(2006) Brides of year 2006


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hazel i would love to gatecrash all your weddings but unfortunately i'm super pantang and since ah bu say cannot attend another wedding since i just got married, so i just stay home and clean my mahjong tiles lor...

if not you will all sure have an uninvited guest one OK!

eh i'll be quiet for a while - going to japan on thursday and back only next wed. not honeymoon la. for biz. with my boss :S and his wife and baby :S :S ....

me to boss: eh i will feel like your maid leh
boss to me: never mind, we will pretend we don't know you
me to boss: walau like that lagi more like maid!



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tot jux go & disturb without giving AB...can liao..
but nvm lah..

So, U will be pretty maid for almost a wk lah..


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Shimei...heck care bad comments lor...like I say your BS has made other brides happy as well...and it's subjective to individual likes and dislikes..in certain way..so be happy and enjoy viewing ur pictures!



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elven, i really hope the gown will turn out fine. thats the prob with MTM, you never noe until u see the end results.. hehe

angel, why do u need to battle over wedding dates? someone wants to book the same place on the same date as you?

daman, i also din learn jap... hehe... actually got a chance to learn in poly days but dropped after 2lessons... really regreting now... shld have continued and complete it that time....


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Hi All,

I new, just joined this forum!
My wedd is this June, so excited!!
Ya must go spa.. hahah, i joined Angelsky8
for quite sometime..

Anyone can recommend me AD PG, VG?
and i thinking of doing a cartoon montage too!!


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Hi Cat

You are a fussy person, but no choice most gals want to look very beautiful on that day. Only once in a lifetime. So I understand. Guess I am more easy going and as long the gowns for ad are nice, studio shoots are beautifully taken, the customer service is good and the things that I needed for my ad all are provided for me then it is ok to me liao. Ha Ha. Guess I am an easily contended person bah. Not wanting to make my life very complicated, just want to live a simple and happy life with my hubby and children in future. That's all.

Hi Tansy

Thanks for telling me where to get the shoes. By the way, yesterday I went to albert og with my friend and saw two pair of shoes that I like to wear on my actual day wedding. One pair is in gold colour and the other one is in silver colour. My actual day wedding gown is in ivory white and my evening gown is light blue in color. So I wonder which pair should I buy to match both gowns? Can anyone provide me with some advice? And each pair of shoes cost me $49.90 is it very ex? Just wondering. Cause I always buy shoes that cost $20 plus never buy $40 plus shoes in my whole life.
Ke Ke Ke



Hi Ladies

I m new in this thread and oso getting married in Oct 06... does anyone knw hw much leaping lizard charge for a pair of MTM shoes??



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Hi hi shimei..
It’s glad to hear that u have decided to move on..i guess no point in making urself upset at work also..u r young..so no worries in getting another job as long as u dun give up on urself..take ur time to enjoy a short break also..wow..u went for ur PS already ahh..where did u go for ur PS? Care to share with us? I m sure u must be looking forward to the photos selection session..take ur time to select..u will surely be caught in betwn..if needed to top up, work ard ur budget & try to nego for a better rates for the top-ups also..do share more with us, ok? Since u r looking for 1†shoes, I guess it shdnt be difficult to find lor..like what tansy suggested..can try City Link..okok, will update the details for u in the chart..u wanna come & join us for this Sat’s gathering? cheers~

Hi hi springtulip8..
Oic..take ur time to search..also GSS coming lor…u might also get better offers then..so have u thot of where to go for ur PS? i m sure u must be looking forward..usually it’s till ur PS..then u start to feel that ur wedding date is getting nearer..haha..

