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thanks ridz, will wait for your brain work.

twt, think I need at least 1 week more to decide on which model to buy. hopefully u can get a very good price for your brandt. Let me know your final purchase price ok?

i'm also looking at De Dietrich's DOP750X and DOC710X... very tempting but dunno worth paying so much or not.


hmm well...

i dunno. really. i would use the brandt to try out the features.

In terms of build quality and programming definitely de dietrich is far superior. but well is it worth it thats not for me to decide.

But when you get de dietrich the basic one the 710x, you might get even lesser feature than that 1599 brandt oven with pyro clean. the dedietrich 710 is only basic model with catalytic cleaning. then 750x is with pyro clean, but number of features i would still think that the bosch and brand will have more features than this mid range dedietrich.

so really, dedietrich is premium brand its hard to compare that way.

It would help if you compare dedietrich in the league of gaggenau and miele. then its more comparable.

from my experience with brandt, good overall quality and build for its money you are paying. better than la germania and electrolux to some extent. bosch is tough fight.

With de dietrich i would say very satisfied. temperature control is very acute. and even heating distribution. of course with the 2 positiion for grilling really works well for cake lapis the thousand layer cake. its very even browning and really fast.

and the traditional heating control is solid for sponge cakes.

The 4 level of bio grill is excellent if you are browning macaroons etc. not many ovens offer, half grill or full grill feature and also the strength of the grill 1-4. they usually have just grill thats it. and controlled by the temperature. whereas dedietrich can control a bit more than just the temperature, but the degree of grilling and also the size, whether half grill to be used or full grill to be used.

so yup just my two cents worth.

as for miele, its cavity material the perfect clean is excellent. one of the best i would reckon. but price wise, killer. even for basic model.


here's what they have okie,

doc 710x
7 cooking function
circulating heat, combined heat, bread, fangrill+rotisserie, high grill (full sized grill), medium grill (half size grill), low temperature cooking, superclean catalytic fx

(this has no bio grill and its ventilated door)

doc 750x
soft touch controls with sapphire blue backlight
halogen lighting

8 cooking functions
circulating heat, combined heat, eco, fan grill, high grill, medium grill, low temperature cooking, bread

low-temperatures cooking (8 pre programme cooking)
pyro clean with pyro turbo (heating up to 500 with fan circulating)
bio grill 4 level option
animated multistart programme with recommended temperatures and shelf level, illuminated display
(rotisserie accessory as standard), cool door

color matrix display
9 cooking functions
circulating, combined, eco heat, traditional, turbo grill, high grill, medium grill, low tem, defrsoting

pyro clean with pyro turbo
biogrill plus (this can u can programme to come on the last 15 mins or so of the cooking programme to sear or brown without having to manually turn to grill at the end of cooking.
eolyse (cooking fumes neutraliser)
cool door
animated multistart with recommede temp, shelf display and its has 4 auto cooking modes
-expert(9 cooking functions -veal, etc)
-Cooking guide (50 recipes)
I.C.S. (12 pre prog dishes)
Low temperature cooking (10 pre programmed dishes)

rotisseris as standard with low tem cooking grill set wth trivet


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Is DOC795 an older model? Couldn't find info on it on De Dietrich's website. Or were you refering to DOP795?

So, Ariston FZ 1021 P.1 IX like nobody use or can't find good feedbacks. Bosch's only rotisserie model (760551F) is already out of production. So I'll narrowed down my choices to Brandt FP667XS1 and the De Dietrich ovens.

Looking at the De Dietrich ovens:
1. DOC710X $2600
2. DOP750X $3600
3. DOP795 $4000

DOC710X is still close to my budget of $2500, so can consider. DOP795 costs just $400 more than DOP750X, so if I decide to succumb to burning my pockets I'll take DOP795.

So my final 3 choices:
1. Brandt FP667XS1 $1485 (value for money & features packed)
2. De Dietrich DOC710X $2600 (entry-level features with superior quality)
3. De Dietrich DOP795 $4000 (superior quility & features packed)

Are the features found in FP667XS1 but not in DOC710X important? Is it true DOC710X will produce tastier food compared to FP667XS1? In terms of cooking modes only, what are the differences between FP667XS1 and DOP795?


