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Hi Kristine, we were so busy that day and frankly, i wouldn't have made a complaint after that until we spoke to some of our guests much later and seeing the photos that they have taken. As it was buffet, we did not linger around the buffet corner but instead spent time with our guests. Initially we were pleased as we saw most guests stacking food on their plates.
I only realised that food were so disappointing when we talked to our guests much later.

For Chinese banquet, it should be all right as you have the chance to do food tasting and be able to see the food presentation. For buffet, there's no way.

Hi Kristine, depending on your wedding date, it will be better if you involve and speak to the coordinator as early as possible. However, if your wedding is like 6 months down the road, maybe you can drop them an email first instead of calling them.

I would suggest that things such as invites can be done earlier and if possible, ask your coordinator to liaise on your behalf.

What i went through is more like a longer route. My wedding was end Jan 2010 and until Nov / Dec, nobody contacted us for the invites. We approached the printer and settled the wordings and designs and i have to travel to Barnyard's home office in Lorong Ah Soo to collect it on a Saturday afternoon and bring back all the cards + ribbons + inserts and tied all ribbons and paste the inserts manually. I believe this part can be much more easier if my coordinator then has helped us to liaise and told us to reconsider taking the invites with ribbons as it will be time consuming. If my coordinator has the time then, he would have warned us about this and I would have opted for the non ribbon invites and skip the sticking of inserts, tying ribbons and even going down all the way to Lorong Ah Soo.

So, all in all, find out from the coordinator things that you do not know earlier but also try to understand from their perspective. If time allows, try to give them time to respond to you. If time do not allow, give them a call and tell them firmly that you need to meet them to get things done and inform them that you appreciate their advice in certain issues. Of course, do not believe everything they say until you see it. I believe everything must be give and take. I will not make silly demands or unreasonable demands like making changes 1 day before my wedding day or asking to be upgraded to suites etc but i also expect the same to me. No nasty surprises on my wedding, or my wedding coordinator disappeared 3 days before my wedding and no sorry from the hotel.

I have a feeling that this could be one of the reason why overall Fullerton is still priced slighty lower than Shangri La, Four Seasons, Raffles Hotel, St. Regis. In fact, Fullerton's pricing is more in line with Mandarin Oriental which obviously Mandarin Oriental serves much tastier food.


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Hi girls, if you're looking for a unique wedding favour/something your guests can wear on your big day, I have vintage-looking custom-made badges shipped from overseas.

They are cream in colour with gold trimmings and the text reads "Super Special Wedding Guest".

There are only limited number of pieces available (around 100). The usual price is $2 but am letting them go for $1.

Let me know if you're interested and I can send over a picture!
[email protected]



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Dear Purplejenn,

Pls do post the photos. I believe all those that interested in Fullerton should more or least know what to expect.

This will be a major factor in the decision making.

After reading all the above, i am starting to get worry.

No discount or sorry can help as that day and moment already pass. All of us had spent so much time just for that night or day.

I does not matter if it is buffet or dinner, the food presentation must be proper.

I believe sooner or later if this goes on, all this bad remark will spread through word of mouth.


Hi purplejenn and all,

I totally sympathise with what you had went through for your wedding. Well... i think you might be one of the few "unlucky" ones with such unhappy experience with Fullerton. Maybe it has got to be the fact that your wedding is being hand over to another coordinator at the very last min. In a way, the previous coordinator's "heart and mind" is not on your wedding, so he fall short of giving you advice on certain issues. And when its being handover to another coordinator like days before your wedding, its really hard for the other person to pick up and ensure " the best of things ( esp you and your hubs preferences)" for you on your wedding day.

Then again, I still do not think that Fullerton is priced slightly lower than hotels like Shangri La, Four Seasons, Raffles Hotel, St. Regis. In fact, Four Seasons is the one which is priced slightly lower, that's if you are considering to have a Saturday Wedding Dinner in The Ballroom in The Fullerton Hotel, like what i did. I paid for about 1168+++ per table and Four Seasons only quote me 998+++. As for St Regis, Shangri La and Raffles Hotel, their price range is the same.

To be honest, its not Fullerton's fault. Its more of the vendors whom they had tied up with. For eg, the printer may not tie the ribbons for us, but the cards they had provide us with is better than other hotels. ( would you want to have an invite with a proper ribbon, or one just tied together with a gold string?)If they were to tie the ribbons before hand, some couples may have problem slotting in the inserts, or swapping the inserts if there is an error while writing the names.

