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March 2024

6 Bridal Makeup Trends to Look Out For in 2024

Put your best face forward with these trending bridal makeup looks in 2024.

After you’ve found your dream wedding venue and picked out the perfect wedding dress, it’s time to look for the right makeup look that will elevate your natural beauty and complete your wedding vision. While classic bridal makeup looks continue to be popular every season, new and buzz-worthy makeup trends pop up every now and then, such as the Douyin makeup that was – and still is – trending at the end of 2023, to captivate the hearts of brides-to-be and their guests alike.

Whether you are a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, a mother-of-the-bride or a guest, you deserve to rock the latest makeup trend and look your best. To help you do that, we’ve put together a list of six bridal makeup trends that are set to dominate happily-ever-afters in 2024, with the help of professional makeup artists, Em from Elite Makeup Artist Inc. and Atiqah from Beauty Without Filter.

1. Glowy but Natural

Carolyn and Nicholas’s Fun Wedding at Mandarin Oriental Singapore by Antelope Studios

A makeup trend that continues to gain traction is the “my skin but better” makeup look. Instead of masking with heavy foundation to conceal and perfect their skin, brides will choose to enhance their natural complexion with a light layer of makeup and glow for that glowing, radiant bridal look.

“To keep your complexion clear and at its best, always double cleanse your skin even if you have only applied sunblock,” Atiqah advises. “You should also refrain from using new products in the days leading up to your wedding and stay with what your skin is comfortable with, as well as stay away from dairy and ‘heaty’ food.”

“This fresh-faced, glowy but natural makeup trend is all about the natural glow rather than a cakey, overdone look,” Em shares. “To achieve this, some pre-care of your skin is required, that means maintaining a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, going for regular facials, and choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type. Above all, you should have enough sleep and de-stress for your skin to be in its best state.”

2. Red Lips

Image from Elite Makeup Artists Inc.

A symbol of love, passion and sensuality, this timeless hue is not going anywhere. Having a pop of colour while keeping the rest of your makeup subtle adds a modern and interesting twist to your bridal look, and it shows up prettier in photos than a pale or natural lip colour.

Red is also a colour that complements most makeup looks, whether it is a clean and modern makeup look with a red lip or the latest Douyin doll-lookalike makeup look. If a bright red lip is too much for you, you can choose to soften it by dabbing it lightly onto your lips for a flush of colour, or choose a lip stain rather than a lipstick for a more toned down shade of red.

3. Igari Makeup

Cleo and Paul’s Minimalist and Ethereal Art Gallery Wedding by Iki Company

Igari makeup, also known as “hangover makeup” or “drunk blush”, is a popular makeup trend that originated in Japan. Named after the Japanese makeup artist who popularised the look, the key feature of Igari makeup lies in the application of the blush, which is applied high on the cheeks, extending towards the temples and along the bridge of the nose.

“Igari makeup is becoming increasingly popular,” Em reveals. “With this makeup style, the cheeks look slightly rosy, giving off a more natural and youthful appearance.”

4. Douyin Makeup

Image by Beauty Without Filter

Trending since last year, the Douyin style makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty without being too over-the-top. The key features of this makeup trend lies are healthy, glowing skin with flushed cheeks, stained lips, shimmery eyes and an emphasis of the aegyo sal, resulting in a natural and soft, yet stylish and innocent look, as if you were a living, grown-up doll.

“Aegyo sal is a Korean term for small, puffy bags located directly under the eye, by the waterline,” Em explains. “Highlighting the aegyo sal creates a youthful, doe-eyed look, which helps brides look younger and bright and cheery.”

“A variation of the Douyin makeup is the Xiao Hong Shu style of makeup,” Atiqah from Beauty Without Filter shares. “Similar to Douyin makeup, the Xiao Hong Shu style features doll-like makeup combined with grand hair accessories that results in a more exaggerated look.”

5. Shiny Eyes

Sheila and Ivan’s Dreamy Bali Wedding at Alila Villas Uluwatu by Annora Pics

With a focus on natural, dewy makeup this year, making the eyes pop subtly with gloss or shimmer will be a key trend in bridal makeup this year. Glossy or shimmery eyeshadow will be used to add a wet or reflective sheen to the eyes to create a luminous, ethereal look that adds a sense of dimension and allure while remaining natural looking.

You can choose to have neutral coloured shimmer or gloss to go with your no-makeup bridal makeup look for a soft, timeless look, or glam it up with a bold coloured lip for a more glamorous and sophisticated look.

6. Monochromatic

Eunice and Daniel’s Intimate Pre-Wedding Shoot in the Romantic and Magical Wilderness by Hey Stranger

The monochromatic bridal makeup trend revolves around using a single colour or shades of the same colour across the eyes, cheeks and lips to create a cohesive and harmonious look. Simple and elegant, the monochromatic makeup trend aims to enhance a bride’s natural beauty.

Soft, muted shades such as peach, pink or mauve are popular choices for weddings for a subtle yet romantic look, or if you have a darker skin tone, warm, earthy tones seamlessly blended across the eyes, lips and cheeks produce a minimalist yet sophisticated look.

There are many bridal makeup trends to choose from, aside from the current trending few. But when it comes to picking one for your once-in-a-lifetime, following your heart should come before following any trend. If you’re unsure, feel free to speak to your chosen makeup artist and ask for their advice.

“It would be good for brides to do a bit of research on the style you’d like to go for,” Atiqah advises. “But if you are not sure of what you’d like, do go for a makeup trial one month before your wedding to try the styles you’d like to explore.”

Credits: Feature image from Eunice and Daniel’s Intimate Pre-Wedding Shoot in the Romantic and Magical Wilderness by Hey Stranger

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6 Bridal Makeup Trends to Look Out For in 2024