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January 2023

Get Your Bridal Glow On! Top 2023 Wedding Makeup Trends to Try

We speak to top makeup artists in Singapore on their predictions for the hottest 2023 wedding makeup trends for brides getting married this year.

Bridal beauty trends come and go, so what’s hot now may be out by the time your wedding rolls around. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay ahead of the curve! If you want to know what the top bridal beauty trends of 2023 will be (and what will be left behind in 2022), read on. We speak to some of Singapore’s most popular wedding makeup artists for their take on the latest trends.

What Was Popular in 2022?

Mibe Leung Makeup

In 2022, natural and Korean style makeup with their emphasis on dewy skin were all the rage. On the hairstyle front, 2022 brides loved romantic braids and the classic bridal favourite of half-up, half-down looks with soft, voluminous curls. While the natural style of makeup is a timeless bridal look that will continue to be popular in 2023, wedding makeup artists predict a strong shift towards a soft glam look with an influence from Thai style makeup, featuring glowing skin and enhanced eyes.

“In 2022 I saw a lot of Korean style makeup, but the trend is slowly moving towards more Thai style makeup,” says Atiqah from Beauty without Filter. Hairstyles will move away from bohemian braids to cleaner, more sophisticated looks such as sleek low buns and Hollywood waves. Here are our top bridal beauty predictions for the upcoming year, straight from the lips of top wedding makeup artists!

Top Bridal Beauty Trends of 2023

Soft Glam Thai Bridal Makeup

Hair and makeup by Tiffining Beauty, image by Alpha Snow Photography

Brides-to-be everywhere, get ready – Thai style makeup is predicted to be one of the hottest trends of 2023. “Thai Makeup will the main trend in 2023!” predicts Tiffany from Tiffining Beauty. “There is a growing demand for soft glam Thai makeup and hairstyles, which is bolder than usual with red carpet editorial hairstyles.”

Tiffining Beauty

Singapore-based Thai makeup artist Aoi from Aoi’s Makeup says, “Currently, people are quite into Thai makeup and hairstyle, which has a unique neat look. It is not as strong as it used to be but it has a distinctive style that emphasises the eyes, which people like for makeup, I think.”Drawing inspiration from Korean and Western makeup techniques, modern Thai bridal makeup is all about creating a soft, natural look that makes a big impact.

Dazxle Makeup by Joey

“The popular Thai makeup style follows the glowy Korean skin, with their own Thai eye-enhancing style,” explains Joey from Dazxle Makeup by Joey. “This makeup style would suit anyone as it enhances eyes. So whether you have big almondeyes or single-lidded eyes, there is always a way to bring it out through this makeup style.” Thai bridal makeup focuses on enhancing the features you already have. Think glass skin, subtle contouring, feathery eyebrows, and shimmery, enhanced eyes. The Thai bridal makeup trend is one of soft glamour, perfect for brides who want something a little more special for their once-in-a-lifetime.

“Creating Thai style makeup involves a lot of shimmer and knowing when to stop adding more,” shares Atiqah from Beauty without Filter. “It would suit brides who like to achieve that soft glam and luxurious look.” Mibe of Mibe Leung Makeup agrees: “The soft glam makeup look with textured eyeshadow and eyelashes are suitable for brides who want a glamorous look.”

Clean and Sleek Hair

Beauty without Filter

Bohemian braids are making way for cleaner and sleeker hair this coming year, says our wedding makeup experts. “I do feel that braids and textured styles are going out of trend, and cleaner hairstyles are becoming more in trend,” shares Atiqah from Beauty without Filter. “A clean hair parting might be intimidating but it does not necessarily mean that clean hair or fringe means fat/bigger face.It is very suitable for people with short foreheads or defined face shapes. This style immediately elevates your look to one that’s clean and classic.”

Em from Elite Makeup Artists Inc. also predicts a trend for cleaner bridal hairstyles such as Hollywood waves and neat and sleek low buns this year. “Hollywood waves can go from tighter to looser and can be worn on shorter to longer hair,” says Em.“By adjusting the size of the curling tongs–using larger irons for looser waves and smaller irons for tighter waves–we will be able to achieve the looks.”

Elite Makeup Artists Inc.

Have shorter hair but still want long and glamorous locks? “Opt for clip-on hair extensions to create these glam waves, and get additional volume, length, and lasting curls in humid Singapore,” suggests Tiffany from Tiffining Beauty. “This hairstyle suits brides who love a modern, glam, and flattering look. It’s a versatile hairstyle for all gowns and venues.”

Luminous Skin

Aoi’s Makeup

Radiant, glowing skin has always been a must for brides, and the bridal beauty trend for glass skin will continue into this year. Luna from Makeup Doyennes shares, “In 2023, we would say that more brides will lean towards soft glow makeup which permits a glowy look, yet at the same is time matte enough for our humid weather.” Tiffany from Tiffining Beauty concurs, “Wedding makeup trends for 2023 have moved towards natural looks, especially with respect to the coverage of the skin, with viral trends like glass skin (crystal skin) and huge focus on good skincare for good luminous skin.”

“Brides will have luminous, natural, glowing, and healthy skin, with much subtler contouring,” says Em from Elite Makeup Artists Inc. “Glass skin (crystal skin) is achieved by using top grade serums and ampoules, before applying the right primer for the skin type. Of course, the right foundation is just as important, therefore we use high-end foundation plus settling powder. But most importantly, brides need to take care of their skin six months before their big day.”

Shimmery Eyes

Makeup Doyennes

One trend that’s sure to make a statement is shimmery eyes. “Sparkly eyes will trend for a more bright yet defined eye look,” predicts Luna from Makeup Doyennes. Shimmery eyes add a touch of glamour and elegance to any wedding look. They’re a great way to make your eyes pop and draw attention to your face, especially in photographs.

“The trend for eyes would be having much stronger eyeshadow that enhance rather than take the attention away from brides’ eyes,” says Em from Elite Makeup Artists Inc. “Eyeshadow colours are bronzes, coppers, corals, browns, and whatever colour that shines, applied like any other eyeshadow, but extravagantly. Accompanied by highlighter on the cheeks, this would make the best combination for brides who are not afraid to be a little bolder on their big day.” Finish off with false eyelashes to help open up your eyes and give them a dramatic, defined look.

Feathery Brows

Elite Makeup Artists Inc.

When thinking about your bridal beauty look, don’t forget your brows. “Eyebrows have gained a lot of attention,” says Em from Elite Makeup Artists Inc. “The feathery eyebrow look will be achieved hair by hair, by drawing in lightly one strand by one strand with a natural tone, to produce a ‘real hair’ effect that will be trending in 2023.”

Overall, 2023 bridal beauty trends will be all about embracing your natural beauty and letting it shine on your wedding day. With a focus on lightweight, natural-looking makeup with a hint of glamour, you’ll radiate confidence and beauty as you walk down the aisle.

Credits: Feature image hair and makeup by Tiffining Beauty, photography by Alpha Snow Photography. All images courtesy of respective wedding makeup artists.

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Get Your Bridal Glow On! Top 2023 Wedding Makeup Trends to Try