(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Did your hotel give you the Emcee speech template?
We haven't prepared any speech for ourselves though. Haha what do you need to refresh your memory from the table? Don't have it in office here...btw, our AD is same date, so I'm just as tight as you..

You booked hm tour yet?


I thk itz quite common to giv the photographer and videographers ang pao on the AD on top of wat ur paying them. Unless u feel that they are not doing a gd job, then maybe u dun give them.


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Pandalic - did not use the BS MUA cos the timing that she can confirm is either too early/late for both my PS and AD...
Have choosen the MUA from Bridal Concept instead...

Sorry girls,

can't understand a word...ha ha...


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i got a feeling that our Ad is the same date...hehee...

got give template but must modify a bit cos of the photo montage and video montage mah..they have to say something like "lets enjoy....or we shall now enjoy...'so must think how to say mah...

i book during the natas fair...going NZ...u book?

whens ur GDL? mine is 29 apr


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Ha....so many comments who bgt over by who ar...
steve, last year when i checked the staff told me it's same company as in wedding cos both engaged Prof Tan...to pay for him have to top up 500 bucks...god gracious and he only will do outdoor shoot only (I think).

Whatever the case, my friend also took MR & MRS WEDDING..and told me staff kept changing..*headache* but I believe there is still happy brides lar..

anyway....doesn't matter...just highlighted to Diana cos they mentioned WL..;p


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why must prepare emcee speech? i thought your emcee will prepare? for me my emcees will prepare their own speech...maybe just a week before i will tell them what's the programme ...just need to tell them photo montage for 1st march in then video highlights for second march in..


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Sigh... initially I didn't want to invite an ex-colleague *Peter who left the company in November, but he went to MSN my colleague *Tulip and asked her how come he hasn't received my invitation card. *Tulip told me, I paiseh... so had to invite *Peter. I sent him the card and allocated him one seat.

Now Peter asked Tulip to inform me that he can't make it. At least have the courtesy to tell me direct lah! He told Tulip in the afternoon, but Tulip's hp lo batt, so she couldn't notify me til 6pm then i logged in to MSn. If I never log in to MSn, then when will I know it?

Today went to collect my gowns oredi.

Hazel: I can't sing well. I can shake my backside when pinkbunny sings.

pinkbunny's note damn funny man!

*Disclaimer:Fictional names. Ru you lei tong, chun shu qiao he.


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<font color="0077aa">maez, ä¸ä¼šé‚£ä¹ˆå·§å§ï¼Œæœ‰å¼‚æ—åŒèƒžã€‚ 至少懂åŽè¯­çš„人比较多。

angel, 我也是最近æ‰å†ç”¨åŽæ–‡çš„。我刚刚æ‰ç”¨åŽæ–‡ï¼ˆç¹ä½“)åšå¥½ä¸€ä»½è®¡åˆ’书。so proud of myself.. wahahhaha.. can you imagine me writing a proposal in traditional chinese???? its another victory scored.. kekekek</font>


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So now, there's one Lipstar shaking backside...N Pinkbunny doing pole dance...
Pinkbunny,,,,...must show us hor...at most I provde the bamboo pole for U..

gt any amendments needed on yr gown?


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Can u give me ur email add? Ur shoes is very nice.

faye &amp; popie,
share with me those songs fm michael buble? I have not heard fm him b4... Hehe.. me sotong... c


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hi gerz....long time nv log in liow...now see all posts in jap...so confuse...can't understand a thing

how is everything doing? all prep good? me now veli busy at work n also preparing for ROM stuff...


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Hi Ivy,

yes, I have a sewing machine at home. Have been using my mum's one until recently, she bought me a brand new one as wedding gift for me.
Alamak, that reminds me I haven't go n buy musical jewellery box with my mother. Lucky she neber nag at me.

Still exploring using the new machine cos it's lots more functions than my mother's antique one.

Best u go arab street or joo chiat area to buy cloth. I believe u are not buying a lot so difficult to bargain. nevertheless, the prices are really a lot cheaper than spotlight.


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This is me
minus the lying down in bed, cos still got a lot of small-scale liaising to do.

Tmr got to bring back my kua to the BS to change to bigger size, cos the skirt is too tight. Ya, just now I had tried it on in the BS, but the coordinator assured me that it is ok. On the journey home, I still don't feel comfortable with such a tight skirt. Paiseh... Miss indecisive is in the house.

