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    Been liaising with Violette, she's really good! her direct line is 68778181, hope it helps!

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    Exactly, we asked for the same things as well but nothing can be done and heard that last year show perks was good. but guess the wedding venue is more important as it will be once in a lifetime. We really love the Ballroom, so glamourous..
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    Saw an update that Fullerton is holding a showcase on 5 August!
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    Hi! How did you manage to change your Catering Sales Manager to Violette? Is it ok to bypass the initial wedding planner and go directly to someone else in the same deparment? Looking to go straight to Violette as well.
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    hello! anyone has liaise with Wendy from Fullerton before? how is she?
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    I got my fiancé to contact her directly and it works. We are extremely glad to have her as our wedding planner. Her email is You're welcome, LOL!
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    Thanks! Much appreciated! Maureen is really lacking in comparison to all the other wedding sales managers that I've met from other hotels. I've met way more inexperienced ones but at least they are friendly and tries their best to help.
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    Just had my wedding in fullerton not too long back and after a series of events I am here to give my view for other couples so that hopefully, what happened to me can be avoided.

    So why we choose Fullerton?

    As I had attended several wedding which I must say have left me wondering why am I “paying” such a premium for such lousy food and service as a guest. So with this I shortlisted a few hotels base on my own experience dinning there but realized most of them were only ok experience with only 1 being slightly above average.

    Fullerton however is a place I had not attended a wedding at. Instead I had several staycations there before and the service there has left a huge positive experience. When I was informed by my wedding coordinator that the dinner is served individual plating, i decided Fullerton is the place for me As such I felt certain that my guest attending the wedding at Fullerton would not be feel what I had felt before at some wedding.

    This is especially important to both my wife and myself as we had both worked as banquet staff before in hotels that are on par with Fullerton in status.

    On top of that, the ballroom really sold us the idea of holding the wedding at Fullerton. A flowing long tail wedding dress following while walking down from the first level to the basement via the grand staircase to meet your guest, the side light in the ballroom stairs when you march in - lighting up one at a time as you take your step down.

    So to sum it up why fullerton? Expectation of service and the ambience

    Pre Wedding

    The preparation for the wedding was perfect if I am to say. Our wedding coordinator was very friendly and patient as we had several changes made. She even gave us a lot of suggestion where possible, which really helped us to keep within the budget yet giving us what we wanted.

    The food tasting ended well and we loved the soup provided(not shark fin food but if you are worried about it don’t be the soup provided is really really awesome). Even the elders that can be a little fussy on food where quite happy with the dishes overall.

    To note: the individual plating by fullerton is something which we liked but can be pain to handle as guest start “flying aeroplane” as the big day draws near.

    The actual day – Day time

    Not much of a red carpet treatment that I had read about before in some other reviews. Just a normal check in but that might be due to the timing delay we experienced. We got lucky as we experience both the loft room (2 story) and the other normal room (can’t remember the name) but with a large balcony facing the river. Both are lovely but if you are not holding your “bridal pick up” in the hotel I think the normal room with balcony is the one you should ask for instead of the loft even thou the loft is actually a more expensive option. This is because the view from the balcony is awesome.

    Con 1: as there are quite a few room changes and also additional room being required, things were getting messy. The room arrangement was handled by the straits club (which I assume is the vip service centre) which I did their best to accommodate our request (as we had quite a few room booked) despite occupancy being close to full during our wedding weekend. So I have to thank them for that. However, somehow or another perhaps because I am busy and as such the staff did not managed to get me, the person doing the arrangement decided to talk to one of my relative on the room arrangement, divulging the entire room arrangement too to the relative including the room packages etc. and relative being relative, there were quite a fair bit of gossiping as some rooms are complimentary and some are paid and some are better rooms. Till this day I have no idea how this could have happened as during the process, I had actually made the trip down to the counter (instead of calling in via the in house phone), gave them my number and requested for the staff to contact only me on the updates.

