6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?


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Steven&Huijuan >> Hmmm the space that i allocated is small too, not sure if there is enough space for a big washer. Ok i will go home and take a look at the specs for Brandt's washers.. Thanks alot!!~


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Steven&Huijuan >> Hahah i don't mind posting here.. I'm going to move in my new place in Woodlands in about a month's time. Is top-load washer ok? I heard they consume more electricity and uses more water.. I think i will probably break my back trying to reach into the washer from the top (i am not very tall).. Will you be washing curtains or comforter? Will a 5.5kg top-load washer be sufficient in this case?


the one i get is Thomson topload using drum work like front load...

if wash curtain have to do multiple wash...

anyway the place i can hang my laundry so small too...

Brandt new 8kg premium front load inside also tilted drum type

this is my neighbour SY with frontload washing machine.

this is my SY with dimension..

the topload slim one width is only 40cm compare to frontload 60cm.

this topload use less water (same as frontload) as for electric that have OptiA45 which allow full load to wash in 45mins... and u also can wash in cold water mode.

For me i get Thomson TX928N and it cost around 1K

Thomson is Brandt premium brand

Brandt Catalog

there is a thread on Brandt washing machine too.


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Steven&Huijuan >> Oh ok if a top-load can do the same job as a front-load, then i dun mind getting a top-load. I have read about Thomson washers in the other threads in this forum, they are getting pretty good reviews too.. Ok but i have another concern, will i be able to put my clothes (which has to be all hand-washed) into a top-load washer? If so, i think i will consider a top-load.

Anyway, i think i only have 60x60cm space for my washer and same space for my dryer (which i may buy later). I have alot of space to hang my clothes (which is out of the windows) but i will not do so cos i always trip near the windows.. So i will just wash and hang it dry on bamboo sticks at my kitchen ceiling area.. Thanks for the info and all the links, you have been a great help!!~



this top load do the same as front load.

one thing i know.. for this Thomson top load.. it allow to do spin dry.. which mean u can hand wash and then put in washing machine to spin dry. i not sure whether front load have this or not.

if the hand wash item can use on front load, then it can use on this top load.

it has a function to wash delicate items.

there are also a dryer for the slim top load, which is also 40cm from Brandt top load dryer.

Thomson do have a top load for washer and dryer together but i don't really recommend.


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Steven&Huijuan >> Hey thanks alot!!~ This Thomson top-load washer does seemed to be quite good.. Will read up more on this washer and maybe visit HN or Best to know more about it..


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Steven&Huijuan >> Gosh!! Thanks alot! Was intending to search for them when i am back home later.. Appreciate your help!~


get those with LCD... cos it will show remaining time wash too

take note for OptiA45 Thomson TX938N dont have... that why i get TX928N


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Steven&Huijuan >> Hihi sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all the help so far, i'll take a look at all the recommended washers and decide which is best suited for me. Appreciate all your help..


no problem..

so far i use the Thomson TX928N quite good... like it so much...

stellina, share which one u get after u buy and after use how is it


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Hi, just to offer my small thoughts on twt's comments..
I have tested the top models from Brandt,Bosch, and electrolux respectively at best denki.In terms of pricing,all r similar to the miele supposedly low end w562 at $1788/=,the nearest being a bosch model,also from germany,1400rpm@$1599/=.Other than having a bigger wash load,all r 8kg, the build quality is not even close to the miele.The spin vibrations are terrible in the final spin,just like my old zanussi.However the miele w562 is still stable at the final spin,just that there is a slight wheezing sound towards the end.I was also swayed by many salesman, especially from brandt,at best ngee ann, that the top end brandt washer,from spain has the deepest drum with a tilted drumhole.It is $1399,1200rpm.However after measuring the depth and ht,with the miele,it is inly 1.5 inches deeper,Ht about the same.I'm not convinced about brandt build quality.From the ratio of drum size to load, the w562 is 56litres/6kg.that means they have 9.3kg of load size to every kg,the next will be bosch top end model,with 65litre/8kg, equivalent to 8.1litre every kg.So all in, if I'm not washing king size comforters,I still think the miele w562 is definely a better buy than the above top models of the other brands. Sorry I forgot the Brandt/bosch/electrolux model numbers,but its supposedly the top models of the respective brands.
I agree with Twt that miele may be outrageous to claim to last for 20 yrs,but at least no other brands have the audacity to make such a claim.I have an overseas frnd who already has a miele washer built in for them when they moved to sg 10yrs ago, and it spoilt recently, the repair costs for suspensions is around $500/, so she replaced 1 with the w562 instead of repairing.I asked her y she does not want to change another brand since they never lasted the supposedly 20yrs, her answer was:"Once a miele user, U'll never change to another brand".
I do not know whether I am brainwashed by the miele salesguy, but I am very convinced even the low-end miele model will offer a better buy than the supposedly high-end models of the other brands.
PS:Not a miele salegirl, but trying hard to be one!


