6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?



yea, i went to Best Denki and the sales lady also recommended F&P 6.5kg. I thought that was a little too big for me though cos we only have 2 pax at home so not necessary for such a big WM.


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Does F & P have a front loader? Anyway, if the F&P is a top loader, it is not good, as my mum's hse uses it, and she says its worse then her old national washing machine.


for 6.5kg frontload, heard recommendations from different shops for bosch n electrolux.


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i'm using the bosch 6.5kg front load. bought the dryer too. so far ok. a colleague happened to come by my place when i was doing the laundry and commented that the washer is very quiet. my sis' colleague have the same washer and liked it too.


Dear All,

I'm looking for a front load washer too and is thinking of buying the Bosch machine.

Could you guys kindly advise how much did you pay for the F&P as well as the Bosch washing machine?



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ANyone has any comments on the Hitachi and Electolux 6.5 KG front load? where is bosch made in?



does anyone has comments on the LG frontload washing machines? Saw them at Best Denki last nite. They certainly look good with the silvery colour and are not cheap at 900 plus close to 1k. Anyone use LG before? Reliable?? The label on the WM said it is energy saving and silent.

Personally, I dun like the "Clicking" sound when I close the door of the bosch WM and I am afraid that I might break it one day!


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Hi Amber,
Could u advice hw much you bought ur bosch washing machine at...was thinking of getting 1 too!!! wat was the model?

Hi hi,
Din know F&P has washing machine...any good models to recommend? how much?


go see the web

only 2 types : the one with sensing fabric is more expensive!!!

600+ can get one if u go trading shop to buy



The front loading washers originated in Italy. The top loading ones, if you notice are all from Japan.

I bought my washer from mayer. It's the ariston ($607.05) washer that has been customised for Asian use ((i.e quicker cycles cos we have thinner clothes due to our climate etc.) call me old fashioned but i think that the indesit and ariston models are really good, probably cos they have better quality control on the continent. they save water too cos they automatically adjust the amt of water required.

Go to Mayer for more info. The staff at suntec are really nice. there is one at compass point and IMM too. There's a 5% off on washers now. Good Luck!


oh ya, the ariston washers are the only ones on the market that use stainless teel drums, the rest (including indesit) all use plastic!


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All the salespple say front loading must get the european made, cos they've been making front loading all their lives, whereas, asian ones are the newbies in front loading.
But there's this really cheap LG(korean) 5kg, 399 only at courts...a washing machine is a washing machine is a wm right? How diff can they be?? hmm...


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Hi hi..thanks for the info...

i think after reading this thread..i'll oso check out the ariston wm too....thanks all the info!

take care


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I have been recommended Electolux front loader strongly by a few sales ppl, wonder any feedback on electrolux?


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Hi Christmas, may I know which model is your washer and dryer? I'm thinking of getting their 6.2kg washer. Thnks.

ping ping

Hi Christmas,

I am also interested in getting the Whirlpool frontload and dryer but heard that it is quite noisy, is it true? A

Also which model and wat price did you get it for?


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I have checked out the Whirlpool washer-dryer at Courts, cost $900++. The salesman said its very quiet. Now i'm confused, is it noisy or quiet?


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I went Harvey Norman on last Sunday and the sales promoter recommended ELBA WF5500 front loading washing machine (5kg). Comes with stainless steel drum, but haven't arrive yet. Cost about $499.


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have been using samsung 5.5 for 2 mths now. so far so gd...

only annoying fact is "magic filter' that filters dust keeps popping out of place & dust is dispersed all over...

any bright ideas to keep it in place?


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hi, simplegal

juz saw ur posting cos just returned from honeymoon. the washer is selling at $899 usual price. i got it during one of the tangs sale 2 months ago with a 10% discount. offhand, i can't recall the model.


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I'm using a Thomson frontloader for the past 3 years. Superb! Highly recommended. Slightly more ex...cost me $888 in 2000, but well worth the $$.


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Hi ixwong,

I am very keen to get a Thomson washer. I am looking at the topload one. But the price is pretty ex about 900+. In fact it is more ex than the frontload if yours is abt $888. I still couldn't decide whether to buy the washer with the frontload or the topload. Any advice from you?



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My sis is using a whirlpool frontload. She has no complains about it but she mentioned to me that during spin-dry, it is quite noisy.


Any advise on either topload is good for clothes or frontload??

I have been using topload, never try front load w/m b4, but, one of my friend told me that frontload will be better for my clothes. What do u all think?

