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April 2014

Weddings in Pictures: You Light Up My Life

Michele Ng and Daniel Wong’s path were destined to cross and intertwine with each other. They met through a mutual friend, Rachelle, who happened to be Michele’s best friend and Daniel’s colleague. They became friends and the rest, as they say, is history. Determined to keep their big day simple, meaningful and close to their hearts, Michele handmade most of her wedding essentials, including her bridal bouquet and wedding gown! The wedding took place on 3&4 August 2013.


Tell us about your “flaming hot” proposal!

Daniel: I wanted the proposal to be a surprise so I decided to trick her into thinking that the proposal was going to happen on a Saturday when my plan was actually to propose to her on Thursday. It was the perfect opportunity since she was working on a shoot that was supposed to end around midnight that day. I arranged 130 candles into a pathway that led up to a heart shape in her room and had both our mums prepare a mini dinner for us. By the time Mich got back, I had been waiting for over 2 hours in the increasingly warm room (due to all the candles in the room)!

Michele: I did suspect something amiss but I thought he was going to do it on Sunday instead, so he got me good! That night, my mind was pretty much switched off by the time I got home, so when I saw a ton of candles in my room, I thought I had entered an alternate dimension! After I snapped some photos of the beautiful set-up and blew the candles out, Dan led me through all the photos and notes he had stuck up on both sides of my room before reciting a poem he had written for me. At the end of the poem, he got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. No surprises there – I said yes!


Your pre-wedding shots are simply gorgeous!

Michele: Thanks! We had such a great time during the shoot itself! We really like our pre-wedding session with Andrew from Andrew Phua Photography because he made an effort to meet us several times to acquaint himself with us and strove to make the shoot unique to us. We wanted our pre-wedding shoot to include things that meant something to us, like building a tent together which symbolises the building of a foundation for our marriage, making paper flowers together for our wedding and a beautiful scene with tealight candles that Daniel used to propose to me.


You personlised almost everything in your wedding, from your bridal bouquet to embellishing your own wedding gown! How did you find time to do that amidst your wedding planning!

Michele: It did get slightly crazy with all my handmade ideas for the paper flowers and embellishing my weddding gown while standing in it, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Although the paper flowers for my bridal and maid-of-honour bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres and flower girl took some time to make, I love how it can be kept as a momento of the day rather than dumping them once the day was over. I also enlisted the help of my friends and siblings for the making of the individually dyed flowers for the church pews. I also personalised the clay ring plate, ang pow box and our save-the-date and invites for a more unique touch.

Since my work hours are more flexible, I visited suitable venues with both our parents. SingaporeBrides’ wedding banquet price list was especially useful in helping us narrow our venue options down based on seating capacity. We wanted to keep our wedding simple and casual so there wasn’t a specific theme beyond our colour palette. All thanks to my sister’s organisation and help from our siblings and friends, the actual day was pretty smooth sailing and passed by really quickly.


Were there any moments that were particularly memorable for you?

Michele: Having all our friends and family there by us made the day even more special. A good friend of mine, Zhijing, flew in from Africa with her young son and husband for our wedding and played our march-in song on the piano while I walked down the aisle. In addition, a lot of our best friends were working overseas but flew in just for our big day and that made us really happy to be able to reunite with them in person.

The Venue: Holy Grace Presbyterian Church & Swissotel Stamford
The Photographer: Andrew Phua Photography & mela de gypsie

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Weddings in Pictures: You Light Up My Life