Perfume - Which one will you recommend?


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1 vote to Anna Sui Secret Wish..

Eau de Toilette: Sparkling lemon, melon, apricot melt with mysterious black current, cedarwood and sensual amber


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If you like sweet smell, then you may like Thierry Mugler Innocent.This is the only one perfume that I finished it.My others perfume:Chanel 5,Gucci Rush,Ralph Lauren,Estee Lauder Beautiful(this is the one that I hate most),Tommy Hilfiger,Hugo, I can't even finish half.


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I like going to the shop at millennia, all perfumes are exclusively from France. the fragrances really nice and special.


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i still prefer chanel mademoselle to chance. the former is more lasting. another one to recomend is glamorous.

has anyone tried dune by CD?


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checking on behalf of friend, if anyone would interested to get GUCCI ENVY, rencently got it, spray once AS NEW AS BRAND NEW, only retail price at $135 now she wanted to let go at 40% nett, anyone interested can PM or email me [email protected]



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wow seems like gucci envy (pink) is a fav! i shall try it!
currently using chanel mademoselle and i love the smell... very pleasant and lasting.
my hubby is using Davidoff Adventure now and i like the musky tone for the guys! something to consider for your SO!


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Hey, my suggestion:

Still - J Lo
Eclat - Lanvin
Remeur Rose - Lanvin
Dolly Girl - Anna Sui
Be Delicious (Green) - DKNY
Leau Par - Kenzo


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I've felt this way too about certain perfumes. I bought Viva La Juicy. Smells great, but it disappears after a few hours. I asked people if they could smell the perfume on my wrist and no they couldn't.

Perfumes that last:
Dream Angels Heavenly and Halo

Flowerbomb. I don't even own this perfume, I just tried it on in the store and I had to wash my coat to get the scent off the sleeve. Smells great though.

Burberry Brit

Chloe: sales associate put the lotion on my hand in the store. I washed my hands and did dishes, I could still faintly smell the perfume.

Hanae Mori Butterfly

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love: I bought this for my little sister. Lasts all day.

YSL Opium: I hate this stuff, but it lasts all day.


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For me i think perfume is all about ur personality and whether the scent will suit ur natural body scent or not beside smelling good =) and also i guess its more of the type of mood u are in for that day and i feel that scent shld also goes with our dressing too and the kind of event and occassion u are wearing it for =)


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Chanel has some FABULOUS perfumes that are pretty difficult to find, but you'd absolutely find them in Paris. (And it's a relatively affordable excuse to go in one of their amazing boutiques!)

Chanel no. 22 - the parfum version (the best!) is very rare - easily obtained in Paris.

Bois Des Iles
Cuir de Russie

The latter 3 perfumes are all part of Chanel's "Rue Cambon" collection. They were created in the 1920s by famous Chanel perfumer Ernest Beaux, then discontinued and lost for decades. They were recently brought back, true to their original formulations, but can be difficult to find. Your average Chanel counter in the mall absolutely won't have them. I've tried them all, and found them all DIVINE, but to each their own.

The parfum versions are by far the best, and though they are expensive, a tiny bottle will last forever because you need so little each time you wear it.

(I'm a bit of a fragrance-hound, can you tell? LOL)