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September 2015

Get a Great Workout at Home with these 29 Fitness Videos

Finding the time to work out is tough normally, and can become even more difficult when you’re planning your wedding. Luckily, Youtube fitness videos make a workout at home easy to fit into your schedule. There’s no hassle of joining a gym, or paying for a membership. All you have to do is power up your computer, lace up your trainers, and get ready to sweat.


Yoga isn’t just about meditation and gentle stretching—it also can be a serious workout. Check out these YouTube fitness videos for yoga workouts at home that will exercise your whole body.

1. Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga with Adriene posts a new yoga video each week, led by the sweet, spunky Adriene Mishler. She has videos for beginners and advanced yogis alike, and leads you through proper breathing and form for each one. Although even her relaxing yoga workout at home videos can be surprisingly challenging; the best workouts are found in her Yoga for Weight Loss series.

2. Yoga Core Workout

Short on time? Try the Yoga Core Workout, which is only about 11 minutes long and easily can be fit in at any time during the day.

3. Strengthen & Lengthen

For a longer workout at home, try Strengthen & Lengthen, which is about 40 minutes long.

4. Fat Burning Yoga Workout

Or follow this Fat Burning Yoga Workout at home, which is also gives you 40 minutes of intense yoga.

5. Total Body Workout at Home

This Total Body Workout fitness video is a full hour long, and is sure to have you shaking by the end.

6. Energising Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Ekhart Yoga, led by Esther Ekhart, takes a more holistic approach to yoga, with a strong focus on connecting the mind, body, and spirit in one’s practice. This 20-minute Energising Vinyasa Yoga Flow gives you a quick workout at home that’s great for getting your heart rate up first thing in the morning.

7. Hip Opening Class

Also by Ekhart Yoga, this Hip Opening Class is awesome if you’ve been working out hard and want to stretch out, but still want some physical benefits, too.

8. 108 Sun Salutation

If you’re interested in deepening your yoga practice while also getting into shape, consider taking on Esther’s 108 Sun Salutation challenge. It takes practice and discipline, and happens to be a fine workout as well.

Cardio Workouts at Home

When it comes to weight loss, cardio is essential. Nothing will make the kilos melt off faster than one of these hardcore workouts that are sure to get your heart rate up.

9. 10-Minute Whole Vixen Workout

POPSUGAR Fitness is another fabulous workout channel that features hundreds of workouts for every occasion. Their dance cardio videos are especially fun. The 10-Minute Whole Vixen Workout will make you feel like you’re dancing the night away in a fancy club—and also happens to be a fast workout that’s easy to follow.

10. Bollywood Dance Workout at Home

The Bollywood Dance Workout has fabulous music and breaks down each step so that it’s impossible to get lost, no matter how uncoordinated you are!

11. 30-Minute Dance Cardio Workout at Home

If you want something more difficult, try the 30-Minute Dance Cardio Workout. The pace is faster and the moves a little more challenging, so it’s perfect if you’ve done other dance cardio classes before.

12. 30 Day Shred Level 1

BeFit is filled with tons of great workouts, from cardio and yoga to abs and upper body. If you want to feel like you have your own personal trainer in the room with you, check out Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. This total body workout starts with Level 1, which you do every day for 10 days. The workouts are only about 25 minutes each, and are challenging yet transformative.

13. 30 Day Shred Level 2

Graduates of the Level 1 fitness videos can follow them up with Level 2 for Days 11-20, where things get more intense.

14. 30 Days Shred Level 3

Congrats! You’re two-thirds of the way through a fitness transformation. For days 21-30, you move on to the Level 3 fitness videos. If you can keep it up for a month, you’ll be amazed at the changes you see in your body!

15. Cardio Calorie Burn Dance Workout at Home

If you’re not in the mood for Jillian’s tough love, try Denise Austin’s fitness videos instead. She’s upbeat, energetic, and knows how to make working out fun. Try her Cardio Calorie Burn Dance Workout, which is about 30 minutes, to shake off the kilos.

16. Ultimate Fat Burn Workout

Or try the Ultimate Fat Burn Workout at home, for 20 minutes of pure fat-burning that will have your wedding dress fitting perfectly.

17.Kickboxing Cardio Fat Blast Workout

Need to punch out some stress? Try Denise’s Kickboxing Cardio Fat Blast Workout at home to let off your Bridezilla steam in privacy.

Tone It Up

Interested in toning a specific area of your body? There’s a YouTube video for that!

For Core and Abs

18. Ab & Core Makeover Workout

At 15 minutes long, this Denise Austin Ab & Core Makeover Workout is a little longer than most ab videos you’ll find around YouTube, but it’ll give your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques a great workout at home.

19. 10-Minute Ab Workout at Home

FitnessBlender offers a wide range of videos for you to workout at home for all fitness levels. This 10-Minute Ab Workout demonstrates each exercise before the repetitions begin, for a simple, easy to follow format.

20. 5x5x5 Pulse Workout for Abs and Obliques

Tired of the dreaded bulge over the sides of your pants? This 5x5x5 Pulse Workout for Abs and Obliques will not only rid you of your “love handles” but also will help you to build a stronger core.

21. 5-Minute Flat Belly Ab Workout at Home

Only have 5 minutes? No problem! This 5-Minute Flat Belly Ab Workout from POPSUGAR Fitness will have your core burning in no time.

For Upper Body:

22. 5-Minute Arm Jiggle Workout

If you’re new to weight training, your go-to arm move might be bicep curls, which are not very effective. Don’t fall into this common trap! Instead, try this 5-Minute Arm Jiggle Workout, which targets your triceps (the backs of your arms) for an all-around toned and sexy look. Requires dumbbells.

23. Upper Body Workout for Arms, Shoulders, and Upper Back

For a complete upper body workout, try this FitnessBlender Upper Body Workout for Arms, Shoulders, and Upper Back. At 50 minutes, it’s a pretty long and intense workout, but it will definitely get you the results you want. Requires dumbbells.

24. 5 Minute Chest Workout at Home

The best way to lift your breasts naturally is to build the chest muscles behind them. This 5 Minute Chest Workout will leave you looking perkier than ever, which is great for that sweetheart neckline!

25. Arms, Shoulders, and Upper Body Workout

If you don’t have access to dumbbells or workout equipment, try this Arms, Shoulders, and Upper Body Workout instead. It uses bodyweight exercises, like push-up and plank variations, to create a feel-good burn.

For Lower Body:

26. Butt & Thigh Workout at Home

This Butt & Thigh Workout takes just 5 minutes and requires no equipment! For maximum results, try pairing it with a 5-minute upper body or abs workout at home.

27. Pilates Butt & Thigh Workout at Home

This Pilates Butt & Thigh Workout works to slim and strengthen your legs while also toning and lifting your glutes. It only takes 15 minutes, and is definitely worth adding into your routine.

28. Home Butt Workout

The name says it all: the Home Butt Workout is all about toning your bum! Using exercises like squats and lunges, this video works to help you achieve strong legs and a round booty.

29. 30-Minute Beginner Lower Body Workout

Don’t be fooled by the name of this video—30-Minute Beginner Lower Body Workout is not just for beginners! Using bodyweight exercises that target lower abs, glutes, and legs, this workout is ideal for lower body toning.

YouTube is filled with tons of excellent workout at home videos for all fitness levels that are easy to follow and completely free to use. Mix and match different videos into your routine, and find out what works for your busy schedule. Exercising may not be a top priority for you right now, but it’s a great way to relieve pre-wedding stress and will leave you looking and feeling amazing on your big day. So check out these videos and get moving!

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Get a Great Workout at Home with these 29 Fitness Videos