    Con 2: There was a bell boy whom we found pretty rude. On the first day of check in (, the initial bell boy that had helped me unload my stuff was courteous, however upon reaching the counter I met a older bell boy whom gave a vibe of being rude and was in stark contrast to the service given by the other staff at fullerton. This mentioned staff and the younger bell boy than helped me to shift my stuff to the room. After the shift, I had no intention of giving any tips to the mention staff (even thou being our big day I was ready to be pretty loose with my pocket) as I felt his service did not valid such. However, the staff stuck around for awhile after the job is done, thus giving me the feeling that he is waiting for the tip. However, he did left after some time and I did not take issue with this matter.

    The following day, I saw the younger bellboy and proceeded to give him a tip for his work the day before as we really had a lot of stuff for him to shift and he had to do it twice when we shifted room. The matter was close or I thought so till when we had to shift our room. The mentioned staff was the one that did shifting for us too this time and as above he stayed in the room again after the work was done giving no indication of leaving the room. This time I held out too on not giving a tip but even after some time the bell boy did not leave the room giving me no choice I felt but to give him a tip. Again I must stress that beside the mentioned staff the rest of the team that did the shifting for us gave us a good impression and we were pleased enough to thank them for the work.

    Tip: do realize that Fullerton hotel is pretty oval shaped with the centre empty. So basically it is like 2 different wing with a central bridge connecting it. As such there is 2 lift lobby. One near to the main entrance and 1 to the ballroom / check in counter area. As such it pays to ask for the room to be located near the lift to ballroom if possible. Mine was on the other lobby and each time I had to go down to the ballroom during the day to organize stuff, I had to walk a little (not much but do remember your wife is going to walk that distance too a fair bit later on in heels that are probably the highest she could possibly wear).

    The actual day – Dinner time

    The initial start was wonderful as per what we had imagined. The flowing gown, the lovely ambience. Everything was beautiful. I loved the decoration provided by the hotel. I loved the table setting. I loved the huge chandelier in the ballroom.

    The meeting with the banquet manager and all went good. The door of the ball room opened at just the right time we wanted. So far so good till the 2nd march in when I met some close friend in the reception area that informed me that they had trouble getting their drinks (which at first I thought was not an issue as this is pretty common in most banquet we went to with the rare exception of 1 or 2 which I had at first hoped Fullerton falls into). Still a small issue which I just highlighted to the banquet manager. My best man also informed me that a 2nd barrel of beer had to be opened which was ok to at that time.

    Once again the 2nd march in was perfect. Cutting of cake, speech, yum seng etc everything was perfect.

    Pros: everything was perfect for the ambience and the experience for the wedding couple I feel. I even had to have a special order last minute as one of the elder relative had just finished a surgery not too long ago and thus could not consume the normal food prepared for the banquet and again once again very Fullerton like they managed to do it even thou the food we ordered was not available in the menu.

    Cons: towards the end of the wedding, the banquet manager approached me while I was talking to a guest. He wanted to go through the bill with me which I felt inappropriate as 1. There was guest right in front of me at that moment when he was explaining the bill to me (add to the whole room fiasco I manage above I really wonder what is going on in the mind of the staff) 2. Frankly most groom are either too tired or drunk to really take in the bill break down so perhaps the next morning would be a better time? I don’t think the bridal couple would run off in the middle of the night right? It is not even a payment but a signature to acknowledge the bill by the way.

    So yeap here I am having a banquet manager telling me the total bill amount while a friend of mine was right in front of me listening. Awesome…….had to cut him short when I realize what was happening, telling the banquet manager that I am in the midst of a convo with a friend and this could wait till a later timing.
  9. Rester

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    After the wedding

    The stay in Fullerton to recuperate was awesome. Breakfast was as what I have had before no changes over the year and I loved it. The spa treatment was great too. So no complains here at all.

    However, some course of event change the entire good feel mostly positive vibe we had for our entire wedding (except for the above few event)

    However, it quickly went south from there. As fate has it, I bumped into a close friend at the hotel lobby whom had attend my wedding the previous day. We were close enough that while talking about the wedding dinner, his experience could be summed up with “ the service here is damn f***ed up man”

    Frankly hearing his remarks caught me off guard. I was not expecting so because as mentioned at the start, we had high expectation from fullerton. I thought that in the worst case scenario I would be told the service is average but instead I was told the service standard was something the word bad was not even enough to describe.

