(2006) Brides of year 2006


Hi brides to be..
seems like u gals are very active here. Mine adding me to the mutiply website? My AD is on 24th June. Seems like i hv lotsa not done yet compared to u gals. I'll be hving my food tasting on 29th dis mth. After that then i'll go shop for my GDL stuffs nxt mth. My invitation cards are still printing..hopefully can get it by nxt wk. Wow..reali lotsa stuffs to do. Haiz..

nice seeing u here.


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Hey gals.... really thanks for the help... I will note down all the items....

I doing my outdoor & indoor PS on the same day (17/4) Monday...

I have attached my wedding shoes....


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Gdmorning CAT,

Thanks for ya info but how do I know what kind of cut / material I will be suitable for...

Hai, this is very chim leh...

Btw wic BS did you opt for ah???

You going???

Btw is the Sat's jewellery trip still on???


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wah jojo, nice kwa shoes. din cost alot did they??
yah. our shoes quite similar. but i hiao hiao go buy another pair.. u saw rite? i posted the pics earlier. =P the strap one.


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Jasmine, i went out at 4+pm and it was very slight drizzle so not that bad...but when we reached the 1st destination at marina south the rain almost stopped and we are still able to take the PS and by the time we leave the 1st destination the rain totally stopped.... so lucky
intially my PG asked if we wanna postpone or go ahead to go outdoor we all choose to go ahead
I had 5 gowns for indoor shoot and 1 for outdoor....how many u have?

Will u be going to the changi beach? its very nice leh
but u must be very careful when you walk cos my heels keep on getting stuck inbetween the wooden planks at the kelong and moreover we gotta climb up big stones to take pics lolx....by the time i go back to my BS the whole gown is ruined (heng its not my AD WG) :p

i'm choosing my pics this tues hehe *happy*


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hi meow,

okie okie.. point taken.. will u be alright if i gave u the cross stich sometime in early july? i think will really need ur help to convert it.. my mum and i are not sure how to go about doing it.. hee


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lipstar, my list included:

- make up remover
- shampoo (you also prob need for hotel.. unless you want to use theirs)
- PANTIES (of course special one for your wedding gown la)
- tissue
- oil blotter
- bottled water
- lipstick (to touch up, in case)
- contact lens solution and case and eye drops
- glasses (specs)
- go home clothes (after wedding)
- ang pow box
- ang pows for all jie-meis and xiong dis, and helpers, and extra angpows in case (if you want to give banquet staff) and for your younger siblings (they have to serve you and mr lipstar tea)
- your gowns, his suits
- shoes (i had a friend who forgot!)
- jewellery
- credit card (to pay for your dinner!)
- extra cheque (cos we had other suppliers, may not be applicable to you)
- ring pillow
- flowers
- wedding album
- guest list (2 copies at least for your recept table)
- wine (if you haven't already arranged for it to be delivered)

i think that's all.
i'll be gg changi beach's kelong.. i tink i'll bring slippers there since u say that.. i have 4 indoor and 2 outdoor gowns..

so fast can select photos liao arh?? muz share share k..


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Jasmine, I can select the pics but then cannot take home leh....i think its very near to AD then can collect the album cos my PG say need 2 mths to do the album but he will rush before my AD

You have 2 outdoor gowns? means u gotta go out for outdoor liaoz then go back to your BS to change the gown again for other locations?


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can i ask where did you get your materials from? other than Spotlight and Arab street, where else do you source for materials?
ic..nvm, u share with us once u get it lor..

ya, i got 2 outdoor gowns, 1 EG & 1 WG. need to bring one set of casual wear too.. I duno if need to go out then come back to change or wat leh.. cos BS didnt mention. but MUA will be gg out tgt with me..


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Hi Pet,

Okie. It's ok for u to post the cross stitch to me ard mid-Jul so that I can concentrate on it after my PS.
email me to get the address when u are ready. Once I know the design I can discuss with u over email what I planned to do for ur pillow before I start on it.

Usually I explore areas ard arab street up to jalan sultan area, people's park, chinatown and jalan besar areas. Opp n nearby bras besar, there is a shop called fancy papers. Sama sama like art fren can get variety of papers for guest book and ap box wrapping. another place for cheaper cloth materials is Joo chiat, tanjong katong area.


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Can someone share with me where can i make wedding cakes? I went to Cheryl Shuen and cake avenue, they are out of my budget! Thinking of making cupcakes.


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Does anyone has an actual day event list to share? I thinking of getting real wedding cake, can someone share with me the bakers for wedding cake. I had enquired Cheryl shuen and cake avenue both are out of budget.
[email protected]


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<font color="aa00aa">panda, not really back in here lar haha just popping in once in a blue moon
din know that you're looking at VG now haha
hmm TWP suit your style? 1.6k for half day? when i booked them, was abt that price for full day leh hehehehe how come so ex now?
never got to see Moments work b4.. haf u checked with Nintrogen?

eh, how come you looking at VW now? wat happened to your BS?</font>


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<font color="0077aa">purple, guess you need to take into account their loss in biz if i dun take full day

going to check out moomedia and ninetrogen...

bf likes the editing for TWP.. but still not going for the corny stuff lar.. just want someone to capture the church well.. anyway, bf is deciding coz this is gift from his fren.. kekeke, told you my prayers work.. wahahhaha.. =p

oh, my BS is good ah.. i went to check out the EG from VW lar.. coz figure that after all the top ups, i can actually forgo my EG in BS and get from VW instead... i itchy backside lar.. now looking around coz i got plenty of time.. my first fitting in june.. and will only do EG design then..

wats up with you?</font>


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Min Mic, you got to try when you are at the BS..whether you look "wow" in the gown anot or whether you look farnie anot...all these a good designer would be able to advise you.

Me with Flamingo at wallich street.

You need do research than with those research list in photos show your designer your options..she/he will let you try on the cut/designs fabric that you will look good in.

If you are the "chin cai" one than suggest you leave everything to your designer..but I tot make a little effort in finding your right gowns would be nice and meaningful.

Have you done your BS hunt B4 you took MR &amp; MRS wed?? Have you seen enuth BS to be able to know what sort of material you like or prefer?


I signed only after my 3rd visit to Flamingo AND after visiting at least 18 BS...haaa


Jace, where your residence? I intended to get a real wedding so did a search at my housing estate place. They do weddign cakes but they only used fresh cream not "icing".

They do cakes for events like army POP day or company ie. M1, Motorola anniversary. The cakes are not bad not sweet.

Due to budget I need to put that on hold even thought they are cheaper than Cheryl Shuen..haa..

They do 2 or 3 tier fresh cream cakes..range is from 200 plus and above depending on the kg...

But the cake shop is located in sgoon north so it may be inconvenient for you.

As for event list, I can't share with you as I have a church wedding follow on a buffet lunch and evening banquet.. rather long winded and long event..ha...you may have headache seeing my format..

Talk to your in laws and parents side to decide whose side to do the tea ceremony first or both side do the tea ceremony in same venue?

Any timing to come pick you? Once you got all these, it should be alot easier to plan the AD events.

Example FOR YOURS :

07.00 : Bride wake up
07.30 : MUA arrival
08.30 : Groom arrives
09.15 : Leaves for in law place for tea ceremony?
11.30 : Leave in law place back to brides place for tea ceremony
12.30 : Leave for hotel
17.00 : AA tp check music and sound
17.30 : MUA arrival
18.45 : Get ready to change for cocktail
19.00 : Go DOWN receive guests

Good luck!


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Pardon me but wat is the difference between icing and fresh cream. I'm also looking for a real cake for my outdoor wedding. BTW i live in Hougang. Can you share with me the address of your cake shop.

Hi Jace
Did you watch Ch U on Wed hosted by Michelle Chia and Quan Yifeng. The show is call Seeking the Right one. There is 2 cake shop featured on one of their epsoide. It looks so nice. I have not call the shop. But you can give a try.

The Patissier LLP
4 Mohd Sultan Road #01-01 , S238955,
Tel: 67373369

Pine Garden 's Cake Pte Ltd
Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2369, S560529
Tel: 64576159


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<font color="aa00aa">haha good for you! always tot that it's a must to invest in VG for wedding day!

agree, no point topping up to get them to do similar style. might as well purchase directly

waiting for my first appointment, meanwhile, i'm gaining weight like nobody's biz *sob*</font>


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<font color="aa00aa">hi hi ladies..
so sorry for the reply..i was busy rushing for some reports so didnt come in to check it out..pie-say..</font>

hi hi elsie..
do hope u r getting better..must take gd care..now must start to watch for diet..coz in another few more wks, u all gg to have PS liao...heehee..i m sure ur shoes will turn out to be beautiful too..u must be looking very forward to get them soon..do keep me posted again..sure, we can still meet up for coffee too..oh ya, btw, did u recd the Aussino new rewards program booklet? heehee..still come with a $25 voucher to go shopping for..haha..

hi hi Diana..
u ok already? take gd care leh..we can still meet up to go together..how abt u next sat? i can make it..how abt u? i dun mind gg there to get other hair accessories also..heehee..btw, u got the Aussino rewards program booklet as well?

hi hi skk...
okok, will update the details for u in the chart when i get back to the office..oh, so u went to sentosa for ur PS..u must be looking forward to see ur photos..do keep me posted again..cheers~


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Hi elven_princess,
It's full page... so I'll be having 28 full pages of 28 photos... after dividing, I only have about 5 photo per gown.. is it enough?


