Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing


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To add on, either 1 of the 2 gowns are make to measure for rental. However, if chosen off the rack, you can exchange for 4 more poses.

Thank you.


Hey DCn33, u still keen to go shop for BS? Me also wan2 go hunt for BS. Realize nobody stated Feline. Anyone heard of them here? I thot their gowns were pretty unique and daring. I was wondering, what if there's a package of S$3988 but they allow you to hv MTM WG n EG and AD photography wif hot laminated album of AD issit worth it?


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hi everyone... im getting married mid next year and have just started my search for a BS. Have done my ROM and will be doing customary next year. So looking for an affordable package.

Visited 3 BS at Tanjong Pagar and they offered the below:

1 x MTM WG (rent) - Shoot & AD
1 x OTR WG (rent) - Shoot
1 x OTR EG (rent) - AD
1 x OTR Kua (rent) - Shoot & AD
2 x OTR Men Suit (rent) - Shoot & AD
2 x father jackets - AD
1 x additional WG or 12 wrist corsages for entourage - AD
Accessories for BG & bride (rent) - Shoot & AD
1 x Trial Makeup
4 x Hair & makeup - Shoot
2 x Hair& makeup - AD
1 x bridal bouquet - AD
6 x flower corsages - AD
1 x bridal car decor - AD
2 x accompanying car ribbons - AD
1 x 20pg Story Book
1 x 20"by30" or 3in1 framed photo
1 x 10R table top
1 x Mini Album (24pcs 4R)
1 x Indoor Shoot (my hb opted out of outdoor shoot)

Prices were between $3088 - $3588.

Not sure if that is expensive and what else can i bargain for from these studios?

I visited French, Satine and JAZZ at Tanjong Pagar... anyone has any feedback on these BS too, pls do share with me...

thank u gals......


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hi justice, thanks for letting me know... have already ruled them out of my few short listed BS.

It's so unfortunate that you have to experience that.... i hope everything is better now for you?


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Hi Lin,

I took up Sattine.. Basically I love their gowns.. If you wanna see my pic can just PM me... Oh yah, from your post there's only 4 outfit for photoshoot. Can negotiate for one more one.. that's wat I did. But then, the down side will be cos there are so many outfit, you sure choose more photos one, which means will have to pay more.. :p

Impt thing to neg. for is the number of poses and the number of pages in the album. 20 page definitely not enough.. Once you've identified the BS that you like, look out for their Bridal Show, they usually offer more perks like upgrading the album or throw in AD car or AD PG.


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Forgot to add.. Bargain for AD Bridesmaid dress and best man suit. and make sure they write down what can those be exchanged for in the event that you dun need them. Most prob you'll get more poses.. which means you can top up less.

Also note the cost that they put into the invoice for extra post and page. Cos that'll affect ur future top up costs..


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Quinz, I would like to recommend my bridal room. Few of the forum BTB are slo plus size brides and they have no prob with the gowns also. They have nice gowns, good fotogrpahy and excellent services. If ur interested, i can email the package to u. Please leave ur email add.


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Hi girls, if you are looking for a BS, a MUST TRY is The Aisle Bridal. I have read basically every single forum of BS here, shortlisted MBR, Julia, Thomson and The Aisle. The Aisle has the best forum track that I have seen here. Seems like they do not have any negative comments from the brides there and the brides are very supportive of their own BS, always raving positive remarks after every process.

Went to TP, visited Julia, very nice princess gowns but more pricey, went to Thomson too, display gown very nice, do not like the service feel. MBR is really not bad too, good service and photographs not bad. I also dropped into Zwed, didn't like it, too sales oriented, felt pressurized. Wanted to go Di gio but hubby's friend's wife warned us not to ended up never go, also had no time after visiting so many. Was last to visit The aisle bridal, we stepped into the BS..totally felt at ease, super comfortable place. everyone looks genuinely happy there and a lot of chatting and laughter around the shop between the brides and staff.

