hi yippie,

yeah the brandt has a new range of catalogue.

Go to www.brandt.com.sg and then click on the built in catalogue to have a look at the pdf file.

the new ones really look cool but the prices are a little on the high side i think starting at 1k.

maybe you would like to try some other places. that may be able to.. is it audio house or something.. thye might be abvle to give cheaper


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Hi Ridz, U got great knowledge on ovens. I wld like to seek some advise from u. I'm gettin a oven and use the oven mostly for baking and grilling i guess. The staff at Teka told their oven got fan while brandt dun hv at all. This my first time getting a built in oven hence i'm not sure what to get and i do hv a budget. Is there possible to get a good oven ard $500 or less? The max is 600 i can go only.Oh the brandt model is FE201XU1 and cost abt $480 while the staff at Teka recommended Teka models HI 605, HC 610 and HF 657. As i got my tempered glass hob fm Teka during their sale, I can get the oven at the 20% off. Please advise. Thanks


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Hi sorry again Ridz to trouble u...I'm Considering to buy either Samsung LA32R81BX/ LA32S81BX or Sharp LC32BX5M/ LC32BX6M 32" LCD TV.

Can check anyone brought TV from Best Denki before? How the service.

Went to Best Denki & saw them having a promotion for Sharp BX5-Series. I also like the samsung model with 8000:1/ 7000:1 constrast. Which is better?

I found it cheap. Free DVD player, plus HD box for only $1299 32" tv plus 5 years warranty.

The warranty is by Best Denki instead of the agent? Any difference?

Is Sharp tv still manufactured in Japan as I went to Best Denki and saw them putting the sign saying "Made in Japan".

Last question, is HD tv only viewable if we buy the HD box? What does a HD box does?

Please advise


hi berries5588,

thank you for those kind words you put for me,i just my best to see how i can help you.

just my take or opinion, should not be taken hard and fast yeah.

I woulkd suggest taking a better oven with multifunction plus. as built in oven tend to last quite long and its going to be there for a long long time, its wise to have a better one so that you wouldk not be caught in a situation where you are not able to cook effectively and efficiently due to insufficient cooking freatures.

yes the fan feature is a must have i must add, in that light. of course a regular top and bottom heating element is good enough but these days with the different demands of cooking as well as time factor considered, fan cooking would be ideal for a lot of occassion.

that aside lets tackle the situation yeah. as for the brandt model i am not too sure if they still continuing to supply the FE201XU as they have new range ovens and they might not want to continue selling the old range.

i am not too sure about the features of the teka one. if they have the fan. ask them is it the top, bottom plus fan or just fan+ heating element behind fan.

the multifunction should be the one with fan+ heating element at the back. this is useful to cook many dishes at one go.

good oven with 500 or less is really difficult. so far i havent found any yet that is around there. typically its around 800+ onwards close to 1k. the fan feature cooking.

if you could then probably find out the exact cooking positions that they have for both the teka models.

then we can compare.

as for the television.. errmmm,. this i also not too sure. but samsung is really upcoming

i have a samsung plasma at home. not too bad good i must say. and the design is really nice. samsung is know to come up with really stunning designs.

yes bought from best denki. service is okie but must get the right person who really is willing to take time out to explain slowly for you rather than those hard selling if you dun like that person just dun care and walk off i simply dun like those with attitude. cos ultimately its my money that is going to be spent and i have every right to ask everything and i dun need his or her attitude.

warranty usually from what i know they will call back the manufacturer like my thomson washer whenever there is problem (under extended warranty) they still call brandtasia people to do the repair and the insurance will pay the charge as brandtasia will charge them directly nso i thought it was alright. plus it has fire flood and if i am not wrong theft insurance for the extended warranty.

well for sharp tv i think its still made in japan though you might want to ask is it fully made in japan or some parts only cos i know some brands only their panel is made in japan but assembled else where.

HD TV yes you need a HD Box to view the HD quality.

BEcause our normal cable box is only getting normal signal and then give it to your HD ready tv.

so the quality is still normal quality but the processor will try to upscale it a bit as the transimission is still normal quality.but overall q2uality is okie normal.

what the HD box is able to do it to receive and then transmit the high definition from the cable source to your HD ready television and you are set watch the quality. you can see more details especially watching on bigger sets..

but for now the only HD channels i think are those like national geographic HD and i think 2 more.

the rest is still being transmitted using the normal quality. its in the pipeline to introduce all in HD but how fast... err i dunno.

hope this helps


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Hi yippie,
i used such standing cooker cum oven when i stay at Oz in a rented apartment. the landlady provided me with a standing cooker cum oven and i find it quite easy to use but i am no professional cook, juz at novice level... :)

the ang mo landlady is a old auntie who is a homemaker and she is definitely 1 heavy cooker and crafter. and she also use a similar standing cooker cum oven to do all her cooking and baking for her family. and mind you, this auntie's cooker has been serving her family for a long time. but she usually cleans it up after cooking and take gd care of it. i guess that is how the cooker is still in gd condition.

i still havent try my cooker yet as it has not been delivered yet. so no comment yet. but all i want is a conventional oven that can help to fulfill my needs thats all, so i am not looking for something complicated.

but do go to different places to have a look, feel it, ask plenty plenty of questions and try asking older folks what are their experiences, then decide if you are getting one of this.

but there are not alot of places that have such standing cooker cum oven. citygas gallery at somerset is one place that have a few of the different brands. its kinda frustrating to go hunting for such cooker. maybe you can try (i really don't know for sure if these places really have) places like:

- best denki (confirm have but not at every outlet and they dun carry alot of different brands)

- citygas gallery at somerset

- mega discount store at katong mall, B1. there is a very nice lady there selling this. the boss is Mr Louis Lee. A very busy man who talk very fast.

- harvey norman

hope the above helps


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hi berries5588,

sorry to budge in. you can check out the following store for plasma / lcd tv. they got plenty. ask plenty of questions on their differences and functionality.

it so happen that i went there looking at furniture that i saw this store which is well recommended in other forum. so i juz kay poh kay poh walk in and ask.

- mega discount store at katong mall, B1

do bear in mind to ask how is the heat generated from these tvs. this is a caution from ppl who had used them before. my bro-in-law hv a sony bravia (i think its spell like this) and it does not generate that much heat.

for eg. if your tv is wall mounted or place on tv console vy near to the wall, feature wall or behind it has a cabinet, then heat from the tv will be great if the tv itself generate alot of heat. eg. samsung, generate alot of heat from the back. as its an enclose type of panel behind, heat are not able to disperse out properly. in days to come, it will affect the electronic parts in it. look at other brands where the panel have these slits of openings allowing heat to come out. put your hands behind the tv to feel. unfortuntely, i also have 1 samsung 42" at hm... and i do feel the high heat generated from the tv... haiz... what to do.. already buy so put 1 fan to fan it lor.. lol


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Thanks Ridz for enlighting me. Stil trying to digest on the HD as these r not my cup of tea. As for the model FE201XU was recommended by a shop in kovan(Goh ah bee) so i guess stil hv this old model. Think i need to ask now when i look for oven is that it need to hv either fan with top & bottom heating or fan plus heating element at the back rite? But Brandt's oven not bad rite?

oh yes, i agree that we as the consumer has a right to ask plus if attitude problem sales staff, i also ignore. Same goes to my reno contractor. I went to a few to chk out and some r so bad services. well guess they probably see me looking young hahhaa so thot i just taking n wasting their time... coz i dun look like my age esp i dress in shorts n tees.

Hi babyleen,
No worries for that. Oh ya, heard abt the mega store at katong mall. Jus no time to chk out there.

yes, my tv gonna b mounted on the feature wall. I like the samsung design but aft ur highlightin abt the heat...i tink need to reconsider again then. Oh i dun hv fan as i'm having air con instead. Get the air con to cool down the heat...hahaha lolz


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hi Ridz,

Thanks so much for your advice. Yup I went to look at the Brandt models too, seems they are very quick to replace models with news features each time!


yupyup, I started going to see all the models and asked loads of questions about them. I tend to be very detail oriented, hope i didn't put the salespeople off! hehe... I think the la germania cooker fit just well in my kitchen. The oven is 70-80 litres capacity I think. If I get a built in oven, I need to make a cabinet for it, and carpenters don't seem to want to take up the job of making such a small item, or they need to charge quite a bit.

I'll continue to ask around for feedback on standing cookers' ovens' performance! Or if I can find someone to make a cabinet at a reasonable price, I'll go ahead with the built in ones!!

Thanks Babyleen & Ridz for the wonderful advice, and sharing your experiences...

Happy cooking & baking everyone!!!


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hi yippie,

there's one more consideration...

