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September 2012

Find Out Your Bride Personality Type!

Always curious what type of bride you are or will be? Find yourself in our list of five common bridal personality types!

Now that the big, sparkly diamond ring is on your finger, know that you will never be the same again. In fact, it is likely that you will soon morph into one of the five stereotypical brides listed below. So go figure out your personality, blushing bride, and behold your transformation!

The DIY Bride

wedding reception decor; letter marquee lightJoey and Travis’ Rustic Elegant Soiree at Goodwood Park Hotel by Juxtapose Pix

For this do-it-yourself bride, it’s all about being hands-on. For months before the wedding, you’d find her trawling the web for ideas and instructions to turn her wedding into a veritable wonderland of craft décor, like our DIY of the month articles. Think handmade cake toppers, paper pom-poms, wedding invitations, stripy straws, wedding favours… you get the drift. Her favourite line during the wedding planning months: “Let’s make it ourselves!” If you are luckless enough to be a bridesmaid to the DIY bride, get your UHU glue ready – she will be getting you to cut 3-D paper butterflies to stick to every single place card soon.

If you are a DIY Bride, try these tips:

  • Pin on Many brides-to-be rely on Pinterest to create “Boards” with their inspirational images to reference for their own weddings. The DIY Bride can take this a step further by making craft décor with instructions shared by Pinterest users. You can start by following our boards!
  • Amass an army: By this, we mean an army of crafters to help you out. As with all wedding planning, it is important to delegate. Identify friends who are good with their hands to help out.

The Earth-Friendly Bride

Gardens by the Bay Wedding 076Yvonne and Royce’s Vintage Glam Flower Field Hall Wedding at Gardens by the Bay by Daniel Beh Photography

Earth-friendly weddings are on the rise, thanks to eco-conscious brides who love the earth as much as their grooms! The Earth-Friendly Bride prefers to celebrate the “green” way. For her, wedding invitations are likely to be sent via email. She goes around in a hybrid car – even on the actual wedding day. The ring on her finger is likely to be made of reclaimed precious metals and ethically-sourced stones (no blood diamonds for her). In the evening, a biodiesel generator powers her outdoor, non-air-conditioned wedding reception. All the food that’s prettily presented on the table is organically grown. Even the coffee is fair-trade. No plastic fork is in sight.

If you are an Earth-Friendly Bride, try these tips:

  • Dump the disposables: Forget those disposable plates – they’re not elegant anyway. Consider using pretty china or melamine tableware that you can rent instead.
  • Carpool: Whenever possible, encourage your guests to walk, take public transport or carpool. When you reduce travelling, you are effectively cutting down on the carbon footprints and the detrimental impact on the earth.
  • Give earth-friendly favours: Spread the word about giving back to the earth. Choose only all-natural, environmentally-friendly wedding favours. There are plenty of options, like bamboo coasters, soy candles, wildflower seed packets or wooden chopsticks.

The Techie Bride

Tanarimba wedding of Josh and Anna 35Anna and Joshua’s Beautiful Wedding in Tanarimba Janda Baik by Joshua Chan Studio

This plugged-in bride believes in real-time happiness, shared with the whole world. And she has the Internet to thank for making her wedding the technological event of the year. She is the kind of bride who will set up a wedding blog months before her Big Day, detailing her heartfelt emotions and progress of her wedding planning. On the actual day, it’s likely that there will be live Twitter and Facebook updates, overseas guests attending via Skype and a beautifully edited video on Youtube later.

If you are a Techie Bride, try these tips:

  • Use a wedding registry: If you prefer not to accept cash gifts, consider setting up an online wedding registry. This is advisable if you have many friends from overseas, and want to keep track of who’s giving you what.
  • Download the right apps: Besides bridal magazine apps, there are tons of planning apps on your smart phones that you can utilise to your advantage. You can also use our online Wedding Planning To-Do List. You can access this app on your desktop or on your phone so you won’t have to worry about misplacing your list.

The Fun-Lovin’ Bride

Kaleidoscope Flower Field Hall Wedding At Gardens By The Bay 49Constance and Jason’s Kaleidoscope Flower Field Hall Wedding at Gardens by the Bay by Samuel Goh Photography

The Fun Bride never takes things too seriously, even if it’s her Big Day at stake. To her, the wedding day should be filled with fun. She’s probably one of the best brides you will ever meet – because she will infect you with her zest for life. At the reception, expect a roving photographer who will cajole guests to take silly snapshots on the Polaroid (complete with quirky props like a fake moustache!). There might even be a possibility of her going all out and orchestrating a carnival theme with a popcorn stand (and personalised popcorn wedding favours), a bouncing castle and the works.

If you are a Fun-Lovin’ Bride, try these tips:

  • Break away from tradition: With your personality, you shouldn’t stick to tradition. Find ways to make your wedding unique, such as not wearing heels under your bridal gown and dancing down the aisle. Or, say: “I do” in an alternative venue, like the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom.
  • Go wild with colours: Don’t just stick to white. Try to incorporate a variety of bright and chirpy colours into your big event (you don’t have to stick to just one or two main colours). Ask your wedding coordinator or florist for advice on how to match the colours so they don’t clash.
  • Welcome the kiddos: Include children at your wedding and think of fun ideas to excite them, like arranging for a caricaturist or face painter, to add some glee and laughter to the event. In fact, have them walk you down the aisle!
  • The Bridezilla

    Bride winter pre wedding photography Androids in BootsCaptivating Europe Pre-Wedding Photography by AndroidsinBoots

    The term “Bridezilla” refers to a difficult, unpleasant and controlling bride-to-be who wants everything to be picture-perfect for her Big Day. This wedding-obsessed bride has no qualms about infuriating her groom-to-be and everybody else with impossible demands. Think over-the-top venue décor ($10,000 on just flowers, anyone?), a Tiffany & Co diamond ring, a five-star hotel venue, 500 guests, and a Vera Wang gown… Let’s face it: the Bridezilla wants it all. And if she doesn’t get what she wants, expect screaming and shrieking (not unlike an angry macaque).

    If you are a Bridezilla, try these tips:

    • Do not scream: ‘Nuff said.
    • Manage your expectations: It is impossible to have a “perfect” wedding, in every sense of the word. Guests will be lost or turn up late, children will spill juice on the floor, and at least one uncle will get drunk. So, don’t waste your energy agonising over what you cannot control.
    • Your wedding is not just about you: Everyone is doing their best to make your Big Day really special, so cut them some slack. Don’t forget to show your appreciation to your bridal party after your Big Day. Most importantly, cherish those you love, especially your long-suffering groom.

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    Find Out Your Bride Personality Type!