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November 2021

Sherlene and Kenneth’s Quirky Kungfu Hustle Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot

This couple unconventional and quirky pre-wedding shoot is a breath of fresh air!

Sherlene and Kenneth were soulmates who eventually found their way to each other after a mutual friend commented that they shared similar personalities and character traits. As expected, the lovebirds hit it off the minute they met. Love blossomed and after a not-too-romantic proposal, Sherlene and Kenneth prepared to embark on a whole, new exciting journey called “marriage”. Like most couples, they planned for a pre-wedding shoot to document their love, but unlike most pre-wedding shoots, the sweethearts decided on a not-so-common and unique Kungfu Hustle shoot that showcased their fun-loving and quirky natures.

Share with us your story. How did the two of you meet?

Sherlene: A mutual friend of ours came up to me and said, “OMG, there’s this guy who’s exactly like you, you need to meet him.” She said the same thing about me to him too but we didn’t meet until months later. I used to do events and we ended up in the same company. The first time I met him I was like, “Oh damn, he really is exactly like me!’, and we hit it off immediately.

Kenneth: That mutual friend was an ex-colleague who said that she knew someone who sounded exactly like me and she was the only other person who has ever use the word “Sorz”(short for sorry). We met while she was engaged to help out at an event in one of the heartlands and we hit it off really well.

What drew you to each other?

Sherlene: Our similar sense of humour was a huge thing for me. We were laughing at the same things and had plenty of inside jokes. We also worked really well together at events, we had each other’s backs without saying much. But we started out as friends, until he decided to ask me out.

Kenneth: Mostly because she is so much like me in terms of the way we speak and act (body language), I feel very comfortable whenever I am with her and we are able to chat about anything under the sun.

What is it about your partner that you love the most?

Sherlene: I love that after a long day of work for him, he comes home and still remembers to show me some love first before he knocks out on the bed. It’s always the small things that he does that reminds me he loves me a lot and I love that about him. He never lets me forget that he loves me. Also, because he tolerates all of my nonsense.

Kenneth: The fact that she understands what I have to do for a living and the long hours I have to spend working. She is very supportive of my career and rarely disturbs me while I am at work which allows me to focus on my task at hand. Whenever I have had a long day, she will show me the care and concern that makes me feel happy and loved.

What was the proposal like?

Sherlene: It was like the most unromantic thing ever. I told him what stone I wanted on my engagement ring and he got it secretly done. Then he forgot to propose to me with it. I had to remind him to bring it along to a staycay we were having and remind him that I want a proposal before he actually got to his knees and asked.

Kenneth: What she said is 100% true.

Tell us about your pre-wedding shoot. What was the concept behind the shoot, and why you chose it?

Sherlene: So, we’re known amongst our friends as funny and a little obnoxious, so why not use that to our advantage. We also play a lot of mahjong, which explains the mahjong set. But the main style for me was inspired by the landlady from the movie Kungfu Hustle. Because I’m loud and everyone says I’m exactly like her, so I played along and I have no regrets. Actually, back in 2016 (even before I met my husband), I saw these two photos of the actors in another movie and I already made up my mind that whoever I married needed to do this with me. Thank god my husband was up for it!

We were also determined not to have an outdoor shoot because of our weather. I didn’t want to be changing in and out of outfits while I’m sweaty and sticky, so I decided on an indoor shoot, which fit our chosen concept perfectly. We bought our traditional outfits from Taobao! Taobao is your best friend for anything, really. A lot of things from our pre-wedding shoot and actual day are from there, even my wedding gown!

Were there any challenges when it came to planning the shoot, or during the shoot itself?

Sherlene: Yes! The chicken. We were actually trying to get a real chicken but didn’t manage to, so we decided on the day itself to use a bucket of fried chicken instead. Another challenge we had was that we had too many ideas but too little time. I was also afraid that we couldn’t pull off the more elegant shots because we’re not used to such poses. We also planned the whole thing ourselves, so we had to go get the furniture, schedule the vendors, and even get our friends to come and help move furniture between each set. It was good because I get to decide exactly what I needed but it was super tiring so there are pros and cons.

Take us back to the day of your pre-wedding shoot. How were you feeling and how did the day go?

Sherlene: Excited! Simply because we had so much to do and I just wanted to see my ideas come to life. It was busy and crazy, and I felt like a princess with everyone fussing over my hair and makeup and outfits. It was quite rushed because we had plenty to do. I printed out some reference photos to keep us in check and remind everyone what’s next to keep us on track. Overall, we had a ton of fun and we covered everything we wanted to. 10/10 would do it again!

Kenneth: We had fun shooting, though it was tiring to switch in and out of outfits.

What was the most memorable moment of the shoot?

Sherlene: Well, I have a great love of penguins and I always wanted to have a photo of my penguin plushies. I decided to bring like half of them down and do a shoot with them in my gown. Sorry husband, but I was very very very happy to be in a photo with my penguin plushies.

Kenneth: Penguins over Husband, I made my peace with it.

Share with us a funny moment or some challenges that you had to overcome during the shoot.

Sherlene: The biggest challenge was getting my husband to smile properly. If you watch Friends, he’s like Chandler when Chandler had to smile for the photo with Monica. It was hilarious. And when our photographer from Iki Company told him to look at me, he was just staring me down, like he wanted to fight me. I had to tell him to look at me with love, but he just couldn’t. So, we tried to get those photos but as you can see, we have more obnoxious shots.

Kenneth: I cannot smile for nuts. I perform best when it has elements of offensiveness and humour.

Do you have any tips for couples embarking/planning their pre-wedding shoot?

Sherlene: Know what you want, find reference photos and talk to your photographer. When you know what you want, your photoshoot will have more meaning instead of the typical shots that everyone is doing. You can go to the same locations, but your photos won’t be the same. Reference photos help you communicate your ideas better. And talk to your photographer to make sure you’re on the same page and they’re willing to help you achieve what you want.

Kenneth: Do what your wife wants and you will be a happier man.

The Pre-Wedding Venue: A studio recommended by a friend
The Bride’s Outfits: Cheongsam from Golden Scissor Cheongsam, Others from Taobao
The Groom’s Outfits: Suit from Hugo Boss, Others from Taobao
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Iki Company
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Pris from AastralBeauty
The Florist: The Flowering Year (only bouquet and flowers in the green vase)
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

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Sherlene and Kenneth’s Quirky Kungfu Hustle Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot