Impressed by Zest Livings - A Blend of Quality, Comfort, and Sustainability


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I recently had the pleasure of exploring Zest Livings for my furniture needs and I must say, the experience was quite remarkable. This local brand stands out for its commitment to quality raw material used which is very sustainable.

At their store, the opportunity to personally select fabrics was a highlight, despite not being able to apply online promotions there. It’s reassuring to choose the right color in person, though the showroom was a bit small and displayed only a few items. This made it somewhat challenging to make a decision based purely on website images.

The sofa I tested in-store was hard, firmer than expected, but the salesperson explained it’s designed for better back support. The staff’s expertise in explaining the construction and design of their furniture was quite informative. Despite the limited number of display items, their guidance was invaluable, especially when it came to choosing fabrics and ensuring the sofa dimensions were suitable for my living room.

When my sofa arrived, it was a perfect fit for my space in terms of shape, color, and size. There was a minor issue with a shaky leg, but their customer service was quick to respond and address the problem.

The seat density was similar to the showroom model, and it has become increasingly comfortable over time. For someone with a history of back issues, this sofa really gives a very ideal level of support for extended periods of sitting! compared to the sofa i had before, i always feel my back aching after sitting for an hour or more.

In summary, Zest Livings offers a commendable service with a focus on quality and sustainability. I would say they are not the cheapest in the market, but definitely worth investing if you like to spend time on couch like me. They are not pushy, experienced sales person who can provide helpful information and suggestions. I think they can do re-upholstery service as well/change foam and all. From the in-store experience to after-sales service, they demonstrate a high level of customer care. I would definitely recommend them for those in search of quality furniture.