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Hi Long,

FP667XS1 features similar to DOP795. Both comes with Pyrolytic Cleaning which burns oil to dust. With cleaning, i believe it comes with 4 layers of glass doors so door will be cool during high temperature grilling. Catalytic cleaning only cleans left,right and rear.Still need cleaning for top n bottom yet need to spend on the catalytic panels once wear off. I like to brandt grills plus function which dedietrich put as bio grill. Tis features makes oven automatic grill for last 5 mins when u do cheese toppings for pizza. I think the brandt fp667 is a gud deal !


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We were considering Teka ovens, hobs and hoods when I stumbled on this thread. Can you experts advise which brand/ model to purchase?
Teka HA 890, Teka HA 850 or the Brandt FP667 as receommended here? It seems Brandt is highy recommended here however, the delimma for us is Brandt does not carry gas domino hobs..
Appreciate any advice! TIA!


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Hi Ridz,

Thanks for your advice. The 2 Teka models do come with pyro clean. And yes, I just realized too that Brandt does have gas hob in domino size.

Since Bosch wis also a fav in this thread, we are exploring Bosch possibilities as well. Bosch's domino hobs are prettier... To be honest, we were contemplating De Dietrich as well. But it's a BIG ticket. We're talking hood, hob (domino induction & gas) and oven..
Any recc for the Bosch ovens? Apparently the high end one mentioned here is discontinued.. Will hop down to Rina later to see their latest model.


From what i gather is that the teka ovens they do not have pyro cleaning. And even the catalytic panels have been removed from the sales. Based on feedback on consumption. so it doesnt come as standard.

So both then 890 and 850. no self cleaning feature from last i gathered.

yup bosch domino are much prettier than that of brandt. De dietrich ones are really good. u should have a look. the quality used for the ceramic on the domino is much better and thicker than tht of brandt. Miele ones are also nice. but way way way. big Ticket.

bosch ovens i would still think that one with the pyro cleaning is good.


For biogrill its intensity of the grill. Im verifying the settings. Its different from biogrill plus. Which is then the same at grill + on brandt.

FOr bio grill plus only the 795 has for dedietrich.

Features wise. Hold on just a bit. im verifying some crucial features. between brandt. because there are some inconsistencies with the panel on the oven vs the manual vs the catalogues.

The 667 seems to indicate circulating heat function available. But on the panel of the oven it does not appear. It makes a lot of different actually.

For me the circulating heat only is very crucial. its important.
then top grill (variable preferred) cos i do quite a bit of thousand layer cake. so im very particular.

Oh yeah there is another oven that you can consider if you are pushing it. Miele. the basic entry model is very solid as well.


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Hi Ridz,
Thanks for all your advice. You are indeed an expert! This forum is wonderful!! Went down to Rina, Bosch is way nicer looking than Brandt. Price diff between Bosch & De Dietrich is only couple hundred. Swaying very much to De Dietrich. Will talk to my other half again and see what's our final decision. If budget constrained, might go with Brandt as reccommended. But if can, definitely De Dietrich is my first choice.


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Oh yah, Teka doesn't have pyro function. The cavity comes with clean enamel or something rather. Apparently just wipe clean. Ridz, will wait for your further advice on Brandt. TIA!!


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Chimmology... ridz sensei could consider writing a book on kitchenware or conduct cooking classes for culinary noobs like me.

Will wait eagerly for your analysis of the Brandt oven.

But the Miele basic entry model does not have pyrolytic cleaning, am I right?

Anyway I notice in another forum that some newly weds are using/getting the Ariston oven FZ 1021 P.1 IX which I was interested in. But they don't cook often so can't really comment on it.


Yesh the interior is made of some clean material name. But i would still think that no self cleaning is really not advisable though not disastrous

Because just an observation, those with the pyro cleaning features, the element seem to be more efficient. one of the reason is the insulation of the cavity is better with those and hence their consumption is lower even in normal operation. So i tended to go for pyro ones because they offer better insulation and better management of electricity.

The 667 i think i might have to drop by one of the mega store to have a look at the oven on display. Wahaha.. cos the instruction manual says there is circulating heat and etc.

On closer look at the pictures of the fascia, it doesnt seem to tally. So its really appalling for me.

