(2004) Brides of year 2004


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Reminder: Aussino
Date : 03 Aug
Branch: Paragon
Meeting Place: Paragon
Time: 7pm

Confirmed list : Autumn_ivy, no-time, LaLa, adeline, eternity, maylim & kokopooh


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Adeline... ^5! hahaha... me n hb oso feasted rite after the PS and the weeks after! hahaha..... i can still clearly rem we went the newer hawker at serangoon gdns... hahaha... took "hum" n all!... greedy us... *slurps*


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yeah... waiting for kokopooh...


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List of December Brides (2004)
2nd - White Orchids (In Wedding, Le Meridien, Hougang)
2nd - Inlove (Kowloon, Oriental, Punggol)
2nd - Winterhakone (BV, Fullerton, Punggol)
2nd - JG/newyjg (Sheraton Towers)
2nd - Joelle/moonny (GHA, Amara)
2nd - Shayne(TW, Shangri La)
3rd - Smallonion (Everbliss, Concord Hotel)
3rd - bynne (Sophia, Oriental, Tampines)
5th - Twinkeleglint(Whitelink, Pan Pac, Woodlands, berryhappy, earnest video)
5th - Meagan (Qings Bridal, Noble House, Sengkang)
5th - Wise (Inwedding, RTC, Jurong)
6th - gannk (Le Meridien)
8th - LingLing (Bridal Concept, M Hotel, moomedia, AMK)
9th - secret garden (Divine,Conrad, Telok Blangah, Hilarion, Ernest Video)
9th - lichristin (Novotel Apollo, Punggol)
9th - pochacco (Golden Horse, Westin, Sengkang)
11th - MTDT (Santiago,M Hotel,Sam Photography,Punggol)
11th - Owl (White Link, Le Meridien, Yishun)
11th - Squirt (Milan, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
11th - Lynn Chua (Fame Bridal, River View, Yew Tee)
12th - Oraia (BV, Grand Hyatt, Jurong West)
12th - neece (Margaret's, M Hotel, Seng Kang, Avail Lite)
12th - KPO Lady (Paris, Pan Pac, Seng Kang)
12th - Zhuzhu (Camellia, Carlton, Tampines)
12th - Lovey(Divine, Merchant Court, Bishan)
12th - eVon (GHA, OCC, JW)
12th - postpet2(Fullerton)
12th - Priscilla (Free Lance, Hotel New Otani)
14th - Irenes (Milan,Pan Pac, Woodlands)
15th - Sally/Bluemoon (Everbliss, )
16th - Soupie (JLC, Trader's Hotel, Bedok)
16th - dearie (BridalVeil, Grand Hyatt)
17th - Babu ( , Beaufort)
17th - Shern (Silver Cloak, Rasa, Queenstown)
18th - Fanny (Jawn,Raffles the Plaza,Seng Kang)
18th - Coolsnow (French bridal, Prima Tower)
18th - wheredreamscometrue ( BV,Marriott)
19th - Trisha (Swissotel)
19th - Jasline (Htl rendevous, Holland)
19th - Doremon (Santiago, SK)
19th - Puzzlerain (Paris, Hyatt, Seng Kang)
19th - Christine (Bridal Concept, Hilton, Bedok)
19th - bear76 (TWD, Merchant Court, Punggol)
19th - joan (Marriott, Pasir Ris)
19th - kaitlynn (French Bridal, Marina Mandarin, Wdlands)
19th - haloya (Vanity, Grand Hyatt, Punggol)
19th - zann (Julia Wedding News)
19th - Ah ger (Popular, Oriental, A. Dai, Mirage, Bt Panjang)
21st - brambles (GHA, Pan Pac)
22nd - Circusbugs (Popular,Grand Hyatt, Bishan/Hougang)
24th - Fi Fi (Wedding News,Crown Prince, Punggol,earnest video)
24th - Bao Bao (BZ, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
24th - jess27 (Noble House, Dang)
25th - Hayashi (Sophia, GWC, KimTian)
25th - Cruise ( , no banquet)
26th - Wendy 76 (Fullerton Hotel)
26th - Bunnygirl (Seletar Boardway,Imperial Courts,Punggol)
31st - Chobits (Conrad Hotel, Queens)
31st - Jean (Sophia Wedding,Park Royal Grand Plaza, Bukit Panjang)


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u so lucky ah??? chose the 2 corsages that was a mock up... hahaha... nevermind, i'll fix the red one up and i'll bring along the pink flowers to show u...


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Saw your the other 2 photos in yahoo grp.
Hey, your HB also photogenic leh!
Envious of your clear blue sky and white clouds ...


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Carole hahahhhaha..... he so skinny...if two persons kick him....hahaha he break into pieces ah..... heart pain one lei.....but will take note of ur offer kekekek...