Then got to collect montage from photog and brief him on the itinerary.

Then got to think of presents to buy for both our parents, cos we will give them presents during the wedding banquet.

Then Thurs got to bring down the montage to test in the hotel. Then got to discuss seating arrangement stuff with hotel coodrinator, like where the vegetarians and Muslims will be sitting...


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Now I'm ripping songs from CDs into my pc, and emailing my emcee the itinerary plus notes plus sample speech.

Sick oredi, still ate 20+ chocolate wafer biscuits. -_-


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Thurs morning the Starhub pp coming down to new place to fix something. Then I got to bring 2 bowls of rice to the new place also. (Some traditional custom)

Then mr lipstar asked me to stay over at his place on Wed (no, it's not bcos he can't wait til the wedding nite
) because he wants to discuss something.


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haha...cat, thks....now machiam WL is my baby liao.....

o...btw wendy, cecilia only interested to join for makan or kopi on sat....wat time u tink we will be done wif shopping and ware to makan or lim kopi? let u the mummy to be to decide ok....coz preggie woman cannot tolerate hunger....hee hee


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Alamak! Now I cock up again. I had forgotten abt the chinese speech for the emcee til Mr LIpstar's sister mentioned it last Saturday. I managed to get chinese speech from hotel coordinator, now my fren said she is not comfortable with speaking chinese on stage. *gulp*

Cos some of my relatives and my Mum's colleagues don't know English.


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<font color="ff0000">Hi angel, OL,
Im the complete OPPOSITE of u both! I can speak Jap pretty well but cant read/write. hee. Cant understand a single word written here. Learnt to speak jap from my uncle/aunt who lived in Japan for the longest time.

Oh, i think i was the one who passed u Estine's contacts, did i? She's my colleaugue's sister-in-law &amp; she did my ROM makeup &amp; hair, which didnt turn out too bad. Im so sorry she did a bad job for u!
What abt Mico? She did my best friend's makeup on her actual wedding day &amp; i thot my friend looks really pretty. The makeup artist's taiwanese, though, but the flase eyelashes she did for my friend was sooo nice, doesnt look fake at all. Hope u find a good MUA soon.

Im doing a full day VG + pre wedding video, total damage ard $2.2k. I think if u do VG alone, shld be ard $1.3k bah. Yang not bad lah, very friendly &amp; nice. He's prob in his late 20s so ard our age group, can click. His shooting style is quite unique, must go down &amp; see see then know.

Parker's Wine is not bad, i bought Moet &amp; Chandon Brut Imperial 3L from them (double the size of a magnum) &amp; i think they are cheaper than supermarkets. The lady there is the LAO BANG NIANG, I think. She was there barking orders to all her staff. Hee

U can write a proposal in chinese ah? Very LI HAI leh! Sometimes when we hold business meetings with those china businessmen, wah, alot of stuff cant explain in chinese, have to sprinkle it with English words here &amp; there. Hee.</font>


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hi everyone...oh my.... i have not been into this thread for awhile... i m lost with all the jap and chinese words... haha

i have went down to my BS to discuss with the designer on my MTM gown. hope that it will turn out nice... else I will cry... haha....


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Hi Cat, just top up $500? The staff told me got to top up $1500... Heng never top up the money. But still considering leh. Wonder if anyone get prof tan for photographer


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We booked during the sa preview fair, going europe. Just thought that maybe somebody having the same AD may join the same tour as us since there are so many weddings. My gdl is on the same day as yours too!


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hi gals, i also haven't prepared my emcee speech nor thank u speech. are u gals giving thank u speech? or onli ur hubby is giving?


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yippee..finally got my photo album!!

i thot emcee's speech is given by the hotel?? think just edit some sentences will do...gerberra, hubby n me will give our a thank speech after the toasting.


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<font color="ff0000">Sharon,
Dun worry, am sure your designer will do a good job for u!

Will u be gng to the Style Weding bash this sunday? Can look at the diff setups for the rooms at RTP.</font>


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at least they are willing to stand on the stage...
now, I gt 1 emcee (1 of my jiemei)...my FH still dunno who to ask for the guy emcee...
Till the last stage, if he still cant decide, I will ask another of my jiemei to be the emcee..
since I had given them the speech.

Wat will U give to both your parents?....
tat time I saw my fren give bouquet..but think not lasting leh.

So U bringing cooked or "raw" rice?

As for wat U doing on Wed....err..hmm...
no interest...
unless U said its something spicy...&amp; hot..sensual..then my imagination will starts to run..


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Hello Girls!

Yes, I'm now officially in the Mrs Club. It feels surreal but so far it has been a super feeling. I can't stop grinning.

The wedding weekend went by a whir. Meraj's family and friends who flew in for the wedding were all great. I was immediately part of the family circle and we had fun. The wedding event went by so quickly I wished I could savour it more. But everyone had fun at our wedding. Most of my guests all commented that it was more of a celebration than a wedding and it was exactly what Meraj and I wanted. There were hiccups - seating arrangements all screwed up. No A3 seating chart. Forgot 2 boxes of favours to bring from home. I never had flowers to carry. The day threatened to rain - dark clouds rolling in, strong winds blew. Despite all that though, everyone and everything pulled through and it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. I would not change anything.

My advice, something will go wrong but remember to let go and just enjoy the day.


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hi me also got mine yesterday! so different when u c the pics small become so big!

mmm..they din give me..but i have some past references so will do some editing from there..

so your thank u speech is after toasting..cos ours recommended before..what if you play games, should it be toast, play games, thank u speech?


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elven, my bf say.. everything settle liao go for wat.. so i guess im not gg lor.. oh well, nvm bah.. *Shrug*

panda 哇ï¼è®¡åˆ’书?ï¼æˆ‘ç»å¯¹ä¸è¡Œï¼å“ˆå“ˆ.. my chinese rusty liao, 皮毛还å¯ä»¥ï¼Œå¤ªæ·±å¥¥å°±å…谈了:p


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rainqq-hw i wish also..but also no holiday for me cos there is no such thing as PH for the work i do. sat and sun also have to work if required. sigh...

princess-not yet leh...din tink much cept for those i posted before. hehe..alamak...forget abt the style wedding thingy at rtp. Is it too late to reg or smething. KL trip make me bz leh..sigh..gt to ask my FW liao..sigh.

pandalic-better check out their portfolio....cos sme always same pattern....same pose...alot like PS like tat...and those u mention...so ex for half a day only...

Jo-lucky still within 40" heheh..thanks...but getting near too...sigh...:-( thanks for your infor.

OL- QP do not give a gd impression on you?...im not surprise...hehe...he is tat bad as a sales person. is it his style or his personality that you are not satisfied? hehe just asking..

clouds-winebos is a few units beside parker's wine. winebos give sme pattern lah..like printing of your picture on the wine label. but parker's wine dun hve. wide range of prices for both shops and gt to make appt to go dwn for parkers. i also aiming at GSS. hahaha. wait till it come then after that broke liao..hahah. gog to get a samsung/pioneer plasma. lcd is for room..so get any brand also can lor..hehe..

maez-the offer they have now in best lah, giant lah or harvey lah is normal price cos i recorded dwn the prices for samsung and sharp afew mnths ago and now the sale prices is actually the same just that they gt throw in freebies. but samsung gt promo now leh...buy lcd gt theatre system or dvd recorder..smething like tat..not bad..but i still REN also..heheh I believe in GSS.


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my chinese also cant make it..at least can still read lah..but smetime skip words and guess the meaning...you pian du pian, mei pian du shang xia. sori..office com no chinese input.

maez &amp; clouds-if both of you need more contacts for electronic stuff, i can PM u all my contacts. did not buy from them yet but went thru the forums here and FBO and found all these contacts. gog to get from them(my contacts) also unless the freebies given by the department shops are better. Can call them to get prices provided you can quote them the model and brand.

wah all nihon characters. and most of you seem to have studied jap smewhere...so gd leh...my school lousy leh..


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hey daman,
my shop also gives the same freebie which is home theatre system for the 32" samsung LCD. i checked le, same deal but cheaper!! heehee.. so i definitely will hold out till june.

actually i recorded the prices for lots of models 2 months ago too :p some have dropped. so.. still stand by that its more wu hua to wait till we really need it. afterall my house not ready yet :p there's only 1 way prices of electricals will go.. wat w new models every so often..

ooh.. winebos also good huh.. we dun need to settle the wine stuff so early rite? or am i too laidback?


