(2004) Brides of year 2004


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ya lor, No-time... hahahaa...
sigh.... seems like me, u & Adeline same same hor... hahahaa..... must write ltr
complain to sky liao.... hehehe... but good also lah, coz cloudy only, lucky no
ah! so still must thank god lor hor!! hahahaha...


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4 of us going to nag on tis Fri abt our lousy PS weather ok. But thank goodness, no storm and hence we're able to complete our PS.
HB siad maybe the rain helped me to achieve RETRO look (black eyes due to smudged mascara)... hahaha

Gals, let's pray for each other during our AD ok? Lala will be the first in Sep ... heehheehee


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hi adeline/skylar/no-time/eternity,
me also same same with you all.. no sun on PS

think all of you still better than me leh.. at least no rain.. mine even worse leh.. can't even go outdoor *sob sob*

adeline, but gald that you still enjoy your PS even though not much sun.. actually i thot the weather was good leh cos my side here quite sunny yesterday..

hi no-time,
your pics nice leh.. like the outdoor ones.. esp the one in black and white.. very nice.. hey, the MX5 behind you is yours huh? cool leh.. you using it for AD? and your JTR is soooo cute.. i like him/her leh...

hope kokopooh is enjoying herself now


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yah, i didn't know adeline has not so good weather until she came in yesterday... my side of singapore was also okie... think it's sentosa lor...


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U gals are so funny !!!! kekeke ... actually hor, a bit of rain does create a romantic look loh .... urm, retro look ah ... not bad leh ... hahaha

Yep, me the 1st to get married. The 1st to be a MRS .... aiyo, so exciting !!!


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Poor alexus. We've drizzling rain but we still go for quick2 shots at Sentosa. The raindrops and wind made my photographer having hard time taking shots. hahaha, tat's why we end it before 5pm.
When we reached SG, no more rain liao. SHIT!


5 of us going to complain on tis Fri abt our lousy PS weather ok.

Weather is gd now ... glad for kokopooh.


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Wah.....tdy thread so active....read till i blur....some stuff i can share...i find 1st renovation is a very expensive lesson, realise there's some stuff that i'll be more careful in future...communicating very very clearly to designers, dun be too soft heheheh dun be too blur....never get homogenous tiles with texture for kitchen, nice too look but difficult to maintain....

MTDT, i can't view your pics leh
will try later


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Izzit!! How many KG? DC said we can go back for fittings 2 weeks before collecting gowns. You stopped going to Amore liao?

Anyway, I believed we will slim down come mid-Aug/Sep. I can eat all I wan ... for 2 weeks now. heehee. Will continue to maaintain weight come AD. I've lost abt 3.5kg in 5 week's time.

Tis Fri, we all can eat all we can. Hee


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*wave wave* shayne, juv, welcome!!!

my name's missing from the dec list!! ah.......

hmmm....my reno...5RM just to share more details...
33k including aircon,knocked down a room,re-tiled/painted over wall for toilets, guestroom totally bare. another 20k for furnishings....and still buying every few months...