1) if you are getting a standing cooker cum oven, you have to allocate a space for it. eg. if you are renovating your hse currently, and you intend to put near your solid surface tabletop (eg. next to sink area or diagonally opp sink etc) for easy reach, you will have to allow a space inbetween the table top to let the contractor to push the standing cooker into the space. ie. you will hv to cut out a square hole in between if you are using those solid surface.

2) if you hv furniture already, then you will hv to find a place to put the cooker. put it near a well ventilated and free area so that you hv ample space to cook, walk etc.

3) if for those built-in oven, be sure to find those that got cross fan feature type. coz in days to come, due to the heat generated by the oven, the cabinet may be easily spoil by it.

hope you enjoy your hunt for household items...


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hi Babyleen,

Thanks again for so many tips! Yup, we have ex existing standing cooker, with a non-working oven, so space-wise, we r okie. Yeah... I have been reading into the ventilation features of ovens, tangential ventilation I think. I went to Mayer yesterday and the salesperson was talking about how all it's essential not to let the cabinet overheat.

I don't really want to build at additional cabinet for the built-in ovens due to hgh quotes from most carpenters, so I was quite happy to find something at Mayer which is a simple box ( wooden frame like box) to fit the oven in. It can then be put on your kitchen table top!

Now it's more about finding out about the Ariston oven features, and looking for feedback on it.

Wow, I think I spent most time shopping for kitchen stuff than for anything else for the house! But, it's the most enjoyable...

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying your new standing cooker and biiggg oven!


hi sjt,

well between the four of them, i will only continue to shortlist Electtrolux, brandt and Teka.

i will drop EF as they are not known to build good ovens.

Then to evaluate the electrolux brandt and Teka,

i would look at features available, price and also.. aesthetics.

as they are make good ovens and usually the key would be features for me. i dun like less features. its difficult to give satisfying results


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Hi ridz,

I need your advice for Brandt oven, hob & hood, I am interested to get the Brandt FP667XS1 oven, Domino gas hobs & AD658XC1 hood, where can find them?? The oven i chose seems like very high end, I like to bake and grill, but is just those basic basic, once or twice a month, or is there any other models that is not so expensive that you will recommended? I am also looking at their Combi Oven ME655XE1, does it means that i can bake, grill and microwave??

I had been to a few places mostly in West side, but didn't manage to find a place selling Brandt oven, hob, hood.. Where can i check the prices and have a look at the actual items other than their showroom? Cos my working hours is about the same as them, unable to go down unless I take leave.. Haiz...


hi binzz,

hmmm what is it about the 667 that you like? and exactly which features do you really need. taking into consideration for future needs as well. indeed the highest model is the 667.

as for the domino hobs and hoods.. where can you find them... hmmm... as far as i know most of the places that i know only show limited models. and the domino is not one of them.

like best denki imm i know they carry brandt items as in sell.. but show pieces i think the 70cm hobs and 90 cm are on display. as for oven. only showing the old model.

i would think that the best place is still the showroom. though you would have to call in to check the models that they have on display. they may not display everything as yet as some items are really new.

do you have their catalogues? at least this would give you a picture of how the items look like?

how did you get the model numbers?

and also.. what are the total budget that you would spend for all the 3 items.

oven - what feature you want
hob - how many dominos are you looking at?
hood- thats a normal chimney- wall mount type 1000m3 extraction rate. any other particular model you looking for?

as for the pricelist. i do have the price list. but i think its updated may. i havent gotten them to send me another copy after the 7% increase.

just a rough price.

Domino hobs
Single gas - 599
double gas - 499
induction doublr zoe - 999

AD658 - 659
another model looks very nice but exraction only at 800m3 has glass decoratve
AD589 - 899

667 - 1699
642 - 1099

combination oven 1499

talking about the combination oven this is the features of the oven

1000w -microwave
variable power - microwave
speed defrost - microwave
speed defrost (poultry/bread) - microwave
low grill (top heat only) - oven
high grill ( top heat only) - oven
fan heat (fan + heat behind fan) - oven
microwave + low grill (top heat) - combi
microwave + high grill (top heat) - combi
microwave + fan heat (fan+heat behind fan) - combi
automatic program - this is where you select the type of meat or item then the oven does ther est like the power setting as well as timing. based on input of size and weight.

hope that was useful.

this combi seriously lacks in baking features but if thats all that you want then its fine.


