(2004) Brides of year 2004


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hi girls
I am back ...
finially finish everything ..smoothly and thank God for the goodgood weather...
so tired after the whole wedding...so rest for
so many days then come in to see see looklook
how was everyone? busy?

he sallen
is your turn tomorow....extricted?

hi pink...
hm....real flowers maybe fly away even do if you drove at 60km...
try to think twice....


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hahaha... alexus, not u blur blur... i did write japan, then realised that i "salah" so quickly go edit... heehee....

wow, bio-ing plasma ah??? last time hubby also bio-ing, but convinced him not to spend too much if we cannot afford it now... anyway, can upgrade later mah... dun be too stressed financially... *phew*


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no time,

dun envy... me and hubby itchy backside lor... die die also must go somewhere nice nice for HM mah... so burn hole in pocket also must go maldives... we both have this weakness for travelling... so always no savings coz haf a bit of money then want to go somewhere to relax liao... now we starting to plan next year's trip liao... hahaha....


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Little Apple

No Charge... Cos my hubby cousin is an entertainer. He work in entertainer line... So he say himself that he goin to be my emcee.


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Oh I c, I think if I m gng to say anything it's gng to b just a short thank-you to everybody only.

As for hb, I dunno if he wanna say anything, if nt then we'll skip it cos if hb doesn't want as he's nt gd in speech, I can't b the only person doing the talking right?


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little apple,
i can't bear to sell them away....
i mayb shortening the EG & airtight the WG... scarly next time can pass to my daughters.... heehee

not usu.... we planned wif the brides & they also think of ways to sabo their hubbies... heehee... they even put up requests & we put into the tekan plan.... anyway, it's the xiong dis who'll do it in the end.... heehee


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ok, thanks!

U r Back!!
so nice to see u again!

Nice to see u too! everything seems so fast huh .. u already gone through yrs liao

luckily u happy go lucky, otherwise will be worst, anyway yr big day coming, so bear with it
i also not feeling too well today, mentally & physically tired, so in office, mind half working, coming down with slight flu liao ..


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Hi Amy,

yep yep weather was very very good on the day of your wedding. Hope is the same for mine too.

Hi Mist, me doing my manicure & pedicure on Fri, which is 2 days before my AD. I am worried Sat may have last min things to do.

For the Nov brides whose wedding is comming soon...we must TONG!!! we have prepared so hard for our BIG BIG DAY! Purple JIA YU JIA YU!

Adidias, me sama sama like u. now my face got 1 BIG BIG diamond. boo hoo...hope it goes away..very awkful! finally today PM on leave till after wedding...to nurse mentally & physically...u take care tooo...now seems like the FLU season..

Fleur WELCOME BACK too..hows everything?

Ling, can we view your VIDEO next week?? he he, if mine ready can watch together??


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hi addias/ling
hehe finially mine was over....now can sit down and relax.....

hi twinkle
don't worry, i will pray for goodgood weather for all of you....


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hey ladies, i'm having my GDl this saturday ya....just wondering isit ok if the ap is less den 1k? or isit a must to be more den that?


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hi amy and fleur,

wow, you two are back already... good loh... now can relax already.

hi ling,

okay... then i call you to make appt.

hi purple,

aiyah, i also dun wanna bother so much liao. as long as i settled things on my side, the rest i dun care already.. Now i just concentrate to be pretty... hehehe... ;p


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Hi Amy/Fleur,
Rem to share pix hor. hehe.... so good that all went well. Hope mine will too. Scared I not used to wearing heels and might fall down. haha....

Hi Adidas,
Luckily I get to laugh a lot at work, if not, u'll really see a miserable + mental problem bride on 28/11.

Take care, cun afford to fall sick now. Take more tonic. I have been drinking "yan zi de saliver". haha..... Cheaper version.

Hi Twinkle,
Tks, I still have to tong for 2 weeks +.

Hi Mist,
Ya, no energy to bother too much lor. So long as that day u pretty, other things is unimportant.

Btw, anyone go cheong before AD?


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Ah Ger - shorten my speech to 2.5 min
think hubby's is shorter...we have to make speech lah, parents expect of it...have to thank them in front of everyone ("mian zhi" thingie).

Apple - our montage is about 4-5 min long. Got this guy to do for us, just saw his new template, pretty impressive, with 3D and all


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adidas ...

me just went for final fitting yesterday ... then me grumble why my fren photo take liao ... mine still doing layout hahahaha ... then forgot that u took your photos like 1 or 2 weeks before me hahahaha ....

luckily me book the Kua early ... the lady told me that they run out of Kua to lend liao hahaha ....

then now headache ... me lose some weight *YEAH!!* ... so my white gown is abit loose ....but the evening gown still v tight .... suspect that they made some changes to the gown .... cos dun rem it being so tight for my PS .... SIANZZZ .... lose more weight scared that my white gown too loose ... but my evening gown ... cannot breath ...

pink ... real flower ... nice to look but not practical lor .... tie bear lar ... me thinking of taking out the hello kitty and use ... but my mum say tat i v kiddish ....


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err i thought need to give pin jin right? i abit confused now hahahahaa......

Cheer bear what else ur hb giving eh?
My side only, orange, 2 bottle of wine, candles, red packet to replace pig & pin jin....isit ok?
must have 8 items meh?

Pleasance, ap = ang pao


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Hi Ling,
Ok! C u! Btw wat's ur contact huh? Juz in case I got lost! hee...

