4-room Resale Flat Renovation


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Hey charly, do u mind sharing some pictures of the renovation of your abode with me? I need some refences!

My email is [email protected] if its not too much of a trouble. Thks!


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i'll be getting my key to my 4 rooms resale flat soon, currently sourcing for renovation contractor. Would appreciate if anyone would like to share with me your contractor's details/quotation or even some pictures of your lovely house, to [email protected]

Thanks in advance!


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hey sillycouple,

sorry i haven't been checking this thread for a long long time.

do u still want to view my photos?


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arrg, nevermind silly couple,

i mailed you already anyway. incase you also don't track this tread.


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i only kept the kitchen cabinets done by my previous owner coz they are in quite good shape, though they are ugly!


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Help anyone? Really appreciate any help I can get.. Need a quote from ID for my resale 4rm flat about 104 sqm.

I'm looking at a $30K budget. Possible mah?

1. Hack existing flooring & replace with timber strips flooring for Living/ 3 Bedrooms.
2. Install Kitchen cabinets
3. Plaster & paint whole unit including kitchen
4. Hack & install new wall tiles & new flooring for 2 toilets.
5. Rewiring for whole unit
6. Install new windows & grills
7. Change all the doors & frames including toilet doors
8. Install a new gate
9. Plumbing & water proofing
10. Bathroom fixtures

Pls email me at [email protected]


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you may need abit more than $30k but you can choose other alternatives material.

my contractor charge reasonable price, you can visit my blog at http://ericzan.blogspot.com. to find out more info...

Mine is also a 4rm resale flat about 92sqm. we basically changed everything.....except for toilet window.


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Hi Snoopieit

Can to share your quotation as I cant locate it in your blog. How long is your renovation?



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hi all.. just to share a few pictures of my 18yr old resale flat (4A) after its overhaul. we didnt engage an ID. just engaged a kind couple who provided a lot of recommendations (and tons of helpful advices) as our contractor.

picture of our tv console in the living room...

this is our kitchen, shifted the sink to make space for our little laundry area..

from the other angle

the re-positioning of basin at the master toilet

what we have done to our flat..
-hack exisitng & lay tiling (homogenous) to living & 3 bedrooms,
-hack existing & lay ceramic tiling to kitchen floor and partial wall tiles to kitchen
-hack exisitng & lay (with water proofing) ceramic wall and floor tiles to 2 bathroom
-carpentry works (kitchen top & bottom cabinets, tv console, 2 bedroom wardrobes, 1 basin top & bottom cabinet)
-plumbing works (change to copper pipes)
-make good of existing & painting of all walls
-change of 4 bedroom doors (1's store rm)
-new wrought iron gate
-electrical works (scv points, power points, fan & lighting points)
-2 glass doors (to kitchen & 1 at master toilet)
-new windows
-sundries (new toilet bowls, 1 basin, 1 kitchen sink, shower heads, taps)

we've spent about 30k on our renovation. we had 1 basin & 1 tap, the tiling at the recess area, rubbish hop FOC. what we're most pleased is they were not pushy and could tell us what were in good conditions and not to spend extra so to save up for our AD.


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Hello miss sunshine,

30k seems quite affordable for the amount of things you did!

my contractor quoted me 25k for my 5-rm flat.
im re-doing completely my whole kitchen, two toilets.
but am not hacking the floor tiles for the bdrms, living and dining area.
also changing all the bdrm doors
plus painting + front door grill painting
glass door to kitchen
redoing one built in wardrobe in masterbdrm.
not much electrical works (ours was a resale)
no console

do u think my quote is v expensive??


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hi all,

Recently just bought a 4 rooms resale flat. Now is sourcing for renovation contractor. Would appreciate if anyone would like to share with me your contractor's details/quotation or even some pictures of your lovely house.

My email is [email protected]

Thanks all in advance


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Hi ladies

In case u found ur perfect furniture at Barang Barang, I can offer 25% off my voucher value of $500. Reason for letting go is because the items there don't fit my house decor theme. Pls PM me if interested.


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Hi Jennie,

You can try my contractor Clement if you still haven done your reno..im very satisfied with his job that y help him do so marketing in here as well as to share with all bro n sis..his contact is 81999168.cheers!!


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Hi do your have any intro for a cheap carpenter to modify existing furniture? i have a built-in desk and a sliding cabinet to modify in my room for wedding as i am still waiting for flat and it will not be ready for my wedding.

Any contacts pls send to my email at [email protected]



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Hi Steff (Miss_sunshine)

Do you mind to share with me your contractor contact no?? I can see his workmanship very good. Thanks!!!