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hi popie,

I chose Goldleaf Classic Red, i tasted during the wedding show..I'm holding my wedding at Amara, what abt u?

u r a fan of "bubbles" oso.. hehe.. thats what my hubby called him.. hahaha.. Yes, i will definitely use his songs as march in song and background music.. ;p

Hi chipdale,

My email add : [email protected]. i dun have mp3.files leh, i bought his cd.. sorry..


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wah.. i cannot catch up man.. I havent been in here for so long.. so busy with work.. btu i missed u all leh.. hee..

went for my gown selection (for PS) over the weekend... so fuN!!! at first i thought 8 gowns were too much, now i think they are too little! I tried on like over 15 EGs and 4 WGs.... but.. trying on gowns is very tiring leh..

my photshoot is in mid may.. so i got one month to trim up more.....


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me not preparing the thank you speech.

cos we are asking our friend to be the emcee so dun think its fair we throw all the speech preapration to them..

will do out a draft for them and let them modify...

we also 1st march in photo then 2nd march in video...


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ZAO AN!!! I hope my Han Yu Pin Yin is correct. :p damn lousy..

Panda - *pat on ur back* GOOD JOB!!! ask me to read can lah.. write in HUA YU.. FAINT..

Sharon - just finish fingthing battle over wedding dates.. and finally confirmed it.

elven - think moomedia is exp if u get VG alone cos I remember i asked.. 2k for VG alone but 2.3k for both VG &amp; PG.. something liek that.

Daman - I only picked up Jap after I graduated. That time hor.. watch too much Jap dorama.. so end up interested and went to study.. then I just continued until now 5th year liao.. time really flies. STICKER on wine bottles? interesting.. are they expensive?

OL - me planning if I get pass JLPT2, I will go for the business course. see how.

Maez - wines I shall look at later.. guess after meeting with hotel then decide bah.. i also dunno when is a good time to look out..


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Hmm is it a norm to pay? I didn't leh, and don't think my married friends did too. I only give ap to the MUA during my ROM and I will do so during the AD too. But I heard some pple do give the wedding coordinators and the waiters/waitresses.

Btw how's everyone's preparation for the wedding? Wow Jun is coming...cun wait for it to come heehee. Btw anyone going for spa or massages before the wedding? I'm looking for full body massage, scrub and wrap...anyone got lobang?

Hey do you know where to get the SDJ?


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angel, elven,
moomedia full day service for VG and PG is.. range fr 2300-3300 if i not wrong, cos got different package depending on the albums n stuff.. vg alone.. i gotta go home n check my stuff :p

ok like that then i wait till oct/nov then go look for wines :p


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morning gals!!!

for the SDJ, depends whr u want to get. i got mine frm Poh Heng, choose the most simple one &amp; most tiny one cos i dun like gold but then hubby says gold got value rather than platinum...

some pple bgt Si Dian Zuan (ie diamonds) instead. so really depends on individuals tastes/preferences..


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Steve..think that time it was that price leh..can't remember man...

anyway..I won't top up lah..I not very comfortable with the coordinator when I went that time.If want with that 1500 I can book with ave 8 leow Or TOP UP for Chris Ling or Invogue...kek kek kek..

Anyway...I felt the fitting room too crampy especially when you have 2 person having fitting on same day. This was the feedback my friend gave..me want to be the one trying only my fitting day.so never went back there..

Basically me too fussy, The points are what I consider before I book my BS lor.

1. Location of BS must be convenient
2. Designer cannot be too young 26/27/28 me dun feel confident to do my MTM pieces with younger designer.
3. CoorDinator cannot keep changing
4. Must be comfy with designer ans cooridnator
5. MUA must be light and natural MU
6. The hand held bouquet must be unique
7. car decor must be white not pink nor bright purple anything that is too "lian"
8. Choice of the fabric that I want with no extra charge....of cos lah..everything inside the package!!
9. BS must be cosy and comfortable with ample space to move around during fitting.
10. Their OTR EG OR WG must catch my eye..if not I won't ask for the package price...

