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June 2018

Shu Ling and Chin Feng’s Casual Paparazzi Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot in Bangkok

Shu Ling and Chin Feng’s destination pre-wedding shoot in Bangkok is a breath of fresh air!

Shu Ling, 27, and Chin Feng, 29, met when they were taking vocal lessons. Drawn to her beauty and loving personality, Chin Feng was smitten at first sight while Shu Ling was attracted to his openness. Choosing a pre-wedding photographer was a walk in the park for the young couple as Shu Ling had her sights set on city street shots by Bangkok photographer, Sanit, a year before she was proposed to! Sneak a peek at her casual and fun-loving pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangkok here!

What drew you to each other?

Shu Ling: Chin Feng carries his heart on his sleeve – he was really genuine and open about pursuing a relationship with me and that was a breath of fresh air for me. I feel like I don’t have to read his actions for his thoughts because he tells them to me directly. It’s so important for someone as insecure as I am.

Chin Feng: I’ll be lying if I say I was not drawn to her beauty at the very first sight. The first time I saw her, I told myself that I have to get to know her. After knowing her, I was sure I want her in my life. She’s adorable, kind, gentle, filial and so loving to everyone around her. She’s also not afraid to show her feelings and affections for me all the time, which is important to me.

Name one thing you love most about your partner?

Shu Ling: His humility.

Chin Feng: Her kindness.

What was the proposal like?

Shu Ling: He proposed with a home-made video in the church we attended together at the end of an aisle lined with fairy lights, witnessed by my family. It was beautiful – simple, heartfelt and with the people I Iove.

Share with us why you decided to travel to Bangkok for your pre-wedding shoot.

Shu Ling: I always knew that I wanted city street shots for my pre-wedding photoshoot, long before I got engaged. I feel that they are the least posey and are the best at emitting true emotions and interactions of the couple. It was then that I came across Sanit’s portfolio on Facebook and told Chin Feng, “This is it. Sanit’s gonna be my pre-wedding shoot photographer!” That was probably one year before my engagement! I didn’t regret my decision at all.

Why did you decide on a local photographer instead of engaging one from Singapore?

Shu Ling: I think that for overseas shoots it’s always best to look for a local photographer because he/she would be more familiar with the places that are suitable for shooting. Especially so for Bangkok; Sanit planned our entire route for us and he made us feel at ease with crossing the roads with heavy traffic.

What was the concept of your pre-wedding shoot?

Shu Ling: We wanted it to look like paparazzi shots – just the usual us enjoying a day out together. We are both really bad at posey shots because we turn stiff in front of a camera! Thus, a candid shoot is the way to go for the both of us.

Walk us through your pre-wedding shoot. What was it like that day and did you have fun?

Shu Ling: Sanit planned the entire day’s schedule based on our outfits. The make up artist arrived at our hotel at 7am. We took around two hours to get ready and headed out to meet up with Sanit and his two assistants at Sathorn Junction – what Sanit called the “new city” of Bangkok, for its modern cityscape. We got there at 10am and almost immediately started shooting. From Sathorn we went to the “old city” areas (the train station and Chinatown), then to an expressway bridge to catch the sunset.

We commuted on taxis and tuk-tuks and changed in mall toilets that are really clean – another reason why a local photographer is preferred! The shoot was so enjoyable! We walked most of the day – from 10am until when the shoot ended at 6pm – but we were joyful throughout because Sanit and his team made it so fun. He was really funny; we felt like he was a friend 10 minutes into meeting him! The weather was great and so was the company.

Share with us any obstacles or funny moments you’ve encountered during the shoot.

Shu Ling: Crossing the road in Bangkok is already not an easy feat – imagine combining that with looking in the opposite direction of the traffic whilst running! We literally had to trust the assistants who ran behind us to stop any incoming traffic from hitting us with our lives. We also had to climb and stand/sit on railings of bridges that had either an expressway full of high-speed cars on one side or a steep fall on the other. But anything for a good photo, right? Anyhow, we came out of it unscathed.

Chin Feng: Every single time we were told to hug each other and giggle, it’s funny and really effective at helping us let loose. Sanit was really funny and never failed to make us laugh throughout the day. Sanit found a spot he liked and proceeded to do a funny pose there, so we jokingly snapped a few shots of him and also did the same pose as he did afterwards. All of us had a good laugh then. Irina, our make up artist, was always trying to wipe off my perspiration and adjust my hair and whenever she did so, Sanit would repeatedly chant her name to hurry her – I guess you have to be there to know how funny it sounded.

If you could share three pieces of advice about pre-wedding shoots with couples who will be embarking on theirs, what would it be?

Shu Ling: First, determine the type of shots you and your partner are comfortable with – posey and moody, studio shoot, or casual and free? Next, pick a photographer whose style of shooting fits the characteristics of you and your partner, and lastly, relax, let loose and have fun!

What was the most memorable moment of your pre-wedding shoot?

Shu Ling: That’d definitely be waltzing in the sunset on a bridge with Chin Feng.

Chin Feng: Sitting down by the roadside with our legs stretched out and smiling at each other.

The Pre-Wedding Location: Bangkok, Thailand
The Photographer: Sanit Nitigultanon of sanit.portfolio
The Bride’s Outfit: Keepsake (Grey Dress), Taobao (White Casual Dress), The Closet Lover (Denim Jacket), Kleid Gown & Co (now known as Alerisa) (Wedding Gown)
The Bride’s Shoes: Custom made from The White Atelier
The Groom’s Outfit: Custom made from Oxford Tailor
The Groom’s Shoes: Why&Co
The Engagement Ring: Yuen Tung Jewellery
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Irina Mysova

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Shu Ling and Chin Feng’s Casual Paparazzi Inspired Pre-Wedding Shoot in Bangkok