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Hi ridz, thanks for your reply, i got all the model nos. from the website, there is one link at the bottom of the homepage "View Built-in products", from there i manage to see many more other ovens.. Let me attach the pdf webpage also..

$1699 for the model i like is abit too high for me.. My total budget is $1.5k to $2k for all the 3 items.. What i like about the 667 model is the cool door function, cos my oven may be situated below the hob and in future when I have kids, they will not be scalded or maybe for myself, cos i am so clumsy.. ;p
I think i check out other brands for hob and hood and go for Brandt oven. Maybe get a 642 and get my ID to change my oven to a higher place..

As I really like to bake, i think the combi-oven will be out of my consideration.

How do you think of Teka hobs and hoods and oven? My ID is linked with a shop that sells Teka products and may be able to obtain a lower price, but their price seems on the high side as well..

But ridz, I must thank you again, you are really very helpful and so willing to share your knowledge on ovens.


hi binz,

good that you at least have the catalogue softcopy. you can also request for the harcopy and they will deliver it to you together with the pricelist.

hmmm 2k for all the items.. well you could try to go and see the models first and then get those neighbourhood stores to quote you. i beleve that they are cheaper than the recommended retail price and alos usually there is a package price if you take all 3 meaning to say that they will knock off more disc if you take more items with them.

all i know is those retail stores they will knock off 50bucks if you take hob + hood.. while if you take hob + hod + oven its knock off 150 or sorts.

im sure that neighbourhood stores can do better..

my cousin had a lot slashed.

yeah the 667 has the cool door function and also i like the pyro and also the no of features it has. it is future proof.

while the 642 is short of the multifunction plus.. and that is something that i really look into when gettin an oven. the 642 only has the multifunction. but not the multifunction plus.

multidunction plus is jut the fan + heat from the back. this will allow you to cook things on multi level.

for teka ovens they are not too bad themselves.. go check them out. but alas most of the time their mid range models have only manual timer.. which im really favourable. im prefer precise control.

but pros n cons of mechanical vs electronic timer is

oven can still work if timer is spoilt

not accurate
and cannot program timing

typically if cannot set the time the oven will not operate

accurate timer.
can set timer and program cook say yo be done by 6 pm. so that oven will on at the set time and also off at the end time set.



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hi Ridz, not sure if you have experience with multi-level baking. I was just wondering with top + down + fan, would we be able to bake cookies on multi levels? I'm guessing it's possible with switching levels and rotating trays for even cooking, but if rear heat helps a lot in multilevel baking, I'll be sooo for it!

I haven't actually tried an oven with fan + back heat, and a salesperson from Mayer was also recommending an Ariston 61.1 with rear heating feature to me. He said it would help "crisp" the cookies.

I'm still torn between a standing cooker (La Germania D84C61X or Elba EC967F SS), or a built in one (went to see Ariston 61.1, Brandt 642, Smeg 380). If anyone has experience with these models, please let me know if you have any feedback! I'll be using the oven for multiple trays of cookies, cakes.


I went to Rina Electric last week, and I saw Brandt 642, another single oven (not sure of the model) and a combi. You might want to go down in Saturday 9-6


hi Yippie,

well for multi level cooking i would only recommend using the FAN+Heat behin (known as mutifunction plus)

as compared to the top bottom heat + fan (known as multifunction)

reasons being that typically the center level (if you are cooking on 1,3,5 (rack level 1 3rd and 5th counting from bottom) as in level 3 will be sorta even cooked while the top will usually be a bit dry and prone to a bit over done simply because of the heat that is right above it. and as for the bottom also tend to be crispy.

usually when i use to bake cookies, i will use the multifunction plus and to make it really fast, i will put 1,3,5 for butter cookies.
even for small merringues. i will put 1,3,5. and also for choux pastry (cream puff).

if i use the multifunction as in top bottom plus fan. the result that come up is not really even and i have to spend so much time just moving about the cookies or chouz pastry so that they get cooked evenly.

so i resigned to using the fan plus feature.

though with the mutifunction feature you could try to bake 2 level 2,4 then i think the result isnt that too bad but it need more monitoring cos the top will be easily on the brown side.

hmm standing cooker... i knoly know of brands thats unheard to most people and they are really solid but really expensive. i would go for la germania. where is it made in? is still in germany or elsewhere?

for built it ovens.. i would avoid ariston.. but its your call really.. im more inclides to french or german ovens. they make better ovens for most cooking method. as compared to bread and dough programmes which italian ovens typically are set and designed for.

though the 61.1 is cheap as compared to brandt 642. and brandt 642 does not come with mutifunction PLUS. only multifunction.

as im using de dietrich. the set up is similar to brandt. and ive used brandt oven before.. they are good.

the only other one that i wish to try would be miele but cannot afford it.