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Susan..at current I have no pictures to show you what's the difference..it's alot more expensive to make...erm and price at The Patissier and Pine...ar not cheap...

The one I mentioned I dun have the contacts now..think it's in office. Location is in sgoon north ave 1 estate called "chang wang cakery" They will have pictures to show you. They had done numerous "ocassion" cakes but all are in "fresh cream"

Note : No precious moments look-alike cakes only use cream for the design of the cake.

Because it is located in HDB estate it is cheaper than the shops featured in "Seeking the right one".

You may wan to check out this link to see if there are any OTHER cake shop who can do the wedding cake :


When I get the exact address I will advise u gers.


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Hi Wendy,

Congrats! Thanks for the recommendation. Will check out that place as well. Actually I have no specific design in mind so still waiting around. Waiting for Great Spore Sale to see if any good discounts.


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hi sept brides, how r yr progress for e wedding? when will you be taking yr PS? mine is in mid july, hope there is enough time to print my invitations!
cos hubby's car is a 7 seater then the back seats can push down one..so will have lotsa space..juz need to used cloth to cover up..i also duno leh..maybe might have to go back to change ba.. muz ask them tml..


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<font color="ff0000">pandalic,
U got mail!

Thanks, will got check it out! Pay by credit card issit?

Hmm, i think 28 pages seem okie to me, maybe u can negotiate for afew xtra pages of magazine style (3-4 pics on 1 page) so u can select more photos for your album? I saw my cousin's wedding album &amp; hers is also protrait style like yours &amp; she only had 22 pages.
Is your photographer gng to return u all pics? If he is, maybe u can develope some of the extra pics yourself &amp; do your own album?</font>


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wow 7 seater is nice!! hehee...

yeah it's been raining..hope it does not affect ur taking PS..all the best!! enjoy it! it's fun..but i think Outdoor ones are much tiring than indoor shoots!


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gintonic n cocoberry,
I totally agree! didnt expect preparing wedding to b so stressful..now when our wedding is just around the corner, suddenly dunno where all the stess come from..
plu now we're settling house reno too..meetng the IDs n contractors, n deciding on one, plus sourcing for furniture n all that stuff..its crazy...

hi tsukushi!
i tried twisting it too..but dunno why when i tried putting it on it was poking me..n was not very comfy..how u manage to twist it properly? so li hai! =D

think coz i added ribbons under the flower, so when i twisted it it didn't look so nice..


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hi agree with tsukushi, we started with sewing..in the end found it more time consuming..twisting wires is easier...but have to flatten it else will poke like what magical said..


Wao... getting more and more sept 30 brides!
My preparation is like almost done, just waiting for PS. still have EG, yet to confirm design.
and trying to think up idea for my dinner without me and FH being the clown!


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hi Olivia,

one of my shooting venue shld be at our secondary school because I knew my hubby since sec 1.. =) shld be interesting..

My mtm gown shld be ready by nend of this month or early next month... =) Bridal Studio is Silverlining Bridal because the gown designer is my senior from NAFA... and knew him too... hehehe


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Hi all,
I just bought a pair of silver (open-toe) 4-inch kitten heeled sandals at NOVO Suntec, with sequins on the front cross strap. It's having a 50% discount now. Only paid abt $55 for it. think it's value for $$, can consider going NOVO to have a look if anyone of you is looking for shoes. There's a few designs there on sale.
Btw, I'm having my wedding on 17Oct06, also a Oct06 bride


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just went IMM with hubby yesterday. found this box at daiso. u might wana go n chk it out n use it for ang pao box. we hvnt decided how to deco it. but intending to jus use nice wrapping paper to wrap it up.


i think the dimensions not clear. the length * breadth * height is 40cm*25.5cm*25.5cm.

actually this box doesnt hv a cover. but cos there are 2 layers for the handle area. so that part can be used as the top cover.


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Hi Ladies,

have been long time never come in. Guess me a lot to follow up. Miss quite a few outing. When is your next outing then