Cooking Recipes as promised


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Teriyaki Chicken

2 pieces of boneless chicken thigh meat
Light Soya Sauce (Kikkoman is quite good)

Marinate chicken with 3 tablespoons of mirin and 3 tablespoons of soya sauce.
You can marinate a minimum of 0.5 hour to overnight if preferred. If overnight, please place marinated chicken in fridge (chiller compartment).

Pre-heat grill for 5 mins at approximately 200 degree celsius.
Line baking tray with aluminimum foil.
Place chicken with the skin portion facing downwards, spoon a few spoonfuls of marinate onto the chicken.
Set grill for 10 mins.
At 7.5-8 mins, turn chicken over such that the skin portion is facing up and spoon another few spoonfuls of marinate onto the chicken.
After 10 mins, remove chicken from baking tray, cut into pieces and arrange on dish.

Pour the remaining sauce from the aluminimum foil and the marinate into a saucepan.
a) Put 1 spoon of mirin into the sauce in the saucepan.
If more sauce is desired, then exclude step a and put 2 spoons of mirin and 1 spoon of soya sauce.
Bring to boil and wait for sauce to reduce.
When sauce is a little bit thick, taste the sauce. If the sauce is a little sweet but has strong taste of soya sauce, it is ready.
If a thicker sauce is preferred, then stir in some corn flour.
Pour the sauce over the arranged chicken on the dish and it is ready to be serve.


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Pls share if you have any other tried-&-tested-sure-to-work-even-for-the-dummy-cook recipes okay???


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Grilled New Potato Salad

1 bag new potatoes (They are the small potatoes and can get from most supermarts, think 1 bag about 25 potatoes)
3 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoon fresh chopped thyme
1 teaspoon paprika
salt and pepper (optional)
parsley sprig to garnish

4 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon garlic wine vinegar
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

Cook the new potatoes in boiling water for 10 minutes. Remove and drain thoroughly.
Mix the olive oil, chopped thyme and paprika together and pour the mixture over the warm potatoes.
Preheat grill for 5 minutes at approximately 200 degree celsius.
Transfer the potatoes to the grill (the wired portion).
Set grill for 10 minutes. Turn the potatoes after 5 minutes.
After 10 minutes, remove and place potatoes in wide serving bowl.
Season with salt and pepper (if desired) and mix together.

Mix the dressing ingredients in a small serving bowl.
Spoon dressing onto the potatoes, garnish with a parsley sprig and serve warm.

This is my personal favourite. Though it looks complicated, the steps are relatively easy and the end product is mucho delicious. I served this as a side in a pizza party and during Christmas as a side to the turkey and honey baked ham. So far, all my guest have liked it, judging from the fact that it is the 1st dish to be finished. So have fun trying it out.


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Hi Snoopy
you really a good chef. maybe you would like to conduct a course for us? so that we can tie our hubby's stomach then they won't run away.... =P if you really planning i will be the first to participate.


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Hey Snoopy,

What type of grill do you use? Is the microwave grill suitable? Or must I get a conventional oven grill?


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I'm using a conventional oven with grill. So am not too sure about the microwave grill. Maybe someone can try and give some feedback?


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Hi Milo,

Me olso doing trial and error and try from recipe book not qualified to conduct demonstration lah.

dummy cook

Dear Snoopy

I do not know what is mirin, thyme and paprika? Please let me know where can I buy them. From supermarket? How do they look like? Thanks.


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Hello everybody!

This is a great thread! Let's keep up the recipes sharing!

What does mirin look like?


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hi annie,
the mirin i bought looks like a small bottle of soy sauce except that dat the colour is like chrysanthemum tea. I looked for the english word "mirin" which is on the bottle.


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Hi Dummy Cook,

Sorry for the late reply, was tied up last few days. Mirin can be bought from most Japanese Supermarkets. Thyme is a spice and can be found in the vegetable section of Liberty Market, Cold Storage and Tanglin Market Hall. Paprika is a red pepper and can be found under seasoning. Hope this helps.


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Wow I love this new topic!!!!!!!! I love cooking.
Great to be able to learn and share recipes here.
I'll give you guys the recipe for Devil's curry next week. Very long lah. Got to go soon. So I'll just give you guys a simple cooling soup recipe

Apple Soup for 2-4 pax

5 red Apples
2 packets of pork ribs (From NTUC)
OR Chicken bones depends on what you like

Chinese almond (Optional)
You can put afew pieces of northern and southern chinese almond if you are having a cough. it's suppose to sooth cough. But not to many. Just maybe 10-20 pieces max.

