Novotel Clarke Quay


There is another BOWS in April or May I think. If you can wait till the next bows for the perks and if you like the hotel can book there. Or keep a look out if Novotel will be having a show?

You can try to bargain I Guess if there is not much perks?

I booked Novotel at their wedding show in 2014 for my wedding this year. In the end bows had better pricing. ;(

Mind sharing what is the additional perks nego?
Mind sharing what is the additional perks nego?

Ask for free flow beer and wine if they give only 1 barrel or 1 bottle of wine per table..
Extra night in bridal suite if the package has 1.
Extra complimentary parking coupon.

But I believe all those can be done if you have minimum 30 tables, means booking the Phoenix ballroom..


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Hi all! Im new to this page and will be having my wedding dinner 3rd quarter this yr at novotel cinnamon ballroom for 16-18tables minimum

Any1 who has booked before and has any tips and advices about this hotel?

We also got d outdoor garden terrace for solemnization. Any1 used this and how much u paid for setup cos they do not provide any seup for this.

Is the food good and what additional perks should i aso for that they might cater to?

Thank u!