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hi Ridz,

ahhhhh.... a huge thank you for sharing your experiences. No wonder my cookies never turn out evenly brown (unless I *conscientiously* switch levels and rotate them). That was my old oven (conventional, no convection)

I always thought it was the "fan + top + bottom" feature I should be looking for in the new one for multi-level baking.

I am not sure if La Germania is (still) made in Italy. hehee.... I don't have much knowledge on strengths of different brands of ovens. When I went oven shopping, I tend to test slam the oven doors hard a few times to see if it's solid (because I bake a lot and don't treat my ovens well during festive seasons), and compare functionalities & prices.

It's really hard to find seasoned bakers and discuss issues like even heat distribution/oven functions for various baking needs so I'm really glad I found this forum


hi yippie,

not a problem.

yeah when i had normal ovens just normal ones with the top and bottom heat then it was baby belling.. thought it was standard. until i was really fed up with its temperature which is not sensitive.

then i changed to de dietrich with the multifunction plus and the self cleaning (they were the first in the market to have that ) back in the late 80s it was god send.

since then nothing could top it. brandt used it before for a short while not too bad. though brandt and dedietrich are from same parent company the pricing and quality build dedietrich is still forerunners in premium built in.

with brandt and dedietrich.

if you like to bake cakes. the deciding factor would be the conventional top bottom. if temperature is not good then die. sponge cake will come up crap.

though i managed to counter this with the multifunction pluis (fan heat only) but alas usually it will puff up way a bit more than usual.

so best for sponge cake is to do top bottom heat. make sure oven is heated at least 15mins for the temperatuer to be realsly settled and then put in oven and DUN OPEN AT ALL COST until its done and cooked. else it will cause it to drop.

this is where precise temperature control at 180 is crucial. can never get it with baby belling but not a problem with brandt and dedietrich.

one more thing.. if you bake thousand layer cake. look for those that have single grill and double grill position.

from experience.. very few oven can do double grill position that will have even heat.. such that thousand layer cake is evenly brown at the same time.

if yo look inside the oven there is one big ring surrounding the perimeter of the oven. during singele grill setting this will be on only.

then double grill setting.. there is another like 2 coils of heating element that is inside the single gril.

this centre piece is very important. for thousand layer cake. cos if the heating element is not good.. then only the sides of the cake is brown and centre still white..

so try to see it during operation to see where the red is .. see if its really even or not.

oh yeah lastly can shre recipes with you too sometime!!1


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hi ridz,

I am considering getting Delonghi oven (48 liters). Any comments about this oven? I will mainly do baking (cakes, cookies, bread) and grilling/roasting.



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Hi.. would like to ask what's the difference between Brandt - FC642BF1 and FC642XF1. Cos the website doesn't quite provide much details except the distinct difference is colour..



yes the only difference is just colour., the features, and the look is the same just colour. cos the XF1 is product code for stainless steel while the BF1 is black. they used to have in white also then it would be WF1



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hi ridz,

I want to get a built-in oven and I need your comments. Do you think i should get a teka or electrolux oven? I love baking and will be doing quite a fair bit of baking. Thanks!!!


hi muffin,

well if you love to bake then invest in a very solid oven.. that would be not in the leagues of electrolux nor teka.

that would be in the leagues of de dietrich or miele.

So yeah.

Anyway what is your budget and also waht are your baking need. what do you bake frequently?

these will give me an idea of what are the features that you need to look out for?

waht kinda baking do you do? as in cakes and cookies? meringues? chicken? duck? etc? let me know yeah.


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hi ritz, thanks for your promt response. I have been baking alot in terms of cake, muffin, cookies etc. But in the future i plan to bake chicken, pizza and stuff too. how frequent....hmm..maybe once a week or once every 2 weeks?


