hi Bendi,

THe oven seems okie in terms of the specs of course.. seem decent enough for that price.

Well brandt isnt a bad choice but i feel the built is good. Im not sure of the oven is still made in france.


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Rid, thanks for your reply. I'll place my order soon.

This rinnai oven is made in italy(complete set)


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Hi ridz,

Can you give me some advice too?Is the blow mentioned good enough for baking pineapple tart,bread and cake?

FZ 61.1 IX
Capacity: 58 Litres
6 Cooking Programs:
- Traditional
- Multi-Cooking
- Barbecue
- Gratin
- Pizza
- Baking
Tangential Ventilation
Inox Clean Stain Resistant Surface
Timer Function
Thermostat Control Function
Program Function
3 Glass Panel Door
Oven Accessories: 1 Dripping Tray, 1 Grid
Energy Efficiency Class A

Height: 595 mm
Width: 595 mm
Depth: 545 mm
Click here for the dimension.
Colour: Stainless Steel

Retail: S$ 819.00
Promo: S$749

Thanks in advance.



here is my input yeah for the oven okie. I will leave it to you to decide as ariston is not in one of my fav list of ovens.

Anyway its a feature oven. considering that it has most of the programmes that you would require i will break it down for you.

-Traditional - This is just the top and bottom heat element, essential as this form the most basic need of all oven to have a top and bottom for a normal cake to rise.

- Multi-Cooking - This is what we call multifunction or combined where the fan will turn as well as heat from top and bottom. you can use this to cook a bird as the turnspit is not available you can use this.

- Barbecue - This is just the top heat only. essential for making thousand layer cake. and also some grilling.

- Gratin - Top heat + fan. this can be used to grill or sear or brown and crisp chicken. Like at the beginning maybe you can do a top and bottom heat to cook the chicken.. and then at the last few mins of cooking you could turn on this mode or even the multi cooking mode to brown it

- Pizza - this is a bottom heat + fan. This is useful for pizza and also some items that are bottom wet like quiche where you need to bottom heat to dry up the quiche and the fan assist to help cook the rest of the parts of the quiche.

- Baking - this is just the fan heat only. which is best for things like rising bread during the rising stages, but for baking bread use traditional will give you the best result if temperature setting is really good. this fan heat only mode is also good for cooking things such as meringue or choux pastry.
or even for a fluffy textured sponge cake can use this setting.

and as for some other things like pineapple tarts the best is i feel to use either top bottom or if you are lazy you can experiement with using fan only (baking) slow fire with multi layers and when its cooked and you want to brown it you can take one tray at a time with fan and top heat to brown it and then take out and then do the same for the rest of the tray one at a time.

the only thing i dun really like about the ariston is that its doors isnt balanced so its a diffcult to keep it ajar to turn to top and fan to crisp the item.

LIke with brandt and de dietrich, say you are grilling satay inside the oven, you can use the top and bottom + fan or the multifunction then once its about done i will keep the door slighly ajar and immeidate change to top and fan to make it crispy. but on some of the models or rather most of the models of ariston the door wont hold still at an angle and hence its either open all the way or close all the way.

The tangetial cooling is the fan that circulates all around the oven to keep it cool so that the cabinet housing that the oven sits in doenst get burnt, this is a standard in most built in ovens today.

also ariston is mostly using analogue or mechanical control which may not be really up to date with technology. although for such a price i would think its alright


oh and also its lacking in self cleaning features or pyro cleaning feature,, something that yuo might want to take a note of.


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Thank you very much for your advice and reply, really appreciated it! Do you have any idea roughly how much is it for a brandt or de dietrich oven cost?


well i guess for normal household you would be able to appreciate brandt oven,

the last i remembered was something like around 1.1k for the oven of the mid range and the high range would be around 1.7k

De dietrich is a premium brand and hence the premium price but had premium build quality and of course features to boast.

De dietrich cheapest would be looking around say 2.7k? mid range aroun 3.5 and high range would be nearing 4k this is just an estimate from last i remembered.


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Hi Ridz,

Need your advice.

I've have a microwave oven at home and although it stated it has cooking function eg steam fish - but the meat will get too cooked and "splattered" the whole oven! I concluded the microwave oven is not a good tool for cooking (only for re-heating). Maybe an oven will be a better option.

we use the microwave oven every morning, to reheat our breakfast and I am not into baking patries/cakes but more into grilling/roasting meat and vegetables. I also do not intend to have two appliances on my kitchen top. So is there a particular oven that have all re-heating/grilling/roasting functions?

Any brand/model you can help to recommend which is below SGD 500?

Thanks in adv


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Hi ridz, would like some expertise on ovens please. I am looking at getting a tabletop oven for baking, roasting, etc.