Hi hi CAT..
Wow..wah..why like that? I think better check out carefully with ur BS just in case..i know usually for PS transportation shdnt be charge coz it’s covered by the BS unless u wanna go for night PS..which they will usually ask if u can provide ur own transport if gg to 2 more more outdoor PS places..as for false lashes & ampule..that’s a for sure charges for PS MU as well as AD MU..ya, I heard that IN & Mr & Mrs are kinda linked..one of my gf used to be with Mr & Mrs..apparently they shared the gowns..some of the MUA as well..actually u wont be surprised the co-ordinators keep changing here & there in the BS industries..also for the banquet side..i had a change in 3 co-ordinators for my BS (b4 & aft PS..so some miscom also) & for my banquet, also a change in 2 co-ordinators..that’s why, really got to be careful when u r dealing with such details..hey, I like ur description in the “lian†bridal car deco..haha..cant stop laughing..

Hi hi sweet kar..
Do come & join us for the shopping lah..even if it’s not for the costume jewellery..u can also come for the chit-chatting session lor..heehee..u can also consider getting the costume jewellery of ur mum or ur future mum-in-laws or jie-meis also..more to match..cheers~

Hi hi Diana..
Oh, that’s great to hear that Cecelia is joining us..i was thinking of gg to Plaza Sing..coz maybe we can also go to Spotlight & shop lor..i guess meet her at 12.30pm or latest 1pm (which i dun think so lah) shd be ok ba..for me, dun worry, I will snack a lot..u might have to stop me from eating..haha..i can really eat non-stop..haha..pls hor, help to stop me leh..if not, I scare I will double-up my side in no time..haha..

Hi hi steve..
i think it will be better to source for ur own AD PG outside..unless it’s in the package u take up with the BS..then no choice..but if not, better get ur own AD PG outside BS..


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hi hi shimei..
usually silver pair will go out well with any WG or EG unless ur accessories is gold so if u r gg with silver colored accessories, then surely it's worth in getting a silver pair of shoes..also wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime..it's surely worth in getting the pair of shoes paying for $49.90..fyi, i paid $69 for my WG shoes & the price went down to $19 one yr later..but u never know lor..coz there's always newer designs coming up as & well..so if u catch something u like, better grab early in case run out of sizes..cheers~


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hi maez,

oh i dunno forget oredi but i recall they quoted me 2.3k for both VG & PG.. albums wise not included I think. never mind lah.. i do not need to get moo.. but for the benefit of others, u can post lah :p

ya ya.. maybe we should help each other out by checking the prices and putting in another table? me nottie.. make maez do all the work.. HA HA HA HA HA.. :p

Sharon - LONG LONG story.. dun wanan repeat.. anyway MIL had some issues with whether m'sia comes first or SG comes first.. in the end..back to SQUARE ONE.. SG come first. HA HA HA HA HA..

Language - me language lover.. took basic French before as well in uni cos cannot get into Jap lang elect course.. was on 500 PAX waiting LIST.. I was no. 300++ and know a bit of spanish and khmer.. just a few words only from work lah.. just enuff to get by..


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panda ~ i envy u ok... its always better to be able to speak a foreign tongue, of coz even lagi better if u can write & read as well, but so far many co wan jap-SPEAKING ppl. i can write well oso useless, coz my spoken jap CMI (cannot make it) hehe...

angel ~ going to try JLPT2 again tis yr, have heard tat there r ppl who tried 6 times!! can u imagine... took last yr juz to "feel" its standard, far from the passing grade haha... JLPT2 and 3 really very big difference... yi qi jia you oh!

sharon ~ can still start learning jap now leh, if you're interested, nvr too late for learning

da man ~ met up with icando last nite. personally feel he's better than qp, but havent decided yet, maybe going to meet momentsofus... qp is alrite to me, but my FH doesnt like, he's very fussy abt PG & VG lah...


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<font color="0077aa">OL, you envy me for?? *stretched* i true-blooded singaporean chinese.. only can read write speak english and chinese.. whahahaha.. no other foreign language leh.. i cant even speak dialects.. wahahhahah

erm, have you then confirmed on your PG and VG?</font>


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hi ppl. the wife is sourcing for shoes for her gowns. any idea how much does leapin lizard charge? any price range?

btw, we're going to have our dinner at chef chan. but very disappointed with his attitude when we went for the food tasting.


