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  1. Tinyfilly

    Tinyfilly New Member

    Hi Sam!
    I met up with Stephanie as well. I am considering to take up their weekend dinner package for Ocean Ballroom, but my main concern is that we are required to pay 50% down payment one month before the actual date. I've asked Stephanie to check if we can pay the remaining full amount on the actual day itself and I don't mind paying more deposit. Will you be paying the 50% down payment too?

  2. leen_10

    leen_10 Member


    I'm also thinking of having wedding dinner in end of 2015 , anyone can share with me what is their package like ?
  3. Sam Lim

    Sam Lim New Member

    Hi Tinyfilly
    I guessed you may wish to discuss and negotiate further with Stephanie if she can help on the 50% downpayment a month before the wedding. I will be making progressive payment towards my wedding and it will lessen the whole lump sum payment a month before.
    Hope this helps.
  4. jole

    jole New Member

    Hi all,

    My wedding is in early Feb 2016 but is it too early to go look for hotels and book the banquet now? I've seen some posts and people have booked until end 2015.

    Please advise. :)
  5. cherrieseason

    cherrieseason Member

    The package for 2016 are not ready for most hotels.. However, you can go take a look at the overall feel of the hotels as and when there are wedding show..

    This is what I did previously.. :)
  6. Tinyfilly

    Tinyfilly New Member

    I am letting go my wedding dinner banquet at Pan Pacific Singapore for end of 2015.

    $1298++ per table (weekend rate)
    Min no of tables: 30
    Ocean Ballroom Level 2

    - One night's stay for helpers
    - Complimentary Two Barrel Beer (instead of One Barrel)
    - 2 nights' stay at Bridal Suite
    - Complimentary car passes based on 30%
    - Initial Deposit of $5K and the balance amount will be settled after wedding banquet on actual day (no need to pay 50% of the banquet amount one month before wedding)

    Please email me at or whatsapp me at 92989013 for more details.

    Thank you.
  7. laadiisky

    laadiisky New Member

    hi alll!!

    anyone went for the wedding show on 18/10/14?
  8. Kelleigh Ler

    Kelleigh Ler Member

    hihi.. went to pan pacific orchard wedding show yesterday 18/10/2014!! anybody can review the food there?
  9. Ladyj

    Ladyj Member

    Hi All,

    just went down to their showcase last saturday and signed with the packages. Am regretting a little little bit because the Ocean ballroom is a little small and ceiling aint high and ....a little expensive at S1515.96nett per table. But considering their perks, i think it is reasonable given that they are 5* hotel.
    Can anyone share their experience with me and preferable with some images too? Will really appreciate this because it will help me fix my mind ... :(
  10. Kelleigh Ler

    Kelleigh Ler Member

    LadyJ, you chose the 9 course menu? when is your banquet date? i also signed with them on saturday! Indeed it has low ceiling but it can cater for really small wedding. And bonus is can get the whole level to be just one and only 1 wedding event. Perks wise.. i guess pretty much the same as other hotels.
  11. Ladyj

    Ladyj Member

    Kelleigh, good to hear that!

    Unfortunately my side arent very supportive of my idea to sign PP up yesterday...said it was a rush decision and expensive. I'm thinking that worst come to worst, i need to transfer my pkg to people who are interested.

    What a day... :(
  12. Kelleigh Ler

    Kelleigh Ler Member

    Ladyj! its your wedding! most impt is you are happy right? i actually need like 15 tables.. but i like venue for being small and having a whole level on your own.. i went to see a few hotels, which cater small wedding.. it gives really small ballroom and worst.. you need to share the reception with others.. Good lunch Ladyj! :)
  13. Ladyj

    Ladyj Member

    Thanks Kelleigh, all the best to your wedding!
  14. hate1986

    hate1986 New Member

    Hi LadyJ, can you share what perks you got from the wedding show? Im keen with ocean ballroom too. thanks!
  15. Ladyj

    Ladyj Member

    Hi Hate1986,

    i sent you a private conversation, you received it?
  16. Ladyj

    Ladyj Member

    Hi All,

    Due to personal reasons, i will need to give up my slot which i signed during the wedding show. My initial wedding date is 6 Nov 2015 (Friday) and the dinner package is $1288++ per table.

    Perks you can expect which i negotiated on top of usual full package:
    - 2 Nights stay in bridal suite w breakfast (usual only 1 night)
    - 1 free night stay in deluxe room w breakfast (for your parents or helper)
    - weddings inserts INCLUDING printing (usual exclude printing cost)
    - complimentary deep tissue massage for bride and groom
    - free flow red wine + complimentary 30litres of beer
    - complimentary carpark up to 25% of guaranteed attendees
    and many more.

    Won the lucky draw vouchers from the wedding show - $200 La Belle wedding and $200 unique colours cash vouchers will be given to you as well.

    Paid deposit of SGD3K (usual was 5K or 8K for most hotels) and those who are interested, hotel is willing to let me do a full transfer. Fit for weddings dates 6 Dec or other weekend dates subject to hotel availability. Those looking for saturday - 14 Nov is available on first come first serve basis.