I think It really depends on what you are expecting, sometimes, its a give and take situation. For my case, i got a free upgrade of suite to the Governor Suite, just because they have a late checkout in one of the loft suites, and things are done very smoothly.

I honestly do not have dealings with the other coordinators in Fullerton, but the one whom i dealt with is rather efficient and good.

I am not trying to praise or defend The Fullerton Hotel and all, but felt that we have to be fair. No matter which hotel you are looking for, there will always be a few who did not have that perfect experience working with them. (;

Some people might not take gritty details like these into account, they choose venues based on other aspects like whether there are pillars or not and so on~

So, dear fellow btbs, don't be so affected with all the comments and start worrying. Give your coordinators a call, if you are still unsure of certain issues, that will always be the best method.


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Hi all,

Can i check with u when do i go down to the hotel to test out the sound systems etc?? I've a cartoon animation DVD to play on the banquet and i was told the hotel's sound system dont support mp3, am v worried now.. I'm not v sure abt the different formats.. wana check if we do go down to test b4 the wedding day?
Hi all,
Well I do agree with what ashley had said. The pricing for the hotels mentioned are abt the same except four seasons. I am aware of this as among those mentioned, I shortlisted Fullerton, Shangri La and Four Seasons. Well, of the lot, the coordinator at FH was most hospitable and sincere and that's mainly the reason why I decided eventually to go with Fullerton for my AD before I even had my ROM there a yr earlier than my AD.

I did ask abt the ribbons for the invites when I had those for my ROM and was told that if the ribbons were pre-tied, they would be flattened due to transport and storage which I eventually found out for myself also. Hence, for my AD, I learnt a lesson (cos i didnt want flat ribbons and didnt want to tie 300 odd of them), I went with a slip in invite which my guests commented that was very unusual and pretty.

I was a lil' worried as I was preparing my exams less than a week before the big day and even 2 days b4 the wedding, I was still trying to finalise things with the hotel. Admist the minor hiccups during the banquet in 2009 and my buffet lunch in 2008, I will say that it was a good experience. Like every thing else in life, there would be hits and misses. What is most important is that we just go with the flow on the big day and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment since many things will be beyond our control by then.
hi popprincesstrin,
I think i am more unlucky in this aspect as my coordinator did not warn me about the ribbons tying as well as suggesting to me about using slip invities. Of course, there are so many details and everyone has so much different needs and we might just have overlooked it. I wish i have someone then to advise me. Everthing is being done from my end, including liasing with printers, collecting invites etc, so if my coordinator is with me all along, so much time would be saved. Guess it's right that his heart is not there anymore. I did feel it but i am not sure because he was so busy and neither i can question him and asked how come you were different a few months ago and now?

There wasn't zero nice experiences. At least the florist did a good job in the flowers as she perfectly understood what i need. That, i cannot give credit to the hotel, of course. Reason being, (you guess it), my coordinator left me to liaise with her directly also. I went down all the way to Aljunied industrial park and sit through with her to chose all the colours. It was then i realised, actually, my coordinator supposed to email me pictures of flowers for me to chose and i just need to tell them what i need.

Also, Jaya, the person who took over from my coordinator without any briefing also did not let me down. He has made changes promptly and reply me on time within that 3 days and I appreciate that too.

The letdown is of course the food and presentation which is also something which i didn't anticipate. I mean, buffet doesn't have food tasting and despite assurance from my coordinator, the presentation is still not acceptable.

I guess i am the most unlucky one in this aspect because immediately after my coordinator left, my wedding is the next in line. Obviously, they weren't really prepared cos it's only 3 days later.
Hi Vivian, yes, the hotel system does not support mp3. Everything has to be in DVD format.

Please make arrangements with the hotel AV team and test out the animation at least 1 week or few days beforehand. All hotels will let you do that.

I was supposed to have tested the AV system earlier but went to test after my coordinator has left, so we were a bit kiasu and brought everything there, including our laptop, just to make sure what works and what doesn't.

Lastly, if all else fails, try playing everything from your laptop. I think most couples did that if they have mp3. At least, you just need to ensure someone is there to help you with the laptop.


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Hi there...

Am considering the Fullerton, and have received their latest package. Just wondering, for those who had weekend weddings, can u explain to me what is the following

"Complimentary use of Music Room at Post Bar for pre wedding celebration"

How big is this room? I am thinking of holding my ROM on the same day as AD, would this room be large enough, or would I have to negotiate for a separate room?