    With this, we started gathering feed back from the closer friends and relative. Being objective here, there were some tables that said the service was ok. There are some that said the service was bad. Overall we realize that the one with the bad service are the VIP table (yes you read that right) and those surrounding the VIP table which in most cases would = closer relative.

    Some feed back we got:

    1. Asked for sauce for a dish, sauce arrive 2 dishes later

    2. My father in law complained to my wife that he couldn’t even order drinks after being seated for quite sometime

    3. My mom said her drinks was not served even after ordering and reminding the staff till about 30 minutes later.

    4. My close cousin on the table next time mine basically had the same issue with ordering the drinks. One of my cousin gave up on ordering his beer which did not arrive the whole night! Even after a few reminders to the waiter.

    5. Some complaints here and there about the dish being cold but I can accept it. My wife did say the prawn tasted weird and so did another relative but I found it ok.

    6. Note that I did mention on giving a feedback to the manager on the drinks not being served since the 2nd march in (which at that time I did not realize the situation was this bad). I noticed the staff walking table to table to get feedbacks after that. At the end of the night the banquet manager showed me the feedback to assure me that overall it was ok accept for 1 which complained about the drinks service. At that time I felt instead of wasting manpower for such feedback to protect themselves perhaps they should have just used that manpower to improve the service. During the debriefing that night the banquet manager also tried to push the blame to the guest as his excuse for the issue on the drinks order was because the guest went into the ballroom late, which while is true as some of them lingered at the reception area, I felt is a pretty bad excuse and he shouldn’t even have tried to deflect the blame.

    7. Not a complain but we realized that the beer was consumed pretty fast (2nd barrel was opened before our 2nd march in) as our wedding final attendance only had approx. 180 guest and beer was only served upon request during reception and reading above it did not make sense since the guest were complaining about having problem ordering drinks. Since we were already asking for feedback we decided to ask on this too. That was when we realize that towards the 2nd half of the reception the server was already walking around serving beer without request. Probably because the bartender had already poured out the beer into the glasses since the start of the reception. So for couples whom are worried about extra expenditure on alcohol and wish to control it, perhaps it would be best to ensure the bartender does not pump the beer out from the start of the reception as they would than have to serve it before it turns warm.

    Tip: Ask for feedback! Probably this would not have been known to me if I had not gotten the initial condemnation of the service from my friend, prompting further investigation on our end. I think it is a good idea for couples whom are holding their wedding be it in Fullerton or not, to ask for feedback after your wedding as your guest probably would keep the unhappy experience to themselves should you not ask so as to not ruin your wedding.

    With this I guess you I guess you can say both my wife and myself felt pretty disappointed to the extend you can say we felt pissed. Add to the whole privacy issue on the room and billing and also the bad experience with the bell boy each in their own did not manage to destroy our entire wedding experience but now with the feedback of our close relative and friends.

    As such we were advised to give our feedback during the feedback session we were expecting before signing off the bill (which I heard is pretty standard in most hotel).

    During our check out however, we realize that there is no such feedback session arranged. We thus requested for one before signing off the payment. However, the staff at the counter told us that it was not possible as there is no manager around from the banquet department (which we found weird as it was a Sunday and so chances is there will be some event or wedding that needs a manager to be around). As such we requested for any staff whom can take down our feedback to submit to the relevant person. Again we were told that the whole hotel has no such staff available at the moment to assist us. Yup you guess it right. At this point the both of us were pretty pissed. My wife than made a call to a friend in the same industry working at the banquet department to ask for advice. She found the whole situation ridiculous and advised us to hold off the final payment since we had already paid a deposit and acknowledge the bill before. As such we suggested to the counter staff that we would arrange to come back the next day to do the payment after the hotel manages to find someone to take our feedback. Again the staff at the counter insist that this was not possible and we had to sign off the full payment regardless of any complaints we have.