Which brand is the best???


if u do a search on the internet u will realise that front load is better than top load because
1) Save water
2) Save electricity
3) Cleaner clothes due to the washing mechanism as compared to top load which is just swirling your clothes around
4) Gentler to your clothes (so can wash wired bras
5) Spin dryer so if u are using a tumbler dryer, your clothes will dry faster so save electricity on your dryer
6) Has water heater function to wash clothes in warm or hot water (good for baby clothes)
7) Has delicate wash function (especially Ariston one which feature the Cashmiere wash which is supposely able to wash hand wash items)

However the drawbacks on front loads are
1) Must use special low sud washign power
2) The rubber may not last and water will seep into the machine causing rust and algae growth
3) Cannot put more clothes in once washing start
4) Longer washing time
5) Putting in clothes more tedious as you have to bend down

but all in all i think if u want to save water and electricity and be gentle on your clothes, front loads are better and cleaner.

as for the brands, yes if u have the money indeed go for more reliable brands like electrolux, zanussi, ariston, thomson etc.

But I think LG brand is also a good brand. they are offering 2 years warranty for their top load one which comes in 5 and 7 kg. i am thinking 7 kg is cheap and so can wash my clothes only during weekends. selling for $659(with free LG microwave oven) at Best and $499 and $359 for the 5 kg one at Audio House. Their 5 kg one comes with a LCD panel displaying the time required for the different wash program. the door catch is made of iron instead of plastic like some of the other european brand and the sales person told me iron catch is more lasting. The interior is made of stainless steel.

any comments on LG front load is very much welcome!!


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The reason why European models are more well known for front loads is because they sometimes use a separate drying machine. The drying machine is particularly useful in winter when there is no sun and environment is moist. This drying machine + washing machine is often found in a stack up configuration on each other. If the washing machine is a top loader, then it would be terribly inconvenient to put clothes in the laundry arrangement.


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hi all...me looking for washing machine too...oso heard a lot of comments of front load better compared than top load..juz went to harvey at parkway n this sales lady strongly recommended bosch..n she showed us the stainless steel drums in diff brands..the drums in asian brands r really much thinner n less solid than continental brand..but i wonder how much it matters! me like the LG front load silver color one...but tt sales lady dun think very highly of LG leh...anyone use it n loves it? we hope to get a silver/grey one coz our kitchen is open concept...can see the washer n dryer from living n dinning room..so looks is very impt to us :p


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front load or top-load, sometimes its really up to your preferences. like all things, got pros and cons. so you have to decide which one suits you better.
for front load(continental washers), go for reputable brands like bosch, electrolux and thomson. cheaper ones are elba or brandt....as for whirlpool , most of their are oem, so not worth it.
for top-loads, japanese brands are thailand made(china comin soon), korean brands from korea(some models from china or malaysia). quality wise really depend on which model you buy. korean brand so far are very popular.


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Hi all, i am considering a Whirlpool washer model AWM6085 (6.2kg) Any comments on Whirlpool washers? It was highly recommended by sales personnel at Best Denki.



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someone mention that whirlpool is noisy...

i just bought a thomson front load 5kg. my previous one was electrolux. wanted to get electrolux initially but $999 at Mutsafa


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Using an LG80130F model (7kg load) for about 4 months now, no worries as far as I can see, got it at $535 at Mustafa, comes with a $25 delivery charge.


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Wow thats alot you paid.. no offence.
But i got mine for $530 nett over at Hong Liang with the rest of my stuff.


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Interesting thread.

Is there anything that one must look out for or consider when buying washing machine? If it's for a small family where washing is limited to only weekends, what liter/volume is sufficient?

Also, my hubby in army so you know lah, the uniform is quite thick. Wonder if top or front loading will do a better job.

On the other hand, I have a lot of handknit stuff that needs to be washed on delicate.

Is there any brand that could do the job?
Any advice much appreciated. Thanks


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Think they do cos when I asked them about the hob prices,they said they can only offered 4% lower than wat mayer is offering. U can call and tell them the specfic model and see if they carry.


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hi, me andmy wife place an order for an Electrolux front load washing machine at Harvey Norman cause its on offer, we also bought a dryer to be stack on top (with the stacking kit). The thing now is my wife is thinking of changing it to Bosch front load w/m. Hmm, which is better? By the way, is it possible to change at Harvey Norman since we had put an deposit? do they allow it?


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hi, me andmy wife place an order for an Electrolux front load washing machine at Harvey Norman cause its on offer, we also bought a dryer to be stack on top (with the stacking kit). The thing now is my wife is thinking of changing it to Bosch front load w/m. Hmm, which is better? By the way, is it possible to change at Harvey Norman since we had put an deposit? do they allow it?


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u are lucky that u did not buy Electrolux! I regret buying it! It spoilt easily and to change a part, eg its motor will cause $200 alone!


