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hi crystaline.... When did u sign up the contract? How u kn need to top up for the new theme? Where did u get the new theme photo?


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hi all,

just wanna share my experience with novotel on my wedding which happened on 5 may 2012. When i sign up with novotel, it was different coordinator from the current one. the new coordinator took over ard Jan 2012.

1) the hotel required 2 meet-ups with us prior to the wedding - 1 is one month before wedding, the other 7 to 10 days before wedding. My husband and myself felt that we're the one always pushing the coordinator for meet-ups instead of her following up with us. benefit of the doubt, maybe we're too anxious on the wedding. but we felt that we shouldn't be the ones always pushing, yes?

2) about 7 days before the wedding, the hotel require us to sign a BEO (Banquet Event Order) form and credit card authorization form. however, when we sign the contract, it states that we only need to settle the entire bill upon check-out and not prior to wedding. so why the credit card form? It was never stated in the contract that we cannot bring home any unconsumed wine but in the BEO form, it's stated that all wines have to be consume on wedding day. my husband have to argue with the coordinator for them to give as an "out of goodwill" 6 bottles of wine to bring home.

here is the disaster in my wedding:
3) we didnt have sharks fin soup for our wedding and we opted for the fish maw soup. on the wedding, the soup was totally out of expectations. we were very disappointed with the amount of fish maw one can find. my family who went for the food tasting with us, could really tell the difference.

4) guests also complained that some of the dishes were served cold, e.g. fish and lotus rice.

5) Beer dispenser was down on my wedding day and it caused a halt to beer supply. my relative also have to request for 3-4 time before he gets his beer. is it because mine is free-flow beer so they are serving slower?

Lastly, i would like to commend on the banquet manager and his staff for their wonderful service. they accommodated to our requests as much as possible and made our wedding an eventful and memorable one.

My husband had sent an email to the coordinator and inform her of the dissatisfactions we had with the wedding. she called my husband up and tried to cover everything by saying "oh, but overall everything is okay, rite? so it's all fine now, rite?" seriously, i doubt if she's capable of holding a "manager" post or is it like the hotel wants to her look good in front of customers, hence, giving her this title.

This is my experience with novotel. hope it serves a reference to future brides here. I have another few bad experiences which cannot be mentioned here. if any of you all need the details, please email me - [email protected]


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Can anyone share with me on the perks given by the hotel during the wedding show? I would like to ask if they could extend the perks to me if I were to sign with them. Can leave a note in the forum or send email to me at [email protected]. Thanks!


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Hi All, i went down to NCQ to have a look last week. Im considering if i should take up the package?
Anyone gonna be BTB for 2013 and will be taking up package from there.. do share with me on what they have offer as perks. Thanks.

Or you can drop me mail at [email protected]


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They do not provide much perks... So look out for their wedding showcase in Sep as perks then will be very good!!


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hello! any brides have any experience at NCQ recently to share? i've been to a wedding there and the main ballroom (can't remember the name) is quite a good size.
Hi all! NCQ is having another wedding sale this aug. RSVP on their website.. their main ballroom is phoenix ballroom..can hold up to 55 tables.. Have just booked mine during their wedding show in apr


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their website for weddings is different you need to search for "dream weddings novotel". there used to be a link on their main page anyway i posted it here
if you want i can go find their coordinator's email later

novotel's phoenix ballroom (bigger one) max is 55 but from what i see about 40 it is quite cramped although i don't know if they can expand it further because mine was 34 tables and it also looks cramped lol but no worries still easy to move around


