yup, day curtain is the see thru one. I am using the organza material for day curtain and those total blockout material for nite curtain.

Actually i also got my contact from the forumers here.. If u scroll thru those old postings, will be able to find his contact.. Anyway, I just post his contact here for ur easy reference lah..

Lucky & Nice Home Furnishing
Blk 2021 Bukit Batok Ind Park A
Street 23 #03-226 S659526
6792 3772 / 97927404
Contact person: Desmond Lim

The prices might vary depending on the type of material u choose. U can call Desmond and tell him to give u a quotation. I believe that his quotations are one of the most reasonably priced.



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Is this too expensive?
-Day & night curtains for living room (700)
-day & night curtain sewn together (300)
-2 tracks (less than 100)


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I've receive quite a number of emails asking for the contact of the curtain maker.

Think I'll just leave her contact here. I call her Aunty Ah Yan, Her no. is 97853212.

Can call her to ask for quotation.


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im interested in gettin string curtain, any affordable and good place to recommend? tq


Hi genesisgalaxy,

I find ur qutotation veri ex! Living room itself alone cost $700?! Is it cos u are using veri good material for ur nite curtain?

Maybe u can get a few quotes from the recommended contacts here before deciding which one to engage? I onli did mine for abt 1-1.1k for whole house. U can refer to my postings above..


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hey genesisgalaxy,
just to share this with u.
my mum recently engaged "" to help out with her curtains. and turn out to be really nice and worth the money... (smemore not ex leh).
my house was did by them too (a yr ago) and got compliments from friends as my house is retro style, v diff to get curtain material.

i forgot the company name already, but i still have the salesman's contact. if u need to the curtain fast, just tell him, he always fulfil his promise.


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We had ours done by MGL too. The package for five room is about $638 if I don't remember wrongly. But we top up more for extra sets of curtains for the dining and living hall. We bought the materials ourselves and they charge us around $20 for the workmanship of sewing each set of curtains.

The boss is very flexible and helpful and We are very satisfied with the workmanship so far. Cheers!


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Think material is the main reason why some the quotes are expensive. I just did another set for my house. The first set, I did a so-so material.

Study room/living room - One layer of translucent curtain(full length)
2 rooms - Normal material curtain (1 room full length)
Master - Silk (Full length)
With blackout and single track+ labour =$2600+

New set;
Living room(full length) ard $1300+/study room(full length)/master(full length)/guest room (ard $600+) all silk($80+ per dunno what before discount).
Living room add 1 more track for additional layer of curtain, plus blackout+labour after 25% discount $4300.

So material plays a very big part.


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Hi Missylan, I agreed with you that the materials play a part in the pricing of the curtains but if the pricing is as much as a few K diff, i would think twice.

i think 4300 is way to ex for even an exec flat?


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Hi Ah Ping, Westerveld, Jennie & KC

The address for MGL is :-
195 Lavender St #01-02 Eminent Plaza.
Person I deal with is Andrew , Mobile:-90079665.


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Hi Friends,

Do you do the measurement before going down to the shop or do you get them to come to your home and do the measurement before getting the quot from them?


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Hi folks,

I did my curtains w Casey Teo, hp 97684057 (one of the partners/ boss). His service & attitude is great. U can get him to take the measurement & quotation. No obligation.


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Hi Friends,

Im reli interested with MGL and think i have a budget to follow...guess i will get them to do the day & nite curtain for my masterbedroom and living room..the other 2 rooms may get from to save quite abit of money first coz customary is approaching...maybe next time when there's kids then shall get a better curtain for their room..

anyway, if i choose a avg material for my day & nite curtain, how much do u think it will roughly cost for my living and masterbedroom? just need a rough guage...

shall i call andrew and book a appointment with him for this saturday?or i can just go over? any idea what's their operating day & time?


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Hi jhoo

Think best u call him. The package they offered is very attractive. If u stick to the materials that they offered, shd not exceed $800. Thanks.


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Anyone here knows where can I get those kind of straw blinds that are usually used in resort themed house? Those type that rolls up with pulled up.


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Hi Friends,

I have got MGL to do my curtain...pricing is good and andrew is good too...thanks for recommending


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hi guys!! omg i didnt knw curtains can come up to be sooo expensive! at least a thousand bucks for decent looking ones for the whole house!! shucks.

have anyone tried asking whether those normal alteration seamstress can sew curtains? i wonder if we buy the clothe and rails ourselves and asking seamstress to sew the curtains will be cheaper.. hmm. anyone tried this way before? can share the costs?


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mojc..true..i did my living and masterbed room for day and night curtain and it cost $650...the other 2 rooms is using ikea temporary untill we have a bb then will custom made


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Hi guys,
We just had our curtains done n are quite glad with the service n quality.
We also went thru the research process to save u the hassle..if you need the contacts,feel free to PM me for contacts.


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Hi people,

I just confirmed my curtains yesterday for the following:
1. Living room (full panel windows): Day and night curtains
2. MBR: Night curtain
3. Guest Room: Night Curtain
4. Study Room: Night curtain

Total cost: $1180 (inclusive of tracks; installation and labour and 2-years warranty on the tracks). Can get curtains in one week upon site measurement.

Not sure if our price is reasonable cause we only went to three shops and so far, selected this one because they have very nice materials for selection. I think the total cost really depends on the type of materials you choose (it makes a big difference). For our living room, we choose the night and day curtains in the $31-$36 range. We noticed the day organza day curtains are more costly than the night curtains.