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Wenn..check leow...lah...I sure *^*%*$&amp;$&amp;%...i CHECKED all leow..how can I not know? haaaa...you talking to CAT le...haaaa...my designer is my MUA as well...and she is doing the flowers as well...multi-tasker la...

As for PS, WELL spoken to EH leow...kek kek kek..

Joanne and design freak the BEST person is our dea friend elsie..she custom made her shoes from there..please wait for her reply k!

Me heading HKG to get my wedding shoes..see if I am lucky..



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Hi Elven,

Never mind lah, have found someone to do my AD make up already...

Hi girls,

my australia trip has been postponed to Sept'06 liao...during Sept'06, is it still too cold to travel around???



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angel, oh... sometimes very hard to please both sides hor... no more worries... at least its settled liao. u must be very relieved now... happy for you

OL, I think i have no energy to learn another language... hehe... if got time, i prefer to learn cooking and baking... cos i prefer to eat and pamper my love ones with food...


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oops... blur blur moi... tat msg was meant for elven_princess!! hehe... :p

panda ~ my PG is provided by my BS, includes PS and AD photography, so im only searching for VG. not decided yet, still considering... u oso sourcing for VG hor? saw the VGs u mentioned, all out of my budget 1 hee... so dun tin we'll be vying for the same VG heh..

gals ~ who r going to stylewedding bash? till now i havent received my tics, frustrating!


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OL - JLPT 2 ah.. is must really go take preparatory course than can one.. my class ah.. wah piangz.. got a few chaps their Jap damn good.. same here my conversation is really CMI one.. I dun think I will try for JLPT2 cos wedding in Dec I dun wanna stress myself out over Nov JCS school exam + JLPT 2. CAN PENG SAN lor.. shall take the business course one then try for JLPT2.


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hi tissuebox,
oh for my case they are quite 'experienced' coz have done this before..so they'll reuse their old speeches..heheh..

how much is your wine per bottle?


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cat, u flying off wen....i still thot u r back liao....

wendy, 12.30pm at Plaza Sin...dun tink so fast rite...we meeting up at 11am then wait wait awhile tink 12.30pm definitly cant make it to PS lah....me still tinking 1.30pm or 2pm...hahaha...btw, i will let u noe if i can join for the makan after the shopping coz my uncle say can hand over the hse by this wk and if really, then i hv to rush back to clean the empty hse so tat my furniture can cum in nex wkend mah...

designfreak, ur wife looking for how many inches? o...btw, u also bought OM furniture rite...saw ur post in the OM thread...


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Diana, u're looking for OM furniture? PM me if u need help on tat...cos i've liaise with one of the biz dev manager before. Mayb can help u get some discount.


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hi hi Joanne tan..
welcome to the thread..can u provide me with ur details so that i can update the chart for u..i guess it vary from the designs u r looking at..will suggest u go down to take a look b4 u decide to MTM ur wedding shoes..cheers~

hi hi designfreak..
must really go shopping lah..cannot let go of any places that can possibly sells shoes..haha..comb all the areas (as per suggested by the ladies)..Seiyu, Isetan, Metro, Taka, Centrepoint, OG, URS, C&amp;K, VNC, Nova..all u can name..u went for ur food-tasting already? so fast ahh? usually food-tasting is aft PS/selection of ur photos leh..u changing any dishes?

hi hi CAT..
haha..ya, better to check carefully...i m glad to hear lor..wow..ur designer is also ur MUA..she's very gifted leh..not bad ahh..a very rare talent..so happy that u r gg to HKG to get ur wedding shoes..i m sure u can find..hey, go &amp; get some nice accessories or nice table lamp for ur wedding leh..sure very unique one..also if u can find, get the XI ice-cube tray as well if u r keen..when are u leaving to HKG? must keep us posted leh..