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I'm really perplexed why washerhelp is in no way relevant to sg, as the washer models being reviewed is the same models everywhere.That is if they revewed xx model as gd,will it perform worse if xx model is sold here? The only difference is water hardness maybe, and the tendency of ppl here who likes to wash super king size comforters, I guess.And we dun have so many brands available here compared to europe. Other than that,the maintenance advice, reviews issues, from washerhelp really benefitted me,instead of being a blind rat going to different electrical stores being brainwashed by A brand's representatives, then the next day going to another store,and B brand told me A brand no good.
So unless sg really have a trustworthy review centre for whitegoods, I think foreign is the way to go for unbiased reviews!
I will want to lay further clarity on the Miele's W562 issue..... but of course my aim is not to find fault with the machine or any true blue Miele supporters in this part of the world.

Let me just answer certain finds on Erica's posting whereby the drum differences makes or does not makes a diff. We have to understand that for drum differences, the hugh or small difference/s in each BRAND's drum does not really make much of a diff, not least in my pesonal opinion.

The drum size differences in many forummer /sales personel opinions is that you are able to stuff more or bigger items into the machine. However, is it the truth?? It really leaves much to be question.

Another note is that the weight of the machine would play a huge part in the balance of the machine which again leaves much to be question.

If you would to have a chance to test on the Bosch WAS 32791(bosch), EWF 1495(electrolux) or WFK1248A and the W562 by miele, THERE WOULD DEFINITELY BE A SPILT IN OPINIONS as to what would be the best amongst the 4 machine as mention.

Why?? Let me give you insight info on these machines.

1) Noise Level be it in the first or the last spin... all would point to the EWF 1495 by electrolux. WHY??..... The machine itself is using the inverter system which produces the least noise.

2) Balancing = trembling or shaking
Again, it would be the Electrolux washer EWF 1495. The trembling effect is really minimal when a empty dru is being tested on. If we are discusing on the weight of the machine itself, perhaps then, this machines has the most weight which is around 90kg.

3)WATER and Energy efficieny.
Based on the manual/specs given by indivdual agents, the WFK 1018A ( BY BRANDT)hs the best in terms of specs.

4) Time taken to wash.
The wash time points to the BRANDT machine WFK 1248A

5) Features of machine
If you are going for features in the machine, you would definitely go for the Bosch was 32791 as it has the most comprehensive feature i have ever seen in a machine.

6) Reliablity in a machine
In this aspect, this is really a very tough choice to make. But if we study the trend of spoilt or faulty machines, the main reason will definitely be shock absorber being faulty which means overusage/overloading.

The inner drum of a machine is made of certain important parts. If anyone of u had a chance to look at what's in and what's not, then most forummers would be able to understand what i meant.

One main reason why i discriminate against CHINA produced machine is that their shock absorber( or in lay man terms BEARINGS)is simply horrible. Another thing to note would be the protect layer on the machine itself is basically cover by normal cement and.

I think i am going abit techincal but most of the European based machine does have the requirement as mention wherelse CHINA machines doesnt.

The reviews by washerhelp does have a bit of truth in it but we must realise that the washers being sold in Europe are a total difference then those sold in our region ( i mean Asia) unless you can see the exact model.

Water hardness in this aspect will more point to dishwashers or rather only certain aspect of a washer

To make another point, comforters are definitely not meant for washer/s. They should be sent to commercial machines used by the laundry shops. I remember very clearly a salesman telling me this.... Sir, if comforters can be wash efficiently in our household machine, then all the laundry shop close down already.

As for the brainwashing done by indivdual brand's represenative, we have to admit that in this part of Singapore, they are just performing their task as a spokesperson( i am not defending them) but ultimately, when the decision comes to which machine to purchase, it boils down to individual.

Like what erica mention, i am clearly not a fan of the lower end Miele machine and if given a choice i would rather spend it on ......

I must say also i like/love MIELE but i really wont spend this amount on machine itself.

Did i miss out on anything??

Straits TIME advert today..... Miele w562 is selling at $1788/- with a free 5 yrs extended warranty for 3 days.

