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Hi ridz,

u are so well nform on ovens. I'm very very impress! I'm thinking of buying a de dietrich oven and steam oven. Do u think the steam oven is worth splurging on cos my hubby says we can always steam w/o a steam oven. Just use the conventional method. And which oven model is the best? By the way, heard de dietrich price is fixed no matter which distributor u purchase from, is it true?


hi faithz1528

thanks for the compliment.

wel yes de dietrich is great. have you been to their show room or even have a look at how they function.

if you are looking for even better ones but the price is a killer then maybe you can consider MIELE.

the price is about 1.5 times the price of de dietrich.

de dietrich high end models is aroun 3300 while miele prices starts from 3000+ to around 6000+

but both are fantastic.

however i prefer the look from de dietrich for the oven hobs and hood.

yes their prices are relatively fixed cos they have very exclusive distribution rights and hence prices are relatively controlled.

you can try www.rinaelectrical.com.sg they can usually give good rates.

well if you are thinking of splurging on steam oven then you could.but if you find that its a bit too pricey then you can always for the generalist brand under brandt group which is brandt.

its like thomson washing machine premium while brandt is the generalist brand. hence prices are different. but of course the features are also different.

so yeah same de dietrich is high end built in while brandt is the lower end.

Oh are you looking for full sized oven or the collection 38

full sized oven this is the best

this is the collection 38 its about half the size pof full oven

for their steam ovens is

and the lower end under the same company is brandt steam oven

check it out yeah?


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Hi ridz,

Thanks for your help! You are really amazing. I realise you are a teacher, are you teaching home economics?

MIELE is too way out of my budget. I will most prob go for DE Dietrich 490X. Since i'm getting, might as well get a better one with all the functions. I've been to Rina cos it's near my office, they don't give disc. for De Dietrich. Woner if any of the distributor do. Will call and check one by one.


hi faithz 1528,

not a problem. nay i am not just attention to details is my style. anyway yes i am a teacher and no i am not teaching home economics.

Yup miele is also way out of my budget and i love the look and the feel and the use of de dietrich. its fantastic.

the 490x is the stainless steel. they have in white and black too. if you want i think gotta order then they indent in.

call them up to ask them to send you a copy of the catalogue if you dun have one.

oh rina sometimes its a bit only cheaper. but at times maybe new range they dun give. anyway you can try eldric marketing. its located at the top level of centre point shopping centre its at the corner near this lets party shop. you can try. but usually if you are buying several items then you have bargaining power.

if you happen to see VIking waaah,. or highlander i tell you, you will definietely love it but alas,.. the price wah liew eh.. a range cooker the one that has the gas on top and the oven together in one unit viking price retailsa round the tens of thousands but its solid form i can tell you.

maybe that could help? eldric marketing.

oh yeah out of curiosity. how did you come about to know about de dietrich and what made you dedide to splurge on something like that. just curious?


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Hi ridz,

Thanks for all the valuable info. I'll check out eldric marketing. Since I'm getting the steam oven, i gotta get the stainless steel oven so they can match. But i do like both the black and white oven, very nice and unique, can match my kitchen cabinet.

I've have read and seen De Dietrich in various home and deco magazines. The kitchens that are featured always look so complete and nice when they have the De Dietrich steam oven and oven. I always knew i wanted one. The oven comes with the previous place I bought, didn't spend $ changing it cos it's brand new. Just bought a resale so I'm jumping at the opportunity to finally own a De Dietrich oven! Since I'm spending so much, wanna gather more feedback. None of frds use this brand so I'm really glad I know you. You provide me so much info and positive feedback, that set my ind at ease to splurge on it.


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hi ridz,

any recommendation for a table-top oven? i m looking for one which can bake cakes and grill meat. not prepared to pay too much like $1K+ for a steam oven though.

any brands or models which you can recommend? i was considering gd old baby belling but the lack of a glass panel and also small capacity are drawbacks to getting one.

please advise, thanks!


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hi there...just got a rowenta model 0904...38 litres...spend about $450 on it...this model does not comes with the fan function...so it is purely an oven

so far used to bake cookies...found good

baby belling do think it is good too...but the internal space seems small...cant do a bigger cake


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hi, anyone using teka oven ? would like to know if it's any good...i'm thinking of getting the model HI605. Thanks !


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Hi,i have bin using Teka's HI 605 oven for 2 years already and has not given me any problems as i bake very often. I would say its a mid range model and it has basically almost all functions that i need. Strongly recommended!


Hi Hearts

I just got mine Taka HI 605.
Mind to share some tips?
Eg. How to judge temperature?
Cleaning up?



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Hi Ridz,

Communicated with you last year regarding purchase of built in oven. I finally purchased a Brandt built in oven (with knob which i need to turn).

Currently, trying to know how to use it.
How shd i clean up before trying:

I'm keen to try making cookies or cake. can you give me your instruction as i am pretty new in this area e.g. temp, time. etc



hi sugarlily,

sure i remember you. Congratulations on your purchase of your brandt oven. by the wya which model did yo purchase?

I see. well as with most newer generation french ovens you need to set the time first before it will allow yo to power on the oven.

How should yo clean up before trying.

Basiclly not much cleaning is needed. i dun think it is necessary to do.

Maybe you cna remove all the plastics and wrappings and then set the time and switch on top and bottom heat set to max power i think its 270 degrees. and leave it on for about 45 mins or so. there is some burning smell going on during this period.

THis is normal as you are burning off the layer of lining that they have placed within the cavity and at the same time with the heat you are actually making it sterile.

Then after that allow the oven to cool and probably you can wipe the interiors of the oven with a very slight damp cloth and mayeb if you are really paranoid you can remove the racks and trays and give it a rinse and place it back.

and you are ready to start.

Next question, it depends on which model you are having then i can at least provide some guide as to the settings that you require for some of the generic cakes.

you can follow the guide that they give you. yo can look at the item then look across the page for the temperature as well as the cooking setting. Then they will write i think its level or something if it indicates 3 then what it means is that you place the item on rack number 3. counting the rack from the bottom. you can actually see the rack number imprinted on the cavity of the oven when you open the oven door along the sides.

Basically cakes you require 180 degrees top bottom tradition heat and rack level 2.
For cookies, depends on the type of cookies. if you want to cook really fast you probably can place on racks 1,3,5 temperature of about 150-180 and using the fan feature.

any other specific then you let me know yeah


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Any comment on Sharp Grill Microwave R758K?

Thinking of getting this but not sure is this easy to operate for me (a newbie) :p
Juz want to use for simple heating up, thawing (microwave) and bake simple cake, grill chicken wing etc (grill)


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hey ppl,
i'm getting an oven soon....contemplating between teka,rinnai,brandt and electrolux.

got a question on the number of functions different ovens have-i basically would like to be able to bake and grill....but the specifications of different ovens are confusing me.

Please advise,any1?


Hi Esther

Well if yo are looking for an oven then probably the only thing that i can advise is find out exactly what are the cooking modes that you require as this will help you narrow down the search for the various brands and you can effectively eliminate the brands that do not have features

Take into consideration future uses too. like maybe fan feature? or probably turnspit? Or self cleaning feature?

And then of course aesthetics and also the price as in your budget.

If you would be able to give me more details then i probably can help. Best would be budget as a start


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hi ridz,noticed you contribute very contructive comments about electrical appliances to the forum

i read your previous postings on brandt and checked out 229/442
the lady at mega discount asked me if i needed turbo?is it necessary?

i would like to bake cookies,cake etc,grill chix too...
also cool door?necessary?if not will damage my kitchen cabinet or risk burn is it?

i was reading that u said turnspit is the metal rod to poke through bird e.g chix right?so i think this option is good to have.

i downloaded teka oven catalogue,very much confused by so many symbols and specs.teka has so many ovens to choose from.

budget not more than 1k.i think max i will go is 1.2 (hopefully)

self-cleaning feature is it necessary?coz the lady @ mega discount says it is troublesome to have (can't recall the explanation she gave though).

i also dun want to save costs by getting one oven with too little features that i will regret not having in future.

safety feature i think is impt for me coz 3-4 years down the road we will have kids.

also why i'm confused coz different models describe their cooking functions in a varied ways.One says baking is 1 of their functions,the other do not mention the word baking at all.there fore i get abit confused if that means i can't bake cookies/cakes?

ridz....i value your advice...i will make my decision from there.

also i noticed your other thread u were sharing about island hood,i check out brandt,wasted they dun have "silent" ones.One and only one which has to be specially indent if i really want.

eagerly awaiting your posting.

evon:can share why you have narrowed down to this 2 models?do u like baking like me?
hehehehe.next time can share recipes.


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i will use teka as an example on their oven specs in different models:

1)bottom heat ?
2)grill/maxi grill?
5)motor turbo multifunction?what's this??

dun really understand the above specs

cooking functions varies from 3-16 (what are they?)

safety systems:
1) door opening security disconnection?
2)children safety block option?
3)anti-tip tray system
4)safety thermostat?
5)glazed door?

cleaning system:
1)self-cleaning panels?necessary?
2)pyrolitic cleaning?

Also class efficiency:
class A vs Class B does it really matter?

if it is i will simply eliminate oven models with class B efficiency?

sorry for so many many questions


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also is it true for brandt ovens,we may have language difficulty?
read somewhere in the forum,can't rem where though.

i think FP 229XS1 is great becoz of cool door,safety first right?

hey ridz,evon,u guys have msn?


hi esther,

i have added you on my msn. mY my you have a lot of question okie i will reply post by post okie.

If i am right probably this feature is the combination where its fan but top and bottom heat you an see the symbol is fan with a line on the top and bottom

yes sometimes you need this but very rarely not in a lot of dishes though. i will put this as an optional but great to have.

Next is about cool door. okie let me clarify cool door is specifically to the glass door or see through door windor. If you are going to have children and you are placing the oven built in under cabinet which is near to floor level the answer is yes COOL DOOR is a must.
cos without the cool door if say the interior of the oven is blistering 180 degrees the glass door could be like 80 degrees or more and this could cause serious burn if children or even yourself touched the door.

Do not confuse yourself with the tangetial cooling. this is another feature where the oven has a fan that circulates air around the oven body so as not to burn the wood cavity that it sits in. this is tangetial cooling. IT IS A MUSt if you want to preserve your wood cabinets.

for self cleaning feature. i would say in times and age like now its is a must have must like dryers i would say its a must hasve these days.

there are 2 types of self cleaning. Manual self cleaning or auto self cleaning.

Manual self cleaning
this means that the sides and the back of the oven cavity is lined with catalytic panels which where when you are cooking and the sugars and butter splashes to the side or back of the oven it will get stuck to these catalytic panel. and these catalytic panel when heated will burn off the sugar and fatty molecules.

cheaper than pyrolytic cleaning

Only some parts of the oven is lines not all parts
Also it needs to be replaced usually with normal regular usage about 1-2 years or when the surface of these panels becomes smooth
you have to manually take out all the racks and then just left the panels inside and set temperature to maximum and let it "burn" off the molecules.
plus the cleaning is still not as clean as pyro cleaning

Auto cleaning
This is slightly different where the pyro enamel is built in and around the cavity of the entire oven. What happens is that there is usually a setting to set to before the cleaning process will start. The prcess goes through that the oven will heat up to more than 350 degree for brandt and 500 for de dietrich where it any sugars and fats that splashes to the side of the oven cavity or back or top and bottom will be oxidised and turn to ash.

VEry very clean
All around the interior of the oven
auto matic modes. some oven models even feature economy pyro mode -eco pyro - where the oven will determine how much cleaning is needed and heats up and the duration of the cycle is also set by itself.
You only need to wipe it down with a soft dry cloth or slight damp cloth after the cycle and cleaning is complete. just give the racks a rinse voila.

You have to set this mode pyro clean (but some models like de dietrich will even warn you when its dirty and needs cleaning)
can take up to 2 hours to clean cos it heats up and maintains but locks the door and then cools down to a certain temperature before cycle ends
More electricity is needed to just do this cycle. Whereas in the manual cleaning say you fininsh backing just to save energy use the residual energy bu taking out the cooking and the just increase the temperature and let it burn for additional 30-45 mins and thats the cleaning you need.

basic features that i think you would need is
Fan cooking feature -- for multi level cooking and things like choux pastry and cookies is great to use this
Top and Bottom Heat-- for traditional cakes requires straight top and bottom heat.
Top with fan -- you can cook chicken evenly and still have the nice golden "tan" to the bird. or other cooking or
Bottom with fan -- great for those cookings that is heavily moist like quiches.
Combination -- top and bottom with fan
and top heat only -- variable setting preferred. this would be great for just grilling only like kek lapis u know the thousand layer cake you need this and also if you want to char grill satay to give that crisp you need to use this and leave the door ajar while grilling.

THese are basic that you need. the rest you can alter the setting in order to cook.

and of course you mention turnspit this probably would be another consideration yeah.


as for the teka ovens.

this i cannot comment that much cos they are as complicated as ariston ones.. i still prefer the way electrolux, brandt, de dietrich and also bosch oven how they label their features.

features are like top bottom heat is one feature, then top only is another feature.. then you keep on adding lor. but you look at the specs its hard.. look at the symbols you can figure out what is those. and the features that i mention you can look out and see which oven has those feature and then you can narrow down your search.

for the motor turbo i reckon as i mentioend before its top bottom heat plus fan at the same time.

safety system that you need to look out for.
Anti tip tray -- this is important but i think most new generation ovens has this
tangetial cooling - i mentioned this in previous posting
cool door -- this means that even with the oven inside at 270 degrees the door is still maintained at max 60 degrees or usually its aroung 45 degrees yes then this is cool door so that when you touch the door or children touch the door which is always happening they dun burn their precious hand
-auto shut off system (in case you forgot to switch off)
dun get glazed door, get ventilated ones. ventilated ones are a bit cooler, best is still cool door.

Other features
Get pyro cleaning if you have the budget its way better than manual cleaning ovens or catalytic panels oven.

turnspit some offer as an option the brandt Fe 422 has turnspit as an option and you need to purchase it seperately and so does Fe 229 i think its optional can add one. But alas Fe 422 is catalytic manual cleaning oven while 229 is pyro cleaning oven.

As for brandt, no lah no langusge problem, you can get the guide in english. i have a brandt oven too and the manual is in english yo an always call them to ask them for it in case they forgot to pack it like what happen to one of the readers but i called them up and have it deliverd.

CLASS A oven is better cos it uses less electricity. in light of the rising oil prices its best bet to have A class ovens.

any idas on franke ovens.. well so far no reviews im afraid. Bosch ovens are good but expensive. brandt offers value for money. electrolux isnt that too bad but just that the price jump between models is like brandt also jump very high. de dietrich is best bet but prices also wah seh.. miele is fantastic too but price-- killer.ariston --- err nay i will give it a skip, indesit not even in my shortlist.


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hi ridz,i have come to a conclusion brandt 229 is my best choice.because partly of asestatic wise,brandt ovens looks really "classy"...;)


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hey ridz....need your opinion on this electrolux model


7 cooking functions

Ultra Fan Plus

Turbo grill

Programmable electronic timer with display

Large see through window

Safe-to-touch door and handle during usage

High performance clean enamel

Easy to remove glass panes

Double glazed door

Auto cooling fan

Made in Germany


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i was reading through your advice on oven features and functions and comparing it with teka ovens.seem like teka ovens have glazed doors,not ventilated doors.This is a minus point for me because i want to keep my cabinets in good condition in years to come leh...