hi hi Diana..
okok, no issue..u let us know again by Fri if u have any updates from ur uncle..wow..so fast..i m sure u gg to be very busy cleaning up the house b4 the furnitures starts coming in..cool man! I m SO HAPPY to hear this..haha..wow..so nice..do remember to take some photos of ur lovenest to share with us leh..heehee..hmm..how abt we meet Cecelia ard 1.30pm at Plaza Singapura? how? ok?


thanks for the kind comments ;) I was a bit worried about the makeup and hair at first cuz they're angmoh, so not sure if they know how to handle asian face/hair, but they did a really good job ;) I also realised that I don't have any closeup shots in the photos! so wasted!!! now must make sure i got more closeups during the AD....

about the wines, do most places offer consignment? other than winebos and carrefour, any other contacts?

i'm giving a thank you speech, mine in Eng, hubby's in chinese. I just hope i don't get too emotional during the speech and cry!


Hi Wendy

Thanks! C tat u r the "da jie da" here right? keekee... anyway congrats as c tat u r becoming a mummy soon...

My details are as follows :
Nick - Joanne
Actual day - 14th
Hotel - Hilton Singapore
ROM - 05 March 05
BS - Seletar Broadw@y
AD Photo - TBC
AD Video - TBC
Email - [email protected]
Lovenest - Jurong West

Ya, think I will make a trip dwn tmr and c wat is the price like? Thanks.


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Wenn &amp; Diana..Ermm..heh...still early me booked for end jul leow...this month going to be biz too..got to settle cards and food tasting as got 2 ghost mth!

sorry can't join you gers on sat..


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angeldust ~ i went for JCS JLPT2 prep class last year, did help but still far from tat standard lah... going to try bunka JLPT classes in jul, actually now nus oso have, but more ex... heard from dunno where tat its better to have at least JLPT2 before taking business course leh, tats y i dun dare to take yet hehe...


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wendy, elsie email me and say tat she cant join us on sat liao....coz they gng to collect her hubby tailor made shirt....

tansy....too bad lah....me oredi bought OM furniture liao...but only paid deposit only lah....will only nid to pay in full wen the furniture delivery....anyway thks for offering...


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hi gals

heard my name mentioned above...hehe
for those who are interested in the Leaping Lizard shoes. Their price range start from $99 onwards which is just the plain shoe. And the price will varies on the material you choose. Diamante and savourski(dunno how to spell) crystal will be more ex...you can choose laces or beads to add the details of the shoes. I custom made mine at $159. Feel free to go down have a look and pple there are friendly

Hey Cat

By the way, when can we have the food tasting and also when to print the invitation cards?


Sorry can't make it this sat lei as I got to go collect hubby's tailor made shirt. Follow by my 1st fitting. pai seh....hope to join u gals the next session. Enjoy ya.


Hi Elsie

Thanks for ur info. I was thinking of customizing a pair of shoes to match my WG but wld like to knw their price range cos dun wan to spend too much oso...


You so fast gg to print invitation card liao ah?? I jus rec'd the schedule fr Hilton on the choosing of cards and food tasting...


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OL - oh Bunka Lang school ah.. i dun wanna change lah.. prefer to stick to JCS.. anyway lazy to change.. NUS ah.. too exp lah.. issit? then take the convesation course first lo.. ha ha ha brush up on the conversation.. I think my weakest is conversation and limited vocab.. now at FA class.. Vocan very important. 文法 and the rest are just repeats except for a few new grammer or old grammer with new usage. that sort. Tomorrow term test.. wish me LUCK.. HA HA HA HA..


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Joanne and Elsie, I received a mailer from my hotel asking me to plan my food tasting (Mon-Thurs) and choose cards for printing..they send the mailer to avoid the 2 ghost month.

For those not pang tang take your time lor..but for me think must get it printed by end jul...

So Jul I will be biz...mid week will be in HKG..so biz biz biz lar...


welcome minicutie to the gang of oct!! Promise you fun and excitement at this thread!


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hey meowysp

will you be available on 24/4 (coming monday)? cos I am thinking of going to recee arab street for cloth... would like you to join me... especially if you have some fave hunts there...