Which models would you recommend?
Totally lost now. Initially wanted to get Tecno, but heard the heat is not even. Budget is minimal too around $400???
Now considering Baby Belling. But with so many in the market, so confusing.


hi ecym

sorry to reply you this late...

the microwave that is usually for steaming fish usually you need to put another bowl of water inside the oven together with the fish or have it something like a double boil sorta thing.

grilling and roasting meat... can look out for tefal ovens they arent too bad or delonghi though do take note of some of the models as the build is a little flimsy.

Hi maya,

well baking and roasting.. actually there is this one oven that you could try thats really good with the heat distribution and cooking with good features is rowenta but its on a slight high on price around i think 539.

there have 2 table top ovens similar models but the difference is that
1) has turnspit but NO fan mode
2) NO turnspit but has the fan mode.

i would rather take the fan mode rather than turnspit cos it gives more cooking options.

baby belling i dunno the quality doesnt seem to be that good in terms of the grilling..

oh yeah baby belling is now made in uk still? the last heard its china or something...

the rowenta i think its made in france or something.

what are your cooking needs then you know what functions to look out for.. that would be a good start.


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Hi Ridz, thanks for the info.
My most cooking function will be for baking.
So belling is not really recommended huh?


Well baking huh,

well its not that belling is not recommended but its just that it lacks features.

like the fan cooking feature. that would be very useful actually..

you can go ahead with belling if it meets your requirement for baking yeah


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No lah, I am not insisting on belling. Just that alot of ppl seem satisfied with it. I haven't really gone down to take a look at all the models. Not all stores have everything to compare.

So belling doesn't have a fan mode?


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Hi Ridz,

went to take a look at the Rowenta, both.
But the fan is at the side. Tot it was mentioned here that its better to have the fan at the back? Confused now.


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I intend to get a built in oven for my kitchen, wondering which brand should I get? I'm very new to baking but will like to make things like bread, muffin and sponge cake. Other non bakery stuffs like roast chicken, baked rice for a decent meal.

Thanks in advance


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Anyone has feedback on Rinnai oven?
I'm intending to get Rinnai's RBO-7MSO within this month.
kindly advise. thanks!


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hi ridz,

i am intending to get a built in oven as well. mainly for baking and grilling. appreciate your expert advice on which brand is the ok type.

brandt? EF? tecno? price maybe around $700.....
what are the basic functions that we should look out for?

many thanks!


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After 1st week of Sep, all the European brands will increase their pricings.

I had went to several places to see ovens and decided to get Brandt FP667XS1. This model is pretty good bargain when it comes to pyrolytic cleaning. Personally I find that catalytic ovens are indeed much more difficult to clean. I simply loved the cool door effect just in case anyone accidentally touches it while I'm at the toilet.


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Jackie, I went to Rinnai showroom. The lady told me that RBO-7MRX and RBO-7MSO carry the same specification. The brochure printed wrong info.


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Just to share, 15-21Sep at tampines mall L1 Isetan is selling tabletop Toyomi 2.8l rotisserie convection oven model:TO-2828RC for $119 (usual$135).


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hi Van, am looking to get an oven from Brandt, as I have heard good reviews on it. Can I know where you have been to see Brandt ovens? Any idea if the price increase has been kicked in? Thanks a lot!


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mil, you can see Brandt ovens at havey norman, millenia walk branch. After placing my order, I didn't go there anymore so am not sure if the price hike has taken effect yet.


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hi folks,

do u all knwo where is the best place I can buy brandt built in over at the cheapest price? Small shops like Goh Ah Bee?


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Hey folks,
is it worth to invest in a built-in microwave (not combo) from Brandt or another brand so that the kitchen will look neater. I am having a tall cabinet and would like to have an oven and a microwave on the tall cabinet. But built in microwave is abt 3-4 times more expensive than a built in. A free standing samsung or sharp microwave is only abt $140+.

Is there any advantage of buying a built-in oven than a free standing oven other than a more integrated look in your kitchen cabinet? Pls advise.


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hi ridz,
could I ask if Brandt or Bosch buit-in oven is better? I went to HN to look at the built-in ovens & the sales persons were recommending Bosch over Brandt and showed me the materials difference such as the glass door for Bosch covers almost entire doodr but not for Brandt.

I have shortlisted either a basic set (700+)
1. Bosch HBN 331E2J , 6 heating functions, electronic timer (Turkey)
2. Brandt FE611XS1, 6 cooking modes, mechanical timer (think is france)

OR a slightly better range ($1000+)
1. BOSCH HBN131250A, 4 heating functions, Ecoclean(Germany)
2. Brandt FC642XF1, 6 cooking modes, catalytic (told panels need to change afer a while, no gd) (france?)

Could u advise me which brand is better for each range? Do u know where could i buy brandt or bosch at a cheaper price or should I just buy from HN or Best?



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hey folks any input please?

These two basic sets (700+)
1. Bosch HBN 331E2J ,
6 heating functions,
- Conventional top and bottom heat
- Bottom heat only
- 3D hot air
- Hot air grilling
- Variable grilling for large surface
- Rapid heat-up (Manual)
Electronic clock with timer (does that necessary mean temp control is electronic or still mechanical, but got electronic led screen timer )
Made in Turkey, not germany

2. Brandt FE611XS1, 6 cooking modes)
Cooking functions : Conventional+Fan
Cooking functions : Fanned full grill
Cooking functions : Bottom+fan
Cooking functions : Conventional
Cooking functions : Eco
Cooking functions : Full grill
mechanical timer, no LED electronic screen/timer (think is france)

which one is value for money? is it the one with electronic clock display with timer?


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i also went to HN millenia walk and was looking at these two models the bosch hbn331e2j and the brandt fe611xs1. the sales person was recommending the bosch model.

any comments on which one is much better? i am going to buy this weekend any comments will be appreciated to help me choose which oven is better :D



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I went to HN millenia walk too, actually thinking between Bosch and Brandt but sales person keep promoting Electrolux. So now I'm more confused than ever, argh.


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hmm..last time i went there salesperson said electrolux was a bit too pricey. kept on promoting the bosch oven
up to now haven't decided if bosch or brandt looking on the net for reviews and can't find a good one. anyone here using bosch or brandt? please help :D


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i am intending to get a convection oven (with fan) but not sure what is good.

would prefer table top but if quality of built-in will suit my needs more then will opt for it.

will be doing baking (cakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes), grilling chickens/small turkeys, baked rice, pizza and also need it for reheating of food (dun intend to use microwave).

if anyone can give me some advice will be most grateful =)

was looking at rowenta and delonghi for tabletop ovens.. budget less than $700


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hi ridz,

can u advice on the tefal ov1002 table top oven? it's the one with the turbo fan function. it's on offer now (think about $299 after offer), so am thinking of getting it.

i've read your postings about the plus points on having fan function, but this says "turbo fan", so will it be good?

comes with a rubber "tubing" surrounding the glass door - my guess is that it's to prevent heat from escaping, so that shld be good rite?

no rotiserrie tho.

i'd want to grill whole chicken, fish, bake cakes and cookies, and other dishes like lasagne, baked rice etc.

can help me pls? thanks...


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Hi there..

This forum is great!! I'm new here and desprately looking for answers to my question.

I do a fair bit of everything, from baking to grilling to roasting. I can't decide on which oven to get and have been having trouble choosing. With the wide variety of models out there now.. I really need some expert advise on this. I don't want to have 3 items such as a microwave, an oven and a small toaster to take up space in my small kitchen..

Been looking at the Panasonic NN-CS596A ($800+) at it seems really impressive, but a bit pricey.

Things I bake : Cookies, cakes, occasionally bread

Things I cook: Roasting of meat, grill vegs and anything the oven/microwave allows.

Would love some comments/advise on this pretty pretty pls!!


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I need a built-in oven with rotisserie function. Will be using it at least twice a week for cakes, bread, cookies, roast meat, etc.

I had actually narrowed down to Ariston FZ 1021 P.1 IX
because of the comprehensive functions, look factor (appearance is among my considerations) and budget etc. But after reading some bad comments about Ariston products, I've decided to open up my options.

Some other models I'm looking into:
Bosch HBN760551F
Brandt FC642XF1

Which of the above 3 models is the best? Or have any better model to recommend? My budget is $2500 and below. Need to decide fast fast within 2 weeks. Please help!


Hmm with a budget of 2500 you can get a really good oven. that i can say for sure.

Ovens arent exactly ariston's forte.

You might want to go for bosch, brandt, de dietrich or miele. Electrolux is also okie.

perhaps brandt Fp667. but gotta check with them if rottiserie could be added as an option. if im not wrong, can but just call brandtasia to confirm. it shyoudl be retailing at around 1699.

but the bosch oven that you mention the 760551, is also great.

Im not too sure if you could get the de dietrich one cheaper., their basic entry model i think would be over your budget. slighlty 2900 i think.DOC710x



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If you are a serious baker, you probably need those conventional ovens. But if you mostly do day to day stuff like reheat food, roast some chicken wings, bake some potatoes, maize, nuts etc, a microwave cum conventional oven is great. My (then quite top of the line) Sharp microwave cum conventional oven lasted me for over 10 years. It was a blast!

But it has just died on me and I am looking for a replacement. I went to Best Denki and found that the newer models can even do steaming. Sounds great.

I looked at the range and decided on the following models which can all do microwave, convention and steam, or combination.