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hey ridz,i was offered a package of brandt island hood,hob and oven 229 @ a whopping $3450....what do you think?




what models of the hob and hood did they offer you. but together with the Fe229 oven at 3450 i would think that is a good price considering that the oven itself is 1599 and an island hood is typically more expensivce and usually its around 1600 this itself is more than the package price that they offer you.

so i think its a good deal but now deepnds on which models lah of course.. if you have the models for the hob as well as the hood then we see if its worth it or not


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i bought Brandt oven FE422XS1..
i find the function easy to understand..

but can i check with you all (those who have used this b4).. how should i actually clean the interior of the oven?



hi bibibear,

nice to hear you after some time yeah. Congratulations on the purchase of the brandt oven.

yeah the functions very easy to understand,

depend on what ou mean by cleaning the interiors of the oven. Did you purchase the self cleaning catalytic panels>? They are optional. and i think it will cost you about 50 or 75 or something like that.

Als there is a turnspit option just for you information if i am not wrong.

Usually if yuo have the catalytic panel installed. then when you fininsh baking what you can do is you remove all the trays and then just use the residual heat, turn the temperature to maximum, top and bottom heat. and let it so call heat up for about 30 mins and let the sugars and the oily splashes on the wall to burn off.

Then switch off and let it cool off witht he door ajar and the power remaining on. This is tp allow the tangetial cooling to continue so as not to heat up and burn the wood around the oven. Let the oven cool till its warm, and wipe the interiors with a slightly damp cloth and thats about the cleaning it need.

As for the trays you can just wash it using normal washing detergent wipe dry and then place it back on the oven racks and that should be it


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Hi Ridz,

yap i hv a turnspit thingy...

but seller didnt tell me about the self cleaning catalytic panels leh.. how do i check? or i have to call them up?

ya, so far wat i did was oni use cloth to wipe away any trace on the window and both sides of the oven when i cools down..

do you think it is advisable to leave those unused trays in the oven when cooking? sometimes i use the mid-rack, then i usually leave the bottom tray to collect any dripping etc... hehe.. can rite?


hi bibibear,

Well for the self cleaning catalytic panel. is it mentioned in the manual. i believe it did. and also how to know if you have them installed, look and touch the side panels are they smooth or are they rough like the back panels of the oven. you can see and touch the back panels is rough. that is how the catalytic panels looks like.

well for the question on leaving the unused tray, its best if you dun use it to take it out. except for when grilling in which case you can leave it behind to collect any drippings.

However you need to be careful esp like when backing sensitive things like bread and cakes. do not leavy anythin other trays especially the drip pans as. these cakes and breads requires the natural convection heat current moving within the oven cavity for it to rise properly and if you dp not remove the drip pan it will impede the natural heat rising from the bottom heating element.

So yeah some are just not suitable to place anything else inside especially like choux pastry where the air movement caused by the fan turning should not be impeded so as to ensure that the temperature is even throughout the oven.

just a note yeah?


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Hi Ridz,

the sides are smooth.. oic, that's the so called catalytic panel ah... ok, i'll read the manual in detail again...

ooooo, ya hoh.. maybe that's why my last & first cake dun look that nice... cos i leave the tray at the bottom like when i was doing grilling ...

Thanks for the tips
I'll take note & try again..


hi bibibear,

well yeah the catalytic panels is the rough ones. anyway yo need to purchase them seperately from brandtasia. i think its about 50 or 70+ or something...

then you cna install it yourself. its pretty easy to install it.

and yeah best is remove any pans or shelves when not in use.

Good luck


hi bibibear,

managed to purchase and install the catalytic panels?