As for the miele basic entry Yes it does not have pyro. it offer catalytic panels. and like i mentioned. their perfect clean surface in the interior of the oven is excellent so cleaning is a breeze of course with their pyro its a breeze.

Though miele basic entry does not have pyro but its as perfect as the de dietrich basic model. but the price of basic miele is like the high range of de dietrich. sad to say. But it can do low temperature stabilisation.
 Fan plus 30 – 250 °C
 Intensive bake 50 – 250 °C
 Conventional 30 – 280 °C
 Bottom heat 100 – 280 °C
 Fan grill 50 – 260 °C
 Full grill 200 – 300 °C
 Economy grill 200 – 300 °C

Defrost –
Rapid heat-up 30 – 250 °C

As for that ariston oven. It does not offer the flexibility of cooking option as brandt can or de dietrich. With that price of about 2.2k i would rather get a basic entry de dietrich or the high range of brandt. Its just not worth it.


Unfortunately the kenwood these days are not as hardy as the ones that they use to make.

It really by sheer luck that i got the last of the Made in UK KM005. That was the last. After that they have it made in spain or italy i think and thereafter they brought in other models where the materials are not stainless steel but stainless steel plated ones. and then the wattage aka power rating is lower.

hold on ah let me have a look


The KM020 from the specs. Yes this is the one that you should get.

Because the attachements is the solid stainless steel. Heavier and when you cream the butter. Its good. Compared to the lighter aluminium plated.

And of course the stainless steel will last you longer but be careful when you handle it. if it drops on your feet. OUCH!

CHeck also if its still made in the UK. nowadays i dun trust them when they put made in europe! the ones made in UK are the most reliable ones.

and now i have 2 kenwood. both made in UK. The previous one i canot remember the model already. still going on strong side by side with my km 005 (now replaced with a higher power rated 020) the km005 is 1200w and i have had the older kenwood. for around.. i think close to 15 years? its still working just that the body is rusting a little. Take really good care of kenwood. You can add the attachements etc. its good, juicer blender.

Only thing is the price tag ah. How much is it now ah? That time i got it at a steal.

Was going supposed to be 1k+ but then i it was on offer 999 or so. then tangs had that 10% electrical. so i dashed and also coincided with tangs care 12% days so minus the rebate and all its good.


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Hi there,

Brandt oven FP667 do comes with circulating heat.In Brandt oven, tats the only one comes with circulating heat. Dedietrich bio grill plus similar to brandt grill plus so i believe they are similar features but prices so much different. As i know, brandt oven are made in france so i think value for money. Of course dedietrich still have the sleek design. Everyone wans a dedietrich if affordable. I like the idea of fp667 which tells u which level to put for the baking tray or wire rack. The lcd panel will shows u number of level to put once u select a cooking programme. I m not sure dedietrich comes with it but i believe it will.


cos there was an update in the function in the 667 so just need to verify.

they are actually similar. Brandt is the generalist brandt under fagorbrandt group while de dietrich is the premium brand under the fagorbrandt group. Features wise pretty similar but like i said the build quality and programming de dietrich superior than brandt

and yes in fact the lcd display has even more features for the high end of dedietrich, with the panel, swinging out for ease of reading, and its colour lcd matrix multi start make it for easier read and the touch control is much better and the ics has more programmes and will also determine the cook time and stop automatically once its done and has the eolyse catalyser. Not to mention reminder if its the oven detects that it need cleaning for you to start the cleaning process.


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ridz sensei, the kenwood km020 does not have a "fold" function compared to kenwood's kmix range and some other models which are not available in Singapore like km040. But kmix may not be powerful enough for kneading bread dough so I'm not considering that range. Is this "fold" function really useful for gently folding cake mixture (I assume its for that purpose)? Or use hands and spatula to fold better?


i must say that the fold function. seriously its not a must.

Best to fold using hands of course with a spatula, gently is also possible. the kmix mixer.

as for kneading dough, a bigger capacity motor would be able to handle better, especially because of the fact that when kneading, most of the time the speed that you are using is low. so a lower wattage motor will yield a lower mixing rate and higher strain.

something like if you have a car that you usually travel with 4 pax inside. the 1.6 litre engine will be working all most of the time as compared to the car having a 1.8litre or 2 litre engine to power. hence preserving its lifespan of not putting it under strain for extended period.

and anyway the use of aluminium coated attachment for the kneading and the k beater doesnt yield as nice a beating as the solid stainless steel ones does.

the fold function once you activate, merely turns the revolution for 2.5 turn then stop. then you push it again then it will turn 2.5 revolution and then stop.

