(2005) Brides of year 2005


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I never been there before so I am not very sure, especially spain. some people told me Italy more on arts and buildings.. can be quite boring.. but i thought it would be nice to see Rome.. their lifestyle used to be very grand. for spain, I no idea at all.. but it seemed unique.


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hi-hi esther..
thks for the reply, hks for sharing with me abt it, i will take note of it..i will be gg to my BS for my gown selection this coming gd fri, as i need to attd one of my friend's soleminzation, i m hoping that it will not take that long for me for the gown selection, but like what u say, diff BS works differently, so i guess i will need to call my BS & chk with them again, thks! y u not gg for ur HM this yr since u still hv a lot of leave?

hi-hi helen..
the CC near the old Bedok Cinema is the one with the sheltered basketball court?bcoz my office is at tanjong pagar so i m hoping that the cc i chose can be within my means of transporation as well as within bedok so that aft the workout, it's easier for me to go home...heehee..congrats to u that u found a job! cheers~

hi-hi bubbles..
oic, i thot the idea was special esp when it matches ur theme for the wedding deco...heehee...

hi-hi furry..
sorry, i m not very sure abt the exercise thingy at eunos cc, maybe we can chk it out from www.pa.gov.sg

hi-hi liny..
nice to hear from u..oic, i m sorry for the wrong info, i thot u 1/3 a AD MUA...pie-say hor... : )

hi-hi angela..
nice to hear from u, u must really take gd care of urself, try to eat more fruits & tonics if possible...dun over-worked urself & get more rest too...cheers~


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hi chanol and winnie,

just to share my thots abt CM... met up with PG and VG today.... alex is a nice person and he's willing to let me change the ROM video shoot to a 1.5hr shoot when i'm having my PS... i think he's very accomodating and seems like a nice guy to work with.... his VG comes with chapter selection and the MTV is very nicely done as well.... ask alex to send u the password to his samples online. he charges a flat rate of $100 if makeup before 6am on AD and every extra hr $50. he also agreed to give me a copy of the mtv in VCD format, in addition to the DVD copy.
as for the PG, he's also an experienced guy as he showed me photos he took for models, products and even Tanya Chua.... but somehow i prefer the Beetles @ work PG compared to his....

tomolo i'm going to beetles open house.... will be checking out the PG again.... if all goes well, most likely will sign up beetles for PG and CM for VG....

send me a mail ([email protected]) if any of u wants to sign up the same PG/VG... then we can bargain together... maybe for more hours or more photos


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Hi Furry

So sorry for the late reply, I was in Bintan the past five days for a photoshoot.

Yes I am catholic as well...
I will check with them tomorrow... hehe... two pairs of friends and one cousin. Will let you know okies?

EE (Engaged Encounter) is the weekend course MPC (Marriage Preparation Course) is the six week course. ME (Marriage Encounter) is for married couples for more than five years its a post marriage course. Furry I think you were referring to MPC rather than ME yah? coz unmarried couples like us wouldnt be allowed to attend ME


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yo milk welcome...

yo zoe/jeannie... if u using fresh flowers are they gog to use it for the day or nite only... cos fresh flowers can keep long and soon will turn colour... so ends up not nice one leh...

yo tyng... remember u lah... so finally settle ur BS... no worry... may still ok... cos i think my PS will be in jun man... kekeke

maybe can ask ppl who do wrist corsages lor.. fake flowers... but think got to spend abit of $$ lah...


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I like both Italy and Spain. Watched Liu Xin Hua Yuan and saw Spain's scenery is romantic! Are the above packages what u aiming from Chan Brothers? I may go to the Chan Brother's fair on sun to take a look too. hehe

Wah u take ur shoots already...looking forward to mine, but I had been quite busy and sleep at least 1am nitely leh.....sigh!

Cookie's gal,
Last time u went USA for F&E issit? What are the things that are really worth to buy there ah? I know Timberland, guess etc are very cheap there.

If u book ur tour on 22 June, there are still slight chance especially those packages that need min number of pax to go. However, i believe quite difficult coz may not be able to get the air ticket.


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Hello Gers!!

Yo Zoe!! u must have enjoy ur PS.....so nice leh!!.....i have not bought my casual wear for the outdoor shoot yet leh.....cant find one nice one.....we already bought for my hubby liao....kakis with white shirt (no collar type)........i dunno what to wear leh!!!

hmmm....ang bao box i ask one of my jie mei to do it for me.....

prob i will just buy ribbon n make small roses then tie together with satin ribbon for the corsage....fresh flowers means i cant do it early leh....


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HI there,

Can I join in?
My AD is 14th Dec. BS is with GHA and that's the only thing that I have confirmed. Now having a headache with hotels.....too much choices is not always good.