Further to this there is a "Wedding gift for the couple", what kind of wedding gift are they referring to?


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lol my 'wedding gift' was a fullerton snow globe. at least, i think that was it.. we also got complimentary bathrobes from fullerton with our names embossed on it.

i totally forgot about the use of the music room at post bar, we didnt use it at all!

i asked about getting a room for solemnization, you could do it either in a function room (subject to availability) or even at the grand ballroom or foyer. in the end, we choose to ROM earlier so we didnt take up any of the options


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Hi all,

Just had our wedding dinner banquet on 28 Feb and everything went perfectly well!! Jaya and Norman was excellent!! Our guests gave good feedback about the food and said the setting was very grand and nice atmosphere! Overall, very satisfied!
Hi Kass,
i got a pair of chopsticks and a set of bathrobes
I used the music room for my meeting with bridesmaids and groomsmen prior to the wedding. For the group of us (12) it's quite big. U can actually pop by post bar to take a look but better go with the function room for ROM


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Hi Fullerton BTB,

just wondering, on average how long did it take you guys, after you confirm wtih fullerton, for teh co=ordinators to show u teh draft contract and pay deposit?


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popprincess - thanks.. i just called fullerton.. they confirmed it's barnyard. the standard cards that jaya sent to me are not very nice compared those showing on barnyard's site are so pretty and creative. am having second thoughts, likely do a customised design for my cards.

wat abt the selection of wedding favours... wat did you give to your guests?

vivian - any pictures of show? i like to see how the ballroom is set up... thanks so much. ;)


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i found their cards from earlier (like 2008 when i first signed up with them) nicer.. the batch i saw last year, i thought were very normal and nothing special. in the end, i didnt bother taking invites from them.

they change their invites every few mths though..


Barnyard Creations are quite efficient in their work. Perhaps coz i told them to expedite mine cards. But i got them within a week, which is real fast. Even so, we met up again to get some extra cards and printed extra inserts, they gave us within 3 days. =)


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iLuvPurin, i didnt use barnyard in the end. i printed at t&t instant printing at JB instead

bridebride, cant comment on their work but i felt their follow up was pretty prompt. my coordinator emailed me & included them in the emails and i received a call from them within a few days, didnt have to contact them myself. plus, subsequently they also made a few follow up calls to check


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haiz, my experience with barnyard wasnt that good.
i had to rush them to stick to my deadlines.
i'm waiting to collect my cards and i hope they can deliver by our agreed deadline.

i happened to come across xia xue's blog and discovered that fullerton's forino has sponsored her for her rom lunch.
Why does fullerton wish to be associated with her?!


Haha! Bridebride!

Oh yea, i have the exact sentiments. Well... i guess its not that fullerton wish to be associated with her, its her wedding planner, which is also sponsored, Eternally Yours, who approached Forlino. Don't think Forlino need her "publicity". They are alr one of the well-known places for romantic dinners. :)

Well... well... at least now i know that i am not the only one who is NOT going googoo gaga over her ALL SPONSORED ROM! Its so... !@#$%^&*

Haha! Anyway, Bridebride, perhaps you can let barnyard know that you are rushing for your invites? I'm sure they will stick to the deadline, but that might also means that you may have to go collect from them @ lorong ah soo, which is kinda far. :)
Don't freak me out ladies, it's the Forlino at One Fullerton right? Yikes.

iLuvPurin, my sentiments exact but my co-ordinator did manage to persuade me to use banyard's. Frankly, you need to see and feel the cards personally. the email attachments are yucky. I gave the Molton brown toiletries set for favours. I didnt think the other favours were useful.
Hi guys, finally i got the time to post some pictures and for the food and the flowers / deco etc.

This is the 'miniature tiramisu' that i have got for my wedding and it was different from the one that we saw during the viewing session. This looked really pathetic. The original one was placed in a transparent glass and looked really classy.
the flowers by Woodsville - a good job done by Cecilia and her team. All details on the flowers on each table and the stage and colours combination were not missed out.
another picture on the food presentation - buffet food was served in this (rectangular) serving tray whereby it was supposed to be in a tall & round serving tray. The round one was the one we viewed during one of the actual wedding and definitely it is the standard used for weddings across all hotels that i had visited. It is also the same setup for Town Restaurant for its buffet breakfast. I cannot understand why on our wedding, the food was being served in the tray, it made the food presentation look like we catered the food from a caterer


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purplejenn, that's a nice setup. very classy and romantic.

i wonder for ballroom, any pic to show? i asked jaya for ballroom setup, not very nice... :s

i got a call from jaya that he got promoted and someone else has been assigned to take over my wedding. can rem the name's priscilla or pansy... anyone using them now?