Sometimes i cheat, if im folding flour into a butter based mixture, i use a k beater at very very low speed. haha. lazy lah sometimes.


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Hmmm the fold function like very extra. i'll use hands and spatula to fold then.

So is the 1500W motor on the km020 good enough for kneading dough or do i need a more powerful one?


its good enough, you probably just need to just hug the machine a little when its kneading.

and do not overload. if need be. do it in several batches.


if you are doing bread then i think its fine. its the rising of the dough thats very crucial and pinching down. and rising.

sometimes yeast can be crazy.. but seriously bad yeast can kill your bread. or if it doesnt rise properly wont turn out that nice. not bad just not nice heheh


maybe if you are splurging on a mixer as well.. then maybe get the high end brandt?

try it out. and if you are still unhappy with the results then upgrade after a while. then you will really know what is it in an oven that you really want. sometimes its not the highest end model that you are looking for. its very specific.

i know my mum wont like to use electronic control. i prefer digital temperature control. she prefers the feel of the manual turning of temperature. but to each his own preference yeah.


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I want to buy a oven. Exactly, i am not so sure what is a conventional oven, convention oven and the similar thing is microwave oven. But this is all the oven things that i found out in markets like ntuc, courts, carrefour, harvey norman and others.
After so much research until i getting more confused. could you kindly advise me which are the cheapest and good ones. I found Homeproud 30 liters, delonghi 50 liters, rowena 38 liters, techo 50 liters, morries 30 liters. Exactly i already falling in love with delonghi, but ...
the price is totally out of my budget. So help pleazzzze


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I am currently deciding between the following models (was assisted by Hazel at HN MW... nice girl and quite knowledgeable):

1. Electrolux eob31002x ($699)
2. Brandt fe611xs1 ($699)
3. Bosch HBN331E2J ($666)

I like the Brandt the best but the oven is 16amp and HDB standard is 13amp. The salesgirl told me that as the oven is actually a basic model, it can be plugged into a 13amp with no problem. However I'm concerned this may void the warranty and I don't want my house to trip everytime I turn on the oven!

The salesgirl also mentioned that the Bosch one has more features but Electrolux oven has better inside lining. Electrolux and Bosch only have 5 cooking programmes (tho it's really all I need) while Brandt has 6.

However the Bosch one is out of stock as some condominium apparently ordered it to outfit their apartment kitchens, and new stock only coming in late Aug. My contractor is starting work next week!

Looks like I'll be going for the Electrolux. My mother also swears by Electrolux as apparently they have really good after-care service/guarantee and will willingly come fix your appliances if they are not working.

Also getting the compact pullout Electrolux hood EFP9520X.

Any thoughts or advice?


value for money, yes brandt.

Between these 3 ovens, mu first choice will still be bosch, because of circulating heat only feature. i would wait. i can just make the cabinet and the power socket near it and then once stock arrives just install in.

With fan heat only, it offers quite a bit more flexibility in cooking as compared the top bottom and pulsed with fan heat. or aka, top + bottom + fan heat. this is present in electro and brandt. this will mean that multi level cooking may not be that even.


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thanks ridz. Think I will go for the bosch, but HN is out of it till late august. Anyone knows where I can get the bosch model HBN331E2J for similar price ($666)?


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take note that bosch hbn 33e12j only have 4 levels position for baking tray while others have 5 levels which offer more flexibility. Bosch comes with circulating heat but do not have pizza settings. Bosch hbn33e12j is made in turkey so quality + performance is a question mark. The door opening is not so gud compare with german made. Circulating heat is to cut down on cooking time, top + bottom + fan heat still quite even for multi level cooking. Brandt fe611 offers 6 cooking programme plus made in france and the door opening gives u confident on their products. Electrolux oven door are terrible. Brandt models support rottiserrie kit.if you need rottiserrie, jus get the kit from agent while bosch models do not have tis.


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Electrolux hood EFP9520X is made in china, price is cheap but quality very bad. if u buying for display purpose, go ahead.