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hi jessy,
ur reno all done liao right? did u get cleaning contractor to clean up ur place after the reno?? tot of getting one to save me the hassle


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Bought the new style mag...but nothing much to see for this issue leh...

Tyng2...r u the one who wanted to sign with Venus intially??...

Zoe...so happy for you..u seems to have enjoy ur PS so much...me..so worried hw mine will turn out...not very confident with Venus liao leh...sobsob..

Sian...low-morale..had been dieting for weeks...arms still as big...so sian...my PS drawing nearer...n im still not losing weight...sobsob..stress...

Hey..u all bought shoes liao?me still sourcing for shoes for my PS...haiz...


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Hi to all Nov brides

Another Nov bride coming to report....heehee
My AD is 12/11 n i realise quite a no. of ppl oso same date as me....

As for updating wise, my tings r almost done except for car n photograper coz taking a JB pkg..

BD age : 25
FH age : 29
Bridal shop : Elegance in JB
PS photographer : Ah Man3
PS date : 27/02 (ID) 28/02(OD)
AD photographer : nt yet found
AD Videograper : still considering whether wan or nt
Honeymoon : nt yet decided
Lovenest : Woodlands


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for wrist corsages, have you ladies checked out secretgardens.com.sg?

tyng,are you engaging Kriston? I have shortlisted two so far....Kriston, Four Seasons.
later i am visiting the florists, tdragon and videographer. Hope to settle them by these 2 weeks so that i can concentrate on new house.

cu2nite, where do u intend to source for the shoes? I also haven't tot of that yet...

btw weeks prior to PS, do u discuss with your MU the colour and style of your hair? My hair now is permed and coloured, dunno wat i shld do with it. Cos if i have straightened it, can still have more variety. What do u think??

since booking my BS and banquet, i had been idle for the last 2-3 mths. realised that it's 6 mths to AD.....need to gear up liao....


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Hi Wendy,
i really like the idea, but since this can be settled pretty late, so would still keep my options open and all..;)

gosh gals,
my whole week has been eating and eating! Tues was birthday dinner @ Raffles Hotel, yesterday, company function, today buffet at Merchant Court for class renunion, think have put back all the weight i've lost! argh!!!most frustrating.


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hi yuki,
oh yeah i m getting JOhn Tan to do it for my AD.....he's an easy going person....i took the $488 package....
i've nv been tere b4 too but I tink italy is nice....yes indeed icy mentioned is true...lots of buildings n arts...mayb u can ask the tour agency to recommend..say itz for HM....fm there den u narrow down.....hope it helps

cookie's gal ,
the time u leaving for ur HM, i'll be back from HM liao....
leaving on 11th for 12 daes...

gng to look at the layout not sure how long more den i can collect my album.....but maybe i will try to get back all my rejected fotos (i m entitled to get all my sample fotos back)


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Hi Jtan
hahah.... ya lor... maybe if all of us can meet at Botanic garden and have a bridal glamour... Hee Hee

Hi cu2nite,
yeah, I did enjoy myself...Dun worry about your BS la.. Venus is very famous...they sure do good work. Most important, tell them what you want..
I did alot of research, showing them the type of posing i want, the makeup, the hairstyle....

Hi Tam
I did discuss with my MUA what type of MU i wanted.. Natural one, I show the hairstyle i wanted and asked if I am suitable anot..She did not do a trial for me but I think overall outcome, i really like alot...
Discuss with your MUA if you need to get your hair straight... For me, i wanted my casual with straight hair then PS gown in ceramic perm type.

Discuss with them the sequence of changing gown with image.. I start with my casual 1st coz i wanted my hair straight.. once hair is set, it is difficult to put back to straight for photos liao..
... communication is important...

Especially for gals who take up JB package.. in case we turn into Xiao Tian Tian...

Colour wise, my MUA advise me to dye or highlight it...will look nicer and natural... for groom, my hubby did dye his hair but not too bright...

Hi Jtan
My casual are easy, I dig out my sarong skirt and just buy a white tube top.. Hubby's shirt, in order to match my skirt, we shop almost the whole Far East plaza, Wisa and Taka.... Wa lau.. almost give up...in the end, we finally found one at Wisma...not ex... at $29.90... hee hee....
I find that not necessary must be the same type of clothing , as long as it matches the colour etc...


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yo cu... why so sad... why no confidence with venus hur... dun worry lah... juz tell them wat u 1 lor and ask them to follow ur instruction lah... aiyo... no worry lah... some of my friend also plump plump with arms but they sure know how to do it to make it slim slim one lah...

yo tambourina... wow so many shopping today hur... kekeke


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hamster gal - how much is CM if VG only? may want to sign up with them too.. i on tight budget so if u guys do sign up and can get good bargains, i wld also get them to shoot my AD.. =) but guess i need to check with them their availability..

pierced - yup, i think it is from the st pure range.. =)


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honeygem, i guess i posting rubbish loh...hahaha..

