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December 2015

Immortalising Love With 520 Library

Learn about 520 Library‘s founder and lead photographer, Kenneth’s motivation and inspirations behind his beautiful, emotive photographs.

On a day as important as your wedding day, finding the perfect photographer to capture the moments of joy, excitement, love and chaos is almost as important as finding the dress of your dreams. But these physical keepsakes of your big day shouldn’t be just lifeless snapshots of the day’s going-ons. It should put a smile on your face or bring a tear to your eye when you look at them, just like how I felt when I first came across 520 Library’s collection of photographs.

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Exceedingly dreamy and wonderfully emotive, every photograph of theirs told a story of its protagonists and the love that they share. And the man responsible for capturing such moving photographs is Kenneth, co-founder and primary photographer of 520 Library.

Kenneth’s love for photography came about when his father let him have a go at his film camera, one that he still uses today. Through that first encounter, he learnt at a young age that photography was the most organic way of preserving memories and moments in its most raw and sincere form. But it wasn’t until he chanced upon an old-time bookshop and library in a quaint, old street in Taiwan two years ago, and discovered the owner’s photo collection of his loved ones that he was inspired to start a collection of love stories of his own.

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That was when Kenneth decided to go into wedding photography – the only form of photography that allows him to witness and experience all kinds of love, be it between a couple, their parents, family and friends – and the beginning of 520 Library. 520 Library was founded with one aim in mind – to capture love in its most raw and pure form and transform it into physical keepsakes for everyone and anyone. And it is this utmost honest expression of love and emotion during a wedding that Kenneth loves the most and strives to immortalise in his photographs.

But what makes Kenneth the photographer to go is his down-to-earth and amiable nature. I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Kenneth earlier this year for A Merry Love Story Marathon Styled Shoot and found the friendly photographer easy to work with and talk to, and really sweet. He’d interact with the couples and make them laugh, putting them at ease while he snapped away. He would reassure them that nothing except for their love for each other was needed for the shoot, and they have nothing to be nervous about because they were with the person they loved the most in the world, taking away their nervousness and awkwardness. All the while, he would be poised to capture that knowing smile or look that they gave each other.

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If you’re looking for a photographer who is easy to work with and is passionate about capturing the emotions of the moment and the people in it, then Kenneth is the one for you. 520 Library also provides an all-round wedding experience for all brides-to-be by offering wedding gown and bridal hair and makeup services, as well as pre-wedding and actual day wedding photography services. Plus, they are based in Taiwan and Singapore – perfect for couples who are thinking of doing their pre-wedding photoshoot or getting married in Taiwan.


Images from 520 Library.

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Immortalising Love With 520 Library