Perfume - Which one will you recommend?


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Currently using Lancome Miracle and I love the sweet smell a lot. However, going to finish the bottle soon... thinking whether to buy a new brand of perfume or just stick to this.. Any recommendation?


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hi sakura:
it's tough to recommend becos every body's odour varies. Maybe Miracle is really miraculous on you but not me? I've finished Chanel Chance and all other Chanel fragrances. I've also finished my Clinique Happy. Recently I was on Gucci Pink Envy, didn't quite like it.

I prefer RL fragrances...I'm now alternating 5 types of RL perfumes, i.e. Monday Romance, Tuesday Style, Wednesday Glamourous...


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Yuletide is right. Perfumes could smell differently on you and someone else. You can walk around the scent counters to try on their perfumes (try to limit to at most 2-3 scents on your body within a day) and see how the scent will turn out after 1hr or so.


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I love the DKNY be delicious also.Love the apple shaped design.The other one I love is gUcci Envy.


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Hi Hakida,
*wave*, I used Gucci Envy for abt 3 yrs too. Another favourite is Lancome Miracle. Do you know if Be Delicious comes in body lotion and shower gel?


Just a question, i also change perfume frequently but find that to other people it may appear that i will not have a "unique" scent if i keep changing. I notice most people just keep to one scent as their "trademark" so whenever you smell the scent, it reminds you of the person.

Anyone agree?


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my fav is YSL BabyDoll & Paris.

Hi belle,
I agreed with u on above.
I try to min. hving too many choices of perfume.
as I often end up unable to finish all the differnt perfume.


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Hi Hazy,
I bought Paco Rabanne from Takashimaya. Can't rem how much it cost though.
The scent? Er, how to describe.. it's not the regular fruity, sweet-smelling kind.

"This fresh fragrance has notes of bergamot, chamomile, sage, osmanthus, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, white lily, carnation, freesia, amber, sandalwood and peach." -- got this from website.

You shd definitely try it out. The last time I went with friends to get mine, the 2 friends ended up buying this same perfume on the spot.


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AM currently alternating between:

1. Angel by Thierry Mugler (my HB hates tis cos he says too strong liao) - (Formal/ evening)
2. Pleasures by Estee Lauder (casual)
3. Gucci Envy (work)
4. Contradiction by Calvin Klein (work)
5. Chance by Chanel (formal/ evening)
6. Davidoff Cool Water for women (casual)


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hippie, yah, Angel is kinda strong and can really lasts the whole day. I like Chance too! Gucci Rush is quite nice too.


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stepford, when i wear Angel, my HB will give me a "why you wear this perfume?" look.. And will try not to stand too close to me.. hehe
He oso dun really like CHance... i tink he got strange taste :p


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i find Angel very musky. Couldn't stand it when i tried it on my wrist and could not even get the smell off after a whole day. good thing though, it means it does last!

i love Lancome Miracle, Gucci Envy, Hugo Boss Woman, RL Romance and lately Davidoff Woman.


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hippie, my hubs prefer Chance to Angel even though he's ok with the latter. Says it smells better 3 hrs later. ;-)

gervynne, Angel is a perfume you either love it or detest it absolutely! I like RL Romance, Gucci Envy and Hugo Boss too.


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stepford: yeah i find it really strong. u should try Davidoff Woman for casual. It smells lovely.

anyway just wondering how often do u gals finish up a bottle of perfume? i think i took 1 yr to finish up my 100ml Lancome Miracle.


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stepford, yup I tink the smell wld be nicer after a while. WHen u jus put it on, it comes on a little too strong..


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i'm using estee lauder's i think is pleasure,dun really like it,bec the smell doesnt last.i spray in e morning when i go to work,den when i reach my workpl,the smell is gone.


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juz loved the smell of elizabeth arden beauty. frenz were telling me tht it smelt nice and heavenly and it suits me! :)
most imptly, it really lasts the whole 10 hours on me!


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hi ladies,

just wondering if any one is interested to 'trade or exchange perfumes'? i believe most of us here have more than 3 bottles of perfumes rite? is there any fragrance that you do not feel like using anymore and wanna use other fragrance but do not wanna pay full price for a new one? see if we can have a mini 'market place' here? hee..


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Any updates on perfumes?
Tried so many, some as recommended above but still couldn't find one I like.

Perfumes seems to change its smell after spraying on me. They smell nicer ont he tester paper.


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hi all,i find estee lauder fragrance doesnt last,dun really like it

jus fyi,i always buy my brand new perfumes from this direct supplier,any1 interested,can PM me for his contact and list.


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seems like chanel chance is a common favourite, mine too!

wearing gucci rush for work, chance for evenings or weekends.
smtimes, carolina hererra 212 for casual.
luv paca robanne ultraviolet too!

i've a 50ml of carolina hererra 212, brand new & untouched. interested?
n oso a gift set of 3 fragrances from victoria secrets.