How is the baking without the drip pans?? better?... i lost my recipe book.. i so upset now i really gotta recall off my brains on how to make some of the cakes.. so upsetting.. must ask some from you...

hear from you soon.


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hi ridz....
got to really thank u for your info and help.....

getting all 3 hob,hood and oven.....

now considering getting brandt microwave...

any comments any1?


hi all
I cant buy an in built oven cos my cabinets are done up already. Was thinking if I should buy... a table top oven? A bit confused by all the terms. just wanna get sthg that I can bake cookies and cakes and do some grilling/baking of chicken. CAn anyone tell me what is the name of the kind of oven that i should be getting and kindly pls recommend me some? thanks...


hi magaz,

you could try to get those oven that has the multifuntion plus.

where there is a fan at the back of the oven. i think one of the brands is delonghi..

can try to look for it over at tangs they have it there..


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anybody use standing cooker? those that have hobs on top and oven below type? care to share your experience, the brands, the functions, the service, the cooked food outcome, the prices?


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hi berries5588,

i hv already bought a La Germania standing cooker cum oven. some ppl says its old pattern, no gd etc. etc. but i like it coz of the following reasons...

1) the hob is concealed type. from many experienced aunties' advice, conceal type is better if you cook alot becoz soups or cook stuffs may overflow and drip onto the hobs. and it may be difficult to clean if your hob is those that are exposed types. you can easily scoop up or wipe away any thing that is deposited there due to cooking, or any other dirt.

exposed type may allow cook stuffs and other dirt to drip or drop into the hob through the holes.

concealed type: after you remove all the removable parts of the cooking top, there is a welded in cup sort of pattern. this is the concealed type.

exposed type: after you remove all the removable parts of the cooking top, there are exposed holes. many sellers will tell you got holes are better coz fire burn better, can control the fire volume (eg. there may be 3 rings of fire, eg. big, medium or small whereby big = 3 rings of fire activated, medium = 2 rings of fire activated - the outer and middle ring, small = 1 centre small ring of fire activated)

2) the oven generally can cook up quite a few dishes and the functions are sufficient enough for novice cookers. for professional cook, you may want a separate oven type from Bosch, Electrolux, Brandt, De Dietrich or Miele which have more functions but price may range from S$3K onwards!!!

3) thirdly, i got it for a price of S$1238 for the big stainless one, with a free cleaning stick during the promotion at citygas gallery.

and hopefully, i am able to use it to make kuehs, cakes, and many other dishes...

You may want to read up the threads below on one of the forumer's comment on oven recommendations etc.


"Bosch ovens are good but expensive. brandt offers value for money. electrolux isnt that too bad but just that the price jump between models is like brandt also jump very high. de dietrich is best bet but prices also wah seh.. miele is fantastic too but price-- killer.ariston --- err nay i will give it a skip, indesit not even in my shortlist"


hope the above helps ppl here who want to buy oven and hob.


brandt FC642BF1. will cost you about 1099. approx. this should the RRP but some stores are able to get cheaper. check with them

well this is one of the better ones i wuold say but of course the BF1 means youa re looking for the black one not the stainless steel one right? this im not sure they have ready stock or not. must check

one of the places that you definitely can find would be harvey norman- millenia walk, best denki.

oh yeah if you are looking to look for their display then i suggest you drop by their showroom .

anoter model which is about 600 bucks more is way way better than this model that is if you have deeper pockets i wuold suggest you go for fp667xsi at 1699.

differnece in terms of the cleaning sytem as well as the feature is really a lot more.


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hi babyleen,

care to share some of your experience with the La Germania oven? I am thinking of getting the 900mm wide stainless steel one, I think it's the same model as yours, and I am trying to ask around to see if the oven functions well. I will use for baking cookies, cakes and hopefully breads.

I went to Rina Elec some time ago, and it seems FE422 has been replaced by FC642! so sad... I shortlisted it some time ago, it has the necessary functions and fits well in my budget. Didn't expect the model to be replaced. Just a fyi to folks looking at this model.