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I got the Samsung Front Load 6.5kg (B1245AV). Have used it for abt 2 wks already. Very easy to use but the auto program mode can be quite long eg. Cotton (2hrs), Coloured (1hr40mins)....
Clothes are very clean and the most amazing part, it uses really very little water! One more thing, the clothes tend to be quite hard after the wash ( not sure if it's due to not enough water? ), I have yet to try washing with softener though.


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I got my frontload Ariston AL128- washer and dryer for 1 year+, and already changed control board($200+).Somemore spinning sound like fighter plane take off. Really regret it.
Top load- use more water,but washing is shorter,save electricity, can take higher loads and more durable. Mostly Japan,korea brands, but they';re coming out more front load .
Front load--use less water, but washing is longer, use more electricity, cannot take high load, and spoil easy, especially drum motor, board. mostly European brands.
But see your elect/water bill, which is charging more? Is your electricity! So what the point of saving water, and using more electricity?You got to pay more!We're not enviromental friendy by burning more oil. We can produce more water thru filtration, so what the big deal to save that little amount of water?


well simon as much as i would like to say that i agree with you i dun.

I do respect your opinion but i do beg to differ.

Lets discuss yeah?

Well you bought a washer-dryer is it the 2-in-1. if yes then i can safely tell you that it will not last very long. given that you are using the same machine continuously. co drying part cna only be done with half the load and that it means that if you are washing with clothes then the machine will operate 3 times full cycle.

What could make it worse is that if you are a heavy user. then i can safely say it will spoil faster as compared to if you have individual washer and a seperate dryer then it will last pretty long i must say,

Assuming that you are talking about a seperate washer and a dryer. then i have nothing to say except that again overloading machines will drive them to their grave faster.

I am not trying to side with continental washer (both top loads of front loads) not am i trying to push down asian washer (both top and front loads) but this represents my opinion only which i guess some of the rest will agree with me some will agree with you.

Well for top loads use more water (this i assume you are talking about the asian washers) well yes they consume on average per wash is total about 150 litres of water.

Washing is short (short wash does not necessary mean clean and plus more water too does not mean that it will be clean. notice how they wash.

Save electricity. ( well its not fair to compare say a continental washer using 1.05 kwh electricity when asian only consume about 200wattsc cos continental that rating is forf washing at 60 degrees and that asian is at cold wash.

If you want to make it fair then the date for the cold wash for continental washers are 300 watts.

So its not really a lot of electricity. considering that normal continental takes average about 1.75hrs to wash while asian washers takes a mere 40 mins. but if you use the quick wash cycle on the continental the rating is half means it will only consume about the same as the asian ones.

Higher loads. for this i cannot say anything much but that higher loads does not mean really good for wash. both continental and asian. as then it defeats the purpose of washing eh?

Asian washers are equipped to do the following wash + rinse + rinse = 150 litres.

continental washers are equipped to do the following
wash + rinse + rinse + rinse = 49 litres.

see the difference. plus in between rinses they do interim spin to make sure there is not dirt tat will be transferred from one stage to the other. while asian ones are just wash_ drain then fill the churn then drain then fill and churn finally drain and spin.

so which is cleaner and more efficient in this case?

European brands do not be misled. there are also difference like say yuo buy washing machine from hitachi and toshiba.. chances are toshiba ones will last a tad longer than toshiba. and toshiba generally cost slighly more than hitachi

same goes for continental washer.
you buy say a thomson washing machine and miele versus you buy say something like elba or so.

thomson and miele cost like hell but thye last londer than say elba yeah?

I have been using thomson for the last i think 20+ years. and i only need to change my machine 2 times. this is my third machine.

considering that i am high user of washing machine. both my washer and dryer complete at least 3 rounds of washing everyday without fail. i havent seen it cronked down on me. maybe except occassional which is very rare.

this new thomson machine has been with me for slighly more than 3 years with cycles of at least 3 times a day everyday and hasnt since failed once on me.

My aunt owns a electrolux for about 12 years before recently it just started to give a bit of problem and she changed to a new set of washer and dryer.

Plus with continental washers if tere is a need to wash with warm or hot temperature such as baby;s clothing etc or even rugs etc you can put it in.

On a finaly note i hope that you do not see me as attacking you but rather sharing views and opinions.

Most importantly evaluate what are you actual needs as i always mention to the other ladies. contemplating getting a continental washer that can wash up to 10kg cos can wash things like king size quilt vs continental washers . my quest5ion to them is simple. which is the most crucial need to them? to wash everyday items that will fit the 7kg loads or to everyday wash king size quilts?

And do mind that with a 7kg washer of continetnal origins you are able to wash a king sized quilt too. and will fit the queen quite easily.

i myself wash my queen sized quilts with my humble 5kg continental washer. not a problem. yeah>



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i was a topload user for 5 years then recently switch to front load..... no regret at all, for me the most important is the final result (cleaner and more long lasting clothing).... topload is also loud when spinning....