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September 2014

Wendy (Xiaxue) and Mike’s Modern Day Fairytale

It is no mystery how Wendy and Mike met and fell in love. More commonly known as Xiaxue, one of Singapore’s most influential and famous blogger, Wendy’s love story of courage, hurdles, triumphs and love is recorded on her blog for all to read and be inspired by. Although it’s been four years since they’ve tied the knot, it is clear that Wendy and Mike are still madly in love with each other in every shot of their post-wedding photoshoot under the azure skies of the beautiful Santorini.

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How did the two of you meet?

Xiaxue: Mike and I met over the Internet in 2005 after he stumbled across my blog by chance and decided to email me. Usually, I ignore any emails from the opposite sex, but for some reason, I decided to reply to Mike’s. We added each other on MSN and in the beginning, we chatted every now and then, but as time went by, we started talking via MSN more frequently, and that eventually progressed into web-cam chats. After numerous trips back and forth America and Singapore, Mike decided to move to Singapore for me after his graduation.

Mike’s movie commercial proposal was part of an episode of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life. Can you share with us your memories from that fateful day?

Xiaxue: I was completely caught off-guard by his proposal that day and was head over heels that he finally proposed, two months after we had my engagement ring made. Mike sent me off to pick my own engagement ring because, as he puts it in the video, if you are a straight male, chances are you don’t have a sense of style (when it comes to picking engagement rings) and simply because there are too many rings to choose from! Catch a glimpse of how the proposal went down here.

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I’m sure your ROM at Forlino’s back in 2010 was no stranger to most Singaporeans. Can you share with us your memory of that day and some tips for brides-to-be planning for their big day?

Xiaxue: My ROM lunch at Forlino’s was one of the happiest days of my life! All my loved ones were present to celebrate the joyous occasion with me and Forlino’s put out a really great menu and service! I also have Eternally Yours to thank for planning the whole event on my behalf that all I really had to do was to arrive on time! I had a Mafia themed ROM so my guests were either dressed in red or black, while I was decked out in a specially customised short, white ballerina dress designed by Keith Png.

The most important tip brides-to-be should be aware of, is to always test your makeup for the wedding. Don’t be afraid or shy to be vocal about what you like and don’t like about the look during your trial session, so your makeup artist can re-work the makeup to your satisfaction. After that, test how it looks on camera by snapping a few selfies. The same goes for hair! Opt for fail-safe hairstyles that you’ve experimented before and stick with them so you know you’ll look good on your wedding day.

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Location: Santorini, Greece
The Gowns: La Belle Couture & Keith Png
The Suit: La Belle Couture
The Photographer: Sunrise Greece
Florist: Sunrise Greece
Makeup: Bride’s own
Hair Stylist: Sunrise Greece

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Wendy (Xiaxue) and Mike’s Modern Day Fairytale