Think you all must be sleeping cos I am such a FUSSY POT...KEK KEK KEK


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welcome back marnie!!!!!

ya me too. i started the day telling myself things will go wrong but just enjoy the day. my emcee got stage fright but we do appreciate his effort.

lipstar - walau what's happenening to you - top too loose, bottom too tight...

for those of you moving into new house, maybe my list of things will help (bearing in mind i'm catholic, hokkien/peranakan. so my chapalang traditions may not apply to you):

before moving in:
- one big bucket of rice
- one pack of salt
- one pack of sugar
(all of the above is to ensure that you will always have the necessities. so i kiasu and bought soy sauce and sesame oil as well keke)
- and i also brought holy water to sprinkle in all rooms (after cleaning of course)

- on the day of officially opening the door, i rolled a pineapple into the house. the further the better. but as i realised, not so easy rolling a pineapple. it's for your good luck to 'gun gun lai'

- i also had to sprinkle green beans and glutinious rice in all corners of the house. ALL ok. even the corners in the toilet and under the rubbish chute. and not just put there. must throw there. the cleaning up was horrible (have to use new broom some more)

on the day of moving in:
i had to 'cook' a sweet drink (dried longan and rock sugar) on a small charcoal stove in the middle of the house. then share it with my family (actually just share with who's living with you but at that time bluebunny haven't arrive yet so i invited my family over).

and yes, i did check on dates for moving in.

i think that's it.

just a reminder - if your mum/his mum give you anything for the wedding (red cloth or baskets or candles or whatever), please leave them where you leave them (like if you put them on the bedside table, then leave them there) for at least 12 days after the wedding. i don't know why. my mother tell me one.


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Hi Steve

Nice Seeing You. I never use prof tan cause I find his service is too ex. Yeap one of the staff at mr and mrs wedding club keep pushing me to use his service and told me that we have to add $1500 more on top of my wedding package.And she kept insisting that it is worth spending so much money. But luckily my mum was with us on that day, when we talked back to the staff that we have financial constrict. And the staff kept talking non stop. My mum decideds to speak up and when my mum speaks everyone scareds of her. Cause my mum talks in a very loud voice. So everything good or bad she says, the whole shop customers will hear the words. Hee Hee
So she told the staff - $1500 is a lot of money, so I think my son in law and daughter will rather spend the money on their honeymoon, if they like to go to further places eg japan or korea, they can top up some more money and they can go for a longer honeymoon. And the staff face turns black and shut up. So I think it is better if you bring an elderly relative along in this kind of suitation. Tonight, I will be bring my mum along to select the studio shoots too. Guess the staff will be pushy again and asking me to add more photos and I will ignore their request again. Ha Ha Ha
Steve, from what I know from my actual day photographer from another studio, it is really not worth it to hire prof tan.If you want to know the reason, maybe you can pm me in private.

My wedding package is already $2988. If I am going to add another $1500 on top, my wedding package will going to be $4500 and that is a lot of money to me and hubby. Taking the studio shoot is just a special memory for me and hubby so we don't intend to take such an ex package. And there are other expenses coming up as our house renovation has just completed. I felt that the guys are really poor thing, have to spend so much money for a marriage, my hubby has been paying for the bridal package, house renovation, house items and our wedding banquet all along. As I have not been working for a long time, so the only thing that I can contribute to my new house is a display cabinet. Luckily my hubby didn't blame me for this issue. And I felt that I will always be happy and blissful with my hubby by my side. I think I can invite some of the members in this thread living close to me to view my house in a few weeks time. Will keep you all updated

Prviously, I also heard a lot of bad comments about this bridal shop. But no choice two years ago when we stepped into this shop for the first time, cause I was impressed that the bridal shop can take so many signatures from my favourite idol jeff chang, lin jun jie and SHE pop group. My hubby was impressed with their freebie - a photoframe which could change colour on its own when it is plugged into a power point. But we have to pay a deposit of 50% of my wedding package which is $1500. The coordinator promise us that once they received the $1500, they will keep the freebie for us. So we decided to sign the package on the spot without viewing other bridal shops at Tanjong Pagar. Now really feeling a bit regret.

But now two years , after going back to choose my ad gown, evening gown and outdoor gown and I realised that my wedding coordinator is not working there anymore and the freebie that they promised to give to us is not available and we have to choose another freebie again. My hubby is very angry with this issue, but we have already paid the $1500 deposit two years ago and we don't wish to waste the deposit. Unless their customer service is really very very bad. And from what I obeserve I felt that there are good staff in the shop, especially my makeup artist and studio photographer. But there are also black sheeps hiding in the shop. Just ignore their remarks and just be yourself. Don't worry too much
By the way, how much deposit have you paid? And what package have you taken?

Once I received the studio shoots, I will upload on the website for you all to view. Hope the studio shoots will turn out beautifully.

Take Care