(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Gathering for Sept'05 Brides-to-be in Nov.

Date: 19th Nov 04
Venue: TBC (We can find a round table where everyone can talk)
Time: 7pm

Confirm Attendants.
1. widowwitch
2. Audrey
3. Janice
4. Jelly
5. Kit
6. Dioscuri
7. Sierra
8. Josie
9. Zoeanne
10. smilemelody

Not Confirm Attendants.
1. Sky
2. Allyallyally


u got mail...
sorry harr...take so long.. pai sei


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yah that's what i thinking. I would prefer fresh flowers on the van but too bad mine will be a 2 day affair thus real flowers will not last till the 2nd day. Got to settle for fake flowers lor.

you going to to source for your BS? try sophia their gowns are nice and the ppl not pushing. Their manager Wilson is in town. Went to meet him with my gf cos she also getting married and he was very patient.


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Lousy Tue. Feeling damn lousy today


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I'll tell you few jokes k?

MEN ARE LIKE . . . Commercials, you cant believe a word they say.

MEN ARE LIKE . . . Computers, hard to figure out and never have enough memory.



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hi virgo & highness
so good ahh, the bs allow u all to take pics?
that time my gf bs, cannot take pics one leh... hmm...

long time nvr pop by, lots of new names *blur*

*stressed* looking at the list, everyone got everything booked......except me......nothing yet... uh oh.. :'(


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How's your discussion with your FH & ILs??

Nothing much... cos I usually consume quite a lot of food, especially Rice... so now cutting down on dieting... go jogging 2 times a week... so far lost 5kg in 2mths....



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My PS will be end of Feb'05...Next week I gng dwn to the photographer studio...Still have to make some payment.My first fitting will be on 16th Dec.
What abt yr PS? Have you go for yr 1st fitting?
The tailor is at West Coast Road...my mum's friend.Her charges quite reasonable.


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<table border=1><tr><td>March 2005 Brides!</TD><TD>AD</TD><TD>Venue</TD><TD>BS </TD></TR><TR><TD>Matilda</TD><TD>5-Mar</TD><TD>Raffles Plaza Hotel</TD><TD>BV </TD></TR><TR><TD>smp</TD><TD>5-Mar</TD><TD>Church</TD><TD>Tan Yoong </TD></TR><TR><TD>starz11</TD><TD>5-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD>Seletar Broadway </TD></TR><TR><TD>yuuri</TD><TD>6-Mar</TD><TD>Mandarin Hotel</TD><TD>EB </TD></TR><TR><TD>rainbow</TD><TD>6-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD>BV </TD></TR><TR><TD>Bao Bao</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD>Raffles Hotel</TD><TD>Blush Blush </TD></TR><TR><TD>YYBB</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD>Raffles Plaza Hotel</TD><TD>X-Zen </TD></TR><TR><TD>Fates</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>Golden Horse Awards </TD></TR><TR><TD>Evelyn Tan</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>decimal</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD>Ritz Carlton</TD><TD>Milan </TD></TR><TR><TD>JennyN</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD>Crown Prince Hotel</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>miriam (mirror)</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD>Kai </TD></TR><TR><TD>rockyroad</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Poohnie</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>romance05</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD>Conrad Centennial</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>starstar (starmed) </TD><TD>12-Mar (JB)</TD><TD>Straits View</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>wedmar05</TD><TD>12-Mar (JB)</TD><TD>grandblue wave hotel</TD><TD>Golden Horse Awards </TD></TR><TR><TD>Katherine</TD><TD>12-Mar</TD><TD>Part I: Paramount Restaurant</TD><TD>Universal Bridal Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>Katherine</TD><TD>13-Mar</TD><TD>Part ii: on board Falcon Princess</TD><TD>Universal Bridal Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>pinky pink</TD><TD>12-Mar (AD)</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Janey</TD><TD>13-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD>Camellia Haute Couture </TD></TR><TR><TD>keiki</TD><TD>13-Mar</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Camellia Haute Couture </TD></TR><TR><TD>Melodie</TD><TD>13-Mar</TD><TD>Suntec Ballroom</TD><TD>Golden Horse Awards </TD></TR><TR><TD>JC (bashful)</TD><TD>13-Mar</TD><TD>Conrad Centennial</TD><TD>Flamingo </TD></TR><TR><TD>Hermione</TD><TD>13-Mar</TD><TD>Marriott Hotel</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>pinky pink</TD><TD>14-Mar</TD><TD>Mandarin Hotel</TD><TD>Jess Culture </TD></TR><TR><TD>starstar (starmed) </TD><TD>19-Mar</TD><TD>Oriental Hotel</TD><TD>Santiago Wedding Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>wedmar05</TD><TD>19-Mar</TD><TD>Roland restaurant</TD><TD>Golden Horse Awards </TD></TR><TR><TD>galaxy</TD><TD>19-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>moon_little</TD><TD>19-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>sabz</TD><TD>19-Mar</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ivy Yeo</TD><TD>26-Mar</TD><TD>Noble House</TD><TD>French Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>jas (jaspeng)</TD><TD>28-Mar</TD><TD>Amara Hotel</TD><TD>Paris </TD></TR><TR><TD>evevanus</TD><TD>27-Mar</TD><TD>Long Jiang/Crown Prince Hotel</TD><TD>Golden Horse Awards </TD></TR><TR><TD>Garfield</TD><TD>Nov'05</TD><TD>Pan Pacific Hotel</TD><TD>Universal Bridal Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tric (tri)</TD><TD>5-Jun</TD><TD>Raffles Hotel</TD><TD>Flamingo </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>


