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January 2015

Suit Up For Your Body Type

We know it’s superficial to say that the clothes make the man, but a well-cut suit never hurts, especially on your wedding day. Get these style tips and tricks on selecting the right suit for your body shape.

If there’s ever a time to obey Barney Stinson, it’s on your wedding day. Your wedding suit should fit you to a T, and accentuate your best features while hiding what you’re least proud of. Whatever your body type, these suit tips will help you and your tailor achieve the perfect suit style that will make you look and feel your best when everyone you know is giving you their full attention. For more tips on getting the right fit on your suit, check out our article.

The Athletic Man

If you’ve been hitting the gym or are simply blessed with naturally broad shoulders, you want to show off your build with well-fitting clothes. When you’re buying your suit off the rack, make sure that the shoulders fit well, and get the sides taken in by a tailor. Two-button jackets will emphasise the natural V shape of your torso. Balance out your muscular top half with narrow cut trousers that visually lengthen your legs, so that you don’t look top heavy. Look for slim-cut shirts or shirts labelled ‘athletic’ to avoid excess fabric shrouding your toned torso. Go for a simple notch lapel; you don’t need peak lapels to widen your chest.

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The Tall and Skinny Man

Men with height on their side should avoid appearing lanky by wearing heavierfabrics and looking for garment features that create a sense of proportion. Create horizontal lines with striped ties or checkered shirts to add width to your tall frame. Lighter colours will make you appear larger, and wearing different tones on top and bottom helps to break up the vertical line of your physique. Opt for style features such as peak lapels to widen your chest, and longer jacket lengths that visually cut the leg. Don’t go for narrow cut trousers, or trousers with a short rise(the width between the waistband and the crotch), which will make your legs look even longer and thinner. Avoid skinny ties or vertical stripes, as they can make you appear skinnier than you are. Try layering with a waistcoat tohelp add substance to your frame, and prevent you from looking lanky.

The Short Man

If your height is a little below average, create a longer looking physique by streamlining the eye and paring down details. Pinstripes help elongate your body, as will a skinny tie. Slim peak lapels and a lower button stance on your jackets also add length to your physique. Go with a suit jacket that ends at the hip, as a longer suit jacket cuts off your legs at the thigh and makes you appear shorter. Avoid cutting your body in half with a wide belt by opting for a slim, minimal belt, or go beltless to really elongate your look. Do make sure your trousers fit well and look neat though! Trousers with a short rise will help make your legs look longer. Opt for very little break (the crease your pants make when touching your shoes) by getting a trouser hem that just touches your shoes. This will create cleaner lines that elongate your frame. Consider wearing shoes with a heel, and look for dress shoes with an invisible, inbuilt heel for even more height.

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The Large Man

Men who have a little more areas to love should look for clothes that lengthen the body and opt for style details that draw the eye up and away from the belly. Vertical stripes draw the eye downward and create a longer, leaner looking body. Choosing a dark, monotone suit will keep your look clean, instead of wearing contrasting colours that cut you in half, drawing attention to your middle. Two button jackets with a deep V help to elongate the chest and widen the shoulders for a more tapered look. Go for jackets with a single vent or no vents, as double sided vents could draw attention to your rear. Choose clean, simple shirts for a sense of elegance, and avoid plaid or loudly patterned shirts as they can add bulk to your frame.Your suit lapels and tie shouldn’t be too slim in shape, as that would be disproportionate to your frame.Draw the eye to your chest, instead of your gut, by wearinga smart pocket square or boutonniere in a contrasting colour. Suspenders are a great tip when donning a suit. Instead of belting above or below your middle, keep your trousers smart and cinch your waist.

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Suit Up For Your Body Type