(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Ya man HAzel. I sms Marnie this morning 11.40am. She didn't reply.


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That's really tough to have to supervise the reno at the same time!

I didn't have additional ribbons, maybe that's why it was easy to twist. Just have to twist the bunch of flowers together, then twist them around the ribbon very close to the base of the middle flower and cut the wires where they ended just under the middle flower. Next, adjust the flowers so that they hide the wires underneath. I think you're the lihai one, cos I gave up trying to sew, that's why came up with this method! I've sewn one corsage and the flowers just don't 'glue' together. Sewing 1 flower took me like 10mins, but twisting wires take like 2mins!

So glad to have settled the wrist corsages and ap box!

^5 there! What I did was end the wires just beneath the middle flower, so they don't poke the hand of the wearer.

Btw, you still going to Europe? Long time never hear updates from you..


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Hi Susan,
Another alternative is to increase the heels of the man's shoes at the the cobbler shop. That's what my FH did. :b


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<font color="0077aa">purple, not topping up for DC to do a similar style EG... but i topped up quite a bit for my WG.. wahahhah.. so i tot instead of topping up $$$, i just change the EG for WG top up lor.. =p

elven_princess, you got mail too.. :p</font>


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Hi Storm...muack! Hse won't b ready coz we still at design stage, plan submission takes 3 mths &amp; reno another 6mths.

Hey Chomecc &amp; Summer, was lookin fwd 2 cu gals w Frais leh.miss u all. Haha, Summmer I wanted to go spy at ur home. hahah. Frais &amp; I ate like pigs :p

Hi Ivy &amp; Shermaine, also didn't get 2 meet u gals too.

Thanks Pat for sharing the Chinese bride fetching process.

Not sure you gals can help with some of these questions :
a) If my hse not ready, then does it mean that my hubby has to bring the roast pig &amp; pants back to his home? Do we light the lamps at the bride's place then?

b) Hubby Eurasian, so do we also have the tea ceremony at his hse?

c) If I hav 2 rush back to my mum's hse before 12nn for our bride's side tea ceremony, the buffet will hav 2b served at hubby's parents hse as brunch? who pays for the buffet?

d) Who goes back to bride's mum's hse? The whole bridal party of friends, the groom's family or only the relatives?
hi joyous &amp; gera,
my PS was fun..we ist went to somewhere near fullerton where u can see fullerton hotel and the bridge there, then we went to the lallang site and take photos by the sea with the sails behind us..then we went to this site near the lallang site where there are lotsa leafless tree..then the sky turned dark so we forgo the shoot at changi beach kelong there.. we decide to go back to BS to change and see if the weather turns good again..as we were driving back to BS we realised that the west area wasnt raining and the sky was quite clear so we decided to go sentosa for the shoot..

we reached sentosa and started taking pics by the sea. then it started raining..so we went to change to our casual wear &amp; went for dinner at sakae sushi &amp; PG decided to take some photos of us eating sushi..after dinner, rain stopped and we managed to take some photos by the sea with the sun setting..afterwhich, we went back to BS to change into evening gown &amp; prepare for night shoots at the shophouses near the BS..after that, we call it a day..


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i read some posts years ago tht sum1 actually posted a checklist in excel form on the preps to the wedding and also table arrangements on AD's dinner. can any1 help? Tks.


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hi ham&amp;cheese and olivia,

Sorry for the late reply been busy lately.

I got my WG from Divine, love it the moment I try on it. Kind of suitable for me as it hide all my weak points, although it may not be their latest design.

And will be going to Tasmania for PS.


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Let's imagine wats Marnie doing now?

Next will be yr turn...
How's yr chuch rehearsal?


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hey, U know wat happen to me this afternoon...
Quite malu...
I washed the door mat...hand wash lah...
N I didnt squeeze till super dry..N I hang outside...
I had looked downstairs...nobody hang their clothes..
So I jux hang out lor...thinking it shld be dried enough...
Who knows..after 15mins..someone knocked onto our dr...N said the water is dripping...
REally so paiseh...I never got complained b4.


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Have U moved yr things to the new hse?

The ABs given to jiemeis &amp; bro r fr the bride or parents?


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hi tsukushi!
yeah so that's how i took 90mins to do up 6 loh...haha...

now haven even started reno yet! waiting so so long for my keys...its the fourth week now since the selection n i asked for early release of keys some more...grrr..

i haven done up my ap box yet..but bought it some time ago liao..but i still have more time la..my ADs end of next month..=)


i did my corsages with sewing and wire..the wires for my flowers aren't fine enuff to twist it that securely, thats why taking me so long, still finishing up the rest of the 7 i need to do! (did a mock-up already)..
my angpow box still not done yet...aiyoh....
eh, anyone got lubang for wines? i dun wanna get something that's too cheap, cuz scared it'll taste like vinegar! esp the red wine...