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Hi Ladies,

So long never come in liao...really loss liao lei...

Welcome Celestial....

Aiya i cannot join in the gathering again cos having exam on dat day...next mth surely will join u ladies...so sad haven even met u all after joining tis thread for so long...

Hi jelly,
u r mentioning dat ur colleague's sis has opened a beauty salon in delfi har...do they have whitening programe for the skin (not the face)??? Cos i came across one salon in delfi which has...dunno issit the one u mentioned...
Can oso add for me my videographer for AD is from [email protected]...


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hi gals,

i m finally back from my FH's cousin wedding in jakarta... the wedding was very grand.. my type of wedding, very romantic.... made me yearn to get marry faster... hahaha.. my mum say i crazy to get marry!!

how r u gals? seems like some of u going for a sil appt eh? do update us ok?

virgo, u meeting up wif ur new BS for ur MTM gown? so u have idea of ur dream gown already?


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Hi Gals

CS Shopping? Sound like fun hor... but dun think mi need CS leh... u gals go ahead lor.. but is the gathering on 19th still on?
So far:

- Me
- Janey
- Tou2
- Sharlene
- Minky
- Rokko
- Blue Genie
Hi Janey

EEEEeee... I hate Econs.... poor u... good luck and work hard for your last paper then...
As for job, when u r back, u let me know what u looking for lor... Will try to help if I can....

Hi Minky

Mi small size... my FH very huge
as compared to me... so, actually, wear chiffon makes mi look smaller also... but dun care liao lah... lazy to change again.... wear something that I am more comfortable in mah... at least my WG quite 'pom' liao... so shld be okie lah hor...

Hmmmm... my description funny meh? really ar? good lor... u all laugh @ mi.....


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Hahaha....tks ;) I dun drink coffee btw, m a tea-lover. Nothing lah, got angry wif mum....vomitted much blood n now trying to cheer myself up.


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Hi Sharlene

sad to say... but think wat yr colleague say also true lor... spend an additional $1,000 for yr EG.... might as well spend on something else lor... some more though EG can take back but so glam... also not really suitable for most occassion mah...

If I were u... I will spend that $1,000 on my honeymoon... hehehehe... but of course, it's really yr choice lor... like wat Novgal suggested also... try to go Divine and check out the EGs lor... unless u really cannot find anything that u think it's nice, then bo bian lor...


