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February 2023

6 Trial-Runs Every Bride Should Do Before The Wedding

Find out what are the things you should try out before your big day arrives!

Planning the perfect wedding is not a myth. With sufficient preparations, a detailed and organised wedding to-do list and trial sessions, the perfect wedding is within every bride’s grasp. Trial session are especially important in the days and weeks (perhaps, even months!) leading up to the wedding, as it offers brides a glimpse of how it would be on the wedding day, and the opportunity to make any changes if necessary.

To help you plan the perfect wedding, we’ve listed out six trial sessions you should include in your wedding to-do list.

1. Hair and Makeup

Cleo and Paul’s Minimalist and Ethereal Art Gallery Wedding by Iki Company

A trial hair and makeup session is the perfect opportunity for you to perfect your bridal look with your chosen hair and makeup professional. Make full use of the session by sharing what your daily makeup look is and the bridal look you’re after for your big day, so your makeup artist can have a better grasp of how to doll you up.

Don’t worry if you don’t completely love the bridal look your makeup artist has given you. You can always request for adjustments to be made to your makeup or hairdo during the trial session until you arrive at a bridal look that you’re happy with. With a deeper understanding of how you’d like your makeup and hair to be done, and the final look that you are after, your makeup artist will not only be able to gauge the amount of time needed to re-create the look on your actual wedding day, she will also be able to achieve the look with a shorter time.

2. Breaking in your new shoes

Natalie and Clinton’s Vibrant Floral Wonderland Wedding at the St. Regis Singapore by Bobby Kiran Photography

If you’ve purchased a brand new pair of shoes for your wedding, don’t leave it to your wedding day to walk in them. The last thing you want is for your fee to be in pain on the happiest day of your life. New shoes should be broken in at least a few days so you can get used to how they feel on your feet, and whether they are comfortable enough to walk and stand in for a prolonged period of time, especially if you are wearing a pair of shoes that you are not used to wearing on a daily basis.

3. Dress Fittings

Sun Yang and Wen Qiang’s Ethereal Wedding at The Barracks Hotel by Arture Photography

Once you’ve decided on a wedding dress, don’t forget to turn up to your scheduled dress fittings! Dress fittings are important, especially if you are customising a wedding dress from scratch. You’ll get to try on the fit of the dress and finalise the look in the first one or two dress fittings, and if any amendments are needed, the following few sessions just before your big day will give your designer sufficient time to make any amendments and get your dream dress ready.

To make sure your dress is the perfect fit, bring along the pair of shoes and any accessories that you’ll be wearing on the actual wedding day to see how everything will look together. You can also try to style your hair and try on a makeup look similar to the one you’ll have for your wedding day, just to have a complete picture of how you will look on the day.

4. Food Tasting

Sandra and Eugene’s Intimate Wedding at Keyaki Garden Pavilion Filled with Cherry Blossoms by Iki Company

Most wedding packages come with a complimentary session of food tasting, usually for six to eight persons, where you get a more accurate idea of how the food will look and taste, and experience the service firsthand. You can also bring your parents along so they can provide additional feedback to the food and service. If you or your guests have certain food allergies or requests, do let your venue or caterer know beforehand, so that they are able to come up with alternatives for you.

Aside from the food that will be served during your wedding, you should also do a cake tasting with the wedding baker you’ve decided to go with. While you should easily be able to purchase a few cakes from most bakers to try their bakes out, some wedding bakers offer a special wedding cake tasting session where you get to taste a few flavours of cakes at the same time, so do check with the baker you have in mind to see if they offer this service or not before you make a booking.

5. Rehearse your march-in with your bridal party

Nicole Chang Min and James’s Sky-High, Tropical Floral Wedding at 1-Atico by Androids in Boots

It’s a good idea to do a quick run-through with your bridal party, and your flower girl and page boy, before your solemnisation starts to make sure everyone is aware of what they need to do. You or someone from your bridal party can guide the little ones on what they are supposed to do during the march-in, while the rest familiarise themselves with the order they are walking the down aisle in, and who their partner is, if they are walking down in pairs.

6. Rehearse your dance routine (if you’re planning on one)

Patricia and Martijn’s Island Luxe Wedding in Khayangan Estate, Bali by Terralogical

If you are planning to surprise your guests with a dance performance, whether it is a first dance number or a performance with your bridal party, make sure you practice, practice and practice your routine, both at home and at the wedding venue!

Get the moves right by practicing as much as you can at home, once you are familiar with the routine, you might want to ask your venue if you can do a few rehearsals at the venue itself a few days or weeks before the big day. This will help you get a feel of the space and familiarise yourself with the venue, and allow you to make any adjustments to your routine if needed. Plus, the more comfortable you get with your routine, the more confident you’ll be with dancing in front of a crowd, and the less likely you are to forget your steps.

Feature image from Shauna and Rainer’s Minimalist and Modern Zen Wedding at Raffles Hotel Singapore by Iki Company

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