Maraquan, I replied u to ur reply with my hp no. I had oso cc Dazed our contacts. Yes, honeygem's email bounced leh. So, total only 4 taitai wannab lah...kekeke.... Oh remember to bring the little token ya ;)


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coyote and maraquan - why would the emails bounced back? All the bills were paid what..... hehe

On a serious note, I just did a test email to myself and it was okay. hmmm... nvm. coyote shall be the honorary treasurer of phone numbers

coyote, I will email you my hp no. just in case.

See you girls at GoodwoodPark Hotel tomolo!


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Hi All,

I have not visited this forum for quite some time; and was glad to see so many Nov Brides.

How are all the preps coming?



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Can I join as well?
My AD is 16 Dec, hotel is RTP..
Just the reverse of Daphne..coz I'm going crazy with the selection of my BS.. haha..


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Hi TinTin,

Yup, I'm deciding between TWP, Divine Couture, Jazreel Low Collections & X-Zen.

I had some pretty good advice from other threads, but I'm still as confused as ever..


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Hi TinTin,

he is the last person to help!!!
Think he is the most 'bo chap' FH ever
but its ok..

Which BS did you sign up with?


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I'm with Silhouette

I'm like so in love with the gowns and the designers there kekekeke
We even have a Silhouette Fan Club!


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Hi all,

I been bz this few days..planning my honeymoon F&E.

mei: U know where is nice in Spain,beside Barcelona?
I'll also be going Zurich,Luzern and perhaps Interlaken. Also going to Paris.


Hi Sharlene

Not bad. We saw quite a few accessories, and each other's lu shan zhen mian mu hehe
I saw a tiara I like, and a hair accessory that can also double as a tiara. But unfortunately I cant decide btw the two leh
I think Genie more or less decided on the hair accessory liao, right Genie

How many accessories do we need hur? Are you getting 1 for WG & 1 for EG? How abt for PS? Headache and wallet-ache

By the way, I have sent you a PM


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no worry abt losing wt lah...think sometime also how the photo will turn out....the way ur photographer took the pics etc...sometime even slim slim, the pics also dun turn out well....so no worry......just continue what u doing now....

just bought flowers for the wrist corsages. think the flower name is poppy flower or cotton flower.....dunno la...i do liao let u gers see....but yet to bought ribbon n leaves ....

haben buy shoe yet leh.....still searching....if cant find then will wear my ROM one for the PS first....


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hi mei
i will get cleaning contractor too...too tired to do all the stuff as i am studying too. if u happen to get a good contact pls pass it over. likewise ifi found a good one will share wif u!


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Hi Hi Wendy,

I hope you'll have a pleasant experience with your BS

I am not going for my HM this year because we have plans to go to Europe and I want to go during Spring time when it's not too cold and there are more things to see.. especially tulips in Holland!


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settle the layout liao.......will collect my album in abt 2 wks time....so by end of tis mth..guess i'll b able to show u the fotos


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Hi Daphne,

Have you asked him for quotation yet? Mine is the digital photographty package..I did not shortlist any photographers at all. I saw my frd photos & the outcome of their photos are beautiful.
You better check with him whether he is still available or not? He is popular too


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hmm seems nothing to prepare except waiting for the date of PS. When the date is getting nearer around Sept, one will be much more busier.


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i not too sure coz never been there before,,i got the itinerary from a few tour agency.. beside barcelona, they also go to Valencia, Granada, Seville, Caceres, Salamanca, Toledo & Madrid. I was looking at a travel guide and saw this Alhambra palace at Granada.. very nice.. very mysterious kinda feeling.. now comparing and deciding which tour package to take up... u wanna a copy of them? i can scan and email to you.

ur F&E is my ideal HM leh... switzerland and spain.... too bad couldn't find any package of this..

thanks! i haven't found any yet... but high chance might do it ourselves instead... to save the money... think it cost ard $250 to $500. my contractor already clean the house for me a few times... the last one i heard he brought his maid and wife to clean for us coz we complained very dusty... and we also cleaned up once ourselves liao...


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Hello everyone, I have become a Mrs overnight (my rom was yesterday). Everything went really well yesterday. The meeting of parents go very well too. Our JP is very good, he did a chinese explanation and then conduct the official one in english. Everyone was very touched when we exchanged our personal vows, I mumble through cuz I was too touched by my other half's vows.

Jen, it will be your turn next sat, hope you enjoy the whole process. Look foward to hearing yours.