    Only for sincere buyer please. Kindly contact me @ 93387051 or PM me.

    thank you.
  17. twinklez

    twinklez Member

    hello everyone,

    anyone recently signed up with pacpac for 2016 banquet? :)

    i am looking at Ocean room..

    will u be able to share details with me?
  18. Ahyue

    Ahyue New Member

    Hi All,

    I saw Ivan's name been mentioned quite often in this thread.
    Can I know if the Ivan mentioned here is Ivan Yew?
  19. seoulowl

    seoulowl New Member

    Hi all,

    Anyone sign Pan Pac for 2016 AD? Can PM me the package? I am just about to sign (prep contract now), just want to be sure i'm not "losing out" on any perks. Haha!
  20. auranna

    auranna New Member

    Hi all,

    Anyone know if i can exchange for any credits for PP hotel if not able to meet the minimum tables after signing the contract?

    Thank you!
  21. amazon888

    amazon888 Member

    HI.. Am interested to know on the perks. @seoulowl... can share with me too?
  22. amazon888

    amazon888 Member

    thanks @seoulowl for the information..

    any graduated brides have experience that the lunch wedding food is not enough for the guest? I have a few feedback saying their lunch menu not filling enough? Can pls share? TIA!
  23. cherryame

    cherryame Member

    hihi, can share your package perks too? im considering pan pac as one of my options too. anything in particular that i shld be looking out for?

    how's your experience with them so far?
  24. basiclove

    basiclove Member

    Hello Everyone! Anyone attended any Wedding Banquet at Pan Pacific Singapore? How was the food, ballroom, atmosphere and anything.. Thanks for sharing! :)
  25. Taustaus

    Taustaus New Member

    Anyone booked pan pac for 2016/2017? Can kindly share what r the perks you managed to negotiated for & who is your coordinator? thanks!
  26. basiclove

    basiclove Member

    Hello, I have booked Pan Pacific Singapore for my wedding in 2017. :)
  27. ceciliavalkyrie

    ceciliavalkyrie New Member

    I've spoken to co-ordinator couple of weeks ago. Wedding will be held in 2017.
    However, the perks that they are giving are quite standard. (if you want to know more you can pm me)
    I've viewed Hotel Fort Caning, Swissotel and Pan Pac so far.
    Overall, I prefer Pan Pac's pacific ballroom because its quite spacious cos of its huge rectangular shape.
    One of the plus point is they have long walking aisle.
    Min is 35 tables. the area can hold up to 65 tables. imagine how big it is but also got to make sure it doesnt look empty.
    you will probably have to spent extra $$ to bring in more decorations??

    Pan Paci Ceiling is 4.8m high, pillar less.
    Swissotel is 6.1m high, pillar less.

    Does anyone has better recommendation?
  28. Arod

    Arod New Member

    Hi, I booked Pan Pacific Ocean Ballroom for my wedding in 2017
  29. Taustaus

    Taustaus New Member

    hi, those who booked, are you all going for the wedding show? any idea, if still need pay the reg fee?
  30. Arod

    Arod New Member

    Hi, did you book as well? I would love to go have a look at their new themes! sadly I'd be overseas that weekend. Not sure about the reg fees part though. Pls share your experience if you do attend it. :)
  31. basiclove

    basiclove Member

    When is your wedding in 2017?
  32. basiclove

    basiclove Member

    Hello! You will need to pay for the upcoming wedding show. It is SGD18 nett per couple. :)
  33. oohh

    oohh New Member

    Hi, did anyone sign up with Pan Pacific at their wedding showcase last Sunday? :)
  34. basiclove

    basiclove Member

    Hi! :) Any btb booked their wedding banquet with Pan Pacific Singapore too?
  35. lindaang

    lindaang New Member

    Im with Pan Pacific Singapore! =) My AD is this May2017.
  36. basiclove

    basiclove Member

    Hi! Who is your coordinator?
  37. JanL

    JanL New Member

    Hi! Any Pan Pacific BTBs here? We spoke to their coordinator yesterday and were surprised by the perks offered. We were looking at 45 tables for a Sunday dinner and the reception perks offered were 150 mocktails and 240 canapes. But I have 450 guests? Is this acceptable for a 5 star hotel? The rest of the perks were meh. Much lesser than what other 5 stars hotels are providing. Any brides able to PM me the package that was offered? Thank u!
  38. yojotunes

    yojotunes New Member

    Hello, anyone signed up for 2018 package with Pan Pacific Ocean Ballroom? Just wanna find our more about the perks offered and your coordinator :)
  39. JanL

    JanL New Member

    Just like to share the negative experience with Pan Pacific so far. We decided to soft book a date with them after negotiating on the perks. But they had to screw up our booking. Emailed me to inform me a date that we were looking at was released for booking (after initially reserved for a corporate event). I replied to that email to proceed and book the date for us. After 18 hours, they called me to inform me that they failed to book the ballroom and it was taken up by another corporate event. How can a 5-star hotel like Pan Pacific (known for its service quality), make a mistake like this? Missed my email, failed to book the ballroom and now I am left with no dinner banquet dates in 2018. Now I am wondering how did they earn all those positive reviews when they are making such a mistake at the beginning of a wedding planning journey. All they could do was to apologise instead of rectifying on the mistake they made.
  40. shanti__

    shanti__ New Member

    Hi, anyone went to pp’s wedding show last weekend? Can share the perks?

    Also, I’m surprised that their weekend lunch is only 988, compared to MO next door which went up to $1508. Does anyone know the reason why?

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