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you havent met MY mum. She can make you feel like a 7 year old. A few weeks back, my parents invited FH and I for dinner. So after work, I decided to go home and change to my jeans attire. No make up and with a ponytail(my one day to relax right??). she looked at me up and down and said that I should develop beauty and fashion sense. "Aiyoh...look at you! The mother so pretty and well dressed and the daughter looked like just come out from jungle!" !!??!!
Since gonna get married and all. **sigh**

So i said, "Im very exotic what!" Can laugh at me some more!


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Hi nana,
i oni booked my BS n banquet oni lah.. still scouting for photo/videographer.. u gotta step on it ya.. all these wedding stuffs increase price yearly.. dat's y i want to book d photo/videographer now, they already told me next year gonna increase price liao..
hmm.. might b a gimmick to close the deal early??

hey blur!
miz ya.. ^.^
so did u get a nice dress for the occassion? bet u muz b dreaming ur wedding day while u were at the wedding... =P

hello Ming..
hows ur ROM preparation? getting excited?


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Hi kit,

U oso looking for JB BS??? I will be going in end nov oso...but i more or less confirm Venus oredi...u wanna go to Venus together???

Hi Zoe,
Do u have any photos or portfolio which angela does for makeup??? How much is she charging??? I came across one guy by the name of Leon..heard dat he is not bad but charges quite steep...he did makeup previously for most artiste..


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no just popping by to try their OTR one intend to get from OTR and alter if necessary the one in my pkg is indicated brand new so i thk if there is really nothg on OTR I can also MTM but the risk of MTM is it may not turn out to u're expectation so most BS will advise us to try to select frm OTR.


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hi <font color="ff0000">ger</font>
can help me update table, i confirmed my BS liao. going with silhouette. and my church is st ignatius.
yah, i also thot choir is very impt...just that i duuno anyone from my church choir. so asking around my friends to see if anyone knows anyone....
i haven't decided on full mass or service. i'm catholic, but FH is not. in fact, my family isn't either. some ppl have told me to have service, so that the non-catholics won't feel so left out.

<font color="0000ff">needle</font>
since that day seems so meaningful, why don't you change locations? can still get your church pastor/priest to do it for you, at another church, right?


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hello Cottoncandy, Virgo, Blur, TinTin, highness ....

can i chx with u gals do u have a theme for your wedding?

hello highness...
more or less settled my stuff ^_^


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wah how you lose so much? For me once i lose about 2kg i will stagnate there. Is it because i normally will exercise so cannot go down so much?!

Think i must cut down on rice at night too..but FH keep giving me lots of food every evening!

Have lost 1kg in the last 3 weeks..must lose more!;p


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have u tot of gg to slimming centre ???

wah.. u can slim down so fast...u jog for how long??? where is ur problem area???


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hi tyng,

thanks for asking. but can't go together with u cos we have friends staying in JB going with us. maybe u can ask jazzygal whether she wants to go with u? she is also looking for JB BS.


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Thank you Thank you... heehee... me feel flying liao...

Me onli jogged onli 45mins-1hr... it's actually walk-cum-jog lah... can jog too long... tiring after work wat... mainly loose my "belly" fat lor... sit too much lah... ;p

Quite happi also... drop from 65kg to 59kg now... cos I'm rather shortie... so trying to go down 2-3kg more... else WG not nice lor..


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maybe can try cutting down rice, high-carbo drinks... mainly body cannot digest so much carbo.. hence change to body fat and store lor...

Gd luck to u..


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hi honeygem,
ah? u getting yr own invitation cards? not thru' yr hotel meh? or yours not held in hotel is it?
anyway, i've arranged to meet the florist in dec instead. so gal, how's the wine tasting coming along?


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hi d.o.g,
realised that i forgot to reply u abt my photographer.. i paid a few hundreds as service charge and subsequently for per pix i develop for the album is at $30/pc..