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List of December Brides (2004)
2nd - White Orchids (In Wedding, Le Meridien, Hougang)
2nd - Inlove (Kowloon, Oriental, Punggol)
2nd - Winterhakone (BV, Fullerton, Punggol)
2nd - JG/newyjg (Sheraton Towers)
2nd - Joelle/moonny (GHA, Amara)
2nd - Shayne(TW, Shangri La)
3rd - Smallonion (Everbliss, Concord Hotel)
3rd - bynne (Sophia, Oriental, Tampines)
5th - Twinkeleglint(Whitelink, Pan Pac, Woodlands, berryhappy, earnest video)
5th - Meagan (Qings Bridal, Noble House, Sengkang)
5th - Wise (Inwedding, RTC, Jurong)
6th - gannk (Le Meridien)
8th - LingLing (Bridal Concept, M Hotel, moomedia, AMK)
9th - secret garden (Divine,Conrad, Telok Blangah, Hilarion, Ernest Video)
9th - lichristin (Novotel Apollo, Punggol)
9th - pochacco (Golden Horse, Westin, Sengkang)
11th - MTDT (Santiago,M Hotel,Sam Photography,Punggol)
11th - Owl (White Link, Le Meridien, Yishun)
11th - Squirt (Milan, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
11th - Lynn Chua (Fame Bridal, River View, Yew Tee)
12th - Oraia (BV, Grand Hyatt, Jurong West)
12th - neece (Margaret's, M Hotel, Seng Kang, Avail Lite)
12th - KPO Lady (Paris, Pan Pac, Seng Kang)
12th - Zhuzhu (Camellia, Carlton, Tampines)
12th - Lovey(Divine, Merchant Court, Bishan)
12th - eVon (GHA, OCC, JW)
12th - postpet2(Fullerton)
12th - Priscilla (Free Lance, Hotel New Otani)
14th - Irenes (Milan,Pan Pac, Woodlands)
15th - Sally/Bluemoon (Everbliss, )
16th - Soupie (JLC, Trader's Hotel, Bedok)
16th - dearie (BridalVeil, Grand Hyatt)
17th - Babu ( , Beaufort)
17th - Shern (Silver Cloak/ Max Chan Photography, Rasa)
18th - Fanny (Jawn,Raffles the Plaza,Seng Kang)
18th - Coolsnow (French bridal, Prima Tower)
18th - wheredreamscometrue ( BV,Marriott)
19th - Trisha (Swissotel)
19th - Jasline (Htl rendevous, Holland)
19th - Doremon (Santiago, SK)
19th - Puzzlerain (Paris, Hyatt, Seng Kang)
19th - Christine (Bridal Concept, Hilton, Bedok)
19th - bear76 (TWD, Merchant Court, Punggol)
19th - joan (Marriott, Pasir Ris)
19th - kaitlynn (French Bridal, Marina Mandarin, Wdlands)
19th - Ah ger (Popular, Oriental, A. Dai, Mirage)
19th - haloya (Vanity, Grand Hyatt, Punggol)
21st - brambles (GHA, Pan Pac)
22nd - Circusbugs (Popular,Grand Hyatt, Bishan/Hougang)
24th - Fi Fi (Wedding News,Crown Prince, Punggol,earnest video)
24th - Bao Bao (BZ, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
24th - jess27 (Noble House, Dang)
25th - Hayashi (Sophia, GWC, KimTian)
25th - Cruise ( , no banquet)
26th - Wendy 76 (Fullerton Hotel)
26th - Bunnygirl (Seletar Boardway,Imperial Courts,Punggol)
31st - Chobits (Conrad Hotel, Queens)


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aiyah, so it's a sentosa drizzle... *sigh*

yah, yah, this friday dun talk about lose weight or maintain figure... just eat wat we like... hahaha....


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adeline.. actuali i always wanted to try out those smokey eyes leh.. hehehe.... c wen i got chance to try.. hehehee.......

alexus.. tks for yr compliments... heee.... mx5 is HB's bao bei.. hahaha... but its a coe car.. heee.... my puppy is a her! name is Ms Asher Lee.. hehehehe..... (pronounced as "air-sure")
not using mx5 as main car for AD... heee.... becos cannot go top-less anyway... but after tea-ceremony... we will drive in it lor...

i tink weather shld b good o/s now yeah? me in tuas... cannot tell.. hahaha...

lala ! exciting hor?? like coming so soon... nervous ah... me so scared will trip or step on own gown.. hahahaha....


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wah, 2day's thread seem to hv a few newcomers hor?

Welcome all the gals! *wave wave*

Ur hse pics - we hv yet to c is it? Or u shown liao? Pai seh I also blur lor, cos speed read also.

I think perhaps Cafe CArtel would be better, bt then must go there chop seats early cos they dun do reservations. I tried the last time. Then hor UOB also got 10% off I think.

Or else we can also go to either Ajisen, Fiesta, Swensons, or whereever.

I saw tis plc - Fins restaurant or something like tat @ Le Meridien, inside the foodcourt beside Genki. Anybody tried there? Nice? Their fish & chips like very cheap leh.