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Well, it's been a while since I last spoke and met some couples till I received a few calls from the couples whom I had the honour to assist with their wedding planning some time back.

I thought I'd post up here as I do not want further speculation about me leaving the place without informing anyone or what we call MIA.

Some time ago, I truly throw in the towel hoping for a greener pasture which I am very sure everyone agrees with me. One day I was caught off guard when I was told the management had decided to release me early which I didn't have the chance to retrieve any numbers nor email to contact anyone.

I left the place on the day itself at 12pm when they told me I am released from my duties at around 11am.

I sure hope this had not caused too much of an inconvenience to everyone though I know words can't express much. In any case, if any of my assistance is needed, you may send me an email at [email protected]
Hi Purin
the setup is totally based on the selection of the various flowers arrangement, flowers selection, flowers combination provided by Woodsville and you either select yourself together with your coordinator or the florist.

I am showing you the picture attached. As you can see that, you can chose flowers for these areas:

- stage
- VIP table
- aisle
- guest table
- reception table

and you can chose from a list of various setup. (i.e. stage, you have 3 types, VIP tables you have 5 types of setup etc)

You can also decide on the colour of the linens, tassel, ribbons and table linens etc to create the effect you want.

As you can see, there isn't a fixed rule on the setup and colours and i mostly chose lilac and ivory + pink throughout with silver tassel on the chairs to create romantic effect i want.



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hi miraclez,

i just had my wedding at the fullerton hotel and my coordinator was Pansy. she is very nice and professional and most importantly is she is really very patient, don't worry of because she is new there. she is really stand by there during my wedding and she personally send me the tissue when i'm crying after my cake cutting. i can say it was really a great experience with her and all the staff that day.


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Hi All,

I just had my Wedding on the 3rd of June 2010.

I had a wonderful experience, we had a few hiccups last min , Jaya and Norman the banquet manager settled the issues for me . I was amazed by the way they handled the issues. It was a job very well done.

Overall, I am confident that any wedding handled by them will be a pleasant and wonderful experience.

All guest comment that the food is good.

We even had a new theme - Crystal theme, it was very beautiful and elegant.

I really like to thank the both of them for making my wedding such a success.

Best Regards



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Dear Kriskris,

Sorry, it is a mix and match.I should not use the word theme. We had choosen the crystal for the Aisle and the stage.


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Hi Miraclez, u r right!
i had love bird theme for my wedding.
the florist provide me a bird tree with birds and decorate with baby breath... it's really nice and sweet! i did my own bird cage ang pow box and ask the florist to deco with flowers for me!
of course we can choose the deco, colours and flowers... i have hydrangeas, white roses and eustomas... my colour are purple and silver!
i choose long table setting and the hotel really fulfilled all my request... in the end we had a proper table setting!
i custom made my wedding cake fr outside, by just paying the plating fees the hotel helps me to cut and serve to all guests.

Krisis & Ivan- it's mix and match but i just tried all my best to create a theme for my wedding... i did my own bird shape table place card for all the seats and bird design escort card for the guests too!


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hi pc...u mentioned u chose hydrangeas, white roses n eustomas..did u top up any $$ for these flowers? i will love to have a long table setting me but there's simply not enough space cos i am taking the Straits Room..with a max capacity of 12 round tables, i already need to cut down a huge chunk of my guest list..cun imagine if i opt for long table setting...btw who's yr hotel coordinator and any gd feedbacks?


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hi kriskris,
my coordinator was Pansy Quek... she's really very good... the hotel staff also very nice.

i had my wedding at straits room, i can only have total 84 seats max for my long table setting. in order to have max guest seats, we had a small round table in the centre just for my husband & me. so, we can have a big & straight aisle for our first dance! mine is more like ang moh style wedding... free & fun & drinks & dance!

Yes, we topped up a lot on the flowers decorations!

if u really want to have your dream wedding come true, u really have to cut down on your guest list.


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May I knw hw long before AD then u met up with coordinator? Do u choose and collect the cards direct from printer? Also on the floral decor, do u discuss wif your coordinator or direct wif the florist? Why do I hve a feeling tat all these needs to be done on my own from the response of my coordinator? Tis is certainly not the kind of service I am expecting from a 5-star hotel

Anyone can advise??