Any Korean drama serial fans here?


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spring day is the typical tear-jerkers... just watched two episodes and find the show not too bad already...

Stairways to heaven also very nice.... have watched the show already... another tear-jerker..


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hi gals

think i will give spring day a try.

"stairway to heaven" is ok. typical korean tear-jerker. :p the main lead, kwon sang woo, is handsome n has 6 packs. ;)


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hi cheerio,
same here...feel lost after finishing da chang jin yesterday...

stairway to heaven has a sad ending dunno whether wanna catch but i like the lead actress tho (choi ji woo)...

does spring day have a sad ending too? any1 can advice??


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hi gals....

after reading so much good comments about spring day and full house, i just went out during lunch and gotten myself these two.... can't resist the temptation..... the shop owner also asked me to get Save the last dance but cannot lah.... if not later i overdose on korean dramas.....


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little_ger, hee..... i will get that but maybe after i finished the two shows first...... i "zhong du" very jia lat liao.....


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reismion, typical soap drama...

daphne, i lagi "zhong du".. always checking out for new release.. one series last me at most two - three weeks..


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hi ladies,

Thanks for the recommendation. I think I will go buy Spring day. I feel like getting stained glass also leh.

So may show to catch.

Currently watching "ban wan xin niang". So far so so cause only 2nd disc.

Can anyone tell me if "huo niao" is nice or not. My hb aunt lend me and keep saying it is nice.


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carrie, Bai Wan Xin Niang so so only ah? tot of watching that coz got Ji JIn Hee

was just watching Stairways to Heaven, wah biang! that stupid stepmother and stepsister really are bloody bitches man!!

so angry....#


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Hi People,

Save yr Last Dance for Me is really gd....U'll luv the lead actor aft watching the show....Cant stop watching....Simply addictive. Tik tis is one of the best KR shows I hv watched.

Highly recommended.....


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there is more to come okie....makes ur blood boil....
later stage u will cry one whole bucket of tears.....


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haha.... when i watched that, i feel like going into the TV box and slap the step-mum and step-sis.... but hey, this indicate that they are very good actresses!
enjoy the show!


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Hello People....

I just started watching Spring Days.. I dont quite like it.. not as nice as Memories In Bali.. kind of disspointed..


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Hi all Fans...
not sure if I am outdated, but I just finish watching Stairways to Heaven..very sad show...but very touching.

Anyone know where to purchase the necklace wore by both of the lead actor & actress?

I checked the website, all from overseas and Yahoo Auction also have..but I amnot convince at the quality of the neckclace...?Any reccomendation or places to get it here in Singapore?


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Hi girls, I told myself on Monday that I will never watch the Staircase again, to save myself more heartbreaks, but last night I got to choose between the news and the heartbreaks, and you know lah, we girls very poor in making choices one mah, so I turn ito the Staircase again.. *sigh*

soooooooooo sad

the stepbrother quite handsome actually..


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Hi All,

Read through some of the postings in this thread with interest. I'm keen to catch some Korean series, but I cant find any with English sub-titles. Anyone can advise?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi all, I'm trying to buy some korean dvd with chinese/Eng subs from HK and get them to mail over.Cos i'm only interested in 2-3 titles, it's not so worth it after adding in the shipping cost. Anyone wants to add in the orders?

DVDs(8 pcs) cost HK100(abt S$20)
Shipping for 4-5 sets abt HK90(S$18)
Extra charges for paying wif paypal abt US$2

So the cost of buying a set of korean drama DVD cost only abt $25. They have almost all the new titles and quite a lot of old titles as well. The DVDs are supposed to be originals but from china, so its better for those who listen to the Korean lang and read subs(in case the chinese subbed voices are not to your liking)

I'm interested in "My Name is Kim Sam Soon", a really good korean comedy drama and "Delightful girl in Chunyang".

If anyone is interested, e-mail me at [email protected] . I'll try to gather people and buy 4-5 sets first to make sure it is reliable and the quality is good


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aiyah Hayashi, that xiao di di more good looking than the grownup leh

also he very good actor leh, the scene whereby he hid himself in the store room then the little Jing Shu bring in the food for him and give him the scarf as birthday present, then he so moved that he was like sobbing and eating the birthday meal, I was like "ooh.." feel like sayang sayang him

soooooooo touching..

anyway I am watching the VCDs now, my coll lend it to me, Kwong Sanf Woo so suave.. got that bad boy look, heh heh heh..


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oh, btw, do you know that that xiao di di is the brother of the grownup YouLi in real life?
Both are goodlookers, good genes


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Hi Mindy,
Below are the show i have watched:
Rated 4-5
18 yrs old bride
Winter Sonata
Autumn Love
Summer Scent
Wuri's family
My Love Patzzi
Stairway to heaven

Ratings 3-4
Attic Cat
Land of wine
All in


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May i know how much is the rental charge for laser flair ? Thanks

Can i have your email address so i can email you my prefer price. Thanks...


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hi garfield

the 18 year old bride is movie or drama?
Wuri's family - wats the chinese title?
I jus finished da chang jin, yah, i think its very very good show ... much much better than those typical romance story line like winter sonata and autumn story ... and u could actually learnt from the drama on cooking and medical stuff..IMPRESSED!!
anyway, jus to share with those DCJ and Li Ying Ai's fans, Li Ying Ai is not the director's first choice of female lead. After being turned down by Kim Hee Sun and Choi Ji Woo, Li Ying Ai went to recommend herself to the director (after being encouraged by frens and family)... source from you-magazine, no.202, pg 34


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Hi Mindy.

18 year old bride is a drama. Is a light hearted drama to watch.. I believe that you will enjoy it. Just finished watching Full House.

Anyone here watch Stained Glass & Another Sad Story? Pls give comments. thinking of getting the set


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Mindy, really? then i think Li Ying Ai seems to be a better choice than the other 2 as in the character seems to make me relate to Li instead of the other 2 more, what you think? Kim Hee Sun is pretty lah but like too modern, as for Choi, she like too fragile, atleast Li got that mischievious and cute look at times.. heh heh..