Moonlight.... sure will be bright and sunny one...best is morning rain...then afternoon will be clear and cool :D


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hayashi, i din place the pipe properly, so the condensation couldn't drain out, now ok, no problem at all

gonna check out jasvy, recommended by the hotel, and heard they have lots of designs for invites...

florists for ballroom or the bouquets etc? pricing about the same leh jus depends whether they wanna give more discounts or has nicer arrangements...will check out next month...my dinner will need more decor...

joelle, must be excited?!


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yeah lor.. tat time we met up to visit a fellow bride's wedding.. hehee.... her husband is tat kind tat goes gym to upkeep one.. not like me husbd... got big tummy kind... *faint*



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Morning pretty gals,

Carole, think u got the wrong person huh? haha.... Wat pics u saying?

Adidas, hair very nice leh. Thanks for sharing.

Amy, cos the shoes all red. I not buying too cos I decided not to wear kwa. I'll choose to wear a tea dress.


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Hi Unicorn..

yap,,my nail is done by Nail Palace (Aiko)..
she quite good lor..

i oso sign 6 tms mani n pedi from there..(spent $$ again)

n i didnt take outdr yday..indr oni..
n my outdr is next Fri....



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wei u mean florist u gals can go anyone u like? i tot the hotel will give u some names which you can go to or something...cos they work with those florists


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Morning ladies!!!
Waaahhh... u all super duper fast leh... hahahahaa...

Welcome May first, incase me forgot ... all of us here also very blur & luan one lor, but u 1 person luan then no fun, must come in here, then everyone also luan together ya! ahahaha...

that day me go Fancl hor, spend about close to $200 lor coz me finished the stamps liao so got rebate of $80 mah, somemore, if use Maybank card hor, got 10% discount leh... hehehehe...
me now into the CL, PS tablet lah, the PS drink not so often lor, coz damn X leh... hehehehe... as for the TenseUp Ex, me just bought 1 bottle lor... coz need to top up to my $40 for 1 stamp lor... but think me will buy a box to drink continously b4 my AD lor, as for the Moisture Supp, me hear u say liao like not bad leh, so i also go try lor... & the whitening range too coz that 1 rite now got free 2 pcs of mask leh... very worth it lor, u go buy lah, its abt $45.50 if I'm not wrong with mask leh... i personally like the mask leh coz very moisturize & lightweight.... somehow the next day i feel my skin very even out lor... hehehehe....
must mei mei ya... hehehee... me also go try out my body mass fats leh... u know after i stop taking the CL for abt a mth hor, my KG drops but my % increase by 2 leh... seow liao... must take together for the time being...

me just had 2 bread for b'fast leh.... 2 hotdogs big big bun leh....

wahhh... lala's HB macho ah!! me one very Tet Koo(skinny) lor....


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Yup, the moisture and complexion pills gd for my oily skin! I stopped blotting my face for 1 mth liao

My moisture pills finishing liao ... going to buy by tis week. Whitening pills also gd? ok, i will buy too!!
I forgotten to buy tenseup EX b4 my PS!!! I will buy on Sep cos my birthday... got double stamp!!!
I stopped taking CL liao cos my meals are as and when ....

Btw, I go facial evry 2 weeks cos my face oily and hence prone to clogs/pimples, even w/o makeup.
veri veri broke ....................

Must hush hush abt Lala's HB ... wait she panic leh. heehee. just joking hor, Lala.


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morning girls...

i'm back frm my ps...Thank q so much for all the praying...hehehe.. it was really fun & we enjoy it alot.. but sad to say that weather wasn't that gd...

it started to rain when we are bout to go outdoor... but thank god rain stop shortly aft... but still no sun just windy...& didn't get the sunset shoot...which i wanted... so sad..*sob* *sob*

we went 5 places, marina south, power station &..mmmm don't know liao, pai say, don't know the road name... coz we leave it to kim to decide...

hey, I'll be going to select my pixs today... very execited...



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hehehee.... Adeline,
ohh ur b'day Sept ah!Good lah, get double stamp man!!! hehehehe... me finish my card is also coz i buy all during my b'day mth one, if not where got so fast finish the whole card liaoo hehehehe....

me just started the moisture & whitening lor, will let u know again see how ya! but i do like the mask but they are selling 6 pcs mask for $70 leh, quite X lor so i bought the supplements got 2 free ones to try try first.... hehehe...

ok ... hush hush abt lala's HB, hehehe.. coz me also never see him b4 leh... just see wat no-time post one lor... hahaha....

ya man! u owe us a BIG one leh, we not only pray leh, we still got sing song to chase the clouds away u know??
hahahaa..... but its all good that u do enjoy urself ya!!

think No-time, Adeline, Eternity, Me & U can go nag among ourselves on Fri liaoo.... NO SUN!!!!
that reminds me, gotta write a longer ltr to SUN liao
how can like dat treat us hor??


