Magical night got ruined, think twice!

Magical night got ruined, and was asked to “to move on and stop hovering on this”

Just had my wedding last month at Orchard hotel for dinner banquet. Do think twice to host your wedding here, as guests will be DISAPPOINTED by their service which they mentioned that they take pride in “providing exceptional guests experiences”.

First off, which is the ONLY good note of the whole wedding dinner was the food by HUATING! Food was absolutely delicious, no doubt. Complements from all the guests as well, which is the only saving grace of our wedding.

Everything else ruined my once in a life time wedding experience!
So we have multiple back and forth emails and calls prior to the wedding day. And also went down to OHS for meeting with the sales assistant manager- Events, sunshine, to discuss and confirmed on details for actual day. Was also told that I’m able to go down for AV testing but yet was forgotten about it. And we have to make another trip down.
So with all these discussion made, how can they still screwed up the color of the VIP chair sash and the position of the AV table. When questioned, they push the blame and ask why didn’t we (the couple!) go down to the ballroom to check to make sure everything was ok? Then what was the point of us having calls and f2f meetup to confirm on our decisions made!

They will super inflexible as well, and there are no room for discussions. When asked if we are able to check in earlier on the actual day as we need to have our makeup done before solemnisation, sunshine mentioned that we have to topup extra for early checkin even without checking if it’s possible. It was only after asking her multiple times to check and was able to squeeze for check in at 2pm instead of 3pm.

As we are very tired from these back and forth meetings on our first day as married couple! Talking to 2 different manager (that wasn’t customer experience manager) and repeated the problem for the 3rd time, they are still unable to give us a proper answer to all the problems and yet pushing the blame on us.

So these are the problems I faced and hopefully all the future couples do not have to go through the same as us.

1. Audio wasn’t loud enough, sound proof is very bad, keep overhearing the other room
2. Water leaking at the back of the room (mentioned was condensation issue due to lowering of temperature as we have many pax inside, however, the water leaking started even before solemnisation started. Chairs were not even fully occupied. Not sure how its related to too many pax)

1. Signage and barricade of area between ballroom 3 and our ballroom are not very clear causing many of our guests going to the wrong ballroom.

1. Audio connection was poor inside even with our 2 new laptops.
2. AV table wasn’t placed at the correct position when already converse many times to be on the left side, causing my helper to standby at the audio table almost entire time as audio table was far from his seat.
3. Staffs don’t know how to solve the issues and yet needed my side people to solve the audio issue and fix the AV problems. (Staff tried to connect to specific connection but he still unable to solve it)
4. No contingency plan to solve issues and yet my people have to think of using own ipad to play music through the mic for March in to take place.
5. In a rush to open door and for couple to March in when the whole ballroom is still dark and led screen wasn’t even ready and is still black screen
6. Crabmeat sauce with bun dish wasn’t given a bowl at some tables and yet some tables have it. No consistency on this and when requested for bowls, they mention: we don’t serve bowl, only plate.
7. VIP CHAIR sash color wasn’t the correct one as communicated.
8. One of Emcee mic sounds weird
9. Unnecessary comments & choice of words from staff on choices of music.

1. Bringing over the banquet invoice for couple to sign when there are guests still hanging around outside reception area, it wasn’t a nice sight to see
2. Also, to note that, is not for F&B manager - BING , to tell the couple to “move on and stop hovering on this”

Think twice!