Cooking Recipes as promised


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hi ohstrawberry,
u can replace bird's nest with harsma (shiek kup).


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Moo, I thought I read somewhere in this forum about making cheesecake without oven... but cannot find it now. Perhaps you'll have better luck with the search function.

Experts... this may sound silly but can you tell me the difference between plain flour and cornflour? Specifically the different usage.

I'm trying to cook chicken roll the way I saw on TV. Put bacon and asparagus on flattened chicken and roll up. Then dip in flour and then dip in egg and then cover with bread crumbs. But I got stuck at the flour portion. Should I use plain flour or cornflour? Is cooking flour plain flour or cornflour? This flour business is making me really blur... or perhaps I'm still a newbie in the kitchen arena...


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hi everyone, sorry to intrude. my silly husband just bought back a whole bunch of yam. and i have never cook yam before so i am wondering what i can do with it. he told me to steam it, yuck! that's so bland, anyone any idea? thanks!


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hi everyone,
i wtd to post this yesterday but was too busy. for those who watched the food show on ch U (hosted by quan yi feng) on monday, the guests were devouring this <font color="ff6000">yummy chocolate souffle</font>, i couldn't help but went to find a recipe for this. hee.. here it is.. but can anyone tell me where to get the souffle dish? i wanna make one myself.
btw, if u know where's the restaurant they went for the chocolate souffle, u can let me know too.... thanks!!!!

Chocolate Souffle

3 Tbl. all purpose flour
3 Tbl. unsalted butter
1 1/2 cups milk
12 oz bittersweet baking chocolate, coarsely chopped
1/2 cup brewed strong coffee
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup granulated sugar
5 egg yolks
7 egg whites
Confectioners sugar

Preheat oven to 375? Melt butter in a sauce pot over low heat, whisk in flour and milk and cook until it thickens. Stir in chocolate and stir constantly until it's melted. Remove from heat and add coffee, vanilla, and half the sugar. One at a time, add the egg yolks while whisking constantly.

Butter a 2-2 1/2 quart souffl?or baking dish.

In a perfectly clean and dry bowl , whisk the egg whites to soft peaks and gradually whisk in the remaining sugar and continue to whisk until the peaks stiffen. Gently fold the egg whites into the souffl?base and pour into the prepared baking dish.

Bake for 35 - 40 minutes until the souffl?rises 2 inches above souffl?dish. Dust with confectioners sugar and serve immediately because the souffl?will deflate in less than two minutes.


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hi <font color="0000ff">toby</font>, u can make teochew or-nee with it. i prefer pure yam pudding so i sometimes skip the pumpkin. if u r not serving with the lotus root sauce, u can serve with coconut milk. here's a recipe that u can try:

Yam Pudding with Pumpkin &amp; Gingko

150g peeled pumpkin
600g yam, peeled
300 ml water
20 gingko nuts, shelled
1 tablespoon sugar
500 ml water
100g lard/oil/shortening
2 shallots, sliced thinly
120g sugar
1/8 tsp salt

Lotus Root Sauce (optional):
1 tablespoon lotus root powder or cornflour
3 tablespoons water
1/2 tablespoon sugar

1. Steam pumpkin until soft, then mash, cube or puree it.

2. Cut yam into thick slices and steam over high heat for approximately 20 minutes, or cooked through.

3. In an electric blender, liquidise steamed yam with water. Sieve.

4. Split gingkoes and remove the bitter-tasting plumule. Place gingkoes, sugar and water to cover in a small pot and boil over low heat until water dries up and gingkoes turn a shiny yellow.

5. In a pan, heat oil and fry shallots to make shallot oil. Remove shallot crisps for other use.

6. Add sugar and salt to the shallot oil in the pan. Stir slowly over very low fire and at the same time add the yam puree. You may add a little oil from the edge of the pan so that the yam paste will not stick to the pan.

7. Continue stirring until thoroughly mixed, about 20 minutes.

8. Dish out onto a shallow dish or individual moulds.

9. Top with the pumpkin and gingkoes. Serve warm.

Lotus Root Sauce: Mix the lotus root powder or cornflour and water. Place in a pan with the sugar and boil until it thickens. Pour onto the yam pudding to enhance its smoothness.

<font color="119911">A tip for those who cook ginko nuts barley too, if u always find that the ginko nuts are too bitter, follow step 4 in this recipe to prepare your ginko nuts.</font>

Happy cooking!!!


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thanks keruri! i will try that! i was wondering before about the stem in the gingko nut, i find it a hassle to remove it but i have to in order not to eat it. so it is safe to eat it, eh? just incase i get too lazy next time, i won't bother to remove it!
i am going to try the souffle too! thanks! i think a souffle dish can be found in CK tang or taka houseware department.


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yo maya/chatter... i went to best last wk to see the Sharp R888 liao... got 3 colour... i like the silver one but is more ex then the other 2 colour lor... sob sob... i think will get it since its 2-in-1 one... but i hv to get rid of my microwave oven 1st....

yo maya... so u mean u use microwave to cook ur food isit...

yo kerui/winnie.... wow u all are ready wonderful with cooking leh... i duno can be so expert as u all or not man...

hmm... u gals got receipe for boiling soup or not... think tat one will be easier then cooking rite... just pour everything into the pot and let it boil... kekeke


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Soup 1 - Tian Ma with Black chicken/Lean Meat Soup (Good for headache)

Tian Ma 40g
1 Black chicken or Lean Meat
Pitted Red Dates about 10 pieces

1)Wash the Tian Ma &amp; pitted red dates.
2)Black chicken or lean meat poached in boiling water to get it clean.
If you buy the black chicken from wet market can ask the seller to skin off the chicken. The soup will be less oily. If not can use lean meat if afraid of heatiness.

3)Put all ingredents into the pot and boil for 2 or 3 hrs.

Soup 2 - Lotus Roots Soup

Lotus Roots about 1 section
Pitted Red Dates about 10 pieces
peanuts depends on idividual taste
pork ribs (depends on individual)

1) Lotus roots scrap off the mud and wash before you scrap off the skin. Cut into thick pieces. If you intend to eat the lotus roots cut into thin pieces.

2)wash the peanuts and red dates.

3) poach the pork ribs to cleanse.

4) Put all ingredients into the pot and boil for 2 to 3 hrs.

Can choose to have lean meat if you want. can eat the pork ribs for dinner as well. With the black sauce, it's like bak ku teh.


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<font color="0000ff">Toby</font>, u're welcome.
i dunno if it is safe to eat the stem in the ginko nut, i just know it'll be bitter. hee.. there are some peeled and stem removed ginko nuts available in the supermarket. they are sold in vacuum packed packets located near the tofu section. u can try to find them next time.
as for my souffle dish, thanks for the tip! i'll look for it the next time i'm at tangs or taka.

wah.. <font color="119911">jellytots77</font>, i'm not expert yet... still learning...
we got so many gao1 shou3 here.


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I bot the silver 1

Next time u can join me for the Sharp cooking class liao

so have u been attending Sharp classes?
Nowadays I hardly go, coz most of the classes r in wkday afternoon


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No, I stopped for a while bec like you said, most classes don't suit wkg people. I can only attend the weekend classes but sometimes the recipe I want is not on the weekend class...:-(


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yo jelly,
I not expert lah wait hor praise until i fly up to sky u cannot catch me ar!
I can only think of these few simple soup at moment as below, hope u'll like it!(Ingredients based on estimated portion by myself 1 ok)

1. <font color="ff6000">ABC soup with Pork Rib/Chicken</font>

1. Potatoes - 250g (approx 2 nos)
2. Carrot - 1 no.
3. Onion - (Big- 1 no / small - 2nos)
4. Chicken or pork Rib - 300g
5. Salt

1. Peel all ingredients 1,2 &amp; 3 den cut into bite size.(Except onion in whole)
2. Clean &amp; cut chicken into small pieces / poach the pork rib to cleanse.
3. Add in potatoes &amp; carrots to boil for 20mins add in onion &amp; boil for another 10mins before adding in meat. Can leave the pot to cook in low heat for next 30min add in salt to taste &amp; will be ready to serve can garnish with fried shallot too.

2. <font color="ff0000">Wintermelon &amp; Pork Rib Soup</font>
1. Wintermelon - 250g
2. Pork Rib - 250g
3. Red dates (pitted type) - 10 - 20g
4. Salt

1. Clean wintermelon by removing all its seed &amp; leave the skin on cut into bite size.
2.Poach the pork rib to cleanse.
3. Add wintermelon &amp; red dates to boil for 30mins add in meat &amp; bring soup to boil again then cook over low heat for another 20mins, lastly add in salt to taste soup is ready to serve.

3.<font color="0000ff">Sze Chuan Cai wif Pork rib</font>
1. Sze chuan cai - 150g
2. Carrot - 1 no
3. Pork Rib - 200g

1. Rinse off seasoning on sze chaun cai &amp; soak in water for 10mins cos too salty den cut into thin slices.
2. Peel carrot &amp; cut into bite size
3. Poach the pork rib to cleanse.
4. Add in carrot &amp; sze chuan cai to boil for 30mins den add in meat to boil over low heat for 20mins, add in salt to taste if soup is too bland &amp; soup is ready to serve.


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yo winnie/yl.... thanks... for ur soup receipe... got time i go and try... kekeke... u all so nice...

yo winnie... where got praise u... no lah...

yo chatter... sure nxt time we go together... but u hv to wait for me okie... when i buy lah...


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Hi Anyone got recipe for tauhu goreng? I've eaten one that was pretty nice (got a tangy flavour). Wanna make for my hubby. Anyone can share? thks!


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Hi all

I was wondering if anybody has tried to grow their own herbs? (the ang-moh herbs, not the chinese kind) i came across several recipes that require fresh herbs, like rosemary, oregano. so was wondering if it's easy to grow them. or does the market sell these?



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This thread is really drooling ....

Any receipt for tauhu telok, not sure if this is the correct spelling, but it is the deep-fried tauhu with sweet black sauce on top. Tried in Sanur Indonesian restaurant, really nice.


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Hi dear dear,
maybe i send u my recipe via email den u find watever recipe u 1 from there ok cos i lazy to go &amp; dig out every folders lah should hav wat u 1 if my memory doesn't fail me! Can i hav ur email addy pls?


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Hi Belle ,
here u're the recipe for your request as below:-

Tahu Telur
Fried beancurd with eggs, the kind served at Sanur at Centerpoint, Singapore.


eggs, beaten
smooth, firm tahu (beancurd), cubed
lettuce sliced fine
cucumber sliced fine
bean sprouts

for sweet sacues:

Indonesian sweet soya sauce
chili sauce (to taste)


Beat eggs, add peper and salt . Heat oil in pan, fry tahu till a little crispy,
then pour in egg mixture.

Arrange lettuce, cucumber and bean sprouts on plate, put tahu on top and pour
sauce over.

Served as a salad.


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Hi Yvonne,
U're welcome my respond is not always dat fast provided i very eng like todae office boh cheng hoo den i can eat snake surf net! Haha....


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yo winnie... can u tell me wat things u duno how to do hur... even tahu telur u also know... jelly gog to faint lah... nxt time must really try ur cooking man...


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hi <font color="aa00aa">winnie</font>,
so glad to see u here again. i'm sick again.
now then got time to come see what's happening in forum. how hv u been?


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Hi gals,
in order to make the tahu telur more crispy, add potato flour to the beaten eggs.

also, for lazy people like me, you can buy the peeled gingko nuts in a can from supermarkets.



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Dear Winnie

Much appreciate if you could let me have your recipe collection. I am so interested in cooking these days after I moved to my new flat with hubby.


My email address is [email protected]


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Yo jelly,
There're still alot of things i do not noe how to cook lah!

Wat happen to u? y sick again maybe toooo long neber c me &amp; sandy tooooo long neber taste my cooking sick liao lah!

Finally u're in action again! School holidays again so where r u planning to go holiday again?

Posted by keruri dat 1 is or-nee lah u read again! just ormit the pumpkin will do liao!


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Hi Dear,

Char Kway Teow(my personal recipe)

3 quarters of 1 pound pack of dried kway teow noodles(same as the Vietnamese dried my-tho noodles)

Half pound large prawns with shells

Half pound jumbo squids( coarsely cut)

one quarter pack of snail meat or cockles

3 lap cheong( Sliced.Also in the frozen food section of oriental markets)

Half pound Chai Xin( Dunno the english name sorry)

1 cup of bean sprouts

2 sprigs of green onion finely chopped

A handful of springs of cilantro coarsely chopped( Don't miss this ingredient, it really makes a difference to the dish)

2 large eggs(beaten)

4 cloves minced garlic

4 tablespoons sweet soy sauce( kecap manis)

2 tablespoons dark soy sauce

2 large tablespoonsful red chilli paste( Normally comes in jar..choose the one with shrimp paste in it.The one i am using is Indonesian's Sambal Gandaria)

1 tablespoon oyster sauce

1 teaspoon salt

Healthy dashes of white pepper

1)Add dried kway teow noodles to a pot of boiling water.When it's just done(not overally cooked or it'll break apart whilst stir frying).Drain the hot water out and "shock" the noodles in cold water to stop the cooking process.

2)6 good sprays of fat-free olive oil.A tasty alternative will be using peanut oil, frying healthy servings of cubed pork fat then using that oil to cook your ingredients[ I skipped that step, sliding metabolism does weird things to my decision making;)].Fry your lap cheong.When it's done, add garlic and green onions.Stir fry till fragrant, then toss in all your seafood.Add sweet soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, red chilli paste and pepper.When the seafood is 3 quarters cooked, mix in beaten egg.Complete cooking seafood.

3)Add the chai xin vegetables and stir fry till it's just wilted.Toss in bean sprouts then mix in the kway teow noodles and stir evenly.Add in cilantro and stir.

4)1 minute before completing the dish add the 1 teaspoons salt to flavour the food.


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Any soup, stew or dessert recipe can be used in the crockpot/ can also try searching on the internet for more ideas


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<font color="ff0000">Winnie.... </font>
i was on mc last week. now that i'm back at work... so busy.. now then got time to come in here.
my colleague was sick so i got the flu from my colleague lor. zhen1 tao3 yan4. of coz, i oso v long nvr see u and sandy so immunity v low ah... any flu or watever can make me sick.

u're leaving for your short trip liao... so envy... when u go bkk, can help me see some stuff?


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<font color="0000ff">no-time....</font>
yam pudding is the ang moh name for orr nee lah.
as what winnie said, u can just omit the pumpkin. if u got no time to try this, there's this lady in the Chinatown market (the basement one) that sells frozen orr nee, you can buy from her, go back steam and eat, oso v nice!!! my mom always get from her during CNY cos too many things to do so no time to prepare so many food. we swear by it. u can go try it next time but must buy your own ginko nuts.


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Hi winnie, i understand tht dou miao n cai xin need garlic n other ingredients. Can u pls elaborate for me as I can't seem to get the same taste as wat my mum did.....
sorry to ask you this simple qtn as i had been trying but still not so gd.


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Hi winnie, i understand tht dou miao n cai xin need garlic n other ingredients. Can u pls elaborate for me as I can't seem to get the same taste as wat my mum did.....
sorry to ask you this simple qtn as i had been trying but still not so gd.


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hi all, just wondering where i can find nice "lap cheong"? those chinese sausages with chicken or pork &amp; liver? thanks!


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may i know wat type of pork do you buy for boiling soup?

there are so many types like pork ribs, soup bones, loin meat/bones in supermkt which is making me confuse which one to buy

advice pls. thks