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hi magical..
u havent collected your house key? i thought your reno has already started. hee..would it be in time for your big day?
relax and hang in there okay? i am sure u can handle.

hi lyn..
u may wana try star cellar for red wines. their service is very good and they have a range of wines too.

hi cocoberry...
thanks for your lovely pictures. you and ur hubby have the 'couple' look.


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hello, anyone know the opening hour for allure charix? want to try my luck there, since so many brides recommend them. been searching for heels but can't find a pair that i like
walk the whole of town and city plaza liow. sianz...

went for my 1st fitting on last fri liow, luckily turn out ok. next fitting is next sat, designer want me to bring the heels along to see the whole effect, aiyo, like time no enough. hahah


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susan, i tink corin hv post earlier on a shop which do make men shoe wif higher heels....mayb u wan to go back track for her post....

yunxi, welcome here....u mind, posting a pix of ur heels for us to see....thks thks....

tingz, allure charix is open till 8pm from Mon to Fri and Sat till 5 or 6pm and they are closed on Sun....

wendy, dis sat is fine for me....ok lets tied down for dis sat...

ladies, we are gng for the costume jewellery shopping this sat 22nd April, meeting place is Raffles MRT at 11am, pls let us noe if u r interested too....

1) wendy
2) diana
3) tansy
4) elsie


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aiyah i've been sms-ing marnie since friday. no reply!

hazel: ABs i was also a bit confused so i bao already then i passed to my parents, so they gave. two birds with one stone!

but what i understand is that sometimes both side parents give. like when come to pick the bride, the bride's parents give, then when go to groom's house, groom's parents also give. no hard and fast rule i think, just for 'yi si' only

we put aside $1,000 for ABs. then i became giam siap, and cut it down to $800. then i realised some helpers were really helpful so i became guilty and bought bracelets for all the jie-meis (fako tiffany kind, got heart charm all!) engraved with their initials, and ties for the xiong dis. in the end come up to more than what i 'saved' from ABs :S


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hi gals,

seems like u all hv a great PS!!!!

went to the BS yesterday for my photos arrangement... thank goodness, it only took half an hr :p
i will be getting the soft version in May then the album in June...

btw, i bgt my bedside lamps and tea set on Fri liao... RM107.00.. less than $50... 1 thing off frm my preparation lists...


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hey lyn, u can try my wine supplier. i went to the recent BOWS and they were having promo...so eventually i got 3bots F.O.C!! Me getting Merlot for my weddg dinner.

Phew..its been a super tiring weekend for me. Finally took all my flower gals n page boys for a shopping spree. Helped them try out clothings + shoes. They kept running ard...hope they wont behave d same on my AD else i will pengzzzz


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Hi hi

Gosh, haven't logged on for days and so much happenings here... heeee
Busy with my house reno and checking out prices for furniture and appliances (checking out how the different washing machines/dryers work, how many kgs for the fridge, etc) over the weekend. Beginning to feel like a housewife / "ah soh" already... wahahaha ....

Pandalic - Sorry, didn't catch your email until today. Seems like you hv a good experience at The Link *wink*.. Oh... you mean they will only import for you if you buy 3 EGs from them? :0 ...wow..... hmm.... what's the pricing like?

Wah, good to hv such a generous fren *wink wink*.... heee..... wish we had one too! haha... :p... Glad you find Moments of Us not bad. Who did you meet up with? Terence? Different pple have different preference. So look around for more VGs before you decide. Most imptly, you and your FH must like the works of the VG you choose eventually

Hanko - i hv got a fren who took portrait style and about 25-28 photos. She did not top up a single photo in the end. She told me she only chose the best shots. So it really depends if you are a die-hard fan of your own photos? heee.... if not, it can be sufficient already.


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hi all

anyone got any idea that bride cannot wear BLACK evening grown??

i have choose a black grown but my MIL say can change or not?
then i tell my coll she also scold me...sob..sob...


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Hazel: I had moved some stuff that I seldom use like stationery, sch year books, sec sch report books, 10 over pairs of shoes I seldom wear... etc. CLothes, bags and shoes that I use often, I haven't moved there yet. Maybe this Thursday. Cos got to go down to put 2 bowls of rice in the new place.

pinkbunny: Ya lar! As I was reading, I was thinking the bracelets and ties would surely add up to more than $200.


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tissuebox, its advisable not to wear black EG cos its a happy occasion + u're d bride on dat day. not v auspicious if u wear lor.