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from what i know with novotel they don't offer much "extras" beyond what is stated.
when we book the package last year for this june, there was 1 free table + 1 free wine per table. but from what their last showcase only 1 free nite in the suite ($400 extra per nite for me).
generally, i will say their service is quite good but the portions on one of the VIP tables was apparently very little but I only learnt until a few days later so couldn't verify.
but they serve fairly fast. we started around 820pm abt 1015 serving dessert already.
but the view from the room if u face the singapore river is really superb especially on the high floor
their cinnamon ballroom (smaller one) juz renovated finish in may i think. the area outside it is really beautiful now. another thing i like is their ballrooms is on seperate floors so people wouldn't mix up if there are multiple weddings
Oh btw regarding tables arrangement. I've seen their layout.. Example.. a 35 tables arrangement and a 40 tables arrangement is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. they really shift and change practically the entire its not just a add on of 5 tables to the original layout
Hence a 55 tables arrangement is really possible. Hope u guys have fun preparing for wedding! I'm glad I picked novotel! well during the apr roadshow we had free flow of beer too!
Oh so from April roadshow there is one free table n free one wine wif one nite stay n no add nite? Coz I m checking for my sis for her to consider. Printing of wedding cards is free by novotel?


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wow they give 1 free nite + 1 table free + free flow beer for the april roadshow? thats a good deal..
spent about $140 if i remember correctly for the printing at t-dragon for 217 cards. there is cheaper elsewhere but more convenient to do it there for lazy people like me lol
Yup 1 table free for min guaranteed 30 tables. Meaning the 31st is free. Oh there is? But then again, we're actually paying for the inserts.. Hotel is paying for the cards.
anyway those who are looking to have their photomontage done can contact me too. Its a freelance business I've been doing with my fiance.


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they will probably show their themes for next year. i am not sure if they will set it up, they usually show it on their ipads


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mainly liaise with 1 coordinator Lis. she took over last may i think. quite efficient in replying and getting the things done
hey peeps.. u guys saw the update on novotel facebook? they are changing their ballroom chandeliers! for both Cinnamon and Phoenix! Much much nicer!


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Hi All,

Does Novotel Clarke Quay requests front and back photocopy of your Credit Card few days before the wedding? The banquet say its for holding.
is it true?
Just had my wedding. i would say it can be troublesome to walk wif my long train or EG from bridal suite to the ballroom as the lift is not in the same building. Food wise standard dropped when compared to food tasting. Guests said they were in a rush to clear food and cut the fish leftover to transfer to a plate in erxin way. However i was impressed by the short dance by the hotel staffs b4 the dinner started.


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yup they will require you to fill up a credit card authorisation form with photocopy/scan of the credit cards where they will hold the estimated amount due for 2 or 3 days before the wedding.
yeah novotel during the banquet serving is very quick, mine finish around 1030pm


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Hi all,
I did consider Novotel previously for my wedding. But I'm glad I didn't decide on them.
As I jus attended my gfs wedding last sun, the whole experience was horrible...
To begin with, they were short handed and the staffs they got were all inexperience. We have to request at least 3times before we get our drinks refilled.
One of my gfs was served with a glass with lipstick marks on it when she didn't even put on lipstick that night.
Some of them mentioned that they were served with cold tea that tasted like soya sauce.
Wine not chilled.
Some tables with missing dishes.
Some tables had cold dishes serve. Eg. Yam paste was served cold.
When asked to change plates, they gave plates with food stain. Ask to change again, they came back with other stains. In the end, we have to wipe the stains off ourselves.
Some staffs broke glasses and spilled wine on guest as well.
Complaints all over...
Fortunately, the wedding went well without any hiccups except for the above.

So btb, pls consider all the above before signing a package with them.
Hi. I am contemplating to book at Novotel hotel but heard pretty bad comments on the food and service. Did anyone ever tried the food there? Is it really that bad? And anyone has got issues with the carpark there cos it was pretty bad especially when the event endded? Greatly appreciate if someone can share your comments. thanks. =)
Was there for future SIL's food tasting, actual wedding banquet, company dinner, lunch with family...etc. Still as good. Standard is there. But I guess on the final day it really depends a bit on luck as well. The car parks sorta narrow. Hence causing slight delays and jam and everyone's getting out of the carpark after the event.


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hi! i've a booking with Novotel on 22 Dec 13 to let go. Cinnamon ballroom (min 18, max 26). Managed to get great perks like free flow wine, free flow beer, additional night stay in bridal suite etc. $200 off per table, $928 after discount. let me know if you're keen! :)

[email protected]