Package is pretty much same and read from brides in this forum here that they do not have hidden cost at all. Gowns are very good, can compare with Julia, TWP, i like tulle gown alot! I like silhouette gowns as well as twp, but over budget, spluging on honeymoon instead.

I went to their bridal workshop, double confirmed that it is the most comfortable place for me and my hubby, no pressure from hard selling which i felt at TP. I tried the gowns, their gowns are really beautiful, even my hubby with no fashion sense, also said I looked beautiful!
Very happy, totally have no regrets when we went home after signing up, feel very secure. Now looking forward to my appointments!

So can give my BS a try, worth a visit!
Just read about Felin bridal on this forum , sounds so scary! Lucky I did not go to those bridal shows! I think bad experiences always come from fairs! Totally not worth it to pay few hundred less and end up in tears.


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Hello people,

Can u all share your details on any BS packages? I am doing some research for my wedding currently... I wanted a peace of mind for my wife-to-be... so am doing all i can to go through this tedious yet necessary and important process.... pls e-mail any details of your packages to

[email protected]

Appreciate your kind assistances... Tks!


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Hi everybody,

I am searching for a BS package to cover the following - can anybody share how much BS like Dang Bridal, silhouette, wedding present will charge?

1 x EG
1 x Kua
2 x Mens' suit
2 x Best men suit
2 x Bridesmaid
AD + trial MUA
1 x wedding car + car deco etc
Flowers for AD (corsages + bouquet)

pompom> Have you decided on your photographer yet? I met with Derrick and was very impressed with his portfolio and he was very friendly too.


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any good overseas with local BS that u guys can recommend? was thinking of going to taiwan to have the shoot, but Romantic Life 浪漫一身 do not have local branch, any recommendations? Thanks!


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Thanks Kass!

any good recommendations for AD BS? Am actually considering other locations for PS as well.. any introductory for Bali/Australia's packages?


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I'm with New Image Collections too, same as Serene

Very happy with their service so far, thumbs up! (plus all my toes also)


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hi Jas,

I took the 3388 package from NI but details I can't provide cos it's customised for us, sorry. What freebies u can get from them will depend on your bargaining power...have fun!

if u need their contact do let me know


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nan nan, what do u mean by ala carte? some stuff u dun want from the standard packages? if yes, then NI offers very reasonable prices as what Serene has described above


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Hi all,

I am posting on behalf of my fren.. he's got this french bridal package worth $3388, have already deposited $2688, is willing to let go at a discounted price. Email me @ [email protected] for details. Thanks alot!


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Hi magickme

I also like The Aisle photographs style and their grown design after looking their www. I've sent email to enqure for their price but no one reply yet. Can you share ur package with me to [email protected]

Due to tight schedule, I only can read from forum and go direct to whichever have high recommendation rather than shop blindly to compare.

But really like The Aisle style. So my first choice is there and hopefully can sign directly from them to save myself for selection. But I need to first look whether my budget can hit heir price a not. Thks


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Hey Jessclaud> Have you signed up your package?

I'm with Julia Wedding News. Took up a package with them. Going to Taiwan for my PS. I love their gowns. They have a local boutique and overseas too.


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Hi! I have just started my bridal gown hunting and need some advice!

Generally, what are the items offered in the package that could be bargained on? Are prices negotiable?

Also, could we request to try the gowns even before we sign up with the Bridal shop just to have a feel of how the gowns would look like on you?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Joanne, hehe, I signed up with The Aisle already, how about you? Very happy very excited, doing gown consultation in dec and PS in jan already. Did you manage to find your BS? If you have already signed up with TA, come join us at the TA forum and blog. =0)


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magikme I haven't even go down :p, but did enquire through email and waited a week then their coordinator vicky then reply me but hor he said will email me their photography package and over a week again, there's no respond again despite I sent him another now a bit scared lor this kind of attitude...can someone tell me if go TA who shld I look for???
Anyone here has any comments on Whitelink?

I've already done my photoshoot with a Taiwan BS and I'm currently looking for a local one for my AD