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celestia, thanks for feedback. just wondering if you know brandt oven fe611 which is 16amp can be safely plugged into HDB 13amp socket?

Noted about the hood. Thanks. Any other compact hood to recommend? As I am building onto existing cupboard so I am limited to slimline and compact hood.


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Hi there,

Brandt fe611 is safe to plug in 13amp. As the oven do not go up to 500 degrees hence 13amp is enough.

If u prefer telescopic type like efp9520 then u can consider turbo,smeg n brandt.Turbo n brandt are similar prices but smeg higher.


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Hi all,

have decided to go with the Bosch oven. I don't mind that it only has 4 levels - frankly, I'm using a Smeg oven at home and I've only been using the middle tray holder so probably I'm not using the oven to full advantage also :p

I'm just not comfortable with plugging in the 16amp into a 13amp socket, as my block is quite old also and I don't wanna run the risk of blacking out the block when I bake cookies... heh.

Thanks all for advice. I got the oven from Parisilk for a very good price.


circulating heat cannot be fully replaced with top + bottom + fan, results arent just the same. in fact at times it give unsatisfactory results.


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Hi, I just bought a Brandt FE611XS1 from HN.

About the 16amp into a 13amp socket.. so what should we do about it? So we get our contractor to install a 16amp socket for the oven?



okie here is the update. Yes brandt features for the high end model indeed got changed.

Before the update on feature they have
1) top + bottom + fan plused
2) top and bottom
3) top and bottom ECO
4) Top and fan Rotisserie
5) Top heat pulsed Rotisserie
6) Bottom and Fan
7) pulsed top bottom and fan ( this is more defreosting)
8) eco pyro clean
9) pyro
10) auto cooking

new updated one is
1) FaN circulation heat
2) Top and bottom ECO
3) Top and bottom
4) top and bottom and fan
5) Bottom and fan
6) Top and fan and rotisserie
7) TOp heat only
8) pulsed top and bottom and fan (defrosting or low temp)
9) pyro clean ECO
10_ Pyro cleaning
11) auto cooking.

So yeah can go for brandt high end. i would certainly think its best for the number of features you are getting for that price.


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Hi Ridz,

What do you think of the latest model of Bosch oven? HBA 78B750 (see link: http://www.bosch-home.com/Files/Bosch/Sg/sg_en/Document/Bosch%20Built-in%20Appliances%202009.pdf) Do you think this new model is better than the Brandt 667? We are still toggling between De Dietrich, Brandt and Bosch but we really don't like Brandt's hobs.. Bosch's hobs still ok.
We went by HN MW and the Bosch salesperson still has very few of the old Bosch oven model: Bosch HBN 760651 @ $1599. Price diff between the old and new model is abt $1.4k... Opinions??


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Hi All,

I'm considering Brandt FE611XS. However, according to the specs, this model does not comes with the turnspit. Does it mean that this oven do not have the rotisserie feature? The salesman told me I can purchase the turnspit from them if I require it. Anyone know how much does it cost? thanks.


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Hi All,

By the way, I had read abt the amp thing. Brandt FE611XS requires 16Amp. I stay in HDB. Any problem if I want this oven? Thanks


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Hi Cameron

- 56L capacity, Made in Germany
- 68 automatic programmes but still need to key weight of food
- Triple glass door
- Memory function, memorise ur favourite settings
- Price S$2500

Brandt FP667
- 54L capacity, Made in France
- only 6 automatic programmes but no need to key in weight of food
- Quadruple glass door
- Rottiserrie kit
- Grill plus for pizza toppings
- Positoning cooking
- Price S$1450

Bosch new model has more recipe programmes. Price still around 1k difference. Brandt will be more value for money if u compare HBA78B750. Older hbn760651 is worth buy too, it jus tat doesnt comes with english wordings for automatic programmes compare with new model. it shows you in numberic,etc P01 so u need to refer to manual book. No memory function but 60L capacity. i will prefer bosch old model or brandt fp667 for cleaning bcoz it makes u no need to remove wire rack which installed at the side of interior oven during pyro cleaning.


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Hi Ger

Brandt fe611 will rotate the rottiserrie kit when u select the right 2nd programme. Default set doesnt comes with the kit so u need to buy it separately from agent. Price around S$90 to S$100