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Hazel: church rehearsal went ok, except that the boy and girl still walked too fast after 2 tries. When we finished the walk, reached the altar, we haven't even reached the chorus of the song which is the most touching and climatic part of the song.


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Hi Magical,
Actually I would think it may not be good to start your reno now as you will need a lot of time to go down and supervise. As your AD is coming, it'll get tougher and tougher. When is your honeymoon? If you're away for a week or so, you'll be leaving the house at the mercy of your contractor/designer. It's better to check the house at least every alternate days. There was once we realised they painted one of the rooms in a totally different colour, thus delayed our reno further. We also caught them a few times leaving the lights on after they left, and leaving the main door unlocked as well.

This is unless the reno is not major and you really want to live in your own house after AD. Mine was a minor reno and it dragged for THREE MONTHS when she initially promised THREE WEEKS.

It's really a matter of Chinese superstitions. Most elderlys cannot accept black color on an auspicious day.


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Hazel: That was my intention. But during the rehearsal, my FIL cued the boy to walk in earlier than I had wanted. So couldn't stop him in time. I told the boy's mother to tell him to listen to my bridesmaid's cue. I will give her cue, then she gv him cue.


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hi tsukushi!
we wont be going for HM...coz no $$ plus no time!
i'm taking students on field trip in june ma..but he cant join us coz no leave..

hubby will be the one checking on the house..so still ok la..
wah so irresponsible ..! so careless..how come it dragged on for so long?

actually i initially planned to finish it in time for AD..but hdb until now stil haven gimme my keys..n i think i give up my plan liao...but i do want to move in by end june coz i dont want to be still doing this after july term starts..sem 2 is always the busiest..sigh..


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I am juggling renovation with wedding stuff now.. Really quite an effort. I reckon it be better for you to do after wedding. We are not too stressed out yet because we personally know the contractor and he's rather automatic to the extend to help us check delivery and inspect goods. However you still need to push him slightly at times of course. I cannot imagine if it was a total stranger..

Talk about black dress.. my dad asked me to wear a black CS with flower motifs for tea dress =I... got to depend on individual parents. Tissuebox.. another way is to go ahead and do whatever.. we cant please everyone!

Girls.. I bought the gold piece.. or rather diamond stuff.. Hubby got asked by another couple friend on friday if we settled the gold stuff.. So happened that they asked what gold we getting for GDL, hubby a bit dont know how to react because as mentioned he thought i cooked up the gold issue!! In the end he mentioned something that his mum and dad will buy. Well.. I am so glad not because of the gold more so that he's finally convinced that I wasnt out to con the gold. I'm easily satisfied..anyway as long as my name is cleared.. I'm a happy camper!
For the in law tea gift, I broke the budget.. anyway paying them back in cash *abt 500*. Although mum told me to choose something cheaper for their gift and she pay for the alternate piece I reckon I wont ever wear them so much. So told my mum to save her cash.

Phew another thing off my list!

Nest up is the jie mei stuff.. gawk.. As it is.. to gather everyone is killing me.. anyone have this problem?


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Jasmine, thx got your email
you look really very sweet
but i think like what you say...you cannot wear bright red colour it will make you look very pale
but the rest of them are really very nice

I'm sure your PS pics will be very pretty too


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<font color="0077aa">clouds, yah.. unless you can find from the existing stock they have, you gotta order 3 pcs before they import.. pricing is pretty affordable, average 800 - 1k..

yah, we are quite blessed.. guess its a common practice for overseas frens to be more generous.. kekek.. but i guess it pays to be generous at times.. wahahhah

i met up with terence from MOU...

we are still looking around.. so will decide later lar.. </font>


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wat i did was, i have book a hotel roon for my hens night.
and i am gathering all my jie mei to go and relax at the same time also to discuss the AD thing


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Hello hello!

Wedding's over - pooped cos' still entertaining guests who are still in town but will definitely come back to give a rundown of the wedding!

Love you Girls!


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hi ham&amp;cheese,

i think it would be pretty hard to get a maybach over here not to mention renting one. i am planning to rent a vintage car in the event i can't borrow one from my client. but i am still open to renting a normal luxury car also. seeking the best deal.


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Hi Diana,
I'm looking around for wedding shoes too. i went to Isetan, Metro and those shops in Taka, but i didn't see any that's pretty, suit my gown and within my budget. May i know where is Allure charix as you'd mentioned?


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Like tat wont yr boy be blurred?

Enjoy yr moments with yr frenz...
Its hard to come by to meet together...

Now I know why my mum asked me to put money into the red packet...
So, its being paid by me &amp; given out by my parents.
I very stingy one leh..ask me to buy bracelets &amp; ties for them...it will be so ex..