Hi Amy/ Fleur,
WOW!! AD over liao shiok hor?! Now 'looking' at us behaving like a swarm of worker ants hor?? hee..

Hi Seabreeze,
So good ah? Think I put on weight leh. Chiam..later tummy show up very ugly...


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Hey Mist,
Great! U finally finished ur stuff liao! Very disciplined & efficient leh.

Hmmm...I gota do my seating plan latest by tml. Now oni worry is not enuf carpark lots leh.

Anything juz pour out here! Better than bottle them up. Hai...guess PIL can be very difficult to handle at times but luckily u wun be staying together for long with them so bear with it at the time being. Nid to filter words..juz go ahead!!


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my 8 items ar as follows : pin jin, pig leg in can, oranges, ap for chicken, wine, candles, shi dian jin and... sorri i 4get the last item liao.. go home check then let u know ok..

btw, the 8 items r my mum say one.. maybe diff dialet diff number of items lor..


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Hi gals,

anyone have the MC's speech to share with me (Chinese and English)? i have no idea how to start or i can obtain from my hotel??


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hiya lala !!! welcome back !!

aiyah.. of cos miss u lor.. so quiet last week.. kekekekekee.....

yup... mei mei adeline on cover... kekeke...


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cheer bear, ic ic .. heheh den shld be ok lah ... ;) i dont think need 8 items for me :p
coz my mama say .. dont need to be so formal


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Hi Irene,
U shud be able to obtain a copy fr ur htl. Mine provided me with both Chinese & Eng version but they r in hardcopies.


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cheerbear - hw cme for AP for chicken? For me - I think very few

1) Pin Jing
2) Suckling pig AP
3) Pigs' trotters AP
4) Oranges
5) Wine (instead of hard liquer)
6) SDJ

My side no candles, no shu tou.


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Hi Odae,
Me will be staying almost next to them for years. Unless hubby suddenly strike lottery, then we can buy condo. If not, got to stay there for min. 5 yrs.

Luckily got here, if not, I already in woodbridge. Might even be their CEO.


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me beri beri touchie mah ... thus sob sob loh ...

Aiyo, seems like all become busier after married. Guess have to take care of HBs ... hahahaha .... by the way, are you meeting up with those brides above 28??


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Hello All,
Thanks Thanks
AMY... the weather was gorgeous on ur wedding!!!!!

BlurSotong.... din see ur wedding car lei
wot time did u reach the hotel? Did all go well despite the rain???

Ling kkekekek...real or not.. u miss...heheheh still hafnt go see ur pics yet...go home and slowly enjoy... I was super drunk man... so farney

Ok before i go on.. some things u all should take note
1. Guest List
- don't segregate according to groups. Just go by alphabetical orders. All Recepts should have the same list, for easy reference
2. Make sure u do proper RSVP. Be prepared for extra people turning up.
3. Confirm tables should be lesser by 1 table of the total. Eg. if u have 280 invited guests who RSVP ...then u should confirm 27 tables reserve 2.
4. Car Parks
if u have limited, to avoid offending anyone... reserve some to immediate relatives. At the end of the night, found it effective to display on the table, as they walk out to say bye bye.

Everyone who have not have their weddings yet... my two cents worth lah.....

As for being upset by MIL, PIL or BILs.... its normal...DON"T CARE....kekeke i just keep telling myself.. ITS MY DAY.... and NO ONE GONNA UPSET ME
heheheh so GIRLS...just ENJOY and LOOK Beautiful....and Smile.... though i was super gan chiong


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good lor.. the best is no need so formal then no need so ma fan mah

ah ger,
my mum say last time must give fresh chicken one but now modern liao so give ap to replace lor..
y ur mum say no need candle meh?? i thot old pple usually say want one leh


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hehe yaloh...my mama help us to buy the candles and tray......coz both of us dont know where to buy and busy .. no time go buy. My mom say the candles dont have to bring here and there ... so my mama keep them (she scare wait break into pieces)


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Hi Fleur,

Thanks for all the tips. Btw, tell us, got anything funny happened? I mean after u drunk. Got bent down to tie ur shoelaces?



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Ladies, I NEED HELP!!!

Anyone encounter “In Laws” who last minute wants to control the wedding???!!!
“In Laws” who don’t understand that once hotel table confirm, even if not full, CANNOT come back and eat again!!! In Laws who thinks we did not do a good job, thinks your hotel is lousy. All these they knew, but why NOW, 3weeks before my AD, making a BIG fuss!!!! I think I may walk out of the wedding!!! Help!!! How to tell them nicely???and yet tactfully???


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Ah Ger,

i think ur char tau and my char tau sama sama.......don't know how to say thank you speech....so better keep their mouth shut.....we do the talking can already......

Big Toe,

So sweet of u still give ur parents present.....They will be overjoyed....


Tell ur hubby to tell ur in-laws or take their words as ingnorance.....Just go ahead with ur original plan...


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hi ugly,
if ur in-laws realli want to step in then get them to talk with the hotel co-ordinator with boht u and ur hb ard.. then get the hotel pple to talk to them will be nicer.. if u do the talking they will think u r a "bad" DIL and if ur hb talk to them, they might think u ask him to do so.. so the best is get the hotel pple to talk coz that will be better according to my own experience and hope it will help u


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tats bad. Just tell them - hotel & restaurant practices r diff.

Food nt nice meh? Tell them - food are all the same everyware, diff ppl hv diff taste & expectations of food.

So u think u r still gng to make a speech? Then ur char tau just stands tare? I dun think it'll look nice cos it seems like the gal wanan catch the limelight.