We wanted to do roller blinds for the bedrooms but the person told us that curtains are cheaper so in the end we selected night curtains for our rooms.


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Hi Ilyne & cha_alex,
Look for Sunny,98001211. We approached abt 4 curtain companies (all mentioned in related threads) & found tat Sunny's is the most value for $,even our neighbour has engaged them and are pleased.

Hi cha_alex,
Saw your posting on another thread on Evov,no worries,I ordered & have received sofa from them.I must say good service and on time delivery.
Found that there are scratches on the legs,they were promptly replaced.


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thks a million. Does Sunny have shop that we can visit?

thks again for your info on Evov.... too bad, certain ppl use SBF just to vent their anger.... and never come back to clarify though they are satisfied eventually....


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Hi Cha Alex & llyne,

You are welcomed.Sunny has a shop at Yishun and somewhere else..I suggest you asked him to come to your place.Cos the measurement & special requirement makes a difference.E.g.additional track to cover aircon trunking.

In addition,he has almost all the materials in his van so he can show u on the spot.

Ask him for his suggestions,he has a keen eye for colours.


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hi pplz,

haha i also not vry confident tt i got a ok price but within my set budget aft doing sm survey any comments? hmm hope its reasonable

livg rm - day(nrmal material)/nite
2 rooms- roller blind, black out
mbr - normal curtain, curve track

ttl damage- $1150


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Hi all,

Just to share, my curtain experience for my living room and MBR. all full-length.

I went to 3 places. 1 recommended by my contractor and 2 others found in this forums. One of the place is somewhere at serangoon road where the shop opposite is the famous indian temple that will have Thaipusam (not sure spelling correct anot). That shop is horrible. When we went in, we are looking for the person that our contractor had wanted us to look for, but since the lady there is serving a middle aged couple, we decided to wait. we waited for about 10 minutes and wander around the shop and self help ourselves with the samples. the lady occasionally or rather once or twice look at us and smile only when eye contact is made.

No apologies that she is busy and will get back to us soon. Nothing of that. That's just the beginning. She was introducing some stuff for the couple together with a guy around 30s. From what we heard, seems a big client to them. After the couple has left, we mentioned the person that we wanted to look for and turns out to be that person is not around. Nevermind, we request to look at the samples. wanted something that we like and ask for it. The lady took out lots of samples and said this are from china, and that they had more costly and more expensive samples.

She speak in chinese cos she saw my MIL. when my wife told her that my MIL knows english then she speak english in a more comfortable tone. Her chinese is really bad. She admitted that she is from english school and her chinese sucks. We did not ask any of this. She was also weraing lots of bling bling around and her specs have a chain of bling bling connected to it. Her hands are full of bling and her shirt also had bling beads. Totally over bling. Next we ask for other samples. We kept asking for other samples without mentioning on the price nor the budget. she kept showing us taiwan and china samples. she did not mention or ask wats our budget. she did not tke any belgium materials as she kept referring to them as more expensive materials.

As its ard 540pm and another young couple came in, I decided to butt in and ask directly we want quotations for our windows. SHe said," I am busy at the moment, (implicitly referring to the other couple) and we are closing at 6pm and I am going for dinner". DUH!. You go dinner got to do with me meh? wahkow. Obviously she is not keen on our business and did not even bother to do quotations for us. SHe just ask us to call the person whom we are suppose to look for and tell him we want quotations as she is busy. We left the place and my MIL was so furious that she wanted to scold our contractor for introducing such a person to us. All of us had the feeling of being put down and not valued as a customer.

I repeat once again, the shop is at serangoon road, opp a hindu temple. I really cant remember the name.

Next, here's my 2nd shop. MGL furnishings at Lavendar st, eminent plaza, behind the bus stop there.

I can say that the service is up to standard. May Cheong was the one who served us and gave us quotations. she frankly told us the materials we chose are from taiwan but she also has belgium materials and even ask if we wanted to tke a look. the price she quote was ard 700 only for taiwan materials. (note: not whole house) we find that its so much better than the above shop. we nearly signed with her but since we got another shop in mind, we decided to KIV this shop. If I ned to do curtains again, I will definitely look for her.

My final decision is at this shop. The famous Jimmy Textiles in this forum.

James was the one who serve us. His service is good as well. My MIL also order from them as well. quotation is definitely much higher than mgl. 1300. but he said his is belgium materials and japan track or something like that. So we decided on him after much bargaining since my MIL is doing from him as well. I even arrange for them to come my hse to tke measurements on sun nite which is the next day after we order from him.

One thing to note, they will not call you to make arrangements even though they said they will. Call them up yourselves after the period is over. the person said will call once curtains ready which is abt 2 wks. 2 wks later no call, made the call and arrange them to come down on the 3rd wk. they came and drill, install and arrange the curtain in my MBR. BUT the living room, they sewn the wrong measurements. too short. of cos we wanted to change it. but the thing is, we still paid the remaining balance to them by cheque. they said 1 wk later will call us back to fix appt to come down and hang the curtains. 1 wk later, no call, again i call and made appt and they came down, checked and to my expectations, they DONT patched it to make it longer. they sew another new piece for us. Heng. If not our money areadi pay them and they play afool with us then we sure lose out. but since this shop has quite a reputation in this forum, we decided to trust them and we did not regret it. they sew a new piece for us instead of patching it to make it longer.

Recommendations by me based on my experience. do look out for my sharing of experience with other vendors which i bought from in other threads. Why i share? cos i learnt alot from this forum, so decided to share.