You may want to grab this promo.



i agree with the sentence..

once a miele user always a miele user. you will find its quality build and quality wash hard to beat with other machines and leaving you mostly unsatisfied.

and that well claim to buld 20 yeras is not unfounded of course..

cos they simulate the usage for a 20years' worth of use. but its calculated as
5 cycles (60 degrees cotton) per week which is about 2hours worth of wash each time..

and multiply that by 52 weeks per year and then multiply that for 20 years.

so its
2x 5 = 10 hours
10 hours x 52 = 520 hours
520 x 20 = 10400 hours.

they will run the machine nonstop cycle after cycle for 10400hours of washing and start again at 60 degrees cotton with maximum spin speed and full load and softener and soap and all..

and if it passes then yeah.. carry miele badgte.. this is their reliability testing.

so in a way its sorta right of them to claim for its built to last ( this term last is used loosely) should be good for 20 years worth of cycle.


same goes for dryer.. its the same non stop


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I'm waiting with xesthir too!haha
Sorry twt for questioning ur very professional opinions, and thks for the detailed reply.
I agree that the electrolux ewf 1495 is the quietest on spin,similar to the lg washer with steam which I also tried on, whereas the miele w562 has a slight wheezing sound at the final spin.But the vibrations are definitely quite visible,whereas the w562 practically has no vibrations.And if weight is a consideration, the miele specs showed that the w562 is 95kg,which should b the heaviest.The electrolux costs$1919 at best denki,last I checked.N if make is a concern,the electrolux is made in Thailand,but the w562 is still in Germany.Actually the miele salesguy there burned me a copy of the disc of the miele production plant producing and testing all the washers,and its really amazing.Even the w562 is using cast iron as counterweights.I saw my old zanussi,is concrete inside.
For energy consumption,I think the w562 is still better than the Brandt/electrolux/bosch as it uses 1.02kw/hr, whereas the rest is 1.38kw/hr.and last i checked miele tested energy and water on a 60degress cotton full load,and not cotton eco mode which some brands tested on.
I checked with the washerhelp forum staff and enquired about the w562 specs and recommendation,and they informed me through email that the w562 has the same build quality and tested the same way as the high end models,except the drums are not honeycomb,however with micro-perforated(smoothened on inner and outer part of drums),is still much gentler than mass-market types,which are only smoothened on the inside.
I am quite impressed by the specs on the bosch 32791 though.They are not on display at the store I went to,but I read in Australia Choice magazine forums that the anti-stain functions are the selling point.But water and energy consumptions still lose to miele,maybe its 8kg load I guess.
As for Brandt,I really dun feel attracted.The opti 45 is only for half load,but the salesguy at best denki never tell me.I have to find out for myself at the forums.
So,my take is still the w562 is more value for $ based on the reputation,build quality compared with the rest.However the bosch comes a close second.
Anyway I'm still glad that there is Ridz and twt around here to give guides and gd places to buy washers.Just relying on salesmen sometimes leave much to be desired,maybe I really had a lot of bad experiences with them.
But I will not get the w562 even with free 5yr warranty,because like xesthir,I'm waiting for their package deal.Wait till I get the pair,then I can share my thoughts on using a miele washer for the 1st time!

No offence intended on my part as well. It's just we clarified on certain issues. Afteral, its for the well being of all forumers and users here.

In actual fact, in Singapore,this is a mini washerhelp.com although we are still way behind in terms of knowledge against certain forummers over at the other forum.

Clarified another note.... washing effiency is most tested on 60 degrees with a cotton wash. Do you know which brand test their machines using eco mode??


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I'm looking for a washer for my new place with the following requirements:

Budget: $800 +/-
Load: 6-7kg

I have shortlisted the following models. Any feedback on these? Thanks in advance!

1. Bosch WAE16060SG
2. Bosch WAE18060SG
3. Electrolux EWF771
4. Electrolux EWF984
5. Brandt WFE876A


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called a few shops for quotes and apparently the electrolux ewf771 is being discontinued and replaced by the ewf8576.

i can't seem to find any information on this model though. anyone came across this?


Yesterday i saw the Miele honeycomb washing machine and Miele honeycomb condenser dryer. both 6kg. promo package at Plaza Singapore Best Denki at $3888


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aiyah i paid via 0% credit card instalment lah.
save lor..is a matter of priority.

Many ang mos were looking and asking abt the set. but i think none i saw committed say will come back again. Economy no good, pple are wary of the expensive big item purchase. One ang mao even ask us don't we think is expensive ? HAAH of coz it is. and later he commented his mother had been using Miele for over 20 yrs and never spoilt even after they change 2 rounds of other appliances.

i am not fabricating the story.. i am a real customer & the ang mo with his wife does not work with miele either. they said they will come back on today. not sure if they will commit to buy.

steam oven.. very healthy. cant wait to use it. .very ex too


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Is it? I find oven very useful especially when I have friends over for dinner. If you prepare only dishes that require you to use the hobs, difficult to cook a few dishes at the same time.