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kokopooh! hey.. glad u enjyed the PS.. hehehe....

wah.. u oso went 5 places ah... n u going to select yr pics today? so super fast siah!

see if u can get sum to show to us ok? heheheee.e..


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hotels wil provide a florist then u go there & choose flowers lor.

Then I think if u hv ur own florist, then u tell hotel c if they can change for anything or nt. Otherwise is, u go to tat florist & add on flowers lor.


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zann, my hotel's stage no decor...very bare, they did recommend 1 florist and will go check it out. but they do allow us to bring in our own....

little_ger, reply you liao


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must show us ur pixs ah!! can't wait!!! hehehehe.... must be the most lovely bride ever ya!

oops... ya hor... still got AD leh, aiyoh... dun play play lah....
think me must brush clean clean to flash my mega-watt smile
to deliver my ltr to the heaven above hor?? I think must also offer
cake cake give them eat liao happy happy then our AD No problem ah!


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Kokopooh/ Alexus/No-time/Skylar/Eternity,

6 of us going to complain on tis Fri abt our lousy PS weather!!!!!!


You must treat us tis Fri hor ... we sore throat today leh! heheheheehe

Me no sunset shots too ... my PS ended before 5pm cos HB wans to go home! Wa, 5 locations! How many photos did Kim took? Must be veri nice cos compass photographer leh ... heehehee
Can show us tis Fri?


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hi adidas,

saw your pix already... looks nice and natural to me... hehehe...

hair is quite nice too..
outdoor pix nice leh, i like... got greenery and sea... ;p you must be wearing your slippers hor??? ;p


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i see...for our case, our hotel din tell me can bring in own florist...they got florist who they work with for us to go...


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hahhhaaa... people, must be happy mah!! hahahha...

Adeline, think must choose 2 songs for March in lah, coz u will walk in twice mah.... unless u want to walk in many many times lor... hehehehe...

girls, anyone of u here using storage heater ah? know where to go & buy bor?? me looking for one now....


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actually quite surprised leh...to hear can bring in own florist? cos i tot the hotel has decor package...or flowers decor for u to pick...then some hotel's banquet price also depend on what kind of flowers/decor package u pick...if u go yr own florist...the price they quote may not be same as the hotel's florist...
printing co then i heard of...bring in own...cos get the cards from hotel and send to our own printers if u not using the hotel's printers...else hotel send for printing for u


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noo leh... still deciding lor, not forgeting still got ur 1st dish song leh.... so need 3 songs all in all ya!

u leh, wat u thinking of?


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can bring in, usually.

I wun say it's stupid cos many gals will wanna hv a mei mei ballrm for their wedd mah.

bt I wun pay cos nobody will really pay attn to the flowers & etc, then might as well use the $$ for something else. Wat hotel is giving me - I will just take it. C wat flowers I can choose lor.


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Hi gals,
I am back ... busy the whole morning !! busier when I have to read so many postings !!!

Hi Adeline & no-time,
my HB is the very active & sporty type, he likes to go gym, cycle, swimming and running. However, he eats a lot loh

Hi kokopooh,
I want to see the pictures !!! quick post for us to see when u have them

Hi Skylar & Adeline,
for slimming, what products did u pple get from Fancl and how much??


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hi gals, me added in Pasta Mania cuz i'm a pasta freak. pls vote n decide!

Date: 20 August 2004
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Baker's Inn (Plaza Singapura)
OR Cafe Cartel OR Pasta Mania

1)Jeslyn - [email protected]
2) Joelle - [email protected]
3) Brambles - [email protected]
4) Bao Bao - [email protected]
5) Shern - [email protected]
6) Ah Ger - [email protected]
7) Jean - [email protected]
8) MTDT - [email protected]
9) Ling - [email protected]
10) Bugz - [email protected]
11)Pleasance - [email protected]


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moonlight .... not bad idea hor ... take photos in the zoo or birdpark .... then that would mean can only go one place to take the photos right ....


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Dear All Brides

So pai seh of the glamours welcome... he he... very pretty and cute pics from no time and eternity... thank you...

So sorry ladies for your warm invite... i can't make it for the 30/7/04 dinner... and also, i think i told autumn that i opt out for the purchase of aussino coz my hb dun quite like the design i choose. Big tks...

Can i have another question to ask again... so many doubts in mind of those custom and traditions... he he....

Have heard of anyone after going new hse then go hb uncle hse to pray ancestor on AD? We will have the event all at new hse instead of parents hse but as the ancestor in hb uncle hse, so hb side suggest we go there...heard that before? should wear kua or white gown to go uncle hse? he he... tks for your kind advises...

Cheers and lovely day