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Hi chua family2003,

here's a snapshot of roller blinds in one of my room.



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Hi Hello88,

Ur blinds look so cute..

u did for 3 bedrooms ar ?
I tot of doing blinds for my full length windows in the living room as well, think i did ask for quote from jimmy textiles before, they quoted me 1k ++.
maybe due to the height of my full length windows in living room tat's why more costly?
Is it okie to get pple to come and measure and give the actual quote before we decide to let them do the blinds for us or not ?


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Hi Friends78,

I love your curtains!!!! Me too at really tight budget after the reno...fridge, TV etc....

Can i have the contact of the supplier? my email: [email protected]

And i think you get quite a good deal.

Thanks a million!!


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Hi all

Contact sent liao........

Hi Interrace

For me, I went to the shops with my floor plan to get the quotes. However, I did request them to go to my flat for selection of curtain designs & colours cos to match with the walls and furniture decor.......


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Hi Interrace,

I did cartoon roller blinds for the 2 bedrooms but MBR just plain roller blinds. Yup, u can call Jimmy Textile or any other curtain markers to come down for measurement and u decide. Remember its so competitive now and buyers' market so go ahead and contact the curtain contractors.

thought usually people do curtains for living room.


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Hi all,

I did my curtains with Mirage Focus. Was satisfied and happy with their selection and service. Several of my friends also followed suit and were equally happy.

Just happened to bump into their new website. May wish to check it out and keep them as an option. Have a look.


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I has my curtains done up at Jimmy Textiles. Must say that their service very good, and have quite a variety of mmaterials.... price is very reasonable too... for day and night curtains in the living room, roman curtains for 3 bedrooms and 1 studay, it is $1170.


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Hi jellybean07,

I also had my roller blinds done by Jimmy Textile. Measurement was done by the boss, Jimmy who came on a Sunday morning.

By the way, me interested to do day curtain for my living room...can show me your pic? How much is it? Do u know how long it'll take?


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Hi JellyBean,

May I knowwhat is the price of your night curtain per metre and the price of the roman blinds per square feet?

This is because today i went down to Jimmy Textile and this guy James (not too friendly) quoted me about $2400 for the same Living Room and 3 rooms as yours.



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Hi everyone
I engaged ecurtains to do up my house curtains.Their pricing is quite attractive.I did up my house curtain for $1300.Hall and M/B Night and organza,2 b/room roller blinds.
They got very personalise services.
Very satisfied with them.


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Can someone tell me where is the location of MGL and their contact. My house is going to be ready soon and need to find the curtains now.



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Hi Ah Ping

MGL is at 195 Lavender St #01-02 Eminent Plaza, you may look for Andrew at 90079665. Me also ask him for quote. He is a nice, friendly and helpful guy.


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Hi All,

I'm new to this thread. Just started to do reno for my resale flat. Can anyone advise how the shop charge for the curtains? By measurement or by materials.

Very nice curtains.Can share with me the contact?My email is [email protected]. Thanks

Seems like many of you went to some curtain shops to get it done. My mom always go to this freelance curtain maker who works from home. My mom says her price is definitely cheaper than those from the shop (cos doesn't have to pay rental). But heard that she charge my the length of the curtain.

Have anyone tried a freelance curtain maker? Any comments or any think to look out for


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Could you send me your curtains contacts? Mine is a resale flat and the curtains are those "2-layers" one, using those "strings" at the side to open and close.... dunno what are those types of curtains called :p

Does anyone has any idea how much it'll cost?


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Just visited this freelance curtain maker (my mom friends). Think I will let her do my curtain...really cheap la. For my 128 inches window in my living room, she is only charging me at less than $50. I didn't take the measurement for the rest of my room cos I thought of saving cost and just do my living room but since the curtain for my biggest window is less than $50 then I will do for all my other bedrooms.

Also understand that she has been sewing curtains for the past 30 years. She is sewing for some big curtain maker too(saw the deliver guy pass her the curtains in the bag with the co logo)

Think the only problem is:
1. She can only speaks Mandarin and Malay (luckily my mandarin still OK)
2. She doesn't sell the cloth so have to get it myself (but she did mention that she can bring me to choose but have to wait for her cos she is very busy this week)

For those who are keen, can email me at [email protected] for her contact.


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Dear all,
Please email me your contacts as well! Would really appreciate it!
Btw, my curtains are the same as yours, jen80. Im not too sure what are they called too coz most pple are using the roller-binds or those with curtain rods one?


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Hi All

The address for MGL is :-
195 Lavender St #01-02 Eminent Plaza.
Person I deal with is Andrew , Mobile:-90079665.

Hi Ivan
So far so good. Quite pleased with my curtains.... Going to get another set from them to change for New Year :)


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Hi Friend,

Do u go down to their shop to enquire or they went to your home to make measurement?


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Hi annabelle,

Plse click the archive link dated Oct 13, 2005.

Hi jhoo,
I went to the shop cos wanted to see more fabrics & designs ... then they came to my house to take the measurement.


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this MGL only provides the curtains or they also have those curtains rod to choose from? The prices are including installation?



Thru recommendation of some of the forumers here I also managed to get a great deal on my new curtains! I had my curtains done by a supplier in SG for my 5room flat.. Full length day & nite for LR & MBR, half length nite curtain for 2 other bedrooms and 1 roman blind for my MBR. Overall I am satisfied wf the workmanship and quality of the material. I can email u the contact if u are interested. Do get a few quotations (based on same dimensions n materials) before u decide which one to engage.

Here are some pictures for sharing thou its nt realli well-taken..
Day & Nite curtain @ Living Room:

Day & Nite curtain @ MBR:


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By the way, anyone has done curtains with Tots and Teens at Tanjong Katong complex? It's just next to Jimmy Textiles (the wildly popular shop as I can see in this forum) =)