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Hello. My mum is thinking of investing in a tabletop oven. Her budget is $250, max. I have read what most of you have posted and from what I gather, a budget of $250 is actually rather measly. However, would any of you kindly be able to recommend a good oven (Brand, Model and place to purchase). The oven would mostly be used for baking, roasting. Preferably, the oven should also have a self cleaning option, and it would be greatly appreciated if a turnspit were to be included as well. Thank you for your time. =)


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Oh yea one more thing, I've also heard that some ovens do not have the heat evenly distributed, resulting in the baker(us) having to turn the cake manually while baking it in the oven.


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Hi there,

I am new to baking and has no experience in buying a stand-alone conventional oven so need all of your advices on which model to buy:
1. Sharp R888 F
2. Panasonic NNC 784
3. Rowenta OR8035

Thanks a lot!


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hi there,

forgot to mention that all 3 models ranges around S$400. pls advise if you prefer sharp, panasonic or rowenta.




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hi there, is anyone using bosch oven? i am looking at HBN430550J. How is it different from brandt 667? which is better - brandt or bosch? hope to hear some feedback. thanks!


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hi there, anyone here? went to check out teka ovens too. any comments on teka HI850 vs Bosch HBN430550J & brandt 667? they r all around the same price. thks!


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Hi All,

Anyone care to share their findings?? What brand & model of oven did you ended up buying?? I need to place order for mine by this Sat, but still lost on what brand to buy as very inexperience about it. Visting to countless shops recommend different brands & models making me more confuss.

I am considering the Brandt steam oven, but hubby find it nt worth to pay so much for oven as many friends with oven ended up seldom or never used it at all.


well to help you narrow down..

probably you can list down what are some of the things that you probably cook and also those that you might cook and then determine what are some of the oven functions that you need.

Then you look out for those ovens that have the features that you want. and then of course.. price could be a good guide to begin with.

Also bear in mind comfort features also like.
Self cleaning oven? Pyro or catalytic?
Manual or digital timer control
Manual or digital temperature control
Anti tip shelves

For steam oven i would say that i sorta agree with your friends as you would need to conscientiously try to cook something that requires steaming. else most of the asian cuisines generally are not needing of steaming

probably if you are not a heavy pro baker.. who needs a lot of individual settings like top heat only or bottom heat only or fan only etc.. then you can maybe opt for the microwave cum oven. brandt has that.. but by the looks of the features if you are heavy into baking then you will lose out cos there is very little oven feature but more of microwave or combi microwave plus oven heat in the combi oven that i mentioned.

Lets discuss yeah


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Hi Ridz,

Thanks for the information. Wow!! I just realised that there are much more things that I have to consider, not just the price alone. I learnt from a shop that self-cleaning oven is that the oven produces heat to burn away the fats that might spilt onto the side of the oven. But end of days still need to use cloth to clean up the entire oven. Thus is not a really useful function.
But what is the purpose of Pyro or catalytic? Not sure that is the term about.

By the way, can anyone share with me which shop in Singapore carries a wide range of brand & models, and have a sales assistant who is able to explain the various features of oven. Went to Meyer the other day, that guy is not able to explain to me the different features of the oven.


not a problem.

Okie self cleaning as the name implies is that the oven will so call do most of the cleaning job by itself without you having to use detergent to clean the dirt and grime inside the oven cavity.

There are 2 types of self cleaning feature both with its pros and cons.

Catalytic and Pyro

There are catalytic panels that are usually installed by yourself and needs to be replaced about once every 1-2 years. These panels are rough and they are only at the sides and the back of the oven cavity and what happens is when the fats spill or splashed on these surfaces and when the oven is heated, it will be oxidised.

oven prices with self cleaning catalytic panels are cheaper
you can make use of the residual heat from baking to oxidise the fats (e.g. after baking dun turn off the oven just turn up to maximum temperature for another 45 mins or so then switch off. so the heating doesnt draw a lot of power

you have to replace the panels every 1-2 years
its not as clean as pyro cleaning
only some part of the oven will have this self cleaning

another type is Pyrolytic cleaning
The entire cavity of the oven is made of special porous material that will oxidise fats. so what happens is you have to invoke the cleaning function and then the oven will heat up to 500 degrees and maintain for about 1.5- 2 hours to oxidise full all the internal cavity. then once its cooled down the door will unlock and then you just need to take a slighlt damp cloth to wipe off the sorta ash left behind.