    Finally after several calls and the unwillingness of my wife to sign off the payment, I proceeded to sign it off since there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the hotel is willing to do anything to listen to us.

    Upon reaching home I than wrote a email covering the above mention aspect to the hotel, sending it to the GM, the general email and to our wedding coordinator (whom again I stress has been perfect). After sending the email, whilst waiting for the reply my wife and myself decided that we are willing to bury everything if the hotel would arrange for a meet up with my wife and myself. Should the hotel just send an email reply, we would thus reject any offer they have given us and just bring it out to share. Since you are reading about our wedding experience now, I guess you know the result.

    To sum up the entire story: Fullerton is a nice place to stay and a nice place to hold your wedding for the ambience and feel. The service of the staff overall i still feel is excellent But the service of the banquet can be equivalent or worse than that of a lower rated hotel so if that what you think you are paying for than nope Fullerton is not the place for you. Also privacy on wedding package detail has been leaked for us which we felt quite upsetting.

    Should any couple need my co-ordinator detail do let me know as i really do find her good.
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    Omg... Hii do u mind share which 白目banquet manager is that... really must make sure that he will not be the one running mine >.<
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    Hi! Does anybody has any idea of the themes for 2018/2019 (pics would be great!)? As well as the prices? I emailed Fullerton and the only thing they got back to me was the timing and the min. no. of tables.
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    Hii you can arrange a meet up with the sale coordinator. They will email u a site inspection PDF after the visit! Very details I felt. Attached is two photo I taken during my visit. The venue is perfect but my concern is the stairs... as my 3 vip guest on wheelchair... :(

    Anyone have the same problem? How did you solve it?

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    Ooh...thanks for the photos! After meeting the sales coordinator, will we need to decide and sign on the spot?
  14. summerN

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    Hii no they are not pushy at all. Frankly speaking, after meet up with Ritz Carlton, intercontinental & Fullerton sales team. Fullerton Violette left me best impression. The whole site inspection is very pleasant & I can talk to her like a Friend.

    This is summary of my visit:

    1. Ritz Carlton
    Venue: 4/5
    I can only give score to the table setting as I didn’t get to see the ballroom since there is no one “free” to attend to me, lol... u know what I mean


    They look gorgeous.
    Service: 1/5
    1 Point is given cos at least the sale director make the effort to follow up what had happened.
    Perks: 4/5
    They had the best vendor for you. From wedding invitation to door gift it is just perfect.

    2. Fullerton hotel
    Venue: 4/5
    The new ballroom is just gorgeous, I didn’t went to their showcase so I do not have nice photo to share. Only minus point off is cos of the staircase to the ballroom, for some it is nice but my vip are wheelchair bound that’s y become a big prob I had to solve.
    Service: 4/5
    As I mentioned, Violette is very nice & accommodating with perks. But sometimes her reply via emails can be kinda slow which I don’t blame her as she must have tons of emails to reply daily haha!
    Perks: 4/5
    Their bridal suite is really very beautiful. Violette even offered to provide us the most beautiful suite for our pre-wedding shoot without charges! 1 Point off cos their solemnisation venue is quite “qingcai” is either a function room or foyer outside ballroom

    3. Intercontinental
    Venue: 5/5
    Best venue with a gorgeous ballroom & very convenient to access. No staircase, wheelchair accessible!






    Totally love in first sight.
    Service: 2/5
    Although already have an appointment with them, I still waited quite some times then the sale team come to Me.
    However, the meeting is a disappointment as the sales just rely everything on the brochure to u like a robot. Every thing I asked her, she just say cannot. Not very approachable & they are really kinda pushy as they will keep Want u to sign on same date to enjoy the discount.
    Perks: 3/5
    Quite standard like normal 4,5 star hotel perk. For lunch, u need to TOP up canapé for your pre cocktail at $600++ per 200pcs. Meaning $3 each piece. The bridal suite are very standard too. But their solemnisation venue is really gorgeous.


  15. Rester

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    Hi, cant recall his name...edward or something? But frankly i think he was ok only mistake he made was he tried to go through the receipt details in front of my guest. As mentioned in my post the good thing about Fullerton is they do try their best to customise to the couples demand i feel.

    The bad service i think is something he can't really address on the spot....might just be us being unlucky getting waiters that are complacent with their work.

    They have wheel chair lift. on the right side of the ball room. We also had quite a few older folks (no need wheelchair) and was worried about this so we stationed the brothers and sisters table near the stairs and ask for their help in assisting the elder folks during the dinner. Before dinner when entering we got the brothers to help usher.
  16. Rester

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    Do consider intercontinental. We really wanted that place beside Fullerton as when i was there as a guest for a friends wedding, their food and service i felt was one of the best i had.

    Also the ballroom is really nice as you mentioned. We couldnt get the date we wanted there else we probably wouldnt have held it at fullerton.
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    Hi @Rester, do you mind advising who your wedding coordinator for Fullerton was and if you booked during the wedding show with additional perks? :)
  18. ay92

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    Hi @cherryame, sorry to trouble you but did you hold ur wedding @ Fullerton and are you able to share what are the extra perks they are able to throw in? :)
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    We just had our wedding at Fullerton and thought the hotel deserve some positive feedback so here goes.

    When we first contacted the hotel we were served by coordinator "A" but our portfolio was later passed to "B". We didn't feel comfortable with "B" so we requested to change back to "A". Later when we paid our deposit and our portfolio was then passed to "C" who eventually saw through to our wedding.

    She gave us many suggestions and tried to accommodate to us as much as possible. We had our wedding at the Straits Room and despite the small and intimate event, they provided their best service to us. When we were discussing about the table linens, my coordinator noted that I would be wearing a red dress for my second change and suggested we choose another colour for the VIP table linen (we chose red initially). This totally did not cross my mind as she said I would then become "camouflage" into the table linen.

    On the actual day, they were already on standby at the entrance for our arrival. The bellboy unloaded our luggage and decors from our car while the staff from Straits Club brought us to the suite. He saw that our hands are full and I was walking in difficulty and he offered to hold our items for us. When the bellboy came to our room, they unloaded our luggage and brought the decors to the Roof Garden as we are already late for our solemnisation. Later I heard from my mother they had about 6 or 7 staff helping us put up the decor at the Roof Garden. (In case you're wondering, we did not have any "brothers" or "sisters" so we could only depend on our family for help but we were surprised the hotel staff did it for us instead). One of our decor required battery/powerbank charge but we forgotten to bring it and they provided the battery for us. We were equally surprised when we saw the decor working.

    They even had a staff who helped me with my gown train. She was very initiative and took a glass of water with straw for me after the solemnisation ended, without me asking for it.
    Then came the first march in and she is still helping me with my train when I went up the stage.
    When the time came for the second change, she again helped me with my train and follow us back to the suite. She helped me change out of my gown and wear my accessories when I had difficulty. My husband didn't even have to do anything.

    Only a small hiccup when one side of the door was lock and could not open during our second march in.
    They were quick in resolving the issue and we march in a little later than we were supposed to but that did not really bother us.
    So I guess other brides having wedding at the Straits Room should take note that they have unlocked the doors before the march in.

    I was also told the hotel staff helped pack our decor at the Roof Garden and had them sent back to our suite.

    On top of these, we booked a room for our sister's family (2 adults + 2 children). What took us by surprise is their thoughtful gesture to include an extra bed in the room with children in-room slippers which we never requested. We have requested for additional breakfast for the 2 children and they kindly waived off out of goodwill.

    At the day use room, our brother ordered in room dining service (a bowl of porridge) for the baby and it was waived off as well.

    I really love the services they provided during our wedding and stay there.

    No complaints about the banquet staff service when we asked for feedback from relatives so I guess we were lucky to have had a perfect wedding and this would not be possible without the help of the hotel.
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  20. Rester

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    hi just saw ur pm and replied. :)
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  21. Jeanettekoh

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    Hi Rester, pls let me know too.
    Im facing a huge problem with my coordinator. Pls help. Thank u.
  22. Jeanettekoh

    Jeanettekoh New Member

    Hi happy potato. Could u share with me ur A B C lol
  23. Lilly1232

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    Me and my partner have signed with the Fullerton hotel and are loving our coordinator. We are having our wedding dinner in the next few months and the Fullerton hotel has been very accommodating to our request and emails are always replied in s timely manner.

    We did the food tasting last week and overall the food was good.
  24. Rester

    Rester New Member

    Hello, pmed u liao. i really dont understand why the co ordinator are giving u all problems. can share more details?
  25. Rester

    Rester New Member

    Yup same experience as i had. I think in terms of accommodating request fullerton get high marks for this :) Really love the place and only wished it dint turn sour towards the end. Else no regrets with fullerton
  26. ladeelaa

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    Hi @Rester care to PM deets of your coordinator?
  27. Rester

    Rester New Member

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  28. elliejay

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    Hi @Rester, could you kindly share who your coordinator was and what were the items offered in your wedding package? Thank you.
  29. Rester

    Rester New Member

    ehh how come all of sudden so many ppl asking for it. Pm you the full details of my wedding include how i squeeze every savings i can think of.
  30. Perlin11

    Perlin11 New Member

    Hello! @Rester Could you share with me your perks too! Im thinking of how i can forgo some stuff too! Thank you!
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  31. Rester

    Rester New Member

    sure thing give me awhile thou. just got feedback that some of the stuff are not applicable anymore.....think too many ppl try liao haha waiting for the other party to update me than i update the list and send to you?
  32. Perlin11

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    @Rester , oh! I am actually trying to ask for 1 more additional barrel of beer! Not sure if they can give, I already signed with them!
  33. Rester

    Rester New Member

    that one nope they wont give. only 50% discount nia but free they die die dont give during my time la =p
  34. whimsicalplant

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    @Rester could you share with me your coordinator and tips? Many thanks!
  35. Perlin11

    Perlin11 New Member

    @Rester, yeah they couldnt give free. Just checked with them :(
  36. vvnf

    vvnf New Member

    @Rester Could you share with me your coordinator and tips too please? :)) Thank you so much!
  37. Inuka

    Inuka New Member

    Hi Happypotato, thank you for sharing with us!! May I please have the names of A B and C as well? Thanks :)
  38. sepiatoneloving

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    Hi! Was wondering for Fullerton's Grand Ballroom, other than the initial $8000 deposit, did the coordinator mention that you are required to pay upfront the remaining payment one month before the wedding? Thinking if that part is negotiable and if it's possible to do so upon checkout instead. Thanks!
  39. thegreenchamber

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    Hi all! I'm a Fullerton Bride-to-be end of this year and have never attended a wedding at Fullerton before. I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews about the foods, ranging from good to less than mediocre (!!!). Any recommendations which dish is good and which is a definite no? Thank you!
  40. thegreenchamber

    thegreenchamber New Member

    In the contract, it was stated that we will have to make full payment a month before the actual wedding. Not sure if it's negotiable tho, perhaps you can check with your coordinator. Hope this is helpful!
  41. Charcally

    Charcally New Member

    Hello BTB and GTB, could you send me your package details and the price? I'm going to meet the coordi in march! my email is
  42. Nate Wolfff

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    I recently held my wedding banquet at Fullerton Hotel Singapore on the 9th of December 2018 and am very impressed by the service and professionalism of the wedding planning team. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to special individuals who made my wedding banquet not only a success but truly a dream come true. Thanks to Violette Ng (Senior Catering Sales Manager) & Benedict Anthony (Assistant Banquet Manager) who went the extra mile to ensure that the wedding ran smoothly and left no detailed unturned. They are truly gold standard when it comes to service, I felt that my wedding reception was left in the best of hands. They were highly accommodating to my request ensuring that they provided the best service. I highly recommend Fullerton hotel as a venue for couples who wish to have their dream wedding held. It is by far truly a service with a heart without a doubt. A true example of excellent hospitality.
  43. Porter

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    May I kindly enquire who was your wedding coordinator/planner? Thank you.

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