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wow..determination..i am inspired! I think i need to lose 5 kg..then satisfied liao, will be lighter than my JC weight. hahha that was like 7 years ago..

Stupid FH like to drink sweetened drinks then influence me. Hmm..on days i dun meet him i don't eat rice/potato at night lah! haha goood ideaaa..

You should try this--i do stairmaster(climbing gym machine) for 20 minutes, then do weights, then run for 25 minutes then do weights. Read that like this got 2 peaks of exercise burn more calories- i find it increases stamina and not so boring too!

Me aiming to take part in next year's triathlon!;p


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Hi Ming,

I do thinking of having a theme. but it gonna be ex in doing so, and coordination is not easy, if you have dress code for your guest. Would you like to share how your theme, and how you organise them?


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heard from my colleague say skipping can burn even more calories... double of jogging... going to switch and try this week... will let u know if better effects... heehee


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Hi Ming,

My theme will basically coordinated together w my decor venue and it also depends on what kind of scenting I'm using that company i engage do have several themes for me which they will match w the scent i selected and the flower i will be using.

So far I will be considering their two diff scent which is Lily of the Valley &amp; Enchanted Garden. However they also allow me to change the flowers I like basically they just name the diff scent according to these themes so i just follow lor.

I will not have a dress code for my guest it's too troublesome and some may not like the idea.


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hi gals! sorry for not dropping by often enough...have been unbelievably busy lately, with work and wedding preps. to update my progress:

Virgo_Jenn - 3rd Dec - Crown Palace Restaurant - Ritz Couture - Ninetrogen Moments &amp; Ritz Couture -Buangkok-The Coris **Scentg &amp; Decor - laBrise (vendor of Marriott)
Princess Wong - 10th Dec - Grand Shanghai Rest - Tan Yoong - Tucky's Production(TBC) - Boon Lay Dr
TinTin - 10th Dec - Siloso Beach - Silhouette - The Pond Photography - Fabian Lim Productions - Joo Chiat Place
ashie - 10th Dec - shangri-la
busybee- 16th Dec - The Regent - Silhouette - Chris Ling/Hurricadia
blur blur - 11th Dec - Raffles the Plaza(TBC)
Ming - 11th Dec &amp; 17th Dec (TBC) - Holiday Inn Park View &amp; WGCC (TBC) - Amor Meus - Vividshots -SBWG
Casy - 19th Dec - Marriot (BS and Photoshoot not yet found)
highness - 23rd Dec - M Hotel - Santiago
shelyn - 26th Dec - Raffles Town Club - Paris Bridal
Cottoncandy - 26th Dec n 27th Dec - Marina Mandarin - Bridal Concepts - AD Photographer - Sam Photography - Sengkang
watashi - 31st Dec - Four Seasons - Whitelink - Buangkok (The Aspella)


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hi gals,
me most prob will be using black seat covers &amp; burgundy color table cloth (instead of the normal white/ivory color).my coordinator actually suggested this to us coz since mine is on 31dec.. very festive mood. saw the actual set-up in one of the ballroom....looks quite classy... yesterday was toying with the idea of having some helium balloons floating in the room..... like having party...heheheh.


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Wow, so many of u joining our JB BS team liao..

Tyng, I do not have her portfolio, i happen to seen her work when surfing other thread , one of the girl use her and post her photos online but pai seh, i dun know where is the thread liao.I like her makeup so decide to use Angela. I will PM u her price..Ger, I forget when is ur AD? If 18Sep05, I book her already. But u can try asking cos she maybe can do a few brides that morning.

About Leon, I did not hear him b4


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<font color="0000ff">ming</font>
hallo! hahahha...you din direct the question to me but i kaypoh lah...volunteer myself.
i'd be having a jazz theme...a white wedding, complete with a jazz ensemble. that's one of the themes offered by regent, and it just so happens that i've been planning to have a jazzy wedding all along!