dun need to replace catalytic panels as they dun use the catalytic technology
cleans exceptionally well
very easy to clean

costs marginally more than catalytic panels cleaning ovens
you need to invoke the special function (though some ovens will even remind you when the oven is dirty for you to start the cleaning process and some oven is also intelligent enough to gauge the level of cleaning needed)
uses quite a bit of electricity to heat up and maintain to that 500degrees

which shop if you want to see where there is a lot of ovens go to harvey norman at millenia walk they have a quite big range of ovens and if you are looking for bosch or brandt then go to harvey norman at centrepoint.

also they tend to so called smoke you.. about the features everyone does that.. unless they truly know the features of the oven. serious.

like for me i like to bake lapis..the thousand layer cake so i need the top only heat (variable heat preferred) and also i love to bake those cream puff so to make those choux pastry really well you need the fan only function. but most ovens only have the Top+ bottom+ fan. which is not really good you need the FAN heat only

And probably like to make quiche.. then you need either bottom heat only or if can.. bottom heat with fan feature.. which quite a lot of ovens lack.

and of course traditional top and bottom heat.. and those with digital temperature setting.. someitmes the increments are in 10 degrees.. but if you are someone who take baking seriously you might appreciate it if the oven can come in increments of 5 degrees.. you know those sort of thing.

lastly some ovens have a foolproof feature of the probe which will let you poke the probe into the bird and then once the core temperature is reached it will stop the cooking or some may even allow you to active the grill to brown the chicken in the last 15 mins of the cooking to brown and sear the chicken.
What ridz have mention is fantasically true....

Adding my little share of decision making .....

If you are into intensive baking then a Built in oven will serve your purpose. However if you are diet/health conscious, then you might want to choose the STEAM oven instead...

Viewing wise, i agree that Harvey Norman Millenia or Centrepoint give you the best viewing pleasure. However, if you find it a hassle to go to city, you might want to try Big Box(Courts) mega discount store located at Tampines or IMM Best Denki to get the best information on these items.

I am pretty sure that the sales person or the representative for these products are certain much better equipped with knowledge then those of Meyer.

Inform us of your purchase.


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hi ridz

Saw that you're an expert in ovens thus would like to seek some advise. i am looking for an oven for my new house. Been to quite a few appliances dept stores to look at them but do not tink i know much abt them till now haha.

I'm new to baking thus do not need such an expensive oven. i would like to use the oven for roasting chickens, fish etc (this will be the main use). For baking cakes, i would like to bake thousand layer cake more than other cakes but would like to try other cakes or cookies recipes too but these will be less often, like maybe once in a few months.

What oven would you recommend for a newbie like me? Budget is around 600 or less. I would prefer a tabletop oven but if you do not have any gd ones to recommend then i can consider built in ones too as i'm doing up my kitchen in march. now searching for info on ovens so tat i can give my designer the measurements.

Thanks for your help!


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juz found this thread..

i saw 2 ovens, don't know which one is better.

First is Sharp Healsio (about $1.4k) which uses superheated steam, can do roasting, grilling, baking, steaming, defrosting, etc etc. The demo lady was cooking fish when i was there, then went on to make french fries with the oven. Looks pretty good, but very costly, and i'm worried about the steam that gets shot out from the top (worried about my top wooden cabinet kena too much moisture).

I forgot to see if the oven itself gets too hot from cooking, does that matter? Will it like damage my solid surface table top, or the wooden cabinets or something?

The other oven i saw was Panasonic's NN-CS596A (almost $800 i think). This one combines microwave and steam, i think. Also can do all the roasting grilling baking steaming. And produces heat of 300degree (which i was told is the only oven in the market to do that, at least for standalone ovens).

Read about all your posts on specific types of baking, i'm not an experienced baker coz never had the chance to do so, but would really like to get some baking done. Of course, the main purpose of the oven is to roast/grill, and to reheat food since i usually cook a day or 2 before and leave it in fridge due to time reasons.

Any advice pls? Thanks for any help.....


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then if I buy this RBO - 7MRX from Rinnai, do you think it fits whatever you'e said?

Size - 594(w) x 535(d) x 594(h)
Capacity - 58L
Power Consumption - 2.4Kw/h
Cooking Functions - 9 functions
- Light
- Conventional top & lower elements
- Convection fan, top & lower elements
- Convection fan & lower elements
- Half grill element
- Convection fan & grill elements
- Defrosting
- Fan element

Color - Glass reflex

- Self-cleaning function
- Removable double glass door
- Auto cut-off timer function
- Ultra fan plus
- Auto cooling fan
- Digital display

Temperature - 0 -> 250 deg C


Any advice?