Anyone Migrating to Australia?


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Honey pooh
Wat i can advise u that as long as u pay 20% deposit n they check ur eligibility in loan .. Nem migrant does not matter. If u are pr nt werking in aus ., u can claim the first home loan once u'd received ur title deed.. Hope tis helps.


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Hi ryatie22, thanks for the information. I think u also bought a home from Don russell at forestlake rite?? How is it? Think now you are at perth already?

Another qts is now can we buy a home in perth when we have an existing HDB in sin??


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My hb n I are planning to move to Adelaide as his sis is a PR there. Any help on where to start will be greatly appreciated. Hb is in engineering n I'm in sales n marketing line. We are both 27yrs old. Is the ielts test required?


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I miss Perth! Just came back to Sg after 9 years in Perth. It is really laid back and relaxing there. Good for retiring actually.

Yi Min Ting

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Hi. I came across this forum page while looking for some information about renewing my Visa and thinking if I can share some information about my application.

At first we are really unsure of what path to take. I did try to do the application for my family. We are four in the family. I have a degree in Journalism, however, my work experience is not really related to my qualification -- not at all. been working in the IT industry for 9 years when I applied for the visa. So I am quite confused that time on how I will take the application forward. I tried to submit for a skills assessment, however I got rejected. So that time, we decided to engage service with a migration Agent. NTRUST did all the application on our behalf. During my first meeting with them, there are some information that I really dont know about my case that we should have been put into consideration before we did ant move. However, the process with them is quite a breeze. I need not to conduct any research as they will do all the process for my family. We got our visa for about 9months - quite fast than what we expected.

Now, my family and I are based in Perth. and so far, everything's coming along well for us. We need to renew our visa already. Hopefully we got approved again. and then if we decide, we might apply for a citizenship already.

Just a tip: if you are really not knowledgeable and confident about doing the process, engage a migration agent to assist you. It is quite expensive, but it is a lot cheaper if you are doing the right thing rather than do it yourself without any knowledge then get a negative outcome.

Sujay sharan

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Hello Guys , I'm Fairly young this year But I'm planning to go oversea to Australia to study for the rest of my life but I was wondering if I go now ,will ns stop me ? I'm thinking they will stop me from stepping out of sg and if I go I would be considered "wanted" to stay for ns ? I'm not sure anyone experience d before ? I'm scared it will happen like that if I step foot in sg again aft migrating without telling the government and is there a way to convince the government to know about this migration .. need help guys !


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migration to australia is not as good as everyone thinks it is. there are a lot of sacrifices to be made and things to adapt to depending which part of australia youre migrating to. cost of living and culture differs in each part of australia. know of a few peopel who regretted moving over, not to mention the visa application fee for the expedited pass for the whole family.