1. Clean the apple. Remove the core.
2. Clean the pork ribs by boiling them in a pot of boiling water for about 5 mins.
3. Put apples and porkribs and almonds into a pot and cook on low heat for 3 hours. (The longer the better)
4. Add salt to taste.
5. Serve boiling hot!!

That's all folks!!

Enjoy your soup!!

Monica Eng


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Hey Monica,

We are all waiting for u to return to contribute to this segment. We've heard that you are a great cook...with endorsement from Elson too! Can share your chilli/black pepper crab recipes? :p~~~~


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Ok here is the long awaited Black Pepper Crab....

2 Crabs
2 tablespoon chop garlic
3-4 tablespoon crushed black pepper (Sometime I use more then 1/2 bottle) Can adjust according to how spicy you want
1/2 a piece of butter

Only kill the crab just before you are about to cook. Don't freeze it to death. Crab that are frozen to death = flesh not firm.

Best way to kill crab is to drop it in to boiling hot oil alive.... cruel but delicious. Cos the hot oil will cause the flesh to contract thus giving a firmer taste. Make sure the crab you buy has all legs intact. One two leg missing means not good probably not as fresh too. 1/2 cook it hot oil. Then remove the top shell, remove the lungs and the shit bag....... Smash the shells with hammer. Easier to eat plus pepper can go into the flesh too. Tastier.

Ok now in a large iron wok. Put in the butter to melt. medium heat. When melted and hot put in garlic and black pepper. Stir fry until frangrant. Dump in all the crab. Stir fry. Lots of flipping and stirring to get the pepper on to the crab. Put in some soy sauce. (light)
Stir around abit. Cover for awhile. Shells turn red means crab cooked. Some shells do not turn very red so u must aga aga.

That's all.
Enjoy crabbing!!


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Potato, Onion and Carrot Soup

8-10 pieces of pork ribs (the kind with the soft bone taste best.....meat is really tender)
2 potates (peeled and cut into 8 pieces)
1 or 2 onions (peeled and cut into pieces)
1 long or 2 smaller carrots (peeled and cut into pieces)
2 tomatoes (Cut into pieces)

Briefly boil the pork ribs in hot water to clean the ribs.
Wash ribs clean and put into big pot of boiling water. Put water to abt 2/3 of pot to boil down to abt 1/2 to 1/3 of soup left after simmering for 2 hours.
Put in the carrot and onion into pot. Bring to boil and then turn down fire to simmer soup.
After 1 hour, put potatoes and tomatoes into the soup. Bring to boil again and then let simmer for 1 hour.
Simmer longer if soup seem thin, or add some water if there is too little soup left and simmer again.
Add salt according to taste.
Serve hot.



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Hi Monica

YUM YUM :p~~~~ Just looking at the black pepper crab recipe make me drool...just a question: wld the crab be very very hot after taking out from the boiling oil? Do we have to wait for a long time for it to cool down before we can remove the lungs etc?

Hi Snoopy

The potato soup is my all-time fav!!! :p~~~~~ I've tried cooking it with chicken thighs or oxtail before, both taste as delicious also :p~

I got this yummy recipe for claypot chicken....i go look for it and put it up.


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Hi again

Okie i found the claypot chicken recipe. Found it off the net last year and has since tried it a few times. Here it is:

- Chicken pieces, cleaned and cut to bite size (dry with kitchen paper)
- Oil
- Young ginger, peeled and sliced (abt 5 slices)
- Chinese mustard greens (choy sum)
- 10 cloves garlic, sliced (i chop them up)
- 10 shallots, sliced
- One-and-a-half Tbs oyster sauce
- One-and-a-half tsp dark soya sauce
- 2 tsp Chinese yellow wine or sweet sherry (if don't have also never mind)
- One tsp light soya sauce
- A few dashes pepper
- Half cup chicken stock or water

Place a claypot over high heat for one minute, add oil, and when smoking, put the ginger, garlic and shallots in and stir fry with a pair of chopsticks for one minute till fragrant.

Add chicken and stir fry for about 2 to 3 minutes till the chicken changes colour and is slightly browned.

Add oyster sauce and dark soya sauce and stir fry briefly. Add the wine, light soya sauce and water and mix well. Cover with the lid and boil over high heat for about 8 minutes. (I normally don't put the choy sum so I just simmer the dish for abt 20 mins for the meat to absorb the sauce, then i serve.)

Wash choy sum, and cut off the root end. Pluck or cut into finger lengths.

Remove lid, sprinkle some pepper and place the vegetables over the top. Cover and cook for a further 2 to 3 minutes. Serve.

(To season a Chinese claypot, immerse it completely in water for 24 hours)

I've tried adding button mushrooms before also and it was delicious too :p~ I normally like to put a lot of shallots coz after absorbing all the sauce, they are very yummy :p~

The author of this recipe also has a chilli crab recipe. Haven't tried it before, but I'll post it in the next post.


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Chilli Crab Recipe

- Crabs
- 6 fresh red chillies
- 5 cloves garlic
- 2 stalks spring onions
- One coriander (cilantro) plant
- Oil

- 3 Tbs tomato ketchup
- One-and-a-half Tbs sugar, according to taste
- Quarter tsp salt
- One tsp pounded salted brown soya bean paste
- One cup water
- One-and-a-half tsp cornflour
- Half tsp rice or malt vinegar of freshly squeezed lime juice
- Quarter tsp dark soya sauce

Chop crab in half and then each half into 3 pieces. Wash and retain the shells. (i suppose we can use Monica's method for preparing crabs)

Peel garlic and pound coarsely. Pound chillies coarsely too or grind in a food processor.
Wash spring onions, discard roots, cut into finger lengths. Cut coriander into one-inch lengths.
Mix sauce ingredients except for the vinegar/ lime juice.
Heat wok, add oil and when hot, add the garlic, stir fry for one minute, add chillies, stir fry for another minute and add crab or lobster pieces.
Stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes till shells turn slightly red. Stir sauce, add to the crabs or lobster and stir well for 2 minutes. Cover with a lid and simmer over high heat for 5 to 7 minutes till shells turn a bright red.
Remove cover, squeeze the lime juice over or add the vinegar, stir well and add spring onions. Turn heat off, stir well and serve, garnish with coriander leaves.


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Hi Annie,

I went to the website you've recommended....FANTASTIC !!! It has the recipes of almost all the dishes which I've always wanted to make.

I just got married in early March this year so now it's time to learn how to cook properly. My hubby and I have been cooking the same old dishes (just anyhow "hum tum") and I'm getting tired whenever I have to think of what to cook.


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how i wish i can cook like all of u...*envy*
all recipes here only makes me drool...think i got to start learning now as i'm getting married end of this year...i've save all the recipes to my MS-word...heheee...
do i have to pay copyright huh??


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Love that website. So many recepies!!!!
Hehe my hubby is going to be very happy next week. Will try out a few dish from there. I'm going to try the Kaya too. Anyway I have a different version of Chicken rice to share. See be

1 whole chicken
4 whole garlic
1 piece ginger (big one)
A bag of fish balls (optional)
Pandan leaves

Clean out the chicken and put it in a pot of water with plenty of ice cubes.

Boil water wotj 1/2 portion of the big ginger. Slice them up. No need too fine. Wash and smash the garlic. Remove the roots. Dump 2 of the garlic into the soup. Bring soup to boil.

Make sure you chicken is soaked very well in the ice water. Take it out from the ice water and put it into the boiling soup. One side cook 20mins. Keep an eye on it. Don't over cook it otherwise your chicken will be very tough. When you remove the chicken. Dip it into tap water to stop the cooking process.


The 2 other garlic and 1/2 the ginger. Chop them up and stir from them in a pan with Olive oil (Actually should be margerine but very fattening so I change to olive oil) Fry until you can smell the fragrance. Put the stirfried stuff into the pot of rice. (uncooked rice) stir abit. Put in 2 -3 pandan leaves tied into 3 bundle. Instead of water use some of the chicken stock to cook the rice. Remember to add some salt in and stir then cook the rice.

As for the soup. You can always buy extra feet and bones to continue cooking the soup so that it taste better.

Sauce to pour over chicken.

Sesame oil
Soy sauce
Finely chopped garlic.

In a small pan put in some sesame oil. Stir fry the finely chopped garlic until slightly brown. Pour contents into bowl with the sesame oil. Then add in soy sauce. Pour content over the chopped chicken.


10 Big chilli
15 chilli padi
2 huge garlic. Remove skin completely
Thumb size ginger
1-2 teaspoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Olive oil
1 Teaspoon White Vinegar

Put all ingredients into blender and BLEND.

Before serving the soup can add the fishballs in. Do not over cook fish ball. Once they are floating. You can serve. Cabbage in the soup also taste good. SO it's really up to u what you want to put once the chicken is removed.

Have fun cooking


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hi gals,

was reading thru all the notes posted here. annie, i found that site some time ago too and drooled over the recipes whilst in oz. :p~ i love to cook too !

anyone interested in brewing chinese soups ? got an easy one - lotus root soup. you can prep this the night before too. the longer the soup cooks, the yummier it is !

- decent length of lotus root (there's 2 kinds - crunchy one and flour-ey taste)
- 250 gm pork bones (soft bones one are yummy but ribs will do too)
- 10 x red dates
- optional add ons
- handful of chinese gooseberries
- handful of peanuts

- rinse the pork bones
- skin the lotus root and slice with abt 0.5 cm thickness
- chuck the whole lot of ingredients together in a soup pot.
- fill abt 3/4 full with water
- boil over "full" fire
- when it's boiling, lower the heat down and let the soup simmer

unfortunately this soup is the sort that you need to boil an hour at least to get any flavour.

errmm, this soup is suitable for those slow-cookers if you want to save time. prep and start the cooking in the morning and leave it to slowly simmer till you get home in the evening.


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Hi all

HEHEHEHEH this is absolutely my FAVORITE topic!!
Glad u all like the website, we can share our experiences cooking through the menu!!

Monica, the chicken rice recipe looks absolutely YUMMY :p~~~~ Think you want to open a cooking session? I sure sign up :p ;))

Wuff, I like putting chinese red dates and gooseberries in soup too...sorta just give the soup a very nutritious taste heheheh for a lot of soups i also like to add a little dried scallops, u can choose those small small ones that come in a pack, they're fairly cheap and taste just as good. Soak them in warm water before cooking and when soft, roughly shred them with your fingers then dump into the soup. Sometimes i cook porridge with them too, wash the rice in a pot then fill with water and then dump the scallops in, then when the rice is soft i add sliced fish and ginger shreds + 'dong1 cai4'. Makes yummy fish porridge :p~


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hey...u gals are making me feel like a loser...i only cook with those packet ingredients/spices/herbs which i'll buy from NTUC or cold storage...i really like the packet herbs from NTUC - esp the ones for cooking "huang di chicken" & "yu zhu chicken soup"! so simple to cook...just dump all the herbs from the packet into a pot, add water & chicken & bring to boil then lower the heat to simmer...i normally simmer it for 1.5-2hrs...the end product is great...@ least better than my mum's chicken soup
try it! if a dummy cook like me can cook can u!!!


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yah .. i like this topic too ! i am very much a food person and don't mind cooking. (but it is doing damage to the figure !).

dried scallops - absolutely tasty additions ! my grandma used to add cuttle fish strips too ! she has a simple recipe of white radish and red carrot soups. just have a stick of carrot and a stick of radish, some pork ribs and cuttle fish strips. boil them together.

try this soup recipe - mash a square of tau-gwa and add it to 100 - 150 gm minced meat. add some seasoning like soy sauce and pepper and use cornflour to bind the mixture together. shape it into balls and drop into boiling soup. the soup base can be pork ribs. veg to add - chinese bok choy or cabbage. the tau-gwa substitutes the meat
portions that you would normally use. (my variation of a nonya soup dish). oops, remember to add some salt/seasoning to the soup for taste.

will try your scallop+fish porridge soon. the pub hols coming up are wonderful opportunities for cooking. seldom cook on normal wkends becos of regularly activities.

any of u gals' FHs or Hs cook for you ? was just curious. my B-I-L cooks for my sis and my FH cooks too.

does anyone have a tried&tested recipe for fish head curry ? my attempts at using the packet powder ones are *bleah* (KPO, i do resort to packet DIYs too but more for dishes. soups - still start from scratch (well almost !).


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hey wuff,

i've tried the fried minced doufu & meat balls too...really crispy on the outside & soft & fragrant on the inside...but should be eaten hot for the best taste!

my FH makes really yummy curried potatoes & tom yum noodles :p~~~


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Hi wuff

If u trying the fish porridge, add a dash of fried garlic oil or fried shallots oil, it'll make the porridge really fragrant

Unfortunately for me, my FH cannot cook...the only time i ate something he cook was when i was sick and he cooked this instant mee with chicken strips, vege and egg....his mom actually told me that he burned up the kitchen when he was in his teens cooking a bowl of instant mee! that's when his mom went all out to discourage him from cooking....too bad for me! :p


Can ask ur FH how he makes the curried potatoes and tom yum?? These are 2 of my fav also....hhehehe i like got a lot of fav dishes :p


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hi annie,

my FH will chase me out of the kitchen everytime he cooks (i do the same too! :p)...i really have no idea how he makes the potatoes...but i guess he actually boils the peeled potatoes for awhile & then pan fry them in powdered curry + other seasoning. I'll try to ask him tonite...i'm sure he'll be damn smug abt it

as for the tom yam noodles...hahahah...he uses instant noodles + flavoring...but he adds lots of other ingredients such as ham/chicken bits, capsicum, tomatoes, eggs, veggies, coriander, chilli sauce's very simple & i can cook it too...but somehow mine doesn't turn out as tasty as his...apparently, he claimed that the eggs must be stirred into the soup in a special way & the temperature must be right haolian


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hi kpo,

fried version of doufu - minced meat, is that using the tau-pok and turned inside out ? i think i have eaten it somewhere.

probably what he does is to beat the eggs up and as you stir the soup, pour it in. the egg mixture cooks in a fluffy way.

btw, with the teriyaki chicken recipe above, you can also do a zaru soba to go with it. cold noodles. you just need to get a pack of soba noodles - buckwheat or cha soba, bottle of sauce (get the one with the pic of noodles on the lacquer box), seaweed strips and spring onions.

- boil according to instructions and run thru cold water to cool it.
- pour a small portion of the sauce into a small bowl for each person. one portion of suace - add 2 to 3 portions of cold water.
- place the seaweed and chopped spring onions onto a small plate.

when you are ready to eat, just add the noodle into the bowl, add the garnish.

some folks like wasabi - so you might have to get a tube of that as well.

hiya annie,

yah yah .. fried shallots ! thank goodness my mum is the sort to fry a whole lot of it and stores it in air-tight containers.

this topic is making me drool more. :p maybe there should be a section called recipes !


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Hey Wuff,

no no...not the tau-pok one...i was referring to your recommended recipe of minced tofu & meat balls! :p~~~~


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To get it that kind of taste. Make sure you soup boiling point. Turn off the fire immediately stir in the beaten eggs. My hubby loves it too but he don't know how to do it. hehehheehe

My mun's tofu meatballs. The one turn inside out one, Best in the world. Slurp. Her prawn fritters is to die for. Stay crispy permenantly one!! I'm still mastering it. Her Roast Pork Belly . Sio Bak is simply yummy!!!

me hungry leow. : )~~~~
I think I'm gonna call her to make all those next week. Slrrruurrrrp


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wahhhhh :p~~~~~~~ now we know where monica got her cooking skills & techniques from..."shi shang zhi you ma ma hao...." It's going to be mother's day leh...shouldn't u be the one cooking for her???


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hey monica,

can ask your mom to "chuan2 shou4" her cooking skills to me *beg*? i want to know wat she use (& how she fry) to make the prawn fritters stay crispy permanently?? PLEASE!!! my prawns always very soft & limpy after a while...*sob*


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Hey Monica

Yar yar i also want to learn the permanently crispy prawn fritters....never know how to do it so i gave up on fritters altogether, resort to just frying them deshelled :p

I want to learn Indian food also!! Especially things like kambing soup :p~~~~~ I just had this fabulously yummy murtabak for lunch(feeling quite guilty now :p)..oOOooo...but the thing abt Indian food is they're usually quite high in fats and calories, so cannot eat too much
KPO ask ur FH to share secret recipe leh, especially the secret spice in the potatoes


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Hiak hiak hiak!!!
She gave me the recipe last time but I never made it. It's crispy but my prawns not puffy like hers. All look disgusting. : P

I'll get the recipe from her again and Chuan shou to you all.

Me also want to learn indian food. My friend taught me this Indian fried fish recipe.

Fried fish marinate.

Chilli Powder
Tumeric Powder
Small Geera Powder

Marinate the slice of fish with all the above and pan fry. Must marinate for at least 1/2 hour.
Very shiok.

Put alot of chilli powder to get the extra shiok effect.

Her fish head curry also very tok kong. But I don't think she will chuan shou. : P

BTW, when is Mother's day huh??? "Guilty,guilty"


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Aiyo...just by reading this forum hor...I get tremendously hungry leh...

My hubby and I enjoy cooking together oso...But half the time, he does the cooking as I get so tireddddd after a long day at work...
( Excuses excuses)

I should get him to come and look thro these postings with me...then we can think up of more dishes...


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OOOPS. Got shooting on that day. :p Better bring her out earlier. hehehe just nice same as my dad's birthday. Can 2 bird kill one stone. : )


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hi everyone,

Yah, indian food is always full of starch and ghee. How to lose any weight (and not gain any) eating indian food ?

Monica, please, please, please do find out the crispy prawn fritters recipe. Is it like the tempura one where you have to use cold water to make the batter ?


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Ok will do that once my mum is free. She just called me yesterday ask me not to disturb her until my brother's exam over : P She very stress
That's next next week!! : þ
I love indian food!!!