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November 2014

7 Engagement and Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas

Get inspired by 7 engagement photography session ideas and create your own unique pre-wedding photography shoot.

Pre-wedding portraits used to be limited to formal portraits in the studio, but lucky you, these days, almost anything goes. Your engagement photography session is your chance to celebrate your unique story as a couple, and have lots of fun doing it! Check out some of our ideas on how to inject your personalities into your pre-wedding shoot, and create fun themes out of your shared hobbies for a more relaxed, casual shoot with your love.

1. Toss in some colour

IMG_2588IMG_2600IMG_2605IMG_2641_01Bao Ling and Yanjie captured byZ Wedding D’sign

Literally. After finding some images of the colourful and vibrant Holi Festival, Bao Ling and Yanjie decided that using coloured powder in their engagement photos would give them something unique and memorable. “Upon further research, we realised that the Holi Festival was actually a celebration of love!” says the happy couple. If you want a fun engagement photoshoot that celebrates love too, take their lead and get some coloured powder from Little India and toss away.

2. Jazz it up

1920s Gatsby Wedding Beauty Editorial by SingaporeBrides 33The Glamourous 1920s Beauty Editorialcaptured byA Little Moment PhotographyA Love As Blue As The Skies and As True As Gold40A Love as Blue as the Skies and as True as Gold captured by Smittenpixels Photography

Have you always admired the glitz and glamour of the 1920s? Now’s your chance to doll up in over-the-top embellished gowns and flutter your feather fan. If you’re an avid collector of antique trinkets or memorabila, take them out of your display cases and use them in a stylish vintage shoot. Style your set with some pearls, sequins, and gold frames with love quotes.

3. Go outdoors

YouLightUpMyLife1You Light Up My Life captured by Andrew Phua PhotographyA Love As Blue As The Skies and As True As Gold12A Love as Blue as the Skies and as True as Goldcaptured by Smittenpixels PhotographyJayne and Vernon's Bohemian Inspired Engagement Shoot 51Jayne and Vernon’s Bohemian Inspired Engagement Shoot captured by Bobby Kiran Photography

Pack up your props and head to a quiet spot for a picnic photoshoot, or set up a tent like Michele Ng and Daniel Wong, who built a tent during their shoot to symbolise the building of a foundantion for their marriage. You could also opt for a fancier lace tent for a bohemian inspired shoot, where you can lounge gracefully while your man serenades you with a ukelele.

4. Ride into happily ever after

A Modern Day Fairytale24A Modern Day Fairytale29A Modern Day Fairytale captured by Sunrise Greece

If ever there’s a time to ride off into the sunset after being swept onto a horse by your wild man of the west, now is it. Put on your most becoming damsel in distress dress, ladies, and guys, wear your most dashing cowboy hat. Get your horseback riding practice in well before the sun starts its descent, to make sure you get those romantic sunset photos. Of course, that’s also the Golden Hour of photography, so your glow of excitement will really come through in the shots.

5. Turn back the clock

Tim & Sabrina - You Found Me FeatTim & Sabrina - You Found Me 11Tim and Sabrina – You Found Mecaptured byChris Ling International Photographersmoments of love around the world wedding photography 2Moments of Love in the Orient captured byA Little Moment Photography

A vintage wedding theme is your opportunity to show off your discerning eye for antique finds and your timeless sense of style. Your vintage engagement shoot could go in the fun and playful direction with the cute, tea-length frocks of the fifties and a retro vehicle to boot, or a sexier, more classic route of with the more sophisticated silhouette of an Old Shanghai cheongsam and a cinematic photography style.

6. Do your favourite activity

Derrick & Josephine6Derrick & Josephine'4What a Match! captured byKenji Kwok

Get meaningful photos of the two of you doing something you love. Was it your perfect pitch that first caught his attention at a jamming session? Perhaps you both love cycling, or catching a football game for date night. Don your favourite jerseys for the engagement photos, or bring your shiny fixies out with you for a more personal and unique engagement shoot.

7. Recreate a memorable event

YouLightUpMyLife17YouLightUpMyLife16You Light Up My Lifecaptured by Andrew Phua Photography

You might have had a private, tear-streaked proposal with just the two of you, but you’d like the beautiful tealight candles he painstakingly put together in the shape of a heart to be more than just a memory. Recreate the whole scene like Michelle and Daniel did, and capture this meaningful moment in your engagement session, candles, flowers and all.

Feature image byZ Wedding D’sign.

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7 Engagement and Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas