Sembawang Green BTO sep 06


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oh i mean the letter from HDB for 487ers...anyway also dunno whether it's true or not that 488's having inspection...
that Indian sup told us many people here today for inspection cannot go in when we asked whether can go up 488 take a look or not...


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May i ask if there are members staying at 488-unit 121? n 489-unit 113?

as i'll be the latest one to get my key may i have your permission to go see your unit when you are doing renovation?? my unit layout's the same as yours...wanna go see to have a rough idea how actual big/small the unit is...for interior design ideas...

thanks alot


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Hmm i havent received letter hahaha. From block 489... nevermind maybe i will receive it soon...

Anyone seeking FS consultation? Any recommendations?


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hi, would like to share with all of you a reno. package that i had got a few months back.

This IDs company actually offer me a package for abt $18K. It have the standard package like Homogenous floor for living hall and laminated flooring for all rooms, master rm wardrobe, solid surface worktop, painting etc. But what it attracted me was it actually offering free system 3 air-con, Delizia glass hob, Delizia hood and either a sofa or dinner table and that not all, it also absorbs the GST and provide 24 months warranty.

Anyway, I'm not sure whether I got a cheap package but all of you maybe can use it as a guide line before you sign up any.


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Ang, if this a package price? U need to check if the package includes how much of plumbing and carpentry works. As a general guideline, package prices can range from 10K to 20K for 4-room flats and could differ in many areas. Adding on to your masionary and carpentry works, it could well add up to 25-30K depending on the specifications n designs u want.

So, if 18K includes a lot of things and things u wana add is minimal..this is a good deal. If not, its better u source more IDs to compare the things they give and the prices they ofer for EACH item.


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hi kwoni, Thanks for your advise and really appreciate that.

Anyway this package cover the basic needs for plumbing and carpentry work which I think is enough.

And yes u r rite, diff IDs company offer diff package and the package I got does not include things like bed frame, feature wall at living hall, Tv console etc and by doing all this or buy can cost me up to 25k or more and that could be little bit painful but I think is fine for me coz it have most of the things I want, further more it have free items, no GST and most important is the attitude of the IDs Designer. She is not like other designer, which I spoke to, that promise everything can be done within the package. Anyway, it too late for me to back up now. Maybe all the greener out there can use my package as a guideline b4 signing up any.

Hi puikia, this forum does not allow me to show the ID company name.

Others, ID and quote send.


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Hi Ang, wanted to PM u but u don't accept PM.
Actually there is a way to 'workaround' can try to replace 1 or 2 or few of the characters of the company name with special character like * or #; then you let us know what to replace the special character..then we got it liao
Care to pm me?


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Last 5 units available at Sem Green for grab!!!

The direct purchase HDB price went up 50k and resale price around Sem Green for 4room flats are currently est. >270K!!!

Anyway, is there anyone out there getting bank loan???


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Hi XT,

Have you figure out anything about bank loan???

I went DBS, cuz my friend was the manager. According to him, if the valuation of the flat if really is way above the price we brought in 2006/7 and the amount we loan is not max of the valuation, the interest rate would be much better but still floating.

I couldn't figure out the price now but I told him next block 4 room selling 270K resale price according to HDB website (still having doubts on HDB web accuracy, how come so much diff???). He was calculating for me that if I am to loan 150K+- the interest would be 2.5% only.

I have call asking HDB for a possible valuation of my flat, if not then I will ask the bank to valuate cuz I want to make sure I get the best interest rate.

This is something new to me. Cuz when we loan from bank, the bank will have the rights to the flat in event we are unable to repay the loan. Therefore, it would be weird if one day due problem, bank repossess my flat and sell it off at resale value. Like that would be unfair to me unless I get hold of the access value which I loan. Tough calculation here.


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Hi Nichiyobi

I not yet approach any bank, but did do some online comparing rate, will probably approach Hong Leong first.

I din know about the valuation part, but for me, I think I will get a higher interest rate as my loan amount won't be that much lor. Normally, the bank will offer good rate if loan figure is huge.


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=) I sent back my payslip on 6 apr, then i recvd their ltr ard 15 Apr on the approval, quite fast lor... but duno abt the keys


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i yet to rec the approval from them.
my closing date is on 2 April. Looks like i gotta wait till may, about 2 wks?

Well.. I not in the rush and now trying so hard to save for reno leh.. time is running but $ STILL so little..