If you have oven, just need to prepare and push it into the oven & monitor once in a while to make sure it's not chao-tah, then at the same time you can cook other dishes on the stove!

Sound a bit aunty but it's from my personal experience...


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none of my friends who set up their first house, except one who got a new condo that c/w built in oven,bought an oven as they don't find a need for it.
They don't even buy a hood. so they think i am CRAZY to spend $ on hood, steam oven and a multifunctional built-in oven.
Whirlpool's current set of washer are all produced in CHINA... Pretty new in the market so not much feedback.

Why dont you opt for Bosch or Electrolux instead. In terms of water and energy and even cleansing rate, the WHIRLPOOL machines are a far cry.
thanks for the feedback. What about miele? currently whirlpool are made in thailand, same as bosch manufacturing...do you have any idea where electrolux is made from?


electrolux made in thailand..

only the Invertor model made in germany i think

Brandt washing machine 8kg made in turkey now

now i using Thomson topload 5.5kg made in france.. very good.


miele is still in house and made in germany. their parts are all manuafactured by their own factory in germany so its fully built and assembled in germany.

electrolux is made in thailand.

so is bosch also made in thailand except for the top 2 high end models those are made in germany..

and as for brandt.. from the latest i gather.. the top load and the front load new models are made in different parts of france. different from thomson's factory in france that is.

it depends on what you are really looking for. superb washing, quality and durability then its miele. its all encompassing far surpassing even the next competitor. but price wise also far surpassing other competitor.


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I am considering a Whirlpool AWO45638 (7.5KG).

Although PUB list this as a 8.8L/KG washer, the sales was saying that the listing is for cotton load, which is not often used.

He was promoting on the plus-points of 60min Daily Load wash @ 49L water only, and metal joint gasket. Also there is a 'clean pump' indicating...

Can't find much info about Whirlpool Washer online, Do experts here have any advice on this?
i think bosch is a bit noisy else it could be a good buy.. miele is way out of the budget!! I was also recommended whirlpool by the sale person as normal front loader takes about 1hr 45mins to wash, while the whirlpool also takes 60 mins and price wise is also slightly cheaper... any advices on whirlpool pls?


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Ya, plus they say the whirlpool got this woolmark certified lar, and 'clean pump' indicator, so no need to check pump often.
Plus they claim both Bosch & Whirlpool frm Thailand... ...


well take brandt then. they have opti 45. full load at 40 degrees in about 45 mins even shorter than whirpool.. and also washing using optiA45 also achieves AA class rating. and the new ones are made in france too?

i wouldnt think bosch is that noisy..

i wouldnt put my money in whirlpool though... between product made in thailand and china.. i would go for the ones made in thailand.


whats the price that they quote you.

the Recommended retail price is somewhere around 1049.

that is close to the brandt wfk1018a 1299 (recommended retail price.

and of course if not to mention miele has a 6kg washer on promo the w562 i think its 1788.. i would go for this.. just my two cents worth.

Whirlpool machines are produced in CHINA....

Electrolux except for EWN14991 are produced in Thailand....

Bosch machines also thailand except for WAS 24441,WAS28441 AND was32791(germany)

Brandt machines(WFK1018 AND WFK1248) are produced in Spain....

OptiA45 mins in Brandt's machine are said to be for only 4-5kg of wash.

Woolmark's certification is a plus point in the fact that testing was actually done prior to the particluar machine going to the 'market' for sales.

Pls also take note that PUB's testing on machines leaves much to be desired... They are actually doing the test based on the number of kg over total water used as given by suppliers.....

As for Miele)w562), i dont think it is worth considering if you are looking at Specification provided.... unless you are looking for a small load for a washing machine.


well if you really look at the specs. the 6kg rating of miele is 55 litres in volume (size) whereas 8kg rating of say brandt is 57 litres.. so its actually about the same volume in terms of size of the drum.

So i wouldnbt term it as small load washing.

while if you compare the 8kg of say electrolux .. its 63litres and LG 8kg rated washer is about 57 litres.

consumptions wise still very efficient... cos i would look at the consumptions of brandt vs miele 562 and compare them not on a basis of per kg .. because i feel it does not make sense. drum volume very similar. just rating is different. i would take it that their /kg rating to be the same yeah.

but of course opinions do differ.

where is the miele promotion from and till when? is miele energy and water saving too? i realised that electrolux do not have the water saving sticker leh... why?