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adeline.. imagine u oni let loose now.... i like let loose since early Jun.. hahaha.. eat so much chili n junk.. until pimples everywhere... go facial kana scolding... haha.... i still bo chup.. give myself.. hopefully until mid Aug.. den i try to b guai guai... cos i hv tendency to go on yo yo diet....


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It's dizzling along Tanjong Pagar too.
Anyway, it's over liao. nvm loh.
heeheehee looking forward to our AD ....


I like the B&W photo too! U looked so 'shu nu'


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adeline.. yeah lor... so chor lor girl oso can look so shu nu.. hahahaa.... the one wif AG...frens said i look like princess (becos of tiara n curls).. one said i look like barbie doll! i oredi wan to puke.. hahaha....

my indoor pics like not so nice (compared to outdoor).. hahaha.... i must try to get AD fotographer to take more pics of the AG... cos the studio ones din turn out well... hehehe....

hey.. eternity.. u dun hv sample pics ah?


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Hi Adeline,
think I put on 1 kg. But bcoz menses are coming, thus feel very bloated. Still go Amore leh.

wow, u managed to lose 3.5 kgs in 5 weeks, believe you must have been very discipline during this period
well done.

Hi eternity,
nothing about weight on Fri evening !!!!


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noto noti ... spank u on tis Fri. Dun you run away far far hor. heehee
u looked like AH MEI n BARBIE doll? wa, so pretty sia.


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i dun haf.. coz that time my photographer printed out in A4 size booklet (6 pictures in one page kind), then me also blur blur didn't go scan any pictures... so now can only wait until mid-aug where i can collect my album and all exposures in CD-ROM... so u all must wait wait for another 3 weeks before can see my pics...

but so many mei nus here, i paisei to show u all my pictures liao... hahaha....


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Hi Lala,

No side effects at all and is effective. Same for Skylar. She lose 2.5kg w/o dieting.
I also bought Calorine Limit but only ate once. Too lazy.


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adeline.. really.. i dun look good on every day one.. but PS nice oso happy lah... next time 20 yrs later can take out... dust abit.. n self admire.. hahahaa... n hor.. i really dun like to look like princess (so confirm no tiara on AD) .. or barbie doll.. my god... life in plastic?! not fantatistic..

eternity.. wah... so we must guai guai wait for 3 weeks.. can lah.. hehehe.. everyone's pics is nice nice one lah...

adeline.. u very determined leh... i've super weakness for food... my colleague said i "kim cui" (golden mouth).. hahaha...


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hi adeline,
deal, this Friday the 5 of us comfort each other ok hehehe

hi no-time,
my dream wedding car is to have a convertible leh.. but not practical lar.. cos scared hair not mei mei liao when the wind blow.. how old is Asher? She’s really adorable leh.. me & FH love both JTR & golden retriever a lot.. 2 months ago nearly bought one JTR at pasir ris pet farm but cos we haven’t got our house yet.. go home liao keep thinking about him then went back next week cannot find him liao.. so sad.. in the end never buy lor..


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Nope. It doesn't suppress my appetite. Visit us at thread-Fancl slimming pill which Skylar had explained previously on the differences and results.


I olso love to eat. I onli go on diet when my HB said i'm too FAT for my gowns, weeks ago. This works.


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Fancl slimming pills, complexion and moisture pills. Skylar took the slimming pills, calorie limits, whitening and Tense up EX drink.


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alexus.. not oni hair messy.. tink veil will fly off! hahaha.... we oso love golden retriever/labradors... hehehe..... we bought fm a petshop in serangoon... cheapest we can find tat time... she's now 5mths+... very hyper lor.. typical JRT....hehehe.. no worries lah.. after hse settled down.. den u look for dog... u will enjoy it later.. becos u nid time to watch over him/her oso.. yeah? we oso went to many many places.. den found this beloved dog.. hehehee.....

wah.. adeline/skylar... like tat wats the damage huh? the fancl tings... i oredi so broke..


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ah...my BS jus called me say I can go and @@ my pics liaoz .... but i'm sick for the past few days blur blur one ... doubt I can go down this weekend to see... :'(


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lynn, that bad? weekend still few days away, maybe you'll recover by then, but if no hurry should take your time, if not later regret your decision...allowed to take proofs home?