts etc. Unless, they have a specific clearance sale where targetted items can go on a steal. Otherwise, generic sale, many items would be out of stock really fast.

The thing is you need to know items and the price of your items well before heading to these small shops. The usual salesman marketing pitch is to encourage you to buy another similar product that you are not familiar with the price and where he/she is able to have a better margin. Minimize your deposit amount and have delivery dates not too long. The obvious risk with smaller shops is the possibility of them going bust.


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Hey ladies!
If you are looking for washers there are a lot down at the Stock-Take Clearance sale @ Liang Court L4 for this weekend only(20-21 April 2013)
Went down today and got appliances for the new house *woohoo* was so glad it was within budget coz I picked up quite a few items today like a toaster, kettle and vacuum cleaner. Hope this is useful! All the best w the Front Load Washer finding!:)