31L Sharp Heaslo AX1500V(S) $1189
27L Panasonic NNSY30P $1359
30L Panasonic NNCS596A $699
25L Panasonic NNGS597 $509

The above prices are all after 15% discount except for NNCS596A which is after $100 discount. According to the Best Denki staff, the offer ends today, but I don't quite believe it.

Only the high-end Pana is made in Japan. The resty all made in China or Thailand, that is what I was told.

I am more or less settled on the 30L Panasonic NNCS596A and would welcome all suggestions. I could only find one local review on it:

Hope i am not too late with this reply....

I would seriously suggest that you purchase you ovens from Harvey Norman as you can at least cut down on your budget by another $100- $200/-.

The situation out there on pricing is really messy at the moment with dicounts given. I doubt Rina Electrical are price war ready for that.

If you require any last clarification on the products which you have mention, i am/can always be ready to assist you by directing you to either Milenia Walk or Centrepoint Harvey.

I am sure that you will not be disappointed with the explanation or pricing which they will offer to you.

Gd luck!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks all for your advice. I'm still undecided on which model to buy though.

ridz: I know de dietrich probably makes the best ovens but its really over my budget of $2500. As for brandt vs bosch, which one is a better choice in your opinion? Most neighbourhood shops I went to recommended Ariston but I don't really see good comments online regrading its ovens.

tks: I'm taking up professional courses on baking/cooking to prepare for my future, and so I need a proper conventional oven for cakes, bread, roast whole chicken etc for practice at home. In addition, I might also get the Sharp water oven (healsio) for other lighter duties. Microwave is not for me though, for safety and health reasons.

twt: Actually Harvey Norman is one of my choice shops due to its extended warranty option. Price wise dunno liao. But I felt frustrated during my previous visit for other stuffs. I was standing there for 20 mins but no salesperson attended to me. They just sat there chit-chatting or attending to richer-looking customers and ignoring me. Even when I chased after a salesperson to ask for recommendation, he just showed me an old model on special offer without explaining the functions and quoted me higher than market rates on other models. Anyway forget that incident, could you suggest who to look for at Millenia Walk and Centrepoint for built-in ovens?

Headache... still dunno which model to get zzz


Well between bosch and brandt. its a split opinion. Cos both are good ovens.

For really value for money and all features in its definitely gotta be brandt. but for bosch you would get like the attnetion to small details in terms of user comfort and german engineering though not all their ovens are made in germany. brandt ovens the one that i mentioned its still from france.

So im quite split. depending on your choice. i dun have the pricing for the bosch at this moment so i cannot comment. maybe if you could give me the pricing and the model number i can do side by side comparison ?


Well if tyou are looking at the HBN760551 bosch oven then yeah definitely this oven has slightly more comfort features as compared to brandt yeah.
After reading your comments about the Milenia Walk incident.... i think you should amek your way to Centrepoint Harvey Norman...

If i remember correctly, the ovens which you mentioned are being displayed over at CP Harvey.

You may look for the sales staff over there and i am sure they will greet you with utmost respect and will be glad to help you to decide in your choice of ovens.

Basically, if you compare features(Bosch vs Brandt), you will notice that the Bosch ovens has more features as compared to the Brandt oven.

However,if you were to compare feature to feature then i would think that the Brandt FP 667 stands out. I find the 6 AUTO programming features which is strictly exclusive to Brandt pretty uselful for novice like me.

All said.. once again good luck in your choice of oven.


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Got the following quotations from a giant retail store.

1. Brandt FP667XS1 $1529
2. Brandt FC642XF1 $1079
3. Bosch HBN 760651 $1599
4. Bosch HBN 760551F $2759

Firstly, why the huge price difference between 760651 and 760551F man!!?? Also, the salesperson who was trying to sell me 760651 said that the "automatic roasting program" in 760651 can "replace" the rotisserie of 760551F; that rotisserie is an outdated thingy, that newer oven technologies can create good roasts without it etc. Was she bullshitting or not?

Please help me to choose, thank you haha

P.S. twt: I didn't specify my bad experience was at HN MW lah hehe

Do you mind telling me where you got the quote from?

The quote which i had gotten for the Brandt oven is slightly lower then yours. I was intending to get it this weekend over at CP HN and i think i better call the lady once again to check it out.


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hi twtw, I've pm you where I got the quotations from liao. So which model are you getting?

hmmm somehow I feel that a rotisserie is still better than whatever "automatic roasting program" using fan. What you guys think?

so which model should I get? ridz and other experts please advise tytyty


Well... im trying to find out the real difference for the cause for such an expensive difference.

I looked through the manual. seems both are pretty much the same expcept for the rotisserie... will let you know soon yeah..

well as for rotisserie, vs automatic roasting. sure to some extent it would be better to have a rotisserie, but of couse the automatic roasting which is